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Taglianetti Trial Resumes

Mayville, NY (WBEN) A Virginia crime scene expert took the stand as the second week of testimony in the Anthony Taglianetti case began.

Andrea Feldman says she recovered an e-mail and a bloody revolver from Taglianetti's car a week after Keith Reed was killed. That's not all she found, says attorney Barry Covert. "She also was able to find a .22 caliber rifle, some ammunition, cell phone, sunglasses and a laptop computer," says Covert. "What the prosecution seems to be doing is tying up loose ends in relation to which exact firearm was utilized here, how do they tie to Taglianetti, in which state, and this is very important to their case."

We're not sure yet what the defense will do yet, says Covert. "Is it going to be that someone else killed Mr. Reed, or perhaps Mr. Taglianetti came up simply to confront Mr. Reed to tell him to stay away from his wife, but Mr. Reed went for one of his many guns, and is a case of self-defense," ponders Covert.

Testimony resumes Wednesday.

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