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Taser Death Lawsuit

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A western New York town is facing a lawsuit accusing police officers of killing a man by shooting him with Tasers a dozen times while he was pinned on the ground.

Nicholas Koscielniak died in 2011 after struggling with officers trying to break up a fight at a home in Lancaster.

The Erie County Medical Examiner ruled that the 27-year-old had heart problems and died from "excited delirium," a condition related to acute cocaine intoxication.

Lancaster police officers denied trying to stun the man while he was restrained.

Koscielniak's girlfriend, Sarah Faltisco first sued last fall over the death, but she filed a revised complaint in federal court on Tuesday.

Her attorney tells the Buffalo News that they believe the stun gun shots, not drug use, caused the death.

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