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"The NFL's Greatest Comeback- 20 Years Ago Today"
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01/03/2013 6:46AM
Remember it?
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01/03/2013 10:37AM
big screen
I was sitting with my sisterinlaw under the big screen but was a season ticket holder with seats at the tunnle endzone my husband and a friend were sitting in.We decided at 1/2 time we were going over to the tunnel side. With as many people leaving that were leaving, it took us the entire 1/2 time to go to the other end. BUT it was well worth it!!We watched every play on the big screen!!
01/03/2013 11:24AM
Bills comeback
I live in San Antonio,Tx. and have lived here since 1977...I have always been a huge fan of the Bills and though I live in Texas, I hate the Dallas Cowboys..I'm a Deputy Sheriff (ret.) but was on duty that Sunday and was listening to the game in mypatrol car...On the way home, the Bills scored in O/T to win the game and I was literally screaming for joy..The Bills have been my one and only team since 1960 and will remain in my heart forever..(even in Cowboys and Texans country)...
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