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Posts from October 2012

VP Debate: Classic SNL!
Joe Biden, Paul Ryan
Did you catch the Saturday Night Live spoof on the VP debate and Ryan water-drinking?   If not, here you go!
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Yea Baby! A Big Bird Moment!
Big Bird
Finally!  This is exactly what I wanted from Mitt Romney.  His debate performance was impeccable.  And while one of my listeners said this morning, "it's only round one", I'll take it.   Finally, who's decision was it to have a geriatric debate moderator?  I'd like to thank them, because it let Romney take control and hammer home his points.  And now I'll share one of my favorite debate moments in this video.
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People: Jim Lehrer

The One and ONLY ObamaPhone Lady!
Just in case you missed it somehow, I'm posting the original video of the now famous and one and only ObamaPhone Lady!  If this doesn't solidify your vote, I don't know what will!  Enjoy:)
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Smoke Over Attica
This photo was taken by one of my listeners.  Smoke over Attica.....nothing to worry about...the EPA is on the case:)
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