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Shirley Mortellaro, left, of Pembroke and Joan Billings, right, of Albion pose with their sister Mary Kidwell of Columbus, Ohio, whom they hadn’t seen in 70 years. Separated when Kidwell was 4, the sisters have spent decades trying to locate each other, and finally reunited Sept. 10 in Batavia. (Mark Gutman/Daily News)

Three Sisters Reunited after 73 Years

PEMBROKE, N.Y. (AP) - Three sisters have been reunited in western New York some 73 years after their mother abandoned the older two and disappeared with the youngest sister.

The Daily News of Batavia reports (http://bit.ly/15KM8h8 ) that the sisters - 80-year-old Joan Billings, 78-year-old Shirley Mortellaro and 77-year-old Mary Kidwell - were reunited on Sept. 10.

The sisters' story begins in 1940 in Toronto.

They say that one day, they caught their mother with a boyfriend and told their father.

A fight ensued and the mother left with her youngest daughter.

The sisters had been looking for each other for decades.

They finally succeeded when friends who were helping with the search found each other online.

Billings now lives in Albion, N.Y. and Mortellaro in Pembroke. Kidwell lives in Columbus, Ohio

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