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Time to Perk It Up: Sunday is National Coffee Day, 2013

Seems only fitting that National Coffee Day is falling on September 29th this year. My husband, Dan, and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary and we have a confession to make: We are both coffee-holics, so much so that we crave our Tim Hortons fix daily and go into Tim withdrawal when we’re away from our favorite java joint. Sure. We’ll toast our more than two decades of marital bliss with some of the bubbly, but we will make sure the coffee is brewing and ready to wash the Prosecco down.

Before my feet hit the floor every morning, I am anticipating my first java jolt of the day. During the week, I stop for my liquid lightning at Tim Hortons on Maple Road. You’ve probably tooted your horn at me as I perilously perch on the edge of the drive-thru entrance anxiously awaiting the steaming, tasty Cup o’ Joe. Hubby usually brews up a pot of Tim goodness on the weekend at home and, while it is satisfying, it never seems to taste quite as good as the coffee at Tim’s.

For those of us who love our brew, it seems we don’t vary in our preferences. I take my coffee black and love a good, robust strong flavor.
Not only does my favorite drink taste good and give us coffee lovers a boost, it also provides us with some documented health benefits. According to the Medical Post, studies indicate that drinking coffee can prolong lives, and impact favorably ailments such as Parkinson’s, heart disease, risk of stroke, and even help prevent skin cancer!
You can celebrate with these cool coffee freebies:

-Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop: Say “Happy National Coffee Day” when you place your coffee order at Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop, and you’ll get a free coffee with the purchase of another coffee.

-Dunkin’ Donuts: You’ll need the Dunkin’ Donuts mobile app to get your free small hot or iced coffee on National Coffee Day. (The app is free for Apple and Android devices.) Once you’ve downloaded the app, look for this freebie coupon under “offers.” Also, on Saturday, September 28, and Sunday, September 29, Dunkin’ has discounted coffee that you take home and brew. A one-pound bag of Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee is just $5.99 (limit 2 per customer); regular price is $8.99. And a box of K-Cups goes for $7.99 per carton (limit 2 per customer); normally, K-Cups cost $11.99 per carton.
Coffee Beans
-Starbucks will be offering free sample of new Ethiopian Coffee at participating Starbucks® stores in the U.S. on National Coffee Day.
Those who purchase a 1 lb. bag of Ethiopia whole bean will receive a commemorative Ethiopia tasting cup, while supplies last.

I’ll drink to that!

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09/27/2013 12:40PM
Time to Perk It Up: Sunday is National Coffee Day, 2013
What is your favorite coffee shop and brand? How do you take your coffee? Would you rather buy or make your own coffee?
09/27/2013 4:51PM
non drinkers
Can't understand people who say they've never tasted a cup of coffee! Say what!
09/27/2013 5:22PM
Tim vs Dunkin
Totally hooked on Horton's; never liked the bitter taste of Dunkin.
09/27/2013 5:23PM
Can only drink their lattes. Love my coffee strong and rich and black. Cant be hot enough.
09/29/2013 10:30AM
This sweet treat is for pumpkin lovers as a dessert. Love my am keurig cup of Black Magic by Green Mt. TPO
09/29/2013 6:26PM
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
A delicious treat!
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