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 Terry Pegula

Today's Bills Buyer: The Sabres' Terry Pegula

There are multiple broadcast reports that Sabres owner Terry Pegula and his wife Kim are going to place a bid for the Bills, but a Sabres spokesman says there's nothing to report.

According to Adam Benigni of WGRZ,  Pegula does plan on putting in a bid for the Buffalo Bills. Benigni obtained the information through three sources with knowledge of the sale process, and the situation. He also added that the Pegulas have the desire to keep the Bills in Western New York.

Pegula has not yet officially denied or confirmed the report, and when asked about it, Sabres spokesperson Mike Gilbert would neither confirm nor deny this new information, saying only there is nothing to report.

Pegula purchased the Sabres in February of 2011.

He would be one of several interested buyers who have either been named by sources or acknowledged they would be interested in purchasing the tea,. The list includes former Sabres owner B. Tom Golisano, Rock star Jon  Bon Jovi, Donald Trump, former Bills Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly and others.

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