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Trump Meets With GOP Leaders to Discuss Possible Gubernatorial Bid

New York, NY (WBEN) - A group of 48 Republican leaders showed up to a meeting in New York with Donald Trump, hoping to convince the real estate mogul and reality television star to run for Governor in 2014.

WBEN contributor and Political Strategist Michael Caputo said after the meeting that at the very least, most people present though that it was at least possible that Trump would run. "If anybody thinks that Donald Trump is completely disinterested in running for Governor they're making a grave mistake. Donald Trump is interested. The question is whether the party is interested in him."

Trump said in the meeting that he would have to have the whole party united behind him in order to run.

Many Republicans are convinced that Trump is the only person with the name recognition to be able to defeat Governor Andrew Cuomo in an election. "What a lot of people don't believe anymore," Caputo said, "is that nobody can beat Andrew Cuomo. We now think one person in particular can, and we'd like to see what his decision is."

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy, and Assemblyman David DiPietro were among the local Republicans who attended the meeting.

DiPietro thought the meeting went as well as anyone could have expected. "It was very, very positive," DiPietro said. "We went from 'no', to 'maybe' at the last meeting, to now within the last month seriously thinking about it. I think he's extremely serious as of today. I mean extremely serious."

The 2014 New York Gubernatorial election will take place on November 4th.


01/10/2014 2:15PM
Trump Meets With GOP Leaders to Discuss Possible Gubernatorial Bid
Would you vote for Donald Trump?
01/10/2014 3:30PM
Yes I would
When heck freezes over. I am hard-pressed to think of anyone less qualified to be governor.
01/11/2014 11:15AM
Please proceed GOP
A lunatic-fringe birther and climate-change denier is just what our great state needs. Go team go!
01/12/2014 3:35PM
he and the birther movement have become true
note he was on the movement to prove obama was born in kenya and attended college on a scholarship as a foreigner. he is not eligible to hold the president position.
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