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"Turnout Expected to Be Low for School Budget, Board Votes"
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05/20/2014 6:49AM
Turnout Expected to Be Low for School Budget, Board Votes
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05/20/2014 7:22AM
Primary day across the country also too
Lots of Tea Party Patriots going up against the GOP establishment, including some extra-special Sarah Palin-endorsed heroes! Wonder why WBEN would keep quiet about all that ... remember when Bobby Jindal suggested you people stop being the Stupid Party? Yeah, me neither.
05/21/2014 12:43AM
Joe T.
In most school districts it doesn't make much sence to vote. If you vote the budget down some places make you vote again or use the contigency budget which is almost as high. Why anyone in New York state would vote for a tax increase is beyond rational thinking.
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When it comes to this Donald Trump quoute: 'Russia, if you're listening I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.'
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