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VIDEO: "Luna" the Polar Bear Will Cheer You Up!

So it's the first day of Spring, it's below freezing and the ground is white!  Welcome to Buffalo, where Spring can mean 80 degrees(like it was a year ago) or lake effect snow as it is today.  But we're Buffalonians and we just grin and "bear" it.

Well I might suggest that a little "bear" may be just the 'pick me up' we all need on this unseasonable start to Spring. 

"Luna", the new polar bear cub at The Buffalo Zoo, is bringing smiles to our faces as the little one gets a taste of the environment she loves.  SNOW!  I think this video will cheer you up on this otherwise blustery and frightful first day of Spring!

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03/20/2013 10:17AM
VIDEO: "Luna" the Polar Bear Will Cheer You Up!
What do you think?
03/20/2013 11:48AM
Looks and acts like a puppy !!
How do you know when this cuddly loving cub that behaves just like a puppy is too big and dangerous to play with like this? It must be hard, all around.
03/20/2013 12:42PM
Very cute thanks for cheering me up
03/20/2013 6:00PM
Hmmm Can we take him home for the weekend?
Looks cute enough to take home to our four chihuahuas to hang out with but do I have to worry about him eating the little dogs?
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