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VIDEO: The John Zach Spider Saga

For several days, WBEN's John Zach has been discussing a massive spider found in his kitchen.

What is the beast?

Should he kill it or -- as his wife Vicki implored- move it outside peacefully?

 While that debate raged on Facebook  and John endured some gentle on-air ribbing from WBEN's Susan Rose, the decision was made late Thursday afternoon.

"Don't let that sucker get out!"   Ever so cautiously  the critter was captured in a glass canister, and moved safely outdoors.   SEE THE VIDEO AT LEFT, and below  (Note who it is really carrying the monster outdoors)

So, you encounter a nasty bug in your house, what's your reaction?
Kill it!
( 85% )
Scream and let someone else deal with it!
( 5% )
Turn the other way.
( 9% )

But what was it?

Dr. Linda Rayor of Cornell University's entomology department looked at these pictures and laughed " You call that large?"

Rayor, the host of "Monster Bug Wars" on the Science Channel,   wrote the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation's brochure on spiders in New York State and says John's nemesis is likely a Wolf spider, common in New York State, but not as dangerous as it looks.

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Linda Rayod, PhD.
Cornell University
From Rayor's brochure:

"Wolf spiders are named for their tendency to be slightly furry, brown or grey spiders that run after their prey. They have long sturdy legs and good vision from two of their eight enlarged eyes. The abundant wolf spiders forage on the ground or in the lower parts of plants at night. Female wolf spiders carry light-colored, spherical egg sacs attached to their  pinnerets.

Once hatched, the spiderlings cling to hairs on their mother’s abdomen for about a week. When you go out at night, look at the ground in front of you with a flashlight held next to your head at the same level as your eyes. You can see many silvery blue-green spots reflecting back at you from the eyes of numerous wolf spiders in the grass."

Some of the comments from Facebook.com/WBEN930:
Kill It....

I would have burned the house down with the spider in it. That thing is huge!

Yikes! I'm arachnaphobic!

Our niece has serious medical problems from a brown recluse bite. Multiple surgeries. I'd kill it.

Only good spider is a dead one!

Kill it i saw a few of these wood spiders at my house it needs to die!!

Let it go in Nikki Minaj's wig. Once she starts talking it will die of annoyance. That way you can rest easy without the mess.
Or Let it Live..

It's a Skeeter Eater... LET IT LIVE!

Spiders are the best thing for your garden. Smart Lady

Only kill it if you're going to eat it of course.
If you have time to catch, you have time to free it outside.

Why are y'all so kill happy, there is nothing to be afraid of they don't want you!

What if you were that spider? Would you want a person 100 times bigger than you to kill you

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People : John ZachLinda RayorSusan RoseVicki
05/24/2013 7:39AM
VIDEO: The John Zach Spider Saga
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05/24/2013 8:05AM
I would have put it outside
I regularly catch and release any rodents, bugs or spiders found in the house. Did the same with scorpions when I lived in Texas.
05/24/2013 8:30AM
I am listening to Linda now and she said there were no recluse spiders in this area. I remember a Tom Bauerle show where many call in guests said otherwise and shared horrific stories!!!!
05/24/2013 8:35AM
Nice job, Vicki!!
Way to go re: the capture and release, Vicki! I couldn't have done it that smoothly, my hands would've been shaking too much! As for Dr. Rayor's report: I'm glad she's had all this training in the ways and identificationof spiders, but as far as I'm concerned, they all have the potential to bite, I don't know one from the other, so...it's kill now, ask questions later!
05/24/2013 8:35AM
I would move!
I HATE Spiders! That beast would have chased me out of the house! I live in rural Aurora and if I ever see anything that big, I'll be like a 12 year old at a Justin Beber concert!
05/24/2013 8:53AM
Please continue your spider discussion with Dr. Rayor and the one spider she does kill (with picture). Thanks! LNDOO@Reagan.com
05/24/2013 12:59PM
You are a lot braver than I would have been. That was SOME spider! But I think you are both very kind and tender hearted to put it outside so gently. :)
05/24/2013 3:15PM
i'd immobilize it with hair spray,then suck it into the vaccum cleaner while vaccuming up things like cat litter or objects that would tear it up,and so could not escape the cleaner.
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