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"WBEN Extra: US War In Iraq, Ten Years Later"
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03/20/2013 6:56AM
WBEN Extra: US War In Iraq, Ten Years Later
Do you think the war was worth it? Did you ever ?
03/20/2013 8:48AM
Crime of the century
6 trillion dollars. A depleted military. A stronger Iran. All because of lies, and nobody has been prosecuted. It'll take a generation to recover from the disaster that results from putting Republicans in power. The American right wing is a bigger threat to America than Saddam ever dreamed of being.
03/20/2013 10:37AM
Lessons we have learned
Never ever trust right wingers ... they're evil, craven lying criminals who hate America and want to destroy your children.
03/20/2013 11:30AM
Great excuse-making going on here.
Don't expect accountability from wingnuts. You were wrong then and you're wrong now.
03/20/2013 11:32AM
We'll be greeted as liberators.
The war will pay for itself. We'll find the WMDs. Saddam was behind 9/11. Freedom will spread through the entire middle east. Tax cuts for billionaires will help the economy.
03/20/2013 1:10PM
The voters who put the president who invaded Iraq in the White House should be ashamed of themselves. And by voters, I mean "Supreme Court."
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