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WNY Student Prepares for Spelling Bee

Washington, DC (WBEN) A Western New Yorker is preparing for his chance to compete in the National Spelling Bee. But he says it's more than knowing I before E except after C.

"It's more about a full knowledge of all the words," says Andrew Erdman, a student at Sts. Peter and Paul School in Williamsville. "The first part is on a computer, and it's 24 spelling words and 24 vocabulary words, based on a list of words they gave us." He says the second part will be spelling two words orally on stage. The top 50 make the televised finals Thursday.

Erdman says he's studying a little, but also trying to take everything in. "I took a tour of Mount Vernon today," Erdman told us from Washington, where he and the other contestants will get a tour of the capital city after the competition concludes. "We'll go to all the monuments and the memorials," he says. Erdman's been making a lot of friends among his fellow competitors as well.

Is he nervous about the competition? "I'm trying not to, because whatever God has planned for me is fine, and I know I've done my best, so I'm just escited about everything," notes Erdman.

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