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Welcome to the new site and my new blog!!  Feel free to  submit a blog topic you want us to discuss by filling out the form.  Be sure to check back frequently to see if your topic is up for discussion.  

09/15/2011 1:32PM
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09/15/2011 5:27PM
The Federal Reserve
Tom, i was recently enlightened that the Federal Reserve is not in fact a federal Government Agency, but a private agency. The federal reserve Act was enacted in 1913 under Wilson because of concern over the fluctuating Monitory concerns, but in fact the economy has only gotten worse. The Federal reserve is owned by Banks. When the government needs money, we ask the reserve for a loan, and they tell the Treasury (a real US Agency) to print the money. The reserve only pays for the ink and paper. The reserve then lends the money back to us with interest. I could go on and on with this, but i would rather you look into it yourself. Perhaps my information is wrong, but i believe more likely right. The US Government should be printing and lending their own Money interest free, not using "Federal Reserve Notes" and paying billions of dollars in interest. Over 40% of our income tax goes to pay the interest. President Lincoln recognized the harm of the banking system when he needed to finance the war. Banks wanted 30 to 40 % interest to loan. Lincoln printed Greenbacks, and these were used to finance the war interest free. Please let me know if this is a topic you want to take on.
09/16/2011 2:40PM
Police state?
I'm glad the overkill on the water got someone's attention. If boaters want to be left alone they should fly the Mexican flag. Nobody will bother them, that would be profiling. Seriously, Google "The militarization of Meyberry". It seems today there's an increased blurring of the line between police and soldiers. I realize that there are times where police have to apply serious firepower to face certain situations but this army stuff is inching toward SS. A few years ago Silver Creek and Gowanda were socked by floods. Roads and bridges were out and volunteer firemen were positioned at intersections to direst drivers. They wore the same safety vests road crews and utility workers must wear(OSHA approved). But the State Police? CAMO! They couldn't wait to break out the Bucky Phillips gear. WHY? Just be watching for more and more of this as time goes on.
09/23/2011 12:06PM
North American Union
Tom, great show today regarding the sanctity of borders..I believe there is a progressive attack on the sovereignty of nations in North America..This issue concerns me greatly...It all fits together with the above post about police state. Didn't Obama state during the campaign he wanted a strong CIVILIAN military, in addition to the conventional one? Perhaps the increase in law enforcement is evidence of that.. In the news recently Brian Higgins wanted Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and Barack Obama to meet at the Peace Bridge to promote the "Beyond the Border" initiative between the two countries..It is my opinion that this is another step in the progressive agenda of creating the NAU..Creating a perimeter defense for the continent makes it easier to erase the border between them. This initiative harmonizes many of the laws between the countries, also allows law enforcement and military from one country to enter the other in instances of "emergencies"...The goal is to integrate Canada and the US first because it is the easiest to do....Mexico will be integrated later... I really hope you can do this as a topic, it REALLY needs to be discussed...
09/29/2011 10:03AM
Ban Bagged lunch to protect the restaurant industry.
Downtown Restaurants have good and nutrishious foods. Let it be that govt. should ban brown bag lunches, as a distraction from commercially injurious to commercial restaurants.
10/07/2011 10:04AM
Hi Tom, I took a defensive driving class in AZ when I lived there and the instructor actually uses his left foot on the brake (automatic transmission)and encouraged us to do the same. He said it was faster reaction on the brake. left to brake and right to excell. I don't know if ayone in the class tried but I did and it didn't feel right and never did it again.
10/11/2011 11:14AM
Hi Tom. I have tried to enter the contest three times. I log in and proceed, but at the end it never says anything, I have no idea if I am in or not. Please explain. thanks
10/12/2011 11:54AM
Federal Reserve
I have a business with many young customers. Most have little interest in politics or why it so hard to get a job. I say to them it's not just the government but the way our money supply is manipulated by the Federal Reserve. After the usual glazed look I would say to them with a simple question; If we own the presses why are we borrowing money? This they do understand and if the basic issue of how money is created was presented to the general public this way, perhaps more would turn their attention to the Federal Reserve and say "we don't need you"
10/13/2011 10:05AM
tea party RALLY v. occupy (what ever) PROTEST
There's more differences in these two stories than the way the news media has and is reporting them. As I recall, the tea party rallies of 2009-2010 didn't lead to any arrests or the need for police to watch over them which would have cost tax payers $$ in police overtime.
10/14/2011 12:51PM
Tom - got goose pimples - last year was going to call with a "fake" story about my mom swinging a new golf club and putting a divit in the ceiling back some 30 years - she passed away 10 years ago, and I was going to call and say I fixed the ceiling and the divit reappeared! Then, again yesterday, I thought of calling with the same story but again passed not wanting to put fake into real stuff!!! Just now, I happened to glance up at the ceiling and there is a divit in it!!! Holy cow!!!!
10/18/2011 11:26AM
In the pink not stink
I think we should take a general view of all the pink. Look at it as a means to raise money to fight it. Yes where the money goes is another show. But maybe people who experienced a cancer event either self or not may have benefitted from a past donation. My dad died of cancer but the human spirit allows up to grow from everything. And to appreciate the great things from when our loved ones were alive. We get what we focus on. E.
10/18/2011 1:43PM
Suprise October Storm
One of the things I remember most, was seeing the women I work with who had no power, thus did not wash/style their hair, nor have the lighting to put on makeup. I was STUNNED to see people in their natural state. Kinda scary....
10/21/2011 12:45PM
9-11 Flag ceremony
If you get a chance to check ou on y-tube when the President and his wife wwere there for the folding of the flag she leaned over and said to him and you can read her lips and I quote" all this for a flag ". What an arrigont person she is towards this country. I was so mad and still am being a former sservicemen.
10/26/2011 10:50AM
the people of wal mart sont
you have to check this video out if you havnt yet.
10/29/2011 8:22AM
Ken The Contractor's true ghost story
Approx 27 years ago my brother-in-law and I were hired to insulate a house in Kenmore. This is done by drilling holes through the exterior clapboards. It was a Sunday morning(our first day on the job) and as we were setting up our ladders, the homeowner came out to let us know he and his family would be going to Church. We then proceeded to climb up the ladders in order to begin drilling holes and so on. As I was working on the ladder, something caught my eye in one of the 2nd floor windows. As I leaned over closer to the window, I looked through the sheer drapes and saw a young woman walking across the room. She was dressed in a nightgown. Somewhat embarrassed, I quickly came down off the ladder and asked my brother-in-law if everyone had gone to Church. He replied,yes, that's what he(the homeowner) said. They were all going to Church, WHY? Well,I said, I just saw one of the daughters in that 2nd floor bedroom. We both agreed that she must have stayed behind due to a sickness or something so we decided to move to another part of the large 2 1/2 story colonial house. A few hours later the family returned from Church and asked us how everthing was going. We said it was going well except we thought you said that you were all going to Church. The father replied, Yes, we DID all go, why do you ask? Well, I said, I noticed someone in that 2nd floor window and it caught me off guard and somewhat embarrassed me. I kind of felt like a peeping "Tom". After a decernable pause the homeowner asked me to point out the window I was speeking of. As I pointed to the window his face seemed to turn pale. After another moment of dead silence, he then replied, "That was the bedroom of my 14 year old daughter who passed away 6 years ago!"
10/31/2011 9:42AM
The County Executive
With election time growing near, we, the voters, are subject to political shennanigans and I for one would hope this tactic is made illegal. False accusations in the private sector can lead to libel lawsuits but in politics, can result in an election won or lost. What the government needs is a business approach when public money is entrusted to an elected oficial. We need to feel that our tax dollars are budgeted with the same careful attention as we at home must do every week. The responsibilities of the county executive also include "donations" to athletic organizations that pay back a disproportionate amount of tax dollars for public money received. Yes, I mean the Bills stadium in Ralph Wilson, NY. To take the money gathered from taxes paid by the Wilson organization and re-invest this amount is understandable; but, to hold the entire county hostage for a 100 million dollar renovation or we lose the Bills - I for one say goodbye. We have libraries threatened with closing, education cuts, and property taxes going up, I for one don't want to see my tax money spent on a billionaire. The county executive should place the needs of the entire county over those of a single private enterprise. This should be a major issue in the upcomming election. I would like to hear how each candidate feels about this subject.
11/09/2011 7:03AM
Obama Second Term
If you think this President's low approval numbers spell defeat for him next year think again. Like the magic words abracadabra and open sesame you knew as a kid, Pres. BO discovered one of his own. Since taking office this administration has held only two cards in the economy game; "we inherited ..." and the "richest one percent..." After three years the first is played out. The second is just getting started and will prove to be magic. As the debt crises worsened Americans wanted solutions. Out came te second card,"the richest one percent". Obama promised to bring us together, all 99 percent of us. Over the next year count the number of times "...percent" is chanted. Hitler whipped a nation into a frenzy by demonizing Jews. Excuse me if I see a parallel.
11/16/2011 12:58PM
Job Creation or the Illusion Of
Politics today is full of TALK about "creating jobs". But are we really serious? Don't you get a warm and fuzzy feeling when our President says "...will create green jobs"? Yea, that's the solution, "green jobs". Who knows anyone who actually HAS a green job? This administration gave a half billion dollars to Solyndra to create 3000 of these green jobs. Estimates of new jobs created from drilling ANWR range between 250,000 and 750,000. The paralyzed Keyston Pipeline project would put 20,000 to work and the Buffalo News quoted "more than 37,000 new jobs a year" await New York's Marcellus decision. These opportunities are fought rather than pursued. This might be why. 1)They are not public projects, they are the achievements of the(greedy) private sector 2) They involve "old" energy. Remember, fossil fuel is bad, green is good. and 3) These jobs are mostly for welders, truck drivers, laborers, and equipment operators. These are primarily rural people who cling to their guns and religion. Did this help clear things up?
11/22/2011 7:14PM
have listened to you every day for 20 years, ever since breakfast with baurle
have been looking for the truth in J.F.K. assasination since 1967. Look up Malcolm Wallace and Nathan Darby, I think you will be very interested
01/25/2012 7:43AM
Follow The Money
Sen Gillibrand has finished her European fundraising trip. Does anyone wonder who contributed? Worldwide, AntiAmerican activists have intensified their efforts since Obama took office. Through the UN and countless other international organizations well funded global socialists have found an ally in this administration. A multiflanked attack has been launched toward wealth redistribution (fairness), environmental "justice", "diversity", and world disarmament (gun confiscation). Our economy, sovereignty, and Bill of Rights are on the chopping block. Barack and Hilliary are doing NOTHING to stop this.If Americans think, "it's all about the economy" we're less than half right.
02/27/2012 9:50AM
i thought this was a talk show
do people really listen to your show??? I thought this was a TALK show ... All I hear are your rants ,raves and how you are the number 1 talk show in your time slot. yea right! one call per every 2 hours. you are the defination of "COMMERICIAL" radio. Oh now your censoring comments to your liking. PS why do you censor comments??
03/03/2012 2:30PM
Energy Policy, "Cash for Contibutors"
Now that gasoline prices are again getting our attention it's fair to ask,"What's Obama's energy policy?" ...solar...Along with the spinning numbers at the pump, remember that everything that comes in the back door of your grocery store gets there by trucks. How soon will be these trucks be solar or wind powered? Everyone has heard of Solyndra. It's one of the companies the Dept. of Energy gave $20 billion dollars to in loans. Coincidentally, 80% of these loans went to Pres. BO's top 2008 campaign donors. Ever heard of Sanjay Wagle? He was a big BO fundraiser when he worked for BrightSource and now is a DOE official advising energy company grants. Oh, by the way, BrightSource (Robert F. Kennedy's company) received $1.4 billion in bailout money from DOE. This administration has blocked several forms of energy development and created "Cap and Trade", another clever program to stymie American corporations in the name global warming.Wait,"global warming"? Didn't Bill Clinton see Al Gore's movie about the rising oceans? Clinton, who has made millions working for Dubai, should have warned Dubai against developing jillions of dollars of real estate only a few feet above sea level. What are we missing here? So, what does this administration have to show for three years of "energy policy"? High gasoline prices,happy contributors, and that genius brainchild, Cash for Clunkers.
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