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What's Causing All the Gridlock in DC?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) With so much going on here and around the world, some are wondering why there's so much gridlock at the Capitol. One political analyst has his theory.

"We are getting close to midterm elections, and we have a Republican Congress and a Democrat president who don't like each other and don't see eye to eye," says Bruce Bryski of SUNY Buffalo State. He says that's contributed not only to gridlock, but lower approval rates for both sides.

Bryski says some of the people up for re-election don't want to do anything to risk their chances of re-election. There are some big issues Bryski says can't wait. "Immigration seems to be one of the issues that really become the issue. There are too many downfalls no matter what decision they may make, that will turn off part of the electorate and they don't want to do that right now," explains Bryski. He says it's unfortunate, but something needs to be done about people coming in through Mexico and Central America across the border, "but we're at a standstill because no one wants to take the initiative."

Bryski says there are other issues, including sanctions against Russia, the battle between Israel and Palestine along the Gaza Strip, and "right now the world seems to be exploding and there's no one in the White House or Congress willing to do anything about it."

Don't expect things to get better when the fall session starts. Bryski predicts all involved will be in election mode, more concerned with fundraising than getting things accomplished.

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