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Will Another Shoe Drop in Maziarz Matter?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) State Senator George Maziarz says his decision not to seek re-election was because he wasn't up to another campaign. Some are wondering if the investigation into his campaign may lead to another shoe or two to drop, and how his decision may impact the battle for the State Senate majority.

Jimmy Vielkind of capitalnewyork.com says it's possible the investigation may have been the last straw. "He finally figures, 'to heck with it, I don't need this anymore' and walks away," speculates Vielkind, who appeared with Michael Caputo on WBEN Wednesday. "We know from the Moreland Commission's preliminary report they were looking at this campaign spending. Specifically, those who had personal vehicles getting mileage expenses but also getting paid for by their campaign. We haven't seen any formal charges and that may be ripe for the picking," notes Vielkind.

Maziarz's decision also puts his seat into play for the battle for senate majority. He says several upstate lawmakers were voted in by narrow margins the GOP thinks it can pick off. "Down on Long Island, there are four hotly contested elections, including two open seats, and it's unclear if the GOP can hold on to all of those elections," notes Vielkind.

Vielkind says in off-year elections, Republicans have the advantage.

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