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Winter Weather Wrecking Area Roads

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - The cold weather doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon, and while that might leave some grumbling, it has turned in to a real pain for some municipalities.

"It's been a very difficult winter in regards to maintaining conditions on roads," said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. "It's also been a costly one. This one winter has cost us more than recent winters with the cost of having to hire some additional plow drivers on a temporary basis, and also the cost for salt."

Poloncarz says that the county is not over their budget for this winter, but they have run out of salt for the roads. "We've saved some money in past years, and now it's catching up to us this year. We're fine, we've got money to pay for this, it's not like we don't have money. This is what you deal with. This is winter in Buffalo, Erie County, and Western New York."

One of the things Erie County is dealing with is filling in potholes, which seem to be popping up everywhere. Poloncarz asks that people have some patience when it comes to filling in the potholes. "We're aware of issues, we know that the roads change daily. That's the sad part, we got out and fix potholes on a road one day, and come back and find all brand new potholes in different spots the next day."

Poloncarz says that while crews are out fixing potholes daily, he may tell them to stay in if the weather gets too cold or there are whiteout conditions early next week. He says that while plow drivers are in heated trucks, crews filling potholes have to work outside, and Poloncarz says he won't put them in a dangerous situation.

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