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Yea Baby! A Big Bird Moment!

Big Bird
Finally!  This is exactly what I wanted from Mitt Romney.  His debate performance was impeccable.  And while one of my listeners said this morning, "it's only round one", I'll take it.   Finally, who's decision was it to have a geriatric debate moderator?  I'd like to thank them, because it let Romney take control and hammer home his points.  And now I'll share one of my favorite debate moments in this video.

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10/04/2012 9:47AM
Yea Baby!
What was your favorite debate moment?
10/04/2012 1:06PM
2:10 Eddie
I'm paraphrasing, but when Romney told the President, "You pick losers", regarding his failed bailouts of energy companies, that really hit hard. The reaction on the face of the President...priceless.
10/04/2012 4:07PM
Jim W
Too many to list but two of the most telling were Mitt's reference to the Constitution when defining what he believes the role of government is in the lives of Americans. And the use of the phrase "Trickle Down Government", when describing Obama's philosophy. Hoorah for Mitt!
10/04/2012 5:06PM
Blake M
That was one of the best Debates, I have seen. I am sure Reagans was good too, however I was too young then. To some it up I think Romney Mopped The Floor With Obama! The highlight of the debate for me was when the "What is the Role of Government question came up" and Romney pointed ot the Declaration and the Constitution.
10/05/2012 10:23AM
One debate does not a president make
All along the campaign trail and in interviews Mitt Romney has been evasive, unwilling to be specific and generally a bore. Just because he scored one debate does not convince me or should not convince others that he is the candidate to elect.
10/08/2012 12:47PM
Give it up
Apparently, you don't know that when Ronald Reagan first introduced his "trickle down" theory, his opponent G.H.W. Bush referred to it as "voodoo economics". A very apt description. This is what Romney wants to go back to.
10/09/2012 3:17PM
Give me a break!
Romney will get all the fools that listen to this station to vote against their own best interests. I don't think he will fool the rest of the American People. Mitt doesn't give a hoot about the Middle Class or creating decent jobs.
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