Canalside Announces Summer Concert Series

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Mike Baggerman
May 18, 2017 - 7:05 pm

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Canalside Management Group introduced the "Canalside Live" summer concert series on Thursday evening.

New for 2017 is a $5 charge for each Thursday night concert. A pre-sale is available at various Consumers stores in Western New York. By purchasing ahead of time at a Consumers, concert-goers will get a voucher for a free drink. 

John Dandes, who announced the $5 charge, said the $5 charge will help control the crowd size, parking, security, transportation, and crowd control.

"We had conversations with our stakeholders (last summer), every one of them," Dandes said. "The thought was 'how do we control entry into this space so it's comfortable, safe, and controlled so people can enjoy the music.' We talked about it early on with everyone and we found that when we did the surveys and asked for feedback everyone said 'yeah, let's do that'. We'll see on June 15 whether that was a wise decision or not. we believe it is."

Talks about moving the summer concerts to the Outer Harbor continue to grow as steadily as the concerts themselves.

"It's seems like the logical next step as this space and the availability to do big concerts dimish," he said. "We need to figure out what makes sense. The Outer Harbor is one of the most magnificent pieces of geography in Western New York. Having a concert there could be spectacular. We need to figure out how best to do that. It's all about guest safety and experience."

Shortly after the announcement, WBEN spoke with a couple people who attended Canalside concerts in the past to get their opinions on the artist list as well as the new charges and talks of a new location. 


"I think it's all pretty exciting," Tanika Blanc of Buffalo said. "I'm looking forward to quite a few of these. It looks like there's a diverse group of people here...It'll be nice to have Sheila E. here and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. I think that'll be great."

"I like it," Bruce Jarvis said. "Gary Clark Jr. the first week on June 15 should be awesome. (BPO) with The Strictly Hip, that'll be pretty fun. Ghostface Killah and Theory of a Deadman, there's a lot of good stuff on here. I think it'll be a great way to spend a summer...I'm definitely going to come for the opener Gary Clark Jr., I think that will be great."


"I think that the $5 charge will probably eliminate such huge crowds," Blanc said. "$5 is a nominal cost and I don't think it's so prohibitive that people won't come...I'm not certain how it was in years past when it comes to security and the crowds of people but I know they do have security here. I think $5 will help off-set the costs for security."

"It's tough," Jarvis said. "I rememeber coming when I was younger, it was always free. That was always the best part is that it was always free. $5 isn't that much. If it helps provide better amenities or more space or more bathrooms then that's fine. I really wouldn't want to see it become an expensive ticket purchasing concert series. That would defeat what it's all about in my mind."


"I like it over at the Outer Harbor," Blanc said. "I think they don't have as many people there and the crowds aren't as large. I think it's just as easy to get to and it'll show people another side of the water."

"I haven't spent too much time in the Outer Harbor," Jarvis said. "I know space-wise it would be a much better venue for a concert because there's much more space there. Vehicle traffic I know it would be more difficult to get people in and out. It wouldn't feel the same. It wouldn't feel as connected to the city as it always has. But it's a completely new venue and it could be great."



  • 15 | Gary Clark Jr.
  • 22 | Sheila E.
  • 30 | Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Strictly Hip (Performing music by The Tragically Hip)


  • 6 | The Tea Party
  • 13 | Ghostface Killah (with Slick Rick)
  • 20 | Eric Paslay 
  • 27 | Theory of a Deadman


  • 3 | Dark Star Orchestra
  • 10 | Robert Randolph (and The Family Band)
  • 17 | USS

More details about the Canalside concerts can be found by clicking HERE


LISTEN: Canalside Concerts Announced for 2017

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