How long will Special Counsel Investigation take?

Michael Caputo fears it could extend through entire administration

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Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - How long will former FBI Director Robert Mueller's special investigation of Russia ties take?  It depends who you ask. 

Buffalo attorney Paul Cambria said "there are a few key people and a few key events and shouldn't take too long. But this is Washington and we might be talking 2 to 4 weeks".

Political strategist Michael Caputo fears it could extend through the entire administration. "The Democrats have been calling for a special counsel for months because they are trying to put a block on President Trump's agenda. So far it's worked. The Trump administration has not gotten very far because of the allegations with Russia and now I fear the investigation will extend through the entire administration". 

Caputo never thought there was a need for a special counsel but he says as long as there is going to be one, Mueller is a good guy to do it.  "I don't think he's going to take this in a political direction".

Regarding President Trump's comments about himself Wednesday that no politician has been treated worse or more unfairly, Caputo said Trump has been attacked more than any other president in modern times and he thinks it's only just started. "Donald Trump is in for the fight of his life right now and I happen to think he's up for it". 

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