NF Police: 11 Month Old Baby Falls from 2nd Floor Window

Baby recovering at Women and Children's Hospital

Tom Puckett
September 13, 2017 - 3:12 pm



Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) An 11 month old boy fell from a second floor opening Wednesday morning on Walnut Avenue.

Police say the baby fell from what investigators believe may have been a window at one time but is now simply an opening from a makeshift living room type area to the outside. The bottom of this opening is level with the floor of the room, and is about 2 feet in height.

Police say there is a set of thin louvered doors that had a thin simple hasp to keep them closed. These doors were open upon investigators arrival. Behind these folding doors was a board that was held by two eye hooks that were also not engaged at the time of investigators arrival.

The child fell out of this opening onto the concrete walkway between this house and the one next door. The child was awake and crying while being attended to by NFFD.

The mother has provided a statement to detectives in this matter but the contents will not be divulged at this time.

The child is being treated for a fractured skull at Women and Children's hospital in Buffalo.

 Child Protective Services are assisting NFPD Detectives as this investigation continues.

 Inspections arrived at the home and it was condemned.


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