Record Rains; Ellicott Creek Flood Warning

Minor Flooding Today Near Holtz Rd, Aero Dr., Ellicott Creek Park


The Flood Warning continues for Ellicott Creek near Williamsville, d after record-breaking rains late Thursday. Areas around Holtz Rd., Aero Drive and Ellicott Creek Park are of paricular concern.

Further east, the warnings also remain for the  Genesee River At Avon in Livingston County and Oatka Creek at Garbut in Monroe County .


The flood warning continues for The Ellicott Creek Near Williamsville from this evening to late tonight.  

-At 10 AM Friday the stage was 5.7 feet and rising.
- Flood stage is 8.0 feet.
-Minor flooding is forecast.

Forecast...the river is expected to rise above flood stage this evening and crest near 8.1 feet this evening.

IMPACT...At 8.0 feet...Flood stage, some flooding begins along Aero Drive from Holtz to Transit Roads in Cheektowaga. Also some flooding along the flood control project area in Amherst such as the bike path and Audubon golf course. Minor flooding in Ellicott Creek Park. Little or no overall damage.


Overnight rain

The official rain total for yesterday was 1. 95 inches, which is a record.

"The main area where the heaviest rain fell is right across the metrto area, looking at 2 to2.25 inches from Buffalo over to Alden and Corfu," says Meterologist Bob Hamilton at the National Weather Service " ...Everyone picked up a nice 2 inches of rain"

Hear more with with Bob Hamilton On The WBEN Liveline 

Record Rainfall Thursday - Bob Hamilton

 Niagara County will be under a state of emergency this weekend. Leaders say rising lake levels are pushing higher heading into the weekend.

The county has been monitoring the lake level situation since late last week, when Sheriff Jim Voutour and Security Committee Chairman Dave Godfrey asked boaters to observe a 500-foot “no wake zone” off the Lake Ontario shore. Legislators toured sites around Olcott Harbor late Tuesday, and shortly after that, Voutour ordered the Sheriff’s Office helicopter into the air to obtain aerial images of homes and key infrastructure threatened by the rising waters of Lake Ontario.

Legislator Clyde Burmaster says there are high levels of lake water because of an unusually large number of rainstorms that have saturated the area. "The water is at a foot to 19 inches above normal levels," says Burmaster. "All indications are more severe rainstorms are coming, and the lake could crest with another 12 inches above what we currently have." He says there are already serious erosion problems in several communities including Youngstown and Olcott that could lead to serious property damage.

Undersheriff Michael Filicetti says the 500 foot no wake zone will continue because docks are under water and there could be floating objects along the shoreline. "We found several trouble spots where we took video from the air. We're worried about people getting too close to the shoreline. We don't want anyone getting hurt," says Filicetti. He says precautions are being taken now. "We'll assist our partners any way we can. If it means we have our inmates fill sandbags, that's what we'll do."

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