Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey FOUND!

Foreign "press" found with not one, but TWO Super Bowl Jerseys

Tim Wenger
March 20, 2017 - 9:02 am

AP Photo

Boston, Mass (WBEN) - The mystery is solved!  Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey appears to have been found! 

The FBI and NFL Security say that they have located both Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey that went missing after Super Bowl 51, and his jersey that went missing after his win in Super Bowl 49. Both jerseys were found in possession of the same person outside of the US.

Brady's jersey was taken from the New England Patriots' locker room at Houston's NRG Stadium after the team's 34-28 victory over Atlanta in the Super Bowl.

The NFL released a statement that says the jersey was found in the possession of someone who was a credentialed member of the international media:

Adam Martin, co-founder of Dave & Adam's Card World, explained that Brady's jersey are a hefty sum:

"I sincerely believe that jersey is worth $500,000 at auction," he said. "Frankly, now with all the publicity surrounding how it was stolen and recovered, this is $1 million."

However, the jerseys are more likely to be returned to either Tom Brady himself or the New England Patriots organization.



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