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Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, March 20th

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. We would have on debate saying clap over immigration. And I am one of two students who would definitely support out. And I would screamed at by the other event that cracked ninety bank he actually he called me. Now I eat and ridiculous at my beliefs. Our LA you guys have care of our whole lives every time we brought this. Clearly it's a huge problem with your New York. Students being bullied because they don't agree with their comedy teachers and David Bellamy hi. That's just mother. I'm a little concerned that the importance replacing him on movies. Us wondering what your plans work for the state tests. That that. This will head back when thank you. I use movies as one of my toes but I also use a variety of other multi media techniques it's the hourly and Olivia. Moment. When I started teaching I thought this thing for all I. Care for hours Summers off no accountability on news radio 930 W. Is borrow it and they'll either for about thirty WBB. Admit I'm oh hitting a subpoena any moment now because it turns out that my ex wife went to these Soviet Union in the 1980s she came back and brought me AP and feature Vladimir. Lennon and subs after that happened I had two conversations with Donald Trump further indicating of course the Donald Trump is a tool of the Russians but I just become public element because. I thought that maybe idea my name mentioned in Washington on publicly televised hearings. David Bell. Turns out that one of our all. Michael Capuano. Who is area Palin talk show host of the united thirty WB Ian. His name was front and senator at these continuing. Hearings which are designed of course to turn down the truck all of his game. And frankly the more I watch these hearings that war I am of the belief that. These swap will drink and ultra before about ultra raise this one I I I heard that at that time it was said the first time and I thought them. Publisher of following I think a phone. It's get it it's like it it is a never ending assault it is never ending blitzkrieg bogus dropped the most ridiculous allegations and yet when you when you boil down what are they trying to get the trying to get this. Today's headline should have been and Russia trump no connection that's what revelation about. That's what it should be now is that everything the Democrats were were trying to connect. Now that if your Democrat my question would be paid mr. Koh me FBI director. You'd ten days before the election decided to hold a press coverage to save your re opening an investigation and Hillary Clinton's emails. If you did have an ongoing investigate and at that time. An annual connected Donald Trump or he was under surveillance or people close to wonder surrounds. Why would you acknowledge that you asked that point like you said I don't comment on ongoing investigations so. You know what it out of her Donald Trump's case who knows. But if you're a Democrat and looking for excuses as to why he's your president I that's legitimate complaint. He's getting our resident of thousand Democrat he's my he's not my president. That well that that unfortunately kind of fortunately nullify as anything connected that but I want to remind you we got a brand new website WB dot com totally redone and looks fantastic. And you'll find that the top story on that. Now brand new website happens to be about our own Michael coupled with the fact that he was mentioned by. Congresswoman from god California Democrat shivered Cisco believes Jackie speer is. She she basically takes the area. South of Pelosi if that makes cents. So Pelosi is a little bit northern export the city in does that make your downwind. It blows it pretty well I'll tell you what she is. She XP not. Which is a far left liberal sobbed while working with Jackie that office we it was batters issues and she is certainly not as. You know she's not as polarizing as in people's you know why could you ignored it more yeah that's you know she's not a total space cadet but. Spot she asked the question we have the audio. On our website will play four to remember the broadcast today. But but Tom I gotta tell yet the one thing that I take away from this whole thing. I'm a little frustrated. With Dow drop a little frustrated with the president of states right now. Donald Trump is nowhere without his supporters. There is no movement without the people that supported that movement I know where this is going and I'm gonna have to be put in a position where I agree with you because I was thinking the same thing before we even talked to. I just I'm I'm a little irked I mean look if you put out the tweet you being Donald from Tom Barr Tom that's what you put out. But did the tweet that they Donald Trump present I'd states put out said you know. Wiretapping. Which the New York Times use the exact same terms in quotes in jeopardy in quotes as the New York. I'm connect Obama that we heard the reported the you know the GC HQ which is you know British and assay equivalent. Look if you don't have so everyone is saying no connection I don't know of any connection. Don't know would you say he's line I'm not gonna say that but it hurts national security so look. You're gonna play this game that your this puppet master here you're hiding in the right time your gun to divulge the information. None none none now we're getting beat up out here so. Orders of the president are getting their heads handed to him because we believe that our president is an honorable man who tells the truth. So which one is are you gonna allow every single person on Fox News CNN MSNBC. Who's defending you when your administration. And your agenda. To get another week of their heavy handed to him. I don't care if you announced a new spot the mission currently on Mars you could change the topic anyway you want. You have to show us what you have or you have to apologize to Brock of and by the way this is not the left rules. Are rules you made we've sent that tweet right now the story of the day should be. Donald Trump is not connected to Russia Russia did not affect the elections in North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Michigan Florida. No sort of a tampering in the electoral process whatsoever. Everything the Democrats have said is complete Malarkey we know that now. But that's not what the title of of the headlines is going to be. Because Donald Trump for the United States put out each week. That now has hijacked the story and if you don't have any evidence there then screw you lot want to put us in this. Yeah and let's repeat some of the altered on the computer a volume sort of whole account Kobe's could hit a special surprise guest floated by Vladimir potent and ultra clean and other but you're Donald Trump's tweets on the subject and I played that I was in the same thought. You know we are we need those who have supported president trump we have been put in a situation where we are starting to look ridiculous by defending Donald Trump. Over wiretapping tweets that multiple tweets that he sent out and I wanna go through these plea to get. Terrible just found out that Obama had my quote wires taps and the quote. In trump tower just before the victory nothing found this is McCarthyism heed and pleaded. Is it legal for a sitting president to be quote wiretapping and the quote a race for president prior to election. Turned down by a court earlier undue well. Another one. I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October just prior to election and the final one how low is President Obama gone to tap. My phones during the very sacred election process this is Nixon Watergate bad or sick guy. Now here is the dilemma faced by people like yes. Those were so on earth shattering and tectonic claims David that were made by the president of the United States. Where is the evidence. To support. Why Donald Trump put out those tweets that we. All these weeks later do not have the information to defend. And if president trump is unwilling to release the source of his evidence or the evidence itself. You know he's either got to retract his tweets and apologize to President Obama. Or he's got to provide information. About why he believes and is it reasonable that he was a veiled by the Obama administration. Yet there's another aspect of mr. but I brought up for the past several weeks and it is this. Was this something that could be directly attributed to the Obama administration. Or were there enough cutouts to give Obama and his cronies plausible but liability in other words political dirty tricks that. Happened but you can't Trace them because it was deliberately. Shall we say. A dark up. OK I bought whatever there's got to be evidence would that shock you. No I was shocked at all benefactor I think as probably what happened but. I still know that there are look there are things that happen on a daily basis that you could go on the air right now talk about. You have teacher hates you teachers' names do you not. I don't. Do we not have information. About certain school systems in listening audience that would come that we can completely defend. Hard ironclad evidence that we get dropped air absolutely and what is the reason for not doing because there's a protocol. And there's a way that you handled things fans and if you get called out on that brilliant analogy. It's just when you get called comic elect look I have it right here but you know what that's not the way things are dawn. Protocol if I ever got an email or letter. Especially a letter with the name of a law firm directed at me I open up the latter if it's something our bosses need to see that Butler immediately goes to the boss. Because they need to know what's going. Apparent that doesn't happen often but it has happened so all. Getting back to the shows we did last week you know we followed a very very cautious protocol we did not release we did not utter we did not put on our FaceBook or Twitter the names of the many teachers who have been accused them in some cases multiple times up politicizing. Their classrooms why did we not do that David it's because. Before we do such a thing we wanna make sure that our asses are covered number one let's be honest and number two that were not doing anything that violates any statutes regarding privacy etc. So we follow Avery very cautious protocol when it comes to naming specific individuals and I think that that's I'd rather err on the side of caution which by the ways that a lot of people off and each Telus and and to. Of course but you know what there's also on the call honor. And integrity. And those are hall hallmarks for me and they are for you and we live our lives by that's the compass we choose to professional life absolutely. But my important. My point is that's how I want to be Rome Hamburg I don't wannabe I don't want people look at me and say anything the fact. That when he told you something it was something you can take to the back not just. 80% of the time 100% of the time. My sons and my daughter to be too to have that as adults that's what's missing in our culture is what's missing from our elected officials and you know what. I believe the Donald drop is that may. I know I want to believe that and what this is not a good sign if that is not the case it. It's a few weeks Davidson's mrs. Byrd and I was sitting at the Miami and Fort Lauderdale airport and we have the new you know watching the news screen in our two hour delay it which was fine. And they were reporting on the tweets Donald truck. Now my tan is already fading from the cruise. And I still have no information at all with which to defend Donald Trump on what sounds like wild clients but. But I have to throw it probably I didn't hear that sometimes things that sound absolutely like lunacy. When you first here and if you've given enough time because they actually are shall we say. Truth is stranger than fiction but I think the time has come for president trump to give. Me and you and those people listening to us who support Donald Trump who voted for Donald Trump and who do not like the conspiracy against Donald Trump. The president needs to give us information he needs to give us facts he needs to provide evidence the only excuse for not doing so is that it would violate national security. But there are certainly ways around that to give us something on which to go even if you announces a civil lawsuit against. President Barack Obama anything anything but but the U okay sure he's got he's got to get us up. Would you brought up there to me is me is that right there would be great to look there's litigation or I've given information to. Thanks Chuck Grassley. Charles Grassley senator from Georgia and he had a tweet. That was on believable for for any senator who structure right hand Vermont. Sugar absolutely basically coupons said. I wonder. If James called me will tell me tell. The subcommittee today when he told me and pride about XYZ. Now it is not a leak. What is well he's out what your Twitter page and say hey Tom I wish she would tell. Which you told me at the bar and give it would. A lot of times we have congress can't figure that we Britain's efforts sweetheart but man showed you're sure you missed it you have a private corporation with the FBI director tweet that. When we collectively lost my choice would when you look at where we're watching and of course the call me. Mike Rogers and say yeah hearing going on for probably will be through about the remainder of the program all it was this morning to. Really pisses me off I've been to three hours watch in the damn thing I wrote to take care. And I missed the part or Buffalo's my Acapulco actually came up that will be national debate folks and we're gonna play the audio in just a little bit like after the 330 break up our ability at a news radio 930 WBE. And you know if if that at if if you're supporter Donald Trump these and I. And so is David these difficult times because. What I heard on the stage from the experts is that you know repeatedly no evidence of any bugging and wiretapping or surveillance president trop so that is why I am certainly. I got to the net president trump tell us what he has even if as you just said it's a question of just so you know. I stand by what I said. My lawyer has the information and the evidence at this time as it will be going in the litigation I can't give it to the American public but trust me believe me. But you're the president states and with the one signature you can makes of the top secret. You put on the front page of the Buffalo News that you have that power to pick something and you can classify any what you want you the president. So even if he had something in his hands I mean the amount of lotion. I'm seeing right now which on spice or Kellyanne Conway and Steve Stanton are saying yeah my couch. What's that it has the same what they're saying privately but can't say publicly. Every once surrounded by dot around Donald privacy in the same thing mister president. For love of god we are all giving crucify you think I didn't hear this week and we're all getting crucified because we are standing behind you. As an honorable Stewart year. And that you don't have anything. You know what you're screw whatever. I had more than one person come up to me over the weekend and say to dominate don't like to talk politics look I support president trump but. I don't know what to say about this wiretap stuff because. I don't people are to be crap at work people give me crap in my circle of friends on FaceBook what are you telling people. So it's it's having an impact. On the people who supported president drop vigorously during the campaign he's got he's got its give us something or he's got to apologize and retract. So so I am getting these people on Twitter saying trump hasn't had passed to give you nothing. There's zero doubt in my mind that the FBI is headed by democratic tax and trump was wiretapped. Yeah if you wanna be an effective president folks he's got to give you something. Listen you've got a Supreme Court nominee who is one of the most qualified nominees to ever stand in that in in that office. This is one of the most accomplished human beings that is ever have the opportunities we have Supreme Court justice he is going to get lit up. Because of this network and get lit up too because we are criticizing the president for leaving people out to drive like. Those of us who have been his most fervent supporters it till 330. Start at 3180616. WBE and the that is the multiplicity of phone numbers we have for you may also text that's on the WB and to export which is 3093030930. Coming up Michael Capuano. Is name came up. In these hearings today and frankly I think Michael Caputo based on what I think I know right now I think he's getting a bum deal. But then again it's the media and the media you have to understand that make our jobs more difficult because. They are not mean that they are just throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Now. Of Donald Trump connection to Russia. We will play Russian music and possibly use that a lot of voice from shameless as part of our program today. The mere fact that I watched shameless I'm Netflix and a league and showtime and it doesn't have a Russian actress Annette where somebody portraying a Russian. I think implicates Donald Trump as I've twice spoken with the president. So another connection Donald Trump says I want to show with a Russian I've spoken with Donald Trump Donald Trump has been influenced by Russia. That's the logic these days but we've got. Connection. Himself anyway so they've ears scared of the elect urged them right in and edit and edit my Egbert muffins. Because I which is evident but often craving. And apparently in the process of either getting the muffins or even the opens I've missed this doesn't happen in real time but thank god we have audiotape. Video audio digital recording stuff. And I think people wanna hear what was said about Buffalo's old Michael Caputo during the hearings today in David before we launch into the audio and have Kevin hit the button for those just joining us would you like to give us a brief synopsis of what is what people will be listening to. All right so briefly earlier today we. Had the Mike Rogers and SA. You had done. A former these were the big guys that were. Is essentially investigating whether or not the the original hearing Willis was scheduled to connect. Any sort of Russian connection from the Tron campaign and his surrogates to. Vladimir Putin and Russia and if that investigation led into Russian interference in the election. Now while they were there we all knew that the Democrats were and ask if there was any validity to that trumped week. That Barack Obama somehow eavesdropped and wiretapped it would average trump tower. Those that we had those answers the dams very disappointed because what they have been basically crowing about for the last. You know since November 8 turns out to be categorically false the Russians had nothing to do with the election results period end of statement that wrong. How ever. When asked about the guy that the trump it would eat there's nothing there. There's no evidence whatsoever now. That is where the White House should of course at least by volunteered something of what where they had the bases that they had it when it was from foreigner to master whatever. In the process of the interrogation of fourth of James thome and Mike Rogers a question comes up about. It's you know Roger Stone. I who had contact would goose for 2.0. And would and on this program at all so. A Rodgers it's of conversations with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. That bled into. Other people that are connected. Two. Russia and of course Michael Capote working for the trump campaign ended up becoming part of that line of question that. Away before you listen to this if you remember Michael proto. Was. Was best candidate from the truck campaign after he'd put out an in judicious tweet following the firing of course when Belsky the infamous being along the witch is dead. And a photo was fired at from the drug campaign and we can argue fired or resign from the cup camp and Donald Trump was pissed off big time by that week. And you'll remember that weeks afterward you know Michael was working the periphery. Of giving big donations to the trump campaign in what I presume was an attempt to get back in the Donald Trump good graces and as far as I know despite. Millions of dollars being raised. Michael did not give himself up in two Donald Trump good graces so I'll. Some audio here is up first let's give it. Let's get number one number one here is odd democratic. Congresswoman. It would speer well I would say spider I guess she says spear okay. Well it's Jackie speer opera from whatever she says sound like you're great John Beal Reese on already Jackie spear from my serves as co California. Democrat asking about are very. Now it in terms of trying to understand this I I think of a spider web. With the tarantula in the middle. And the trance in my view is Vladimir Putin's. Who is in trapping. Many people to do his bidding and to engage with him. I would include those like rogers'. Own and Carter page. And Michael cook who though and Wilbur ross'. And Paul Matta for. And Rex Tillerson. Now I didn't know historically attractive. Seeing him. On two someone else that would add his name is Michael cook who ago. That our professional. Circuit for a talk show host in 1990 or to Russia. And Ayers the I was working for our Agency for International Development. It was fired from that job because he refused to follow say State Department positions. In open PR firm in Moscow. And married Russian. Element. Subsequently. Divorced her in 1999 businesses fail. Roger Stone and a match or chew him urged him to move to Florida and opened his PR firm in Miami which is exactly let mr. first of all. I gotta I gotta ruptured Jacqui give the damn hole letters okay of where he does the Reagan by the way. It too difficult well the conservative talk show host at WBE. News leader in buffalo new York and she also could say good although hourly and they'll be here really are among the stars of that radius exactly does get to sit in their chair by the torrential -- don't -- -- to catcher ray tarantulas. Mitt silk with which they line there burrowed holes to keep the dirt out so talk about it too rich or spinning away and being in the middle of the that is incorrect statement and that we also lured from home alone which rentals are the best home defense fighter you can all absolutely because they cannot resist the crush of the human hand but should we continue what we'll continue but again you know that they're gonna slam Capote tokens they mentioned a business. That went under and a divorce. Again none of this has anything through. Where is that he's more Russian connected to prudent if he if he stayed married and he drinks and sells vodka the same here. Hatchet job from the beginning but here we go more on Kapono. Rodgers down. And a mentor to him urged him to move to Florida and opened his PR firm Miami which is exactly what mr. food out yet. And then at 2000 he worked we had. Apps from a media. To improve. Its image in the United States. Out do we know who gassed from media is. Carlos that are up again Michael Caputo is a public relations and crisis communications. Expert. As a public relations person you take on clients for the express purpose of giving them a better image. It would be irresponsible. If he did not do so. Do we know gas from media is. You know that anything about gas from director. Rep it's AM. Oil company. In 2007. He began consulting. The Ukrainian parliamentary campaign. There he met his second wife. So I guess my question is. What possible reason is there for the trump campaign to hire Putin's image consultant. Any thoughts on that director Tommy zones. And Rogers. Likewise in her right arm do either you know what Michael computer is doing before. The trump. Effort today. It. It. Experts got the voters out there and Dick the first well here here's the problem the timeline is totally. 99. There was no the business in Miami. A portal from he's been divorced and remarried because apparently nobody in the house or senate has done the son of the thing is is that I can Bhutto was going from. He went from Russia to Washington DC Dallas Texas to fla. Back to DC. To awful I mean. She she is in which he's talking about 2000 this is. During the Clinton administration so if we're trying to say that potent. Decided to two spots where the the important plant Michael Caputo seed into the government and that he did once you decide to step down brilliant Dmitry Medvedev to run the treasury. Then we'll decide to take it back. Win out when Obama was an office knowing that there would be a trump I mean come on. It's ridiculous. To plant back to 2000 just Jimmie show progress mistrust. Up time and all messed up the business stories and true at all. And Roger Stone in my group report or close there's no secret about that he worked for Paul map for probably before Paul man reported any business interest. He was in politics he was running. When you look at the the Ford and Reagan primary. On the floor and the media Republican Convention it was Paul manna for a young Paul Mann for that helped Gerald Ford get the nomination. That's what he does demand report came to the trump campaign so that trump could win the nomination. Metaphor is an expert literally every Republican. Convention pulled him up. Report has been on the ground and by the way had Donald Trump not hired Paul metaphor you know what are your. Hillary Clinton Ted Cruz well I know Paul Paul Mandela or I guess it was up it was Donald Trump spending more money than cruise and case economic. Want apartment for George W. Bush. Hired Coleman report so before that was the craving connection and rushing connection Pullman report. In his original day job is one of the best. Wranglers a delegate votes in the history of the Republican Party he is the you know I don't know who who via. You know it's not the George Soros on the right but he's the guy that that understands conventions understand primaries and gets people in line. He's a UV ultimate delegate whip. In the history of the Republican Party that is what he's known for the Russian stuff. You know he makes by the white Sheldon Adelson who puts a lot of money towards. They're Republican Party he has a lot of money each. So what where does this stuff going with Michael to Pluto. You know I'm I'm thinking about what was said about Michael Capuano but it's congresswoman. End here here's what I take away from. Michael Caputo is a PR professional and he did PR work for a Russian. Entity. In other words Michael Bhutto did his job is there any suggestion that somehow if you're working public relations. Especially for another country or a business in another country. Are there are prohibitions against that did he failed to register as a foreign agent duty after register as a foreign agent what I get out of it is. Michael photos and every interest in life and he did his job as a PR person. And again. To the best of my knowledge he hasn't been associated with ultra since the big dog which is dead week. And he feels terrible about that is he's risen out of the party. What is ideologues Michael lug to put a just released a statement as to order county Yeltsin's call this your program. Congresswoman Jackie speer this is Michael coop Iraq report goes. Responses official statement on Twitter account congresswoman Jackie speer has it all wrong there's no substance whatsoever to work politically motivated inks is and so. That's it he spelled wrong on Twitter. He's trying to say people do this while. He's he's basically she's up politically motivated attacks about so. That (%expletive) man that's what he's saying according to him and look I am not a full disclosure. I care for Michael pulled a great deal he's a dear frame of mind. A lot I love Michael I think he's a good man I think I would not be associated with an agent of Russia number one. The true. Michael has done at eight a tremendous amount of different things with his life. He's a very eclectic guy he's NPR he's done political campaigns. He's done fund raising he's worked for charities he's done a lot of effort veterans he's all over the place ten narrowed down on Michael couple of those service to his country as being connected to Russia. For the benefit of Russia. Is she really insulting to people or Michael and also I believe to Michael personally. The guy that this was a guy who was runner I'm gonna tell you focus here was a guy that was running around trying to get weapons. Trying to get the Obama administration to give weapons to the rebels in Ukraine who were fighting against the very Cold War machine. That we're killing people they mentioned Michael's so wife. Michael's wife has family that are being killed by whom soldiers right now. This this is personal issues Ukrainian chief Ukrainian so I mean it's insane to say that that that can poodles on sent to. All right we will look take your calls I only wanna open phone line heading into the news and we will continue to play the audio where Michael Bhutto's name was brought up those who don't know Michael Caputo worked part time here at WB yen music fill in the conservative radio host. On WBE. And wanted you to know that I wish we could have people talk a bit that's another story.