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Monday, March 20th

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News radio 930 WB yen in the of course if you're running an ad about the opponent you slow down and you put the black and white and then they could zoom in zoom in that there are all yeah Kathy whole gold murders properties. Were equal opportunity with this for yourself. Com hourly politicians like to use the TV but they're negative that I loved watching them. I love the sinister voice over guided that they use and David Bellamy. All negative campaign. The other candidate who you voted to allow seven year old student beat per user. Its hourly and Olivia an interview the guy who had voted for that he's like. Plus Jason Hill. Good to welcome we don't want her. Oregon and the worst case if it takes to get a weapon like as if that was advanced platform I. Radio 930. Holloway and validate Michael Capuano. Buffalo guide these bills did his talk show host at this radio station his name came up in congress the continuing effort. Two basically destroyed Donald Trump that make his presidency illegitimate and basically because he's a tangle capital is bull crap. They want him obviously to fail in his agenda. Frankly we talk but this the first hour Donald Trump isn't doing himself or supporters any favors Donald Trump needs to. Elaborate on his claims of a couple weeks ago. About he is at trump tower having been wiretapped where's your bailed by president Barack Obama. I say this is a guy who's supported Donald Trump. But there comes a point when you cannot be a blind supporter of anybody. And basically. I will tell you that I personally feel. Kind of hung out to dry because. If you issue for five tweets are using the previous president. I'm a real breach of the law law and something really really sleaze you can't leave me and he can't leave you guys out there listening. We have nothing but tweets with which to defend big guy you were trying to support. So president drop as. Frankly as a service and the right thing to do for his supporters either needs to apologize. For the trial before the tweets saying that he had been wiretapped. Or provide sufficient evidence that in fact he was correct in what he said horror. Saying that the case will be pursued as a civil matter. And he can't give us the specifics of the evidence because it is a matter of litigation but he's got to say something else because. It it's becoming a burden that many of best who try to support Donald Trump. Simply we we can't carry his. Water anymore with a little help from ultra. Help me. B a besides the computer thing which obviously from a local standpoint and a WB and standpoint where focused down. But what we found out today. Really I mean especially what's going on the other side of the of the capitol building here we've got you know the the hearing on the house side. And then you've got the senate side when there doing the confirmation hearings. Of a Supreme Court justice and endorse it which is a guy that everyone I mean when he went up for federal judge he had all but but two votes. You'll get two dissenting votes from dams. This is a well respected person and they're coming out and say no matter what we're gonna vote this guy down. Chuck Schumer is is trying to get these people in line and they're begging Republicans to to use those the the new option which is what. Which is to to get rid of the guy of the filibuster and say look majority rules. And that's something that long has been decided between both sides you know we would never do that. But what can you do that they're gonna sit and until Corsican and basically say course which is not moving anywhere but he's not gonna go anywhere dozens. The color trop has appointed liberal wants to a point Zach you become persona non Grata and I'll tell you actually this is get a I'm sorry David erupted this gets back to a concern expressed or shortly after president trump sworn into office. I'm deeply concerned and I think it's looking more and more likely that Donald Trump is not going to be able to drain the swamp the swap will succeed in draining Donald Trump it's a trench. If there. To war of attrition. And I hate to say this but they'll drop did not help himself with what continue to be unsubstantiated. Reports of the wire two. Look I mean. To me it's one of those things where you're gonna make if you're gonna create a hail. And say this Helen you refused to apologize to President Obama you refused to say I'm never gonna give an inch to the enemy. I'm not gonna give into the left one bit. Well and what do you expect dusted. Are we supposed to follow the example the president and say what were gonna give an inch either but we have no idea of the deck your plainly. We have no chance. You're asking us to go all the all in on your hand and nobody knows what it is I'm sorry but. You know we burned on Iraq because of George Bush. We got burned on ever I mean. HW bush trust me him and raise taxes but you said read my lips just trust them and work with these guys. It'll work we're going to be cleaned in the mid tier just let me raise taxes the dams can't come at me at all retirees tax given what they want. What happened freedom. You can't play this type the game with this I'm sorry but there's too much at stake here and the way. If you noticed that the price of oil today. Donald Trump talks about drilling domestically begins drilling domestically the price of oil OPEC doesn't know what to do. 200 billion dollars up the deficit and in less than fifty days in office but you don't know. It's up to me and says hey Donald Trump is saving anybody gasoline people go up to me and they say hey I support Donald Trump but I got nothing when it comes to this wiretapping thing which will go away when is he gonna say something else and I don't know what to say pointless opposite position. Well look info wars has an article up about the NSA eavesdropping on Donald Trump and Alex jones' family detached from the ears of 2004 to 2000. George Bush George Bush and Barack Obama of steel had nothing to do the election. And whether or not to eavesdrop and individuals as wrong obviously but you can't connected to him running for president which Donald Trump. Certainly implied he was being. Eavesdropped on because he was a candidate for president right. That's where I took the tweets I mean look at a couple words and Tom are these. And if if I did he would be on Amazon promoting a book I don't do that so you know and it's. I'm a single week game at this from two different sides. And when you said if you drain the swamp the swamp the swamp will drain him. I cannot and imagine. What it's got to be like to be president now. That means every break lonely place today too vague Eric throw up announced that he's evidently people. And on his Twitter and his what keeps Twitter feed announcing that new child was going to be born there is nothing but people. Wishing the worst thing in the world this is the life that they are living so. When he says he's gonna avenue bay at the end of presumably people on the left are saying things that I really don't want to repeat that to of people certainly Steve themselves got a hatred. There has been ginned up against ultra it's just the world we live and it's this is the life you do when you run for president and you will if this is and he'll. Sure you buckle up and all out that would that if he had a Twitter feed it's sort of put stuff about the right wing would hammer back he stayed away from. These days away for a because the fact that quite frankly he it is support comes from. He's support essentially comes from you know large list of emails and there's no. Dot Barack Obama never made the move people. They take what would Obama did they try to hijack it is a huge move and this was the economy sock. And people were fatigued over a war and they moved up. I mean it didn't matter who they ran and they could've run. Anyone any one on the democratic side would have won that election because of how tainted. And how horrible John McCain was quite frankly the economy imploded. I mean you wanna talk about October surprise lose your 401K. That's about as good as it gets. And once again I do think John McCain for his pretty much weekly reminders of why he's the guy who made me quit the Republican Party become and it it. It is a foreign TV news radio 930 W Ian hourly envelop via. Where the other guys on the radio station beside Michael Caputo let's go to who what Alex got a cell phone Alex you're a W media. Yeah. Oh a particular call the the gentleman. I ain't. Don't like the troubled though you do or you mean it took so but I've watched. But I do have a problem was. Double trump we disagree with you guys. I can't believe that you're even talking about it without mentioning. Our wide battle trying to put that lead out and that was pertaining to. The law article in the New York lines. Bill. Washington compost and I believe to a give org when he appeared twelve or get our audio. Where are familiar. And but. That was wired up that's where the bill. Story began. When they mention. If you wanna capitalized on you know. In actuality Alex they're the reason why trump went with that tweet was because of what mark. Which is an event will be in mark Mark Levine had and a radio piece. That he I'm a conservative but TV is on his new station the market Visio and right. And so that was a follow what mark the vin made that argument about the New York Times the Washington Post and your credit Alex. Did this statement in the January 20 New York Times says wiretaps surveillance shows boom I'm I'm trop. It is specifically states that. That the trump tower was wiretapped but here's the problem. This is a non named source. This is a supposedly. And the problem is. Is that that's OK for the media to run around with their unnamed sources but when the president had stayed says hey. You know brings this up there's don't nuance that there's all. Also ordered that no bit. But there's also end hold on Alex we'll get back to after the news there's also the idea that their we've been told repeatedly the Donald Trump is not temper mentally fit to be the president of the United States. And because that fits the narrative these. He claims that. President drop was not substantiated. The cumulative effect on the president and those of us who support and is going to be very very damaging to his attempts to get anything done you're already seeing. So up Alex made it do you. You find yourself in a situation where people approach you. And say hey what evidence as your lunatic president have to show that he was wiretapped. And yes. As long as your name is Alex. I don't know bad back. Actually knowledge of the other that what I really but also slate of I would for a back who. The New York Times article which I don't even know anything about. What it would surprise me because both. You know everyone loved the following if they know exactly what Donald Trump or girls our age you and the other thing you can find. Have did you watch any of the hearings today and did you see the number of times people. Who were up there we were talking about people James called me and some B and tell people. They kept on repeating there is no evidence to support or substantiate the Donald Trump tweets these are not. People who are in the streets carrying placards these are supposedly respectable members of law enforcement. And the intelligence communities and time after time they have said there is nothing to substantiate what the president wrote does that not concern. What concerned me is the fact of the media. Story wide for a month. You have them being. Happy. You were under investigation. And the congressmen vote. Well what we have half of the Russian ambassador. And what the space said the resigned because. Austria are the Hartnell transcript that they released what they won't release the whole thing. Gul. If let me it's leading me to believe that the web wiretapped. You know I'd be content with a statement just saying from Donald Trump's attorneys saying. I have the information I have the evidence we will be pursuing litigation in this matter that's been the key thing he showed that I'm I'm not a Tucker says. Donald Trump said don't you worry we've got it. We've got stop Tucker Carlson responded so I assume you have evidence that this is true he's like Tucker we do don't worry about it we've got. But is it that's good enough but it. Okay thank you because if he has the evidence then why is he allowing his presidency to be besmirched by these respected people in Washington saying there isn't a shred of of evidence to substantiate what president trump tweeted a couple of weeks ago. Every single day look there are so many things that this there're so many things that are on the president's agenda that are so important. You look at this trump care this thing is got to go through I mean that's it it's a matter of a third of our economy. We've we've got a change is out of Medicaid we've got a situation where we wanted to drill domestically. Our military. You know we've got North Korea threatening to bring us to ashes. We cannot afford. In this news cycle in the in the world that we live with a our media can afford to go to reach six weeks without. Knowing whether about the presidential liar. That's what this comes to either the president is telling the truth. Which I am inclined to believe because I do believe the president trump or he's a law here and he wants us to wait. Wait until why I'm used to it's it's not fair to those of us who support. Am and who tried to argue in his favor to basically beat him dangling here waiting for something that people can sink their teeth into in terms of evidentiary support of one between I mean as you not letting it go for the if you're a little bit rush today you can sense the frustration Russia's voice I actually did not hear Russia was listening to Fox News in Madrid and I'm you can hear it in Russia you hear it and everyone else this is something that shared. By people who talk and a microphone for four hours a day saying look. I mean help us help you. A world where not to north turning our president Robert just say look if you made a mistake. America's forgiving place and by the way the Democrats could learn a lesson here too. If if trouble apologizes to Obama offer for you know not having all the facts together that that puts the onus on Chuck Schumer the same thing. We are at step 426 and is ready at 930 WB yet Paula have you gotten the first million accusing us of a turning a Donald Trump 66 of the islands editor email for awhile that we're phonies and frauds and that were part of the Democrats are best left wing conspiracy and probably vote for Chuck Schumer and we have pictures of Hillary in the spank bank. All right it is fortunately six only one of those is true for 26 news radio 930 WBP and other. Probably California congresswoman smear. Boot talk about the tarantula being in the center of a web it all involving Donald Trump and his many connections to Russia and everybody who knows Donald Trump has a connection to Russia there for the Russians hacked the election and that. Does the evidence that there's one problem and that is the upped to Angela. Does not build Webb's. The torrential well actually spit out silk. And use that in the nest when the torrential burrows underground and the torrential as a Smart little bugger that nest made a likable by the silk which beat tarantula. Sends out. Keep the dust out. And it makes it more comfortable and hospitable environment. For the torrential but the California congresswoman. Don't know the tarantula does not stay in the middle of the web waiting for prayed as most common spiders that are the web builders will be. You ought to know a lot of us by him for a they're Fast Eddie is to be scared of but I think they're amazing brokers. Let's go to my gym in Nortel Wanda WBE. And gentlemen urinate did not come up at today's hearing yet. Yet yet doctor Robert are sure payoff is currently what are the first of the very first finger like president what to do. Is reading the lights story of the group she exit. From the very first page. The very last thing. I think he may have already done that because she he's actually getting busted for Davis have got a cup president trump actually went to the heritage Andrew Jackson's residence ring a laid a wreath and saluted and Andrew Jackson he's the guy who was taken off of the twenty dollar bill in favor. You know it government. Yet they're legal political correctness. A big guy who goes well he'll Wear every single want to edit. Or was president. During he was president he tell if I remember shot until the guy with all that is quite so limited and a tool. Wendell white. Right this is Andrew Jackson were talking about the let's let's speed it up and bring it displays seventy into what happened today with. Call me and company and the united drew grilling on the hill. Yeah. Look at what it all right there aren't they think now that they get that diet you're riding in victims not. That he expects both them are well. That god don't start that will get from your solution for the problem. Opera but it struck out but I'm the president United States Britain but our charge helped me. I noble on charges of equity income kids and it's one of faculty are at a. Yeah up that's probably not going to bring about the desired result and the united doesn't help develop many of us that and if you can choose to believe this monopoly of it but the approval numbers for Donald Trump or down to 37%. Got on they do if you wanna be reelected. And they do if you don't wanna get a bloodbath in the next congressional elections. He's got this told the world you don't. All that matters who stabbed in the back suspect what happened we knew. That went into camp and didn't it work or. Now fortunately or unfortunately Jim we're past the point of dueling pistols NC a political. Weapon. But there's always Meet the Press. It oh why I think it's ridiculous that a federal judge in Hawaii can a single handedly. Make a ruling that affects the entire United States of America especially when the executive order is clearly in compliance with the existing United States code to. Which gives the president the power used and how anybody cannot see that haven't read the statute. It amazes me. But again. You're in an area. Work even something that should be as cut and dried as that is a bone of contention. And that is why president drop has got to give his supporters more ammunition to deal with what is and in circling firing squad in the media ultimate hill within the GOP. Again the guys who said he would drain the swamp. May end up being drained by just up and made actually beat a very ineffective president because he just isn't getting any support. On Capitol Hill and the lower his approval numbers go in this light does matter the less likely it is that congressmen and senators are going to get behind anything trump does they don't want to attach themselves to what may be seen as a deflating balloon. Let's go to. NC. Who'd been here is. I WB and job. Hello. To speaker pat Burke called earlier tonight at the elected but I mean they me and it them and they've said earlier. About. They're you know all I'm saying there was no he's in over our election that's how cohesive at all. These. Says and actually is verbatim what can be. Now says he says he's that. And Russia. Were to Hillary. Now that's what he should do or don't do this here's the deal they went through state by state did Russia impact. The electoral count the popular count in. North Carolina know all I'll know Florida know in any state did they impact the election no. He said that the Russian. Russian party IP addresses. Tried to get into the DNC emails now is their question asked about a they try to get the Republican emails. Are you saying that because they said because I'm a lot different. I think he did I think you're watching CNN panel after the coma here that you watch the actual hair. Say. That. It was not their job to determine if it was. The question was asked to Mike Rogers did the Russians involved themselves did they impact the ax electoral count or popular vote count. In the following states they went through a list of seven states the answer was note all of that what is the problem what do you were investigating were investigating. Russia's intent to get into to try to impact the election well. Yeah did we ask about the 2012 of the 2008 of the 2004 elections because. Accorded James called me this has been a priority of Russia since 1970 through. Well what he what I thought called police say was that it wasn't intelligent got to determine. We're in on over the election but he he. Now he said it wasn't the news that somebody said he said it wasn't the intelligence community to know he said. It wasn't the intelligence community's responsibility. To decide to two to give intent of why they're doing this. Are they trying to impact the election or they just trying to sort of mock up the democratic system. Only went out of his way to say that the Russians were definitely out to go after Clinton. And it may ask him well. Like over the summer they bought the Russian but broke attitude but as it moved into fall they were even eruptions would be. OK so if if if you're gonna extrapolate what he called hole on the John if you extrapolate Coleman's answer from that. Then you have to tie G James colony to pull. Because ten days before the election. It was James called me who talked about Hillary. If it's indeed the truth. But if it's and what why not talk about the fact the year investigating dropped. He should never. And that that what blogs is that why didn't call we talk about the open investigation to try and relationship Russia. To. They were. Like. Word. And and I'm due to give back what might you your premise when you call transcript here in them doing it in any. I'm just saying the premise of your call you just contradicted the last laps she says that the intent was to impact the election laws. And determine. Actually and look I'm. Your logic though John it. What if you what you're saying this church our have to let you go because they beat you can't really have a conversation with well I just think people get what you're seeing mr. jobs and you would have to tie cult leader Russia because called me. Ten days before the election. Said I'm I'm going after Hillary when he knew he was going after trump white Hebert of firms. That coming up close. Yet a I'm I'm at a loss coming up we are going to replay. The comments from congressman Jackie speer just getting to work regarding Michael Caputo. And Derek yeah Michael Bhutto's name comes into this and we've got to audio. As well from a James called me cut number three and four. As well as number five. And we'll try to it was much audio as we possibly can on his radio led thirty WB. BM WB. The end David doesn't interest and tax are coming and and a big export threes are 30. Well first of all anyone that tells me to go to info wars. Well. If you up I looked for first or go to info wars and check out the you've got Alex Jones shirtless. The promoted vitamin and it's the most. It's ridiculous envoy awards doc as a picture of Alex you posed topless and flexing where it is scary jazz it's pretty bears. But anyway civil wars Drudge Report loves him awards they have a deal they overconfident sharing deals painful put stuff on Drudge. I'm not a blind partisan worms is gonna take anything they Drudge Report says and I Greg Lee did fine I looked at the world that daily. And I go to info war earth am I they have iron clad proof of rock Obama was born in Kenya. But it seemed like the rest of the world doesn't believe that it was in towards the broke the story that. That Rocco brought bomber's brother had his actual certificate. And that turned out to be garbage so negative Alex jones' hitting lower than double play shortstop. He eat it doesn't have a very accurate that. Percentage here what is typically the article to which we were for David. SA documents prove surveillance of Donald Trump and Alex Jones fraud on natural proven right about Obama wiretapping client what year. To open four to two with out of ten. This is not what would Donald was talking specifically spoke about the election the only addition sixty it's for you George W. Bush under the NSA surveillance. Was looking to Alex Jones and Donald Trump. Or his administration was 2004 to 2010 is not without trouble speaking up first of all you people that have. Insider give us the information what we've got to of salt box will put out your implementation so you're telling me that you think. That that that that this was proven. By sitting down with Sean Hannity. And the Marca Levin interview that he did where he sent down a set basement look at all these Wall Street Journal here with the why I didn't tell trumped what about that. Why did they come and save this is what I was talking about. Look here's the point. There is it if this here's the deal if if Donald Trump was eavesdropped on OK and he didn't tweet about it. Would not be that much more of the game set match when it came to light. The fact that he tweeted about it we don't have any evidence that he is this is a self inflicted injury that is totally unnecessary and for those who don't remember. They'd during my last conversation with Donald Trump when he was candidate Ron I said there are times I think you're your own worst enemy and he did not disagree with my assessment and I think that this. Tweeting about being wiretapped. By the Obama administration. And them not providing us from him. Verification. Corroboration. To back up his tweets a series of tweets I think he's making a big mistake and the reason he's making a big mistake is this question keeps coming up every time anybody from any level of law enforcement of the federal level or intelligence at the federal level any time this comes up. Everybody is saying yeah there there is no bear bear we can't find any substantiation whatsoever so I think will be in Donald Trump's best interest because I do want him to succeed in draining the swamp. To level with the American people and release what can be released hours as said before have his lawyer say I have the evidence I've seen the evidence we have a rock solid case and further developments as we approach trial. I BF do that. Look I'd be happier with him just. Again you're the president of the United States there is nothing you can do if you want to take something this argument that. What Donald Trump has is so top secret that no one can see it. Wolf it's top secret and don't see it the YLE tweeting about it and by the way if you and he has the ultimate. Power to take classified material and make it declassified. He would do what about the Kennedy assassination he do it. Aliens at area 51 he can do what about his own surveillance he could take top she never nation and do one signature. And all of a sudden give it to the New York Times. That is the power of the president of the United States does not mindless by the way I don't doubt that the whole trip was under surveillance. I believe it. And to me the biggest question about it is was officially sanctioned surveillance or was independent and air quotes independent guys who used to be agency who have the toys and who were doing it as political dirty tricks at the behest of stub I believe the only question I have I believe it's a very difficult thing to explain a 140 characters I do well in hand and that's why you don't explain it on Twitter yeah. Is it Sony wants and it's so involved by the way. If you if you wanna tell me that that worked Charny I doubt we're that without Sean Spicer doing. Spicer doubt they're dodging bullets every five may say well it's nuanced well that's not really what he meant. Why do. Odd shots did you bring up simple wars because it's from 2004. To 2010. Have nothing to do with what he tweeting about to turn on us because we're telling you the truth what you're going to be a blind ideologue. Big enclosure rise and walk publicly. We are not the Donald Trump parts rainbows and sun shine people but you got to understand we want Donald Trump to succeed in driving the swap. And this issue is not going to go away and if Donald Trump wants to succeed then he's got a tip he's got to put some meat on the bones he's got to give them possibly in relation with which to help them. Because you missed its collective idea that they were target for your Buddha and you'd have thought right now. But it's currently being under blitzkrieg and you're asking for some help asking for some ammunition asking for some guys to help out and just like getting the back of support. And I kind of feel like you know being held up about to drive little or worse yet you're told of this is all part of the journal's master plan. Well twelve until 25 guys under fire and it's part of his plan it's it's a larger strategy that is stupid stupid problem.