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Monday, March 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's our. Ha ha ha I am open and constructive criticism please help me to help you. Where else are right star. It comes our way. Finding. Brittany can produce a show. And you recover my office liar my couch or prior your Medicaid indeed the ability. I don't know. I'm glad I got to go huge rolling and I don't laughter. All right out. Period pictures or show boat. It's the hourly and Bolivia fifteen seconds and country. You'll notice that we get caught up in a certain kind of thought process thought process yet thought process. What thought process coral like they thought process when I'm in right now I think we should try and partners stop it. We shall group. On news radio 930 double. How bad it relevant if that is radio 930 WBBM. One of the things we've gotten answered today is I think it's time and David does not to screw this for a president trump to be either show us that he really was lawyer kept. Even a letter from his attorney saying he has the evidence and we'll proceed with litigation. I would accept that or he's got to apologize to Barack Obama for making a false claim about. Being wiretapped by Obama during the 26 dean campaign. This issue is gonna keep on coming up it is sticking. Because it keeps coming and coming and coming and you've got some people who are quote in the know. And to quote and basically what they're saying and if you just watch any of the hearings whatsoever. There's note there's no there there. How how many people do you need to either say yes. Here's my resume I know of what I speak and there's no evidence to suggest one iota of truth in what Donald drop tweeted about Barack Obama having a wiretapped. Before you say you know what. It would be and Donald Trump best interest if he wants to be a successful president to give us something. Or his attorney something. With which we can battle because it's pretty hard to defend somebody when that person will give you the tools to help you defend them. And I told David before the show we started judges that they quit running bet. And how long it would be forcibly called him sent us an email was on the yet to export calling us turn coats and traders. You know it's it is mind boggling way because. If you appreciate the way we ask for facts and evidence in other areas widest Donald Trump get a pass from you. On evidence and facts and truth he shouldn't. You should all all politicians yes even bottle tropical parts sunshine and rainbows accountable for what they say and make sure that. Win date say something they are to believed to be believed that they have credibility. Is just crazy to me that a guy who. Guy who and every broadcast with the god bless Donald Trump is acute. We're really. College like you know you're not you know dual and a missing pilot the and here you're saying look. You love Donald Trump. You've supported down from from the very beginning. Well I after the primary after primary of course. I don't want Donald Trump to succeed because I'm Republican I don't want Donald Trump to win the war against patients because I'm a conservative. Want him to do this for the country. I wanted him to do this for Democrats to believe and because I actually care about people who disagree with me because there are people if America against the world together David stronger together. We we we want people in the inner city in and liberals to suffer under. Donald Trump's of that oh look. That nation is going to move towards the sooner it happens after every election. He got the far right at the far left and the people in the middle. We had eight years Donald Trump is the Frankenstein monster Barack Obama. Never forget that you don't get Ronald Reagan without Jimmy Carter. You don't hit Donald Trump without Barack Obama it's just the way it is so America is sick and tired of the politically correct nonsense. Wherever when you know everyone just gen deflect to the guy. Everyone Obama can do no wrong he's so cool he sells party's support. So yeah the media is turning against him they've turned against him in there and have them in the first quarter ever coming his way. Everywhere gonna say he's an apostate he's a Russian Chinese economy is teased as he or geez all of it you don't want. I don't care about any of that I'm just saying Mr. President. Don't help them. Don't Gary is right now he's helping them. By not offering evidence even a letter from his attorneys say yes we have evidence that will proceed with legal action. Would have been wrong with just linking the Marx died radio program on the Twitter account look better start on site keeps things I'm mark with the wrong enlarged. Cash flow. Wrong with taking what Mark Levine. Talked about and spoke about on this program and link that with Twitter accounts at Bob expressed in from him. Because as you put the onus on the speaker exactly and that is essentially the evidence that were finding out slowly. That Donald Trump. Now I thought that Mark Levine made it very. Articulate intelligent. Debate. That the media obviously is looking at at something that was involved with the surveillance of Michael I'll tell the thing. Why it was split. Surveil the first place. As a US citizen why was he on an ash. Who asked him by the way and came up today at the you're so basically happens is if I eavesdropping on Americans. And that America is Tom Barley. It won't save Tom early Tuesday. It will say a number a digit code his mask this guy I spoke to that guy. And that is what was said and you never have any idea who that person is there are very few people not people. In the Obama administration twenty people in the NSA that can on the mask. An American who's being served real well is almost as lord is my secret code isn't number cholera cool. Someone on unmasked Michael. Now that it's legitimate question was it was it now a member of what was their political motives behind what do you think. What do you think here's the thing. Mark my Vince did argument and the way he unfolded that I thought was very powerful. But the present United States if he's going to re tweet that you think well yeah Mark Sullivan was right and I got to prove. Outside the Washington Post in the New York Times. Like president just forty random radio broadcast and saying hey mark what else you got. Ya if it was another practical consideration here David and it is you know most presidents enter office with the at least a moderate amount of a honeymoon period Donald Trump never got that to begin with and whatever political capital he has I'm afraid is being eaten the way. By discontinuing. It. Question. Is he temperament only suited to be the president is he a mad men for tweeting about being under surveillance. And after awhile it takes eight hole after awhile I don't know what to tell people. They say they still believe in this guy well I want to I wished that he would help his supporters help them. And. Another question Gina just emailed us. You know she thinks that call me is completely incompetent call it at some point you work at that at the pleasure of the president. Whether you were then you know we heard about pre Behar he was all in different with the with the drug administration until he was. That's the way it works I don't care if you sign a ten year deal or five year deal you work for the president's proposal like he gets rid of you. Now is now is the time to get rid of a call me what what do with a medium say when he does that but it does that James coma it was too close to the truth so Donald Trump had to ask can't we heard the pre Behar of the the New York Times claiming that. Behar was was let go because. He'd Tom price. That stock deal by the way which on local congressman is connected to going to be interesting to see with that at dealings but that was an investigation by the US attorney. That investigation into an anywhere. That that investigation will still go forward they discovered a Behar now were up two bit of audio we're gonna play for you right now and this is a California congresswoman today Jackie speer this will be cut number one and our own Michael Coppola goes and says come up front and center. Now it in terms of trying to understand this I I think of a spider web. With the tarantula in the middle. And the trance in my view is Vladimir Putin. Who is in trapping. Many people to do his bidding and to engage with him. I would include those like Rogers. Tone and Carter pay age. And Michael cook who though and Wilbur Ross. And Paul Matta for. And Rex to. Are. Right lets them. Move on to someone else's that would add his name is Michael cook ago. Is that you are professional. Conservative radio talk show hosts in 1994. He moved to Russia. And they're he I was working for the Agency for International Development. He was fired from that job because she refused to follow a State Department position he then opened a PR firm in Moscow. And married a Russian woman he subsequently. Divorced her in 1999 his business fails. Roger Stone and a mentor to him urged him to move to Florida and opened his PR firm in Miami. Which is exactly what mr. food out yet. And then in 2000 he works where head. Apps from a media. Act to improve. Its image in the United States. Out. Do we know who gassed from media it is. You know that anything about gas from director. Rep it's AM. A company. In 2007. He began consulting. The Ukrainian parliamentary campaign. There he met his second wife. So I guess my question is. What possible reason is there for the trump campaign to hire. This image consultant. Any thoughts on that director Tommy zones. And Rogers. Likewise in her right arm do you either you know what Michael computer is doing before. The trump. Effort today I've. It. It's persons you know why would they because Michael Capote but off the truck radar since the tweet that went out that said bingo on the witch is dead regarding Corey would ask you might remember interview with him that day on the show. It was I mean it's basically Kapono and trump have been on the outs for quite some time. It. Is laughing at. Supposedly of the tenth district sent a letter to all the teachers saying that eight local entertainer. And talk show host took advantage of a student who called him to talk about being a abused psychologically. By a social studies teacher who. And this is again you know how much we hate Donald Trump. She. Was supporting president dropped and got her rest. In over by a teacher. And called into our show or mob called in to show. So I mean it just goes to illustrates what they setup the the letter. Basically condemning hourly and Olivia that's a target because somebody has our. For the most part the letters to the tacky Bauer you swim in my sewage to help the so I want to bogey on energy trader as well the other guys have triggered a huge problem at WV EN dot com David at WB Ian dot com but were stronger together. A connected did you find yourself cringing every time the wiretap question came up and every time somebody said no evidence to support. I did it look first of all if you listen to this program we predicted this entire. Hearing on Friday. Anyone in your picture up on anything you know when James called we was gonna say you have a weekend to get in front of this story. If there's anything I should frustrate you about this White House is why the hell they're not ahead of the curve. I mean how did anything happen today that shocked you. Absolutely I mean besides the political being an agent of food. Actually what a shock. But at the thing about the couple reference. That that bothers me the most is you have an American. Who is working at his chosen profession as a communications expert and crisis management individual public relations guy. And if I'm sorry but public relations people work. For many many clients all Michael could put oil can be coup accused of doing given the information that we have he. All can say about Michael is yes he's doing his job as a PR an image consultant what's the point it until after TERRELL OWENS is aging. I don't know it I mean look at you different this man and a bottle I am sorry no disrespect to Michael but I doubt that Michael comport with relief I'm Jim always you radar wherever has been on police radar Allison sadly mistake. Well on that now many names come up in brief that. Well I wouldn't be I wouldn't look. Here's my point houses to know any connection between Kapono intro and a you know basically what we're telling you is your name can come up an email. If if someone's answer failed in your name comes up you're you're now being so. That's the way it works why is he talking this guy who is is fine now more information. What what these votes we supposed to do is once it leads to an American they're supposed to go out and get eight. Wore it today and go deeper and then explain to a judge why they need to do that. Not many questions were asked about that this little to nothing about foreign. People and their ties to Americans that whole thing distinct. That. The Aaliyah the country I don't believe Pfizer courts anyway. I think the American I think they're anti democratic and I think vice courts are incompatible with a supposedly free republic as we head so the left has no problem with dropping a bomb on a person's head. No court judge justice they give you permission to kills them. Or leaving a bomb at police headquarters and and helping the Chicago become president. That's what the left has no problem there's another example. Which. That's not a swirl let's Obama's ability to weather go players. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows I lectured to enter Cuomo you hire all the weather service and they get the storm. A little surprised though because Aetna wants agreements effectively killed Chuck Berry. I'm actually relieved that you happen but I thought I was gonna put a twit this week in this that if anyone has pictures of themselves which Perry please send them top Bauerle. And that you know he was famous for taking photos with fans were completely naked. I do know that he was infamous in Saint Louis when I lived there for having cameras in the female bathroom and utility owned. He was he we have some really weird that proclivities via U. All right it is at 547 but we did mention him in the not too distant past and we can add Chuck Berry to the list of my serial killing victims. Five point seven dues regular thirty WB and your calls coming up in 030930. Start at 3180616. WB Ian is as much but that sports. And. The former. So that is Chuck Berry dying over the weekend. You can go and look up why I think his candidacy bastard was not a mystic after. Any time it like the guy had some very interesting your proclivities and it reminded judge but I'm just say. He wants but it's halo on some when they die and that a temporary Bible. Out this that your story about that Chuck Berry. I believe. That before he would play. He would get paid and he demanded the money up front show me the late. Because like many of the early rock and roll pioneers in particular of the black pioneers. You've put on a shell and suddenly the order would would would plead and say hey you know and bring it as many people as I thought I can't afford to pay the money. So Chuck Berry learned. The money. Or no mused. For them. He needed that money to buy it. Cameras to put in the ladies' bathroom and is joint in Saint Louis it is sixty news are united they're allegedly yet you know David people love our critical thinking and analysis unless we apply the same principles to president truck. And unlike most people in the media our goal is to try to help Rosen drop who is not helping himself. And it's pretty hard to do carry somebody's water. Or convince people at the wrong about the ultra. Ultra doesn't provide backup for what he maintained a series of tweets know what's so frustrating to me. This is again when did this is a this is a perfect. Segment to remember that show on fox went ahead as this is a pro America before Europe a doobie no gee you know that when animals attack. Yes got a nice little panda bear in studio for a morning just had a and also the panda bear just rips the road out of them and the Weatherford and everything have guys that the tax you that's what the audiences do it some members of the body area suburb like Todd your wrong about the president United States he doesn't have to approve. Not treat you not to congress got to anyone yeah. Listed as your sort of live in the world. That the heat bylaw does the president have to be an honorable good man not at all. And we've elected many many men who worked honorable regard. Dot try and transparency. Ultra and to drain the swamp. And did you dream this up. You have to identify the enemy that's the first part of draining the swamp is identified. Where is the swap and white for Donald Trump puts a 360 degree rape as a relative a heroic who were taken that water. But. There's there's fundamental argument here. This whole thing is about eight tweets. A man sent it didn't need to be tweeted would you argue that Donald Trump has nothing to prove to you than my argument to you is that if you're going to spend. Martha I have to explain why the president knives State's aid is actually doing a service to the country by Tweety. It's a 21 century fire side chat that's that's what we've been solved right. He's tweeting is a way to tell his followers and the people who truly admire him something so he can connect to them personally. Then there was no reason to send this tweet if you didn't have anything well at all. At that despite the email we just received which says that why don't you two who shot the ass up your state will never vote trump those who did and will do again don't care what you are rattling. Allow me to torture. You just showed you cared because you've sent us an email from apparently out of state so so adamant that putt. If again if you know there sort of practical aspects tennis. Mid term elections are coming. And approval. Look I honestly don't only work if approval ratings are true hopefuls I don't. But. I can only tell you that based my personal experiences with people who support Donald Trump. Get a little bit twitch get a little bit. Frustrated. That. The Democrats are having a field. With this wiretapping. Series of tweets. And the fact that no information in terms of evidence has been forthcoming. And Donald Trump you know nobody wrote about the cultural believing that Obama had. Had him under surveillance no reporter was hot on the trail. To show that Donald Trump was a crazy man because he believed that Barack Obama had put him under surveillance. The cultural of his own free will and volition put this series of tweets out. And I'd heard about the the first one I said before I was at the Fort Lauderdale airport. And I smiled from ear to ear and I sent I cannot wait to see the evidence I can't wait to see the proof it's about time that Obama it's about time the criminals who may be used to be part of the intelligence community. Are brought to light. And people are indicted and sent to prison in Korea are probably weeks later and I got no more information today that I had said before long ago. If so while the Homeland Security just. Released a storied sides CNN. Electronics are banned from cabins on most Middle East Middle Eastern and African placed in the states. How long before people start complain about that. Now you're not banning people. You just say they can have electronics. All that is clearly discriminatory I also believe it's discriminatory that the Samsung's seven you've got to turn though they are medieval out on flights you've got to basically given the airline they put about it fireproof box they put in for approximately return it to you after the flight records center with the Norwegian cruise lines were not allowed to carry a Samsung seven galaxy on two and -- Vessel. 803 owner I thirty I think it's racist 803930. Start at thirty and 180616. WBE. And my fellow trader you're ready to go back to Rickles. Yes OK we just turn my coat around here's a thought in buffalo on WB and hello. I. Found it no wait and not a good guys and the bad guys except by their actions. And so what were looking at president trump is to go by what he'd done. And there's no way he should've. Heck did this out pleaded that the outlook everyone at college. Before he had proved in his hands and it's just kind of an irresponsible. Action. Now. Our I think this was still conceive that it wasn't thought robbery well because it should have an obvious that when the president of the United States accuses the former president of the United States have such an egregious a bit of misconduct people are gonna want more information and specifically people are gonna want proof that the statement is in fact. One that has veracity to it. And that hasn't happened and the all we've seen is the Democrats using that. As basically evidence that Donald Trump. And anybody he selects to be part of his administration are just chronically unfit for the position. Well as senate side. I believe M. I just don't they ink I think he's kept editor's hat. Until the end the troops necessary. To tell the American public what was going not. I agree broker repair and he can do that. Did he let literally he can and he he had me. If the attorney general can classify it let's put it this way if Hillary Clinton could change classification status is that certainly the president's statement as well. And maybe he'd decided. He didn't want it to be out there that's that's a decision may be people got to woods and Mr. President this is this there's no wind here just eat this. Then okay fine that is getting bad advice but the point is the and you tweet out something I have this in my hand unfortunately. I can't share. Now we know you're on the level and we move. Eggs. But wants it. It's that rabbit gets out of a hat though it's hard to put it back and eat yeah I agree with what you guys are saying it is this that. If he doesn't have anything. If he does have something. Always gonna do was say look I have that but it is such a sensitive area involving some real top secret stuff there's nothing to negate him but by releasing it even decided reputation. You know Fareed Zakaria on CNN this weekend went on an expletive just our rent or he said the work are being asked. At least five times. I'm antsy and he lost his mind. And everyone's like well you know when your on the side of true that sometimes. It's hard not to be prophetic when you're telling Rick well what if I call him an MF with a backward is the DO LC SE FCC tends to disagree guests with Monica of people on the radio. My point is when we'll live in the world that we allow people to have you know you can that we we explained why a lack of self control. Is because there on the side of of righteousness. On the side of true that to me is just an absurd canard yet or are over that time Martin Luther King whipped it out exactly so it's got Wright's words mean I remember him doing that remember him calling Whitman during the teapot dome scandal from all audio VH one thing. I don't know what else is adamant. We cannot have a political discussion because. People. They have this course in this manner OK so that one and we can't talk to each other anymore because everybody. Freed up idea bomb and I don't feel we didn't do that but they. Thank you chop down on the radio getting here in real life aren't really any of our. Top. Assume that's a problem Don is that we don't wanna talk to each other. We we we listened. Exactly and and what the what the trump movement is about is a bar the aggregate of people. Arden are just so upset their beside themselves at the the inability of their own elected there should never have been a Dow dropped. There should have been Paul and there should have been a tree dowdy. People screaming and setting themselves on fire stopping the Obama agenda but that didn't happen so we needed an outsider coming in. As president United States to see you know what comedies myself. And I'm just saying and they're coming at him with a ball girls. It's totally unfair fight. They're gonna rip down Donald Trump every chance they get. And all Donald Trump has to do is stand up what is you know hands on his hips and say listen this is who I am I'm not gonna go down to your level. But you know me. He has he shook the prime minister of Japan's hand for too long. And they mailed them and they didn't shake Merkel and and he's there. He can't he can't even shaking hands or the proper amount of time before the media beats them up at its ups hurt. Here's the field well first of all I didn't vote for choppered from the beyond. I voted against Hillary. Art why I voted for trump for truck. But look we got to move on dot thank you very much to a call coming up it'll three Oda thirty start at 31806. Point six WB EM. My concern is the more he is damaged and the lower his approval go it was. The more likely it is that the establishment Republicans will skip battle they always. Hypothetically speaking I've always hypothetically thought the duties were a total waste of product. Hypothetically which seemed to me that you would wanna use the minimum amount perhaps in a ball on audible format that way you don't lose a in the bought what you paid good money to their let's go to dean in it and berg a WBD. And. There yeah I wanted to say something really quick. Are you an instinct right away that trump knew exactly what he was doing any gap that job on just like he wanted to Egypt wanted to and that whole long spiel. During the whole. Meaning in everything about them just a pain in the stomach pain you know that there's a relationship with gluten and keep an. Secrets released and held a job. Well what are people talking about today. I mean and it definitely wanted to when he put into the deep what are people talking about today as we speak what are we talking about. I am. What about now. TV on at any point today there you now they're talking about the break the headline should have been the dams were wrong. The entire argument of wideout from one had nothing to do with the Russian that's what today was about the Democrats didn't call call me. The Republicans call call me it was to kill. The long. Nonsense debate of the room oceans got into North Carolina and Michigan Pennsylvania and turn votes from Hillary. Through Donald Trump that's what today was supposed to be out and unfortunately. What we have on the headlines is James Kobe Mike rock Rogers there's no evidence to Trump's wiretap court. At this gonna continue to until either producers or apologizes. Well I heard what you said before earlier and I hope he does come out and say something and I think he needs to say something publicly. Yes to address the country to be announcement although that's what I would I would get national TV hold up my document. So we didn't lack out what you need to black out and then sticker write down their throat but that implies that there is a document. And that's my problem I think. Well I think when you're quoting mark within that's going to be argued. Well I know a lot of people that voted form that are already got with them because of you know stuff like that so he needs to make good. Yeah well all I can say is that when I go out and I hear people I know our troops supporters and walk up to me and say no you don't like to talk politics but this wiretapping doing what I'm just gonna die. And I say it will probably died when either does simply gets off the. Well I'll say he did something he said what he said I'm gonna battle it. Yeah actually accused Obama with some ad actually got. The other you're you're missing the point that was weeks ago and he hasn't produced one iota of evidence to substantiate what he claimed and frankly when the sitting president says the former president had a wiretap that's pretty big news that's a pretty big. World shaking statement and you have to be in a position to prove your case because he should have known or reasonably that the media would not let this a while. RT thank you very much appreciate the call and I mean if the if the goal was so people wouldn't talk of. Russian. That is equivalent of of tropea it trump just got on the my opponents and grab them by the yes but also. It would. This horrible and slap them right back in the face look here's the argument. You're not gonna change our mind obviously when I can change your mind I don't care about that take it from another. Let's go up to the attic stop messing around living room where to go but let's get on the roof and look down here. Where are we right now whether or not we don't the media is corrupt. We know nobody's gonna get a fair shake we don't nobody in the democratic side of the ledger is gonna get a fair shake. So that is that is the situation the enemy disposition of where ought to give a fair shake reduction we have got to do it that's what I'm saying is you you know what the you know with the opposition is going to do you see. So don't play into their hands doing your own thing and fight for what you know always the truth that's it.