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Monday, March 20th

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News radio 930 WB ES yeah. Let me be clear. I've been saying this for several weeks we know there was not a physical wiretap of trump tower. However it's still possible that other surveillance activities were used against president strong. And his associates. My hourly love the commercials for the local news. You'll hear things like oh losers but there is indeed the ability that OK the other channel. Like you click over there a major highways closed down. I don't drive home outweigh its hourly and Bolivia. The fact that they've got care. This sort sorely. Radio 930 dome. They if my ambition over saying god unless president trip that you reap just of not anymore than they are now. It. And fossils are right it is up hourly ability under the trading at 930 WBE. And so as you are in the news our all by Coca Punto. I came up at today's which and debt this is a congresswoman from California to the south of our policy is it was a publicity. Yes she's in San Francisco focus or just don't wind up close he is a Jackie speer I expired. But there anyway. She'd brought up the name of Michael Capuano you know Michael from this radio station. I understand this I I think a spider web. With the tourette Angela in the middle. And the trance in my eye view is loud in here. Who is in trapped in any people to. Do his bidding and to engage with him I would include those like Rogers. Tone and Carter page. And Michael cook who though and Wilbur ross'. And Paul map of fort. And Rex Tillerson. You know David I feel very important because two of the main she mentioned Roger Stone and Michael could put they're both of my fault. You have all five I'm quite sure. Rex Tillerson involved and I have no I did and it is it just because that ExxonMobil is making deals with the you know. It's crazy it's Russia to naked interview with regard the map and like anyone connected to Nova Scotia. Labrador that if you followed once the land adjusted six degrees of separation but it which are not mentioning. Is that you also have Hillary Clinton that's connected to the same oil company. Got Modesto that's connected to the same Tony Podesta. You've got. You know. And scratching the surface there's one person that ran for president and directly. Got money. From the Russian government and it wasn't Donald Trump it was a woman who despite its ultimate blame make sure that Russia got 20% of our uranium. Yeah it's up 15 by the depth. By the way I don't believe slopes because we cost hopes alive and slopes despite proclaiming itself to be the fact checkers and Mythbusters or four crap. Well they are and their actual fact buster myth buster. Political person. Is actually someone who has been busted time and time again with me yeah we have made in real time over the summer involving a fire in silver spring Maryland we proved the slopes was reliable site. So when you hear that Hillary Clinton. Is responsible for the Russians. Giving 20% or one in five. Up our uranium. That's absolutely true story and it's just a coincidence of course any that the Clinton foundation had a pattern of getting huge donations while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state immediately after Hillary Clinton had done something to help. The country or organization and of course the Clinton foundation is in the process of winding things down which also Tuesday that she was only in it. For the money. And you know again so so that that now. Jackie speer the congresswoman south of Nancy Pelosi for those who view about to geography stuff. Goes into depth about it who have background she just a fact that could grow marry that woman divorced and then buried somebody else but David. Jackie Speier is look chic look in the mirror because she's on husband number two as well correct. She's not actually as the number 300. What was your death or divorce odd divorce all all the awards okay so she makes it seem like my Coke who goes and got wretched scumbag because he's married got divorced and then remarried while she is emerged number three pot meet kettle but here is cut number two of the congresswoman. Who is again one of the things that we can't stand. Is this attempt to portray Donald Trump as a tool blogger potent and the Russians it's it's absurd. It lets them. On two someone else's that would add his name is Michael cook who ago. Eighth that our professional. Conservative radio talk show host in 1994. He moved to Russia. And there he I was working for the Agency for International Development. He was fired from that job because he refused to follow bay State Department positions. In open a PR firm in Moscow. And married Russian women. Subsequently. Divorced her in 1999 his business fail. Rodgers down in the match virtue him urged him to move to Florida and opened his PR firm in Miami. Which is exactly what mr. food out yet. And it 2000. He worked we head. Apps from the media sixteen years ago you. Clinton's image in the United States is different now can you never happened. Her time lines all messed up I mean did it didn't happen in the year 2001 number two he would probably. 25 to thirty Klein it's 11. Of which happen to be that. But the other thing is. They try to connect his current wife as they like she's like she came with the business sports and yet. Leahy is exactly he's like hey you could work for Coca-Cola. You're gonna have to marry this girl and Sheila that's part of the help he about it and Walt. It's like look if that happened he actually met and fell love with a woman while he was doing business and by the way on that relationship. 2000. Jules I mean you're talking about Bill Clinton administration. This stuff that you know that happened with the he's been to Russia ultimate Dallas Texas. Which Oswald was also. But he was at DC Florida. He's an all over the country he's a PR guy he's worked with the major. Fortune 500 companies. You know you can tie him to Toys 'R' Us the way. I don't mean this is any disrespect to Michael Obama if it goes up bastard who's doing dad worked on behalf of water and the guys credit ratings sucks and he doesn't have a pot to Pia. But the guys serious tax day. So. This past tense well he had serious tact that point it is. You know if you're Jewish deals that are well beyond the reach of the law. Michael started to at least Smart criminal. He played became parents swear it was attacked pepper. He'd get up to stock and company Bentley they cashed in stock and gave a bunch of money he was. In a foreign country at the time. And he didn't pay attention to happening in the states and he found himself in. In some problems tax wise yeah he paid his debt that's probably that was the Buffalo News story. But that's all gone he mean he's a law abiding neighbor and he's on this. It's all people throw the outlet the Pope report was that they were gonna mention that Ross Thompson illegally voting right. I don't I was corporate. I was open for us tops in Moscow vote and other top top of the Moscow he voted illegally for prudent. And then he came back stateside. And the dressed as you know have long suspected it rushed some ties to be KGB. Soviet intelligence or something about his eyes you don't need a quarter had Paladino wants made comments about whose wife and she was never heard from again. You know he'd call schism about her living in caves where the house. I don't think that was Putin's wife knows. If you do six degree separation of Donald Trump you're going to find a lot of people. Maybe the next hearing we hear Paladino is pain or Chris Collins whose name or someone else's name but it's literally like if you. Listen. Jerk George Soros the number one under a bowl after an americorps. He had ties to Russia and god deals in currency trade he literally bets against the Fiat dollar. It makes money with the American economy goes south so in the time when the dollar was down. What does he not in Russia you're telling me that he's a multi global as billionaire and have no connection whatsoever to rush you know. Understand David there's one set of rules for them and another set of rules for Republicans and conservatives now there's talk they are cut a three and the FBI director giant can only be burials took I don't know what to think about gentlemen before he did confirm that the FBI. They're looking into Russia's alleged interference in our election by the way if you really think that the Russians went in to would be computers to the various states and change results. Especially after United States that it was gonna basically build a border wall of cyber security and Election Day sorry but. Unita are practically just at least. I've been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm. The FBI as part of our counterintelligence mission is investigating. The Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016. Presidential election. As with any counterintelligence investigation. This will also include an assessment of whether any crimes were committed because it isn't open on going investigation. And is classified. I cannot say more about what we are doing and whose conduct we're examining. That includes. Investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign. And the Russian government. And whether. There was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts. That is surgeon told me and I don't even know. You know I thought I knew the guy at least enough about him to form a rational. Opinion about him and I no longer have that sensation. But it's good back to the calls Saint Catherine it is Peter on WB yeah. Tom thank you undated. It was great but oh. Well that's rather self complimentary but yes we agree it's always great when you call our show. I consider all is it. Just busted an extra. Does it appears that the event. He's kind of a day Peter the most polite person we've ever had a it's just that we've had so much abuse Peter that we fill that need to burn and some of them still will love us back window and we have been sodomized repeatedly that export an email today almost to the point and started to enjoy it but what's argument. Whether some. This thing aborted identity trump. And I don't think mr. trump is the same. A couple of important cues I don't think it would have doubled down two years ago because I think he's he's put this credibility. A serious risk. And I do believe that he has some think the problem too is judged not by the panel. I mean all of this that this guy is a very Smart. The key important talks and he says he has whose needs. Information from three separate sources in the presence. Organization. That is it a coup. So I think ballpark something but. I mean I'm not an intelligence guy over in late you'll accept either on com and sent you up Warren commission but I think that's that's a good that this week. What happens if between the FBI and it could be seen reading it's something that they didn't have the proper rights to do. Maybe did get cool. Are slightly maybe may trump knows that I need to help time not see. Exactly what it did because then how might become rich enough time to get them ready I think that's site. Peter let you know I I understand from where you're coming and you know that there's too if if this happened there's two ways it happened you eat it either happened according to the rule of law. Where it happened according to the rule of dirty politics and I happen to believe that this was done. According to the rule of dirty politics and that being said. No matter what is Eric confidential classified above toxic topsy or whatever when you were president and you make you play like this you. At least have to give some and it's been a few weeks now you've got to give some of your supporters to fight back he hit it and this is this is the whole point point Peter I wanna believe those things true and I'm saying that. If you'd if he has something. You know that member Jerry Maguire show me the if you have some what is the point politically. Just do you just think outside the box for a second what would be the political point. To allow this story to become forgotten and then produce the birth certificate from Kenya. What would the point be of allowing this story to go and nothing and then saying see I told you I was right all along. Now is that his approval rating believe those numbers all you want who cares. But the red 37%. And of one of the main reasons for that is this story. And I just don't believe a political animal that advising Donald Trump the saints are. The plan is perfect sit on this as long as you can and wait for the right moment right before the mid term election. And and release what you got now with the time to do it that's all we're saying because he's also blowing the first few months in office you're dealing with BS issues. Let me be maybe you guys correct but just look at that point one want to invent what is trump. If it's who appeared on the U box off it's evident but ul bought this support. Mr. trump or wouldn't it weren't getting rid of Kwame. What could get rid of that died at Rogers back and actually public but trump understands what he got the time. But you would let Betancourt put them so that important little ball. And yet it appears I got got called for his resignation that lost my confidence that you mystical. Peter I I doubt that that's gonna come to pass and I do believe that Donald Trump was being surveil I believe the surveillance was illegal I believe it was probably done by people who used to be in tell people clandestine people who were paid by very well endowed financially individuals to ply their trade illegally. Or it was done by with the blessing of Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee which he needs to get trump character. So maybe maybe there is some some nefarious things going on and he needs these guys to get his Supreme Court justice through and get trumped care through but here's the problem. When you have Alex Jones were in point. That's a major issue when Alex with the smoking gun that ever was 42 today in the right is from info war. An Alex goes to twenty hand and it goes from 2004 to 2010. That proves to me about the all time always a very Smart guy I. And pop up top and is saying show me the money. No apology Ottawa's CNET. Jeanine Piero was saying that Sean Hannity. It's saying now Mr. President would be great time to hear what you have to say this is when it's coming from to blow hards in bubble. I'm. The guys that correct on the right he officially the evidence now. Something yet to look something. See I say that because again bit of people you know again I'm never going to believe the Donald Donald Trump for a sunshine and rainbows are okay. He's human like anybody else and sometimes human being screw up my intention in asking the president to give us something with which to defend him is because I want to see him drain the swamp I want to see him sweep out the corruption but the more energy is wasted on this. And the more it comes up without any substantiation. Of some very serious claims it hurts his credibility and damages. His ability to do that. Where we sent him to what Washington to drain the swamp and I'm afraid he's gonna spend so much energy a nonsense that the swap will drain him a long time before he drained the swamp. Peter thank you very much for the call we have to breaking news radio 930 WB and hourly and Bellamy have and that gives them like another fast moving show it's into the into the month gates you just have to me it's been. Longest route to hold my dollar this is breezed right by every tweet is like Hugo answered. All dog. Well we all will die we we prize show you a question is win and now. I wanna say something very wise cast but I'll I'll refrain of the Israeli government security WB. Contract and our lives now. It's a little streams actually be insulted personally with the it is 630 aided news radio 930. WB and it is hourly development with you on the radio. And up the truth be told. David Headley the room to get a business political involving the show but. We could have had. Michael brutal on the show that. And others say just because I think it speaks to our. Fundamental decency. We Michael put food on the show to. And it would have been great for Britain's it would got missed national attention. You would have heard here's what to put all this from wherever the hell he has unable or radio show by hourly indelibly. We agreed David that we would not put Michael Caputo on Mir today. And advised him that he would be better served by speaking with an attorney. Before he made any appearance on our show because as decent human beings David and I understand. That anything Michael Caputo what is said on the show today. Could come back to bite. And we also give an exact same advice to mr. Delorean and that. At boomer reflect what we told him to say it's as good as gold and I. You know we did I slide but but. Well dogs I'm explaining to people I don't know what he heard but I mean we could add to it and we said you know what is much is it would help us know you gotta talk to a lawyer we don't wanna get in trouble. So here's what we got we have a stunt brain that we bring in from time to time. He is he is the guy. Yeah the guys that literally we brig and because he's one of the smartest people government. You heard of you we know this is the other Smart ball. I but I found this guy Todd Williams of BellSouth by the way. A further bubble can bring a school. Doctor mark Epstein he is you heard him last week many people said when we hear more of them today and in today's today. Mark Kelly don't today. I'm mama Kaye has cut back from the gym. The hopper right so here's what we got this situation. Wind died James told me now we are just briefly talking before you came on. And you have a new wants. You of this scene and reported you all day and by the way we've been getting drilled by trump supporters is with the essentially said look. This tree this tweet issue is and manufactured. Issue. Yeah yeah we all predicted what call me and what Mike Rogers were gonna save today. You had a weekend to get ahead of this if you had information why not just put it to the public. You know this weekend of the story which are take time and trump and this whole accusation that wiretapping the towers. While a couple of things that did we all understand that when Donald Trump. Those that tweet. That it is is it access echo. In the Grand Canyon you know keep going and going out for each episode. And when he's when he made the. Being metaphorical. They want to be literal so let's look at the beginning global of this. The New York Times the black. And post McClatchy they go a whole series of stories saying that. Count been wiretapped right and then it on this but it's not been as double attack they start screening. How dare you. Which at which I think Andy. Listening person you know to the military prison. What's going on here so he he accused. Obama I guess partly which places. Is an insult but let's be honest about it. And and they had all put up or shut up. You'd go and date to today here and and bladder the year strikes improve. That I'm now a couple of things it was collusion. Between the trunk campaign and the Russians. Who read this election. Well everyone knows on the basis that it's regrettable. The Russians and the and the trump people didn't collude picket the tight Hillary Clinton to stay out of Michigan. And Pennsylvania. Any of the state that they put that they had in the bad. Well as at it unless a look at say that there was some. You know scheme that was on that at the ties the entire Clinton Campaign there with the tax Bill Clinton said you know pay attention to these places. It's heart to see the connection. That we get to that the next issue which is which is the Michael lynch at a critical was named Al. And. And this whole resignation and he personally doesn't at the world that. I don't believe I think is more to this story and Lynn misleading my pants I mean you know I find it hard to believe. And we haven't heard. I think the full story regarding Matt. But. What I understand if you ever spoken to law enforcement agents at the US attorney's. That went when they attack the step up on on the west and the Russian ambassador. It's it's a wide wide net and and who also gets taken into the I can tell you today there was a it was a horrible story in New York. A they I habitual. Beat Robert gang member. Jumping into an EMC and vehicle and dragging the one at the empty members of modified a bright red. Act and an and then they'll open in the in the New York Post and it says that that the judge. That had this available for him a few weeks ago and made the DA yes I have now bail judge couldn't grant bail. And they let him out without. I am an old question. And didn't eat and the beyond my email. Someone if it's something that were being Castro gliding in this case. I could with the packets on according to this you know he's an email for any given. The surveillance capabilities right I mean this is completely out of the blue I haven't spoken with him and in it in about six years personally. So. The book once Aetna is kept. It could it just keep keep expanding and expanding and expanding in ways. Malo local believes spreads and. And so it's it's it's not. Or the kudzu spreads in Missouri had a wanna puke a yet but but but but a. Choice but I'm saying that it is a question that. Net involving the conversations that the Russian ambassador or anything like this. Could easily taken in a whole bunch of people. Exodus back that is her campaign people. And Amanda fort. Who has say working relationship Rodgers don't have done business in the Soviet Union in the Ukraine. There and then you have the whole makings of a career. And that's what I think is really going on I think this is just. A a fevered attempt. To come up with and excuse. Who explain this law that they still can't seem to Beagle. I mean he's been on the Democrats doctor mark Epstein joins us. She sounds as though. Bump that music every time you deal with this story might stop playing that Rolling Stones here come June 19 there despray. Let me ask you something though if you were advising president Donald Trump right now. And there was evidence. Which I can't believe that this all came from mark Levin's you know radio show there's got to be some there there. He he doubled down with the with Tucker Carlson of Fox News he doubled down again when he talked to Jesse Watters on Fox News this weekend. Right would you not just tell him. You what are we gonna do we're gonna wait to Obama is out of office and present a Kenyan Bershard every enemy that the window is closing here. Ever would get beat up that's carrying his water. They get this so getting beat up and keep. For example today if you had a hearing the court such and nobody ate any of its. It would. That is true girls got like an afterthought on the yet cable news networks. I mean if this hadn't rebelling on all the cameras would of these. Split it would have been feeding little gore now so this would actually you know you can even look at it is a trump being divergent. Because out of the court such hearings which is but out. But what I'm saying is it if I if I were in charge and I'm not in charge which I. You know I hate spelling bees they. I would certainly say. That. When it when it comes to this case. If you have something. You should deliver it's quite clear listening to calmly testimony. That it's difficult have. Say in the east in in some of our institutions today. I mean when you pile up on the on the list server in the email. And and and then the alert trade gap BS in the you know a whole bunch of questions as the the different personalities that by the that happened have had access the covered name meaning Mike lane. He has a total of but then when he asked him. You know about whether he discusses with President Obama he refused to enhance the question. So. Theres a I think that kind of crisis that institutions. That is going on in this country. Doctor mark esteem is where there's a news radio 930 WB yet doctor is that like the bifurcated between this attempt to portray Donald drop as an agent of the Russians. And the trump self inflicted wound about the wiretapping claims because that is not going away and because it is not going away whether you believe them or not. The key trump approval rating is down to 37%. And I can't help but think that. Part of that to decline is because of allegations which are pretty heavy duty which have not been substantiated. Well look I think that but look the bottom line the bottom line is going to be vote on the health care visits. If that goes through. Then. All sorts of things is gonna change the kaleidoscope and reconfigure the bottom line trump improving the economy. That helped it goes to tax cuts go through. I think all of this is going to just. The Spanish like they I I I don't think it's sustainable thing because I think that the whole business of the Russian collusion. Is. Is it is nothing major revenue. It's a red Herring and it's it's a complete distraction. In May be all that the epidemic have. Now it if you were a you know and and that again when they come. Back to excoriating trump over the tweeting this and that it is not presidential. It it can become that such a highly personal. Kind of attack. That at the end of the day I don't know how much you really benefits the opposition. I just don't know. It's if he'd be more circumspect. Or if he. Would. And concentrate on the task at hand. But on the other hand we see that he's this he's highly energetic. And that he may be very they may be very capable of multitasking. And that he could weep and also make field shot that lets patients with. So old. This is that the function. Of I I heard a very interesting observation is that you with that Chris Caldwell. You know doctor we've we need to take a break before you finish that story a news radio 930 W via doctor mark Epstein is what the senators are gonna thirty what you being. I'll be. No I heard this interview with. Principal called Al conducted by Marc fein and Caldwell made the point that on while the Republicans had it really captured. All of the legitimate levers of government you know whip power and authority vested and at that house. The presidency. Very good majority of 8000. In state legislatures. As they have they are fate with the. Popular culture being in complete revolt. That is the news media the entertainment industry. Academia. To throw all of that to an end and that is something really unique in American history out of out of could be seen anything quite like this. So they do have the ability. To. But to create an enormous amount of Hawaii. And they do have an ability you know at the salon. Pictures of the ox something morrow aura or a wolf in the wintertime. They take jump up and down a little wars and in vibrate the ground and and the rabbits in the gulf we believe these these. Animals that they liked to eat on what they been there. In the aero Warren's in underneath the ground but I have a flight is in the ground so much shaking they want even though because it did they beat by. And then that exit and the game is up. They have people like in the political world who very much liked it. It's likely jumping up and down the creating this much vibrations and they they really wanna get people. Two. Going to flight. So you you just believe that this is bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing. That it is pretty much down the decrease it. You know if it's some bombshells gonna drop to meet the significant thing is that. The the agencies such as the FBI. Can be easily. Manipulated into conducting investigations. I want it to you right now. I've got about 36. OK I could I'd hear other cases in American history. Where American presidents and administrations in people with app that. Have can and colluded with foreign powers. To try to get out policy decisions change and treaties written. That is not unprecedented. It got I'm not looking back to struggled putting up President Obama President Obama want to deal would be Ron. The business of conducting ideals back field. It's old as far. And I can cite chapter and verse maybe another. Well listen I. The time of the masters coming and people seemed like you which I don't grasp let the ball all kidding. Doctor Margaret street again fashion that he hadn't yet the animals jumping up and I was a brilliant and clubbed thank you so much. Doctor mark Epstein it's you'll hear more. Of him when we break our brains beat out after hearing served that we just. What we just take back the last four hours and don't know. Please go to spineless people the president if he is a different view and we're happy to bring it to your eye doctor thanks again thank you. I just love the idea that you know spineless people of the smiles people do and we are spineless according to each roasters well I am gonna look and try to fight to actually waiting in the middle who wished me luck. Oh god bless president trump who watch we love you guys. Yeah. I'll start when I was first diagnosed with the big east now I'm not perfect our bit and I need an ice cream and apple pie and I have done things I shouldn't do doesn't. My new. Things like. We're looking. We'll read your own here. These were Dodd basis.