4-20 Bauerle and Bellavia Talk Russ Brandon

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, April 20th

Tom Bauerle and David Bellavia talk about the firing of Sabres GM Tim Murray and Coach Dan Bylsma and what Russ Brandon is going to do


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Anyway today's a buffalo leads business event is good open actually people are already flocking yet. It goes until 8 o'clock tonight tickets fifteen dollars at the door or you can offer them actually order them at my buffalo perch that we are offering them. Now at buffalo means business by teen different companies milestone birthdays are and luxury cars west earth for example. They of jaguars in the goodies and Lincoln's favorite gorgeous 1967. Jaguar which are fully attendance stealing and of course not our aviation. Is showing off beat private jets and airplane traitor which is a beautiful girl play in. What surprises you register to win this is our fourth year here this is actually a yeah a great events what are the it's one of the the fun events we do here at WB yen. Lots of food. There is a wineries there is a brewery a distillery to I have to say more. So I was not people when they're on the way and that generally speaking the event is fun the entire three hours but the peak of fun in my experience here is that roughly 650. That's what things really a kick into high gear and I think it might have something to do with the beverages consumed by people with that which is the a supposition on my part so if you're just joining us welcome to the program. And what we've gotten two today so far is. The central role is not going to be the site of any new train station is going to be down town which levs at the question at. Are we ever had to do with the central terminal that is why we have Carl Paladino on and Carl Paladino says the central terminal is a building whose time has not yet cup. Are all so we were keeping an eye on a story which thank god did not turn into something more serious. In Paris to police officers were shot one dead. And the government field after the gunman opens fire on a motorcade. And that is why you're so nobody tops of heavily armed cops in Paris because they were doing the security detail for a political motorcade for those who don't know. France has an election coming up on Sunday so. To beat people of France this is like their November second yes certainly that. How's the nozzle out odds so basically what happened was there was a debate earlier today in that area of Paris where all the candidates or are running for election. This the this guy get got out of a car and opened fire on a police van. That was providing security for the motorcade at the VIPs. Going in and out so these guys are just basically sit in the car. Now when they got lit up by the scout and keep 47. The injured officer is the one that put out the fatal shot to kill. The assailant. We ever one is starting to it to say terrorism but they have really. Given us a direct statement we're waiting on that and we get it we will definitely up to you to stories developing. And we are going to take guests or telephone calls at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EMS I think that definitely. It. Interest that you guys last hour and I've noticed over the years it interest you in general is what are we could do with the central terminal and it'll be the tradestation. I don't mean that we need to train station but that's neither here and there. It's a beautiful building it truly is unfortunately it's Stewart's over the years in particular like maybe started thirty years ago or so. Didn't really still were very well. Am the building is certainly seen better days but in terms of the building itself and the tragedy of the central terminal use. That it was built just in time for the Great Depression. To come along so except for the years of World War II it never really reached its full potential in terms of a place for people to dwell on many you have fond memories of being on the main floor of the central terminal was W grabbed the memories of being here as your loved what went up to play world. World work to. But those days are gone you know what is the terminal but what what should that central terminal be used for me. Carl Paladino says look there's nothing structurally wrong with the art and Byron medal concerns. He's long look at it as something that at some point he's going to be. Able to be re that applied the central terminal but he dislikes the time now for a Paladino says forget about the tradestation what we need to happen buffalo. New parking grips he says we get a parking ramp that's the parking ramps on either side of the city side being defined as north and south. As I understood their Carl Paladino. Now we are 8030 about thirty starlet 3180616. WBE and add in the midst of all of that stuff happening David the Buffalo Sabres have pulled the trigger. And you know you're gonna tell us the story of what happened with the sabres but. I think that begs the question what's gonna happen first the sabres won a championship. The bills won a championship or we simply resign ourselves to just being a medium sized city a medium size city. Where basically. We just don't get the respect of a New York or Boston or Philadelphia and frankly David that's OK with me but if you're gonna have a sports team. A championship. Arts you know it's funny there's there's so much people online talking about Norma hyper. He is a former NHL defensemen with the assistant. GM in Chicago Chicago of course it's Scotty Bowman's son running that franchise companies in the cup that they want very successful. But here's the deal. There's so much with I mean the Pakula is can do no wrong because. They have the money and have saved the franchise for the region all the sabres and and the bills. So quick to jump on the coolest feature is let's be honest where are we without the coolest. But I do have a little bit of criticism for. Our Gallic Russ Brandon whose debt of the bill since 1997. Who took the bills. 97 it was an important year 96 Jim Kelly retired. Marv Levy calls it quits he becomes basically a general manager with Russ Brandon and that's really what the wheels came off the cart. 97 present day. I mean look at the track record you wanna say prosper and the money guy. He made the Toronto deal some people think that was a great deal because we flee the city of Toronto it's actually quite a horrible deal when you surrender a home game. There was a lot of seasons like 2004. Where it came down to one gain one extra home game what do main difference. But listen. I don't think this guy's really good at what it's quite frankly if he's a money guy than stick to making money and sell suites. But when you make sports decisions I've never heard Russ Brandon never mentioned as a hockey covers. An artifact ever the opposite right Everett restaurant talk how we hate hockey puzzling thing about accuracy football person it's a football person was a funny person to print this guy. Just brushed Brandon is the only connection that we have to when the bills actually had. The glory days are when the bills actually work were look circle the wagons 99. It was a year that we you know the erratically could've gone to the super ball had not been for the Memphis miracle so one guy connects all of our wealth. And that's the peppering in the general manager for the sabres. I think Brandon I think Russ Brandon got to go I don't know what we're firing Tim Murray and Ira. I said earlier satellite Kim Jung who wrote a cookbook worthy teaming grocery stores of North Korea the exact I mean you how many times that we use is stupid cliche which I'm I'm sick of but I think it kind of summarizes things. The definition of insanity is what. The same thing over and over and over again expecting different results. Let's let's get some calls on guys back at the station that you'd be so kind as to fire up the buttons let's go to line number one. And it is totally in buffalo Tony you were on hourly enveloping a and as our screener told you there is a bit of the ways so let they'll be too freaked out. Not about that we go to Europe WB. And that's exactly what I was talking a go ahead. Are you know I think they admit the ball with the central terminal because they should put the ball will creek casino inside that terminal. They don't tell right out of that power part of this station. Enactment of that and like your area the problem look at. Station in the location right now is the investment in the neighborhood that is just adjacent. To the op. Building on me last night and day east side of those of the structure. It's probably the bottom three neighborhoods in the city as it's stands today. So not only are you talking about investing in the station. What you have to. When I you'd have to relocate or something. To prop up that neighborhood because it's not one of about what is in the stadium fortunately. That says that I think you limit the what why it went the way it did and it's unfortunate. Because. From a logistical standpoint that's a great place devastation. In because you can be anywhere within a city. Relocations suburbs. East west side within a ten minute ride. I would wanna talk more we wanna talk more with you about this and guys as we head to the brakes if you could pull the pot now on the telephone to avoid any crossed wires are you think. But gotta go to a break we're gonna talk more with Tony aware of the questions we want as Tony is. What's gonna happen first will be Buffalo Bills with us win the Super Bowl with a Buffalo Sabres win a Stanley Cup or are you just gotta resigned to the fact that you may very well and of going to your grave. Without ever standing alongside a championship parade route for either the bills or the Buffalo Sabres and that the sabres fired to Marie and bill files look today. And that Russ Brandon is going to be in charge of finding a replacement. Which is like let's see Martha Stewart in charge of fighting dust bunnies. Now let's get back to let let's try that again we give back the wreck though let's go to traffic WBP and the here is Allan Harris. One minutes after five and guys let's get back to Tony outlined one and Tony talk about the your problems in the neighborhood around the central terminal. We also want to look a little bit beyond that. You know every two years it's it's like we go through this with with the sports teams out there whether it's the bills or the sabres you know he got two years. Just when you start to like or dislike somebody they go away and we thought won one Super Bowl. We've not want won the Stanley Cup what do you think is the most likely via central terminal being resurrected. At the neighborhood around thriving or whatever sports teams actually winning the championship and actually be able to keep. Promising athletes without the New England Patriots rating the bench. Right and we got to figure out the New England Patriots are cheating I think he's number 27 year old looking Wendy's or. Anyway I don't know no none no none none none none note note that Tom Brady is just the best he is at the he's the best there and is that what he does for a living. All. That another discussion they are out on so. Tom Brady fan on repentance. McCain. Camp David just move further away from. The way that hey. You could we couldn't is that they'll have properly that the net that is the scrapped because it keeps threatening injury prone players. And hopefully that coat he then mentioned because they're in shape doesn't get injured as much. You know and it is built it did. On they need targets for Tyrod Taylor besides any block and. They're the living dead for wide receivers right now they got it able. Out loud so he's really got wide receivers with what we have. I think that they haven't shot the sabres on the other hand I think there about three or four players away they need another compliment Michael. And Ryan Howard up front. I think Robin Lehner is a great back up goal hunter but I don't know if you are a true starter yet so I think we need a goalie in a couple of defensemen. All of these games are on the cock. I would give John Butler call. Other costs the cost of what total and absolute desolate shouldn't. I am surprised he did that surprise. You know that the timber that Tim Murray movies is shock I'm not so shocked with the involves not only because of the fact that you know. If you look at Toronto and you look at the Buffalo Sabres. They did the sexy thing every day they got the big coach that we want it they got the former Detroit Red Wings coach. We we were in the sweepstakes that day and while I was. Yeah let's be honest you with a silver medal candidate just like Jack eichel. Was the silver medal draft choice but Jack cycle is going to be an NHL superstar. And again Viles he's won a Stanley Cup he's not a bad coach it's not working with the young players that don't like balls miners and move enough from him but I am very. I don't know I think that that's a little too law too much too soon. You know the situation what bells and Stanley Cup remember he took over the Pittsburgh Penguins with the penguins were that slop that he basically became the head coach for months before the Stanley Cup right. Don't let it you know that was satellite debt pay out the it was the right guy in the right place at the right time. I eggs well you could say that I mean you could also say that they weren't favored to win the cup satellite satellite you being my cohost. That you'd have to the right place at the right time exactly you just want you know what if you walk around central terminal on long enough you're lucky change. In him. Talk radio thank you very much for the call we are 8030. I'm thirty stock at thirty and 180616. WBM hourly enveloping it we're live at the doors open about a half hour ago and we are apt to prior aviation as you pointed out specifically we are prior aviation hangar number two. And for those who view more familiar with prior now I've. Like that a block away so I'm relatively relatively familiar with this but in terms. It's its north of the greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport you might have been a year prior aviation to stalk some of your favorite sports stars like Tom Brady or a severe paper music acts actually Eric church's private jet was a about fifty feet away from us a short while ago but it. Inside for just fifteen bucks you get your tickets at my buffalo perks dot com or you can buy your tickets at the door. And we're the last hangar as you come down that. Wrote that is totally prior aviation row. But if you can't parked close don't worry about it because one of the things you're gonna see. Luxury shuttles I mean beautiful luxury shuttles taking people from the parking lots to the door. The hanger and a stock of people before they went in and I didn't see anybody who was soaking wet or even dripping wet for that matter everybody was after every dry. It is 8030 about thirty start at 3180616. WBE and. It is our envelop area. Other radio I'm thirty WBD. Pilot not that it's relevant at all but. On Netflix I cannot recommend the movie but Jimi Hendrix I started watching it and I actually fast forward it and I it was so not exciting that I fast forwarded all the way to the end without that you single scene that I found interesting. That's a good question that's a I Andre 3000 and I am pleased Jimmy. Andre 3000 plays Jimi Hendrix of that matters yeah I mean they've let you know what they've they should just put up which you know there he looks just like you haven't. The result that the resemblance. Not not help legitimate the running right at the resemblance is interesting but you know I I I was looking forward to seeing it at the you don't directed them moving I do that Russ Brandon of the Buffalo Bills that those neighbors that I believe that explains everything because you have. You have an issue with that it will. What to bring people up to speed on that what's happened today via Buffalo Sabres by the head coach and the general manager. The central terminal is not going to be the new train station that we don't need a Carl Paladino says the money ought to be used for parking ramps and that looks like eight terror attack in Paris to police officers shot one dead the suspect is also dead. And apparently the suspect was an assassin. Who was wait and wait for a political killer bent the drive by France's elections coming up on Sunday but the good news is there were any attacks after that. So that leads us back to buffalo and that David and Russ Brandon. I know the guy I got a problem. I've only. Ever although stories leaked out that the media. You got people saying. You know rexrodt it's going to be fired that it was that our coaches don't get along with Doug Whaley of Whaley and along with the which of these stories coming from. Not only do we have to fund the leaker in this CIA the FBI I'd like to find the lakers are at one bills drive and the only person I can think of that may. I don't know have the power to find out who's talking to the media it's certainly make us look like were. On professional. He's the city reflects of course that the team can take a joke it looks like it's on disorganized is madhouse. And I just think the one guy that is connected all of our world. Maybe that's who Cyrus kwangju was chasing in the fields of alma. Maybe it was its brand well it could that Russ Brandon but just what is it that you be brought he took us from for don't ya in. You know. During camp and he brought that to see Djokovic or he worked out the deal with Toronto he changed some of the us sheet arrangements we lost more general admission that we got more swings. Other than that. If that Marv Levy. Do you like that John McCargo first round trade. Because I didn't just a cargo wasn't the best defensive tackle. At his school by the way if we still took in the first round. It any levee three the inability for this team to bounce back if he's a money guy that put him in that money decisions he's not a personnel guy. I don't think he's particularly talented and I kind of sick and tired of this force field. Maybe he's got pictures of Google or not aware of what has he seems to live on his everywhere go hey you know I. I don't think that that Russ Brandon does but I was always convinced that Darcy reviewer has this been Dolly likes spelled too mesmerized the succession of orders under who do you work because it was pretty it's that. You know the team was really going anywhere and are kept it a look at the proposed credit with the sabres today because. They tried experiment for two years temporary and bows it didn't work yankees star players and yet he sticks around I am out of here. End. The rest as they say is history which you know that. Jack cycles group as saying that their denies that was said but. Here and there it's out there and perception is everything and people perceive that the case I want to. Aaron Hernandez story he he hung himself I hanged himself. In prison. To have the family of Aaron Hernandez the attorneys inner Hernandez are saying if it is suicide because they were seeing was murdered. He left two notes by the way yeah. And and John and sixteen and blood at a sport and write it turned out that was a magic marker blood really yet it was read a script. Or red marker and said but anyway. He didn't block he kind of got the sharply he cut aid to barricade of from the outside now they're saying it's all because of concussions. Naturally Eric Hernandez watch Bernard person maybe murdered two people. But it's it's traumatic brain injury it's post concussion syndrome. That's what caused him to what kill himself or kill other people well do we know yet not to be orbit but do we know whether the now I believe that the inmate dies in the custody the state apparently has no say in whether post Mort was going to be done is they've done the op topsy dot deficit she shouldn't do hang. And the brain is being given the Boston University. It's still the only whispering stuff all this brain study everyone who's ever played a sport is damaged so what does that mean. If you this is like that the TWA flight 800 scenario. TWA flight 800 goes off. And it looks like you know what happened there was static electricity and gas tank and it lop aid if spontaneously combustion. If you truly believe that what airlines not fill that void with concrete that she put out a little bit of a liability to have planes just. Automatically blow up because of a static electricity and an when he got on the navy ship them. That's right dew one up like to conspiracies you make up a story the story itself doesn't make any sense. If everyone who plays the NFL is free has a predisposition to murder or killed or abused women. Then maybe we need to have an intervention here and and have the national football flag league instead of tackle football I don't believe this I go for. That's OK for the heard it I don't get too far in the weeds or Erin Burnett rose but you know it's for that theory that any validity. You would have to look at the young that Aaron Hernandez. And the time when he decided to break. Bad ran you know what's really posttraumatic stress or was at RT doctor rather brain injury or was it. An environmental situation and the lack of any. Moral compass I'm telling you right now I can take the brain of any fifty year old man overwhelming. And send it to the university tell them this guy played the NFL's fifteen years and they are gonna find something in that brain. That's gonna be like holy cow gathered all this drama. You would even though you can play soccer in high school and have brain injury you could. A cheerleader and fall in your head and have a brain injury we could all have brain injuries car accident caused brain injuries. But he can't underestimate the fact that there's a billion dollar lawsuit class action suit everyone's jumping on board to take from the NFL. Are people gonna be able to have. At the end of your life if you pass away from natural causes are you going to be like send your brain to to a medical doctors gonna say you know what. Go after the school Canton school system. Or whoever did you hockey league because you have a brain injury from hockey. Well actually again not to be too far into the weeds out action that a lot of balls was it was right now who've had MRIs cat scans of the brain are probably amazed when the doctors says okay you see these lesions and you bring you this erotic this situation and your brain. When you see your brain in that situation for the first time they've got a mess with you and people with multiple sclerosis you know they can certainly about regret. But in a dramatic way traumatic brain injury news. For every misdeed I think you have to wonder will admit how about the retired football players of the of the football players who didn't. End up with dramatic rated so it's of Ted. Bonnie plays nose guard for community college football team we're gonna say pet bunnies a mass murderer because he played football. To me it's just there's money here let's go after the money. That's what at all let's go to line to a gentleman at the station filled cavity Kevin and or sick and this is fill out WB eat and Phil. Big job. Formats and David bent spear like Oprah but. Question. You know that you were instrumental Obama ready to act the clock. The central or mobile. Worded at any golf. They don't know exactly where the clock is presumably it is still on the main floor of the central terminal but I don't really have a firsthand knowledge on and that was a V that was the community. The community actually I can get put under your book bows out whenever I gave I gave to get the clock back Brett. As far as I know it first and notes note the central terminal but that is open for correction if I'm wrong. The clock was very famous clock as were people used to say they come meet me at the clock at the central terminal. And the people of the city of buffalo donated their fives and twenties and hundreds of 500 to bring the clock for an antique store in Chicago. Back to Buffalo, New York. Yes. I'm familiar with the story. I thought you were instrumental in getting it back. I wish you. Where I was just a big mouth with a microphone and I was a pick up with a microphone is of people Western New York. All okay. I thought O o'clock or another kid. And I'd just like they'll see it again. I'm sure somebody will drop us an email or a call to let us know I've not been in the central turtle for a watch and about seven years. It would take one but thank you very much for the call that we have to move on his radio by thirty WPM and we have to move on to. Some advertisements and then back to the calls 8030930. We are at buffalo means business the networking event. And Buffalo's 185 birthday at prior aviation and we've got beautiful shuttle's by the way and we think shuttle. We're talking about buffalo liberty executive shuttles that we're talking luxury. Yeah Arco and crazy over the shuttle's. You know what I would say that the buffalo liberty executive shuttles have been so far the hits this year is buffalo means business ethernet. Course you know week and yet here's the thing guys were seen people were confident here and there is nobody. Like nobody who is dripping. Wet with rain except the guy who's there is working at friar who just about it and they're the exact edit them or guys who have them. And I aren't perfect timing. I'll let us get back to the calls on WP EM. Live from prior aviation we are eager to which is the furthers hang her away from work week. But it kept by the spot that don't worry about it because these incredible buffalo was pretty executive shuttles are bringing people here in style and comfort and everybody is raving about them and everybody inside is having a breakdown of the Pepsi many people leave once they've gotten inside. Buffalo means business and that's probably because were holding them at gunpoint but other that there have been a tremendous time. Let us go to the next caller and outlined why this should be Matthew on WB eat at Matthew welcome about the ability. Thanks for equipment I get beat up up we'll. Well welcomed the program what's on your mind love it central terminal there Iger everybody's grandma. Know what they should do it did not and I I understand it was built in what 1929. And the ability. Buffalo they'd be. From the street at SeaWorld Bob flawed and it was built here and picked up ball full expanse of the east side it never happened or whatever. It and I it's this never happened in what they do what they wanna put that train station there I don't think it should ever be either. I think should be downtown about exchange street where the action news. And that the other thing is what that there are you know downtown. They and that god they need mart parking ramps and all that. And it believe they'd do and that they gonna hear that right maybe not saying that you know it's gonna beyond Midland or whatever and so what he bought it and nobody else did he bought it they should be there to center church well I don't know what the heck they're gonna do it. All the imploded but. It's very volatile part conventional pills you know they should do it and they should do it on his part property in the newspaper at six. What if here real oust thought it was bad. And he stood up and how about to win a third term Iraq and narrative. Or do bad. Matthews speaking. Speaking of turnarounds. We have to ask you this do you think it is at all likely that at some point in your life. You're gonna be gathered at Delaware avenue with your family. And you are going to be watching the Stanley Cup parade adult double or avenue where it is we'll party trophy. I think about it it would have put Laura I think it went in the next ten years if they stay here I think. The other might just happen in that imaginary central terrible train station. I asked my fear you know. I've kind of fallen out of interest with that professional sports. Because I got sick of the tees. I'm sorry I got sick of being told this is that your message that your that you. You mentioned Scott people would skip a couple of times and I remembered the day it was announced that the Knox family had hired Scotty Bowman away from the Montreal Canadians to beat both the coach and general manager up Buffalo Sabres took jobs at one. And if I'm not mistaken that the buffalo is the only place Scott involvement does not win a Stanley Cup. Did he went over the those you know what role I don't know the good question but still at it it is it is shocking stand Bowman is the Sonics got. Who you know a young guy. I believe was born and raised in buffalo and goes off to Chicago turns it franchise around. And so what it does seem that if we would have signed Bilbao Jack. You know it when he was at with the Cleveland Browns in the bills would have signed Bill Belichick. Would he have been Bill Belichick you know Canon county snake bitten I don't well I kind of feel that way. Every morning I wake up and and I read the paper and I think to myself you know what when are we ever going to get. Yeah world championship buffalo. We appreciate your call we need to break if you have something else you wanna say please hold on we will vigilant right after the news and news radio 930 WB yet we're live at prior aviation buffalo means business.