4-20 Bauerle and Bellavia Talk Trains and France

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, April 20th

Tom Bauerle and David Bellavia talk about the vote for the Train Station in downtown Buffalo, they also talk about the shootings that occured in Paris


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News radio 930 WB ENN news or even why don't you dare not pro am he's caught his cup title misuse and we're zero. And forty on the whole we can see why not why you yeah. Yeah I yeah. You don't like there isn't for you don't like what he's the kid we usually call me a liar I am. It's specific rather than this PS please. He has to say here of the programs that are gonna go down. Here's how we're gonna reform Medicare and social security and the man refuses not Jordan. I used moronic Oprah. Hope that he's out didn't heal you from David Bellamy I can't do it we'll do it live. Well good high. Jordan lie I don't write it will go and live. And things sought its hourly and Olivia. And that's the reason I raise my voice last night to get everybody's attention and I think I succeeded on news radio 930 double. Yes this is the cowardly and fellow. Pretty they're the WBE. And we have the honor beat pleasures the distinct joy. Of doing a remote together. This will be I think our first remote I could be wrong as they do hope hourly and ability at. And it is going to be a lot of fun if that's become a deal for David in terms of working with somebody is gonna become a new debate in terms of working. With somebody and you know I took a train to get out here to prior aviation. We are you it. But were prior aviation is a certainly hope you do. We are at the last hey you're gonna turn down that prior aviation road and we have a last hangar all the way down we are in a hangar number two. Now I did volunteer to take one of the piper Cherokee is up for test flight today unfortunately. The weather is kind of arguing against that and I am not instrument rated and might landings kinda leaves something to be desired but I always love. Being among. Airplanes and aviation enthusiast. And that they are developing yet. This is this is the world of flights at today is the world of talk radio. And will be talking about. Eight you to trek. Well that and that's so much more also discusses. So the issue is going on right now with the Buffalo Sabres. The Buffalo Bills I think I found a connection between the two franchises in the two problems well I I think it's a gentleman by the name sprinted. Well I would like to note your. Reasons because a long time before Russ Brandon to humans in we still were witness who rubles and Jupiter are number one Stanley Cup they won. Individually connects the drought. In in now with the Buffalo Bills and decision making with personnel and football business and that's the thing if you wanna guy and the business mind. Let him be your business. I can probably argues that those businesses nations Cuba. As far as personnel goes the last person I want looking. For a general manager for the Buffalo Sabres is Russ without respect anyone who's there's four restaurant accused of in the got to find. It rust branded should find that external manager for the Buffalo Sabres. Look. Go to Chicago goat of Scotty Bowman's kid in Chicago it give him is the key to the city whatever it takes to come back the buffalo. Will take about what they're doing it Chicago or anywhere else but now but that the train station is the big guy story today. And though we also lost timber the gentleman levels required lose easily I don't like the living dead mister minister. General maj Tim Murray fired as wells involved by head coach and Buffalo Sabres in now of course it's if awhile and rebuild it is now. Because you got a whole new leadership team for the sabres and the bills who knows what's gonna happen. A story. About a bill at justice act is so weird that won an album 400 Kyra on joke who was a second round draft pick was supposed to be. A starting right tackle second round pick. Had some issues with this first two years of buffalo is beat humans. Anyway. He comes upon an accident an accident that we talked about yeah that. That was that for whatever reason want you'll find themselves. In only his underwear. Don't waste he's close from the waist up for whatever reason for whatever read that's happened yeah. Jumps out of his car odd decides to crawl offense. And have close on offense the sheriff's come up and now according to Buffalo News they say that's what you yelled she. Want yo issues so he. Actually believes that he refutes that that never happened but I have to tell you how many Abbas as bill's fans have been half naked. Begging to be shot during a football season. I think quite a few past few years I was gonna say had a bet may represent the majority of bills that lastly when game I was boy I was about to take the shirt off and run on the tonight. All right well that's one of the things that we're gonna get them to a long way obviously we've had major. Shake ups with the Buffalo Sabres and I say something about her peculiar. I just congratulate Terry preschooler. For not waiting too long to pull the trigger on this particular management team. If you can't get it together in two years can't establish yourself and two years if you can't build an esprit de corps in the first two years I would argue you're never gonna get it done. And I'm also one of the people argued that as much as I personally like RC Revere him personally like Lindy Ruff I really do. They waited far too long to pull the trigger bear I think there was some kind of weird sentimental attachment and maybe Perry who put his heart over his head in that situation. But I think the benefit of that is he learned from his experiences as a major sports team owner. And IE at the same time becoming a little bit distressed David because. When mr. Rugova took over the sabres I believe I just my promise by audience that the sabres were gonna win a Stanley Cup in five years in. I think we might have to reassess that promise and they go around but I don't think I promised that. They either win a Stanley Cup. I'd be in my underwear on the 400 begging the police to shoot me until at least. Got that going for split at least we're still. I'm proud to live in a city where we have to beg the police to shoot us all right there are some cities in the United States where they just take it upon themselves to do that this is correct here in buffalo this is you have a day in office there. Well that obviously is a weird story in the news probably revisit that while we give it to some of the community stuff and sports obviously big part of the community but don't worry at all x.s and those were doctors say well you know Rick Davis that's the last season vs Jack cycle but political abuse at some point problem blah blah blah and a related story though Bryant was just arrested half naked at the at the trade deficit now that's they knew none of that is expected that is that never happened but but we're talking. It about the train station they had it at this time they had this meeting today that you would have thought it was in wrecked give back. Between Gorbachev and Reagan their talking about arms deals it was closed off to linger joins us here you were there. With WP yen. We don't have the audio of what happened to me why that. It was it was not a loud and I ordinarily 8:15 this morning before the meeting was scheduled and I couldn't believe. I definitely negotiate my way up Mississippi street. Which is one of the cobblestones to push. The police. Because they had barricades at both ends of Mississippi street. Flashing lights and I was like wow you know obviously can be accepted that it was like the National Security Council. And so it's a go into the building and you can't get past the tables just like this there people sitting at the table. I shouldn't say yeah. On WB. Tickle. That's what we're told the media people and be equally. The only access would be 1115. To turn. You know when the officials came and meeting the meeting would be streamed. Solar and roll with the punches. Then some of the public they wanted to. Com and observed meeting shoulda. Now I clearly understood in the meeting room there it's it's pretty small it was not open to the public they were turned away but they were turned away and you know not the nicest way you know buffalo police officers in all standing near him. It just was so there were Higgins was shot he if you are in in Easley are you kidding barricades on the street. Utley turned away you know like your sentences very cute kicker. Rhetoric showed so little you know what she has presented it to basically control the buffalo police department. Well you know again that I'm named throwing darts at least I buddies that you showed up and it was yours as you were told do. They could never but he going to that mean it was too small it just the whole process seemed a little bit. Crazy you know why didn't they should've had a meeting somewhere else maybe if it needed to be that. Prided you know in in control don't have that you know one entrance office street and you know in the shadows of the key things. Well I divided interest bearing because you basically got Brian Higgins people you've got the Poland cars side you've got the browns side at may be Byron brown felt as though he needed deflecting my. Figgins was man he was with Susan Bryant this morning and he would stick. You know ticket is passion for this town passion for the community. I'm Tommy he was really angry when he showed up and he he spoke his mind in the union in his. His. Side if you club that lost the yen because central terminal erected there were three choices. Today came down to choice central terminal on the east side. Or the downtown location which is. Washington street channels of one's ethnic or so okay else it was it was pretty. Brian Higgins would argue. The the others site on. In downtown buffalo is all so. Canal side because it's it's in the same vicinity. You know it can else I can be seen. In in that area but you know it really is Mac and outside its downtown buffalo once that it's our big tall building right now so as not fields station. What would you say the response he says they're people from its. Obviously it has only they once they were turned away they would leave the Betty Jean grant was one of them she's she's and casualty rate now running for mayor. He she wouldn't leave. And some of the people from the community started speaking their minds and we have some of that day videos up and we complacent and that Korea. It's a planned phase where people they are very peaceful yet very peaceful but. They were making their their presence known. Ultimately they did. You know disperse and leave because the meeting underway and everybody was walking around like me with their phones and meeting with someone like lonely terrain it's outside the OJ verdict. Well actually last time they let us and to go upstairs to to assemble in the media room where we get this press conference oh. I was outside at the time it started pouring now is that it is here now in a lot of people that leave because of whether they too there was nowhere for the ago. It. Where where does this leave us right now in terms of the train station how far along in the process are we do we have any statistics. In terms of passengers in terms of beginning of construction. Will there be lawsuits to block the heat downtown site is opposed to central terminal because you and I know. How many peace bridge shows that we don't have your exact. The you know I don't there's been no. You know indication the governor you know issues is the governor issued this challenge. You know back several months ago saying you find a spot. OK so they come up of the committee they today have made the recommendation. Not unanimously but they made. And non binding by the way that's important non binding recommendation to the governor that location would be in downtown buffalo. Whether there's going to be some sort of a campaign to save the central terminal as a site now I don't know that has not come up at all. But right now the recommendation will be downtown and now the governor will say okay pictures by. He's gonna release the 25 million dollars 26 in all the one million I think was used as a study. 25 million now to. Get the process rolling too too too built this station which would be presumably in downtown buffalo so that's where we stand right now. Whether someone jumps up and says Americans stand for it and you know lays down in front of 25 since twenty million dollars New York's put in. And more cal at any stage and sort out exactly. And now today it would import cars he let out a little yet he let you rate for a couple days ago to he did it on Twitter but today he'd be verbally did in his news conference with three feet from me he said. You know we're talking now about. Looking into the feasibility of law. Do convention center which was enough in the hundreds of millions of dollar and prosper in it's defined in Erie county's model and why Russ Brandon didn't find the nutrients they. And ultimately limit you know like a cycle that said it would greenside. That hasn't. That it is by hourly ability Israel thirty what you media we are in the raid that picture work we have something. For you to look forward to attending because it's happening right. Now at least as far as we're concerned but the doors open for you guys at 5 o'clock. This is so whatever but that's up the year that we QB yet it is buffalo means business it's great chance for in network a lot of people come here and it's not. It's not structure it's not like that there are definitely executives here but there are also people who work just like you if you're not an executive and if you're familiar with the prior aviation in others that wrote your turn now there's a big science is prior aviation. We're in the last terminal on the road. Man. I should also point out that with rain being as it is sometimes you're gonna have to park a little further. Oh away to the west of where we are right now but at least we have some shuttle buses available to transport people from week under parking lot yet on the channel available for use you know with the rain and everything in park along the line in the possible directly out of tickets at the door today from five until eight and suggestion come early. Are fifteen. Dollars that buffalo perks dot com it's fifteen dollars at my bubble burst dot com. Or at the door and folks every time we do this or that we get so much great feedback on it. I you can two or private jets anger has and luxury cars for it to check out. And celebrities will be posing. For pictures I don't know what celebrities they're talking about it all us not just while we have no idea gaga Elizabeth as the plane right over it Wenger shoulder into my that is Eric church's private jet turned up in buffalo country music is just tour buses at America so great but that is playing so these two were bounces right up there in the term great yeah it is yeah yeah. Collapsing as we play our cards right. We can get on that play. And we guitar skills will migrate my first question Eric church is going to be a battle that you. That's going to be the first question that is Eric church's boy or injured there will be no yeah. The blue group cut by the way today and Buffalo's 185 birthday. Yeah and that means is that 172. Years the bills in the play offs. And it's important to mention. An 85 years at the today about buffalo means business. Couples always meant business to New York that. One that is until the word business. Well with player party for a week but they are churches. I'm going to a country I love country music but I'm more old school I love the worst yet they who's in the stuff like Johnny Cash outlook. Okay its cash interest you mentioned that is actually does this hurt which actually. Which are predators owner. Beat Johnny cash's hurt video. May be one of the top five music videos of all time. Let Johnny Cash where were mentioning that because Eric church it is it yet is right here's release world. But does it at the end of his life and his career hurt. Maybe one of the top five music videos of all time the genuine action. In that video. They beat the act of Johnny Cash reflections back on life in June. Absolutely amazing so the question of it like country music yes I do. And well I mean you mentioned that Johnny Cash and church is a lot more than away via those guys but he's really popular with. Yours. Super. Well I don't have any comment on that equipment and. Its hourly ability. And his regular thirty WBE. MY bets on leave and other jet plane John Denver actually wrote that song that we just happen to be doing a lot. I have broadcast at prior aviation hourly ability at. Now the doors open at five okay five is when the doors open and the event goes from five until eight tickets at my buffalo perks dot com or at the doer. Fifteen dollars and if you want to do is give the fifteen dollars to David in New Hampshire that we adjusted very good director of that. In fact you should probably just give us everything in your wallet when you commit we can appreciate the capital to generate their. We have so many things going on and locally we have to train station issue. What ever is gonna happen with central terminal Buffalo Sabres. Have fired GM and their coach I can't say that that's unexpected. But just during the break we just took some news around the world David as a unfurled. Children to police officers have been shot via the issue here is that the app for the Paris. A terror group I would assume this would be eight police section of Paris not a national force. They're sort of like their SRT team their swat team countered their team is out there. The initial report came out that that members of the sort of counter terror team workshop which would imply there was some sort of rate that was going on. And now we're in your reports that two police officers were shot and the response team is out in in response to two. Operation. Ups or shots or a little confused right now but it's a breaking story here's what we know two officers have been shot the election in France is now almost a week away. Less than a week yeah it's yeah this weekend so a lot we don't know politically motivated of course with perish or defeat terror. But right now the reports that are coming out there large chunks of the city or shut down. Their barricaded off and there's armored vehicles moving in so. It would appear just from the reports were getting that they isolate at least a building that they think the shooter is in and their conduct the office operations. Taken they have a good users so far we're not worried about any fatalities but two officers that were shot they are injured but a week as far as we know they are alive the shooting took place if you've been to Paris and you'll forgive my French because it's it's actually awful but the shop and he says it is where it took place and that obviously is a huge Mecca for tourists when you go to Paris. And the last time David that the Paris terror attacks and we don't know this is going to be a situation of terrorism that we don't even know this is a drug raid gone wrong we have no idea. But it went Perez did have. The horrible terror attacks. They were a series of attacks of one of the things were going to be looking for in the minutes ahead is will this prove to be an isolated incident or is that simply the opening salvo. Of additional. Situations we don't know that right now we have no information about that. And since the initial report of the two officers being shot we have not heard of any other. Incidents taking place in Paris as we did when Paris went through that terrible attack it went through or what but he Europe. A fair bit of France this is the average annual drive down pairs so. You would find out year high speed you know Versace stores and stuff that we probably would never shop meant. Areas of France but also other deer original report by television station PFM. Data along witness to the shooting as you saw a police officer on the ground. Who was on responsive the other officer. I was able to walk all you have confirmation one death a day when police officers dead at the ABC news that would be the individual that PF Tim was reporting has been unresponsive the other officer. I didn't walk off and was able to be treated. On his own the other officer obviously I tragically lost his life. Yeah and I mention the attacks back in December of twenty. A fifth to actually November. 2015. The first one was 920 the second one was buying thirty and then 953. So as I said we're going to be keeping a very special eye on Paris to see if this is a via a one. Time situation or part of something larger Jihad ism and immigration have been very brief big issues in the election in Paris. In France which is taking place on Sunday so we're definitely gonna have our. Our eyes peeled for you David have you anything else because I'm looking for additional updates and I don't. Have any except what that you intended to just mention one police officer dead. In the attack approach to all the police say imp. Ericsson the other the other officers listed now is gravely wounded. I'm in in police intervention in quotes is underway right now of one officer dead one gravely wounded. At diluted. No it does not and the key is going to be what happens in the next half hour that will be the Q we talking about a lone wolf the so called lone wolf are we talking about somebody who had a co conspirators and got an update covenant from according to that Daily Telegraph in the UK. The eye shooter. The suspect is reported as being dead. They have thought shot and killed it. That the well hopefully that means it's over but you know with as Tom and match. This thing could be you know with a pair for whatever reason terror cells in Europe seemed much more organized. And they're able to do. Different types of attacks more. Kind of in subgroups so that they could do different details we don't know updates operation as we do ever report. The police officers down there's one that is in grave condition and the report out of the telegraph. The UK is that the shooter the suspect has been killed. And there is a suspicious package found outside of a building in the shopping center that they are in the process right now. Of going through and I would assume there and a pro athletes. You know blow that package. Well and I don't mean it could be a doom and gloom guy here but that's one package that was found we don't know if that was planted by the gunman we don't know is he has friends who planted and we don't know if there is more than one's suspicious package. Or the nature of why it is suspicious that might be open my package and nothing in an exceptional futures dropped something. Or it could be it could be serious but I do that guy well it might well. Luggage I'll say it happened locally you're hurting our I think in Niagara Falls that happened so that look there yes he left the bag and we spent an hour talking about it bag that that's right. I actually some. But to sell and we'll see what unfolds in peril. Obviously air on the side of blowing a package up him get after yes absolutely in this world to him as a rock but it's interesting with you when you see. What. You know again I'm always curious as to what brought those officers that. The op certain the photo that they show on the Daily Telegraph that looks at tactical officer it's not just a guy and beat patrol. That was this an operation where the guy was shot to they find the package first and then brought in a bunch of security. Or did the shooting up the officers bring all the heavy weapons in world will give you that. Story as it develops but it's breaking news we want officer down. One that appears to be gravely wounded. And the report on the telegraph UK is that the suspect is dead. But again Leah Burkle have more as a story develops a situation right now in Paris of course the election of Paris collection of France. Is coming up this weekend so. Who knows how this is connected well I can't help. Thinking that there's something look at this if it is terror related if it is G hobby terror related in particular is going to be helpful as much as I hate to say it'll be helpful to the right parties in the Paris and and throughout France who seem to be. Surging if you will. Well that's Le pen is that the guy you know remember the pen this kind of writing off the brakes it. Mindset in Europe where you know let the EU do what they wanted dude don't let it affect our lives. But of course she's running as far right as Le pen is. There are leftist progressive candidates that are equally as far left. So. We shall see what happens we will keep an eye peeled on the Paris and if we get any updates for ABC we will certainly carry them as the situation warts under regular thirty WBBM. Hourly at bell Libya and we also have to be talking about the training situation these stations that the stations situation in the buffalo. We've taken aback that about a lot of things are very very fluid. Right now so we will obviously you're kind of roll with the changes here we're live from buffalo means business the networking event. And Buffalo's 185 birthday which is taking place prior aviation and we are at the hangar number two prior pager number two. Right up there were early drive on the north side of the greater buffalo Niagara Falls international airport the doors open at five and the view that goes from five until eight tickets are fifteen dollars but buffalo perks that come. Or at the door that is why we are broadcasting live from prior aviation. Hourly infidelity and we're just that Dragic is more information on the events unfolding right now in Paris and we don't really know exactly how significant this is. How significant it is because we have that to police officers shot one dead the other gravely wounded and the shooting suspect is dead. And police obviously are responding on mass they've also located. One suspicious package that they're taking a very good look at. This is unfolding in Paris Paris has seen picture of terror attacks. We don't know if this is one of those or just some run of the bills come back criminal. But we will keep you posted on his regular thirty WB yet as we move along on the show live from prior aviation and buffalo means business. The phone number is 8030930. Start I have thirty pull free 180616. WBE and and the text line we do have the access to the text like it is. 30. 930. That's 30930. David anything new that you have been able to uncover. While we have can confirmation that the gunman was carrying a coalition cough AK 47. Fully automatic now why is that significant and well that would mean that's not an average. You know that's not a petty criminal that's so I assume organization he's got. Are illegal in France as are most handguns. But that shows you that there has to be some sort of sponsor. You would think terrorism at this point one with excel and the UK is the preferred weapon of choice for the terror attacks in particular place in Europe particularly in Paris Paris so you know metric these guns were they turkeys gone down the Belgium before. But obviously if there's a silent Paris that you know the guys in Paris at RPG's. They had a suicide vest and a whole lot of stuff but. I think you know when we hear about pairs of we're gonna attack like this you Biden jumped to terrorism. I think it's pretty safe to say that there's something more to this especially with all the troops yeah reports of French military. In in the streets as well so were were gonna get me a report here from their defense minister momentarily I don't know if maybe she will cover it but. We will give you all the updates will we keep a firm right now is that. Someone with a coalition cough opened fire killing a a police officer from Paris. And gravely wounding the other we that if that officer is head injury the other injury to the other officers so. That doesn't look like that's going to be good one. And then we had him with AK 47 he was shot and killed moments after opening fire on the second officer. So this would also let let us know a little bit that. Perhaps this was equally. Because you know why would there be two officers together why with Serbia third officer to engage that one. This must have been a raid and the bad guy got the jump on. And unfortunately to in the past few days there's been so much terror activity of law enforcement reaction in Belgian. So don't vote there's going to be any connection between that and theirs but you know I kind of wonder if this raid was prompted by what happened in Belgium the other day and again we just have a lot of questions right now that the story is breaking in Paris. And the good news if there's any good news out of this is that the week we have not had any reports of other. Incidents in or around Paris taking place simultaneously. Almost simultaneously with this. The major attack in Paris. That was the situation with whomever listening where we have the one attack and it shortly after that another attack and that. We have reports of stuff basically go haywire all the publicity appearance up the good news is today we don't. That we are not hearing that and hopefully we will lot Cuba. You know it's really weird because France they're foreign policy if you go back last thirty years. You know they had a lot of bomb. Activity with their French foreign legion and deploy troops and obviously Algeria. There was a lot of conflict and Algeria and Tunisia. These terrorists that seem to be in Paris through Belgium they really have no connection to the Algerian and Tunisian fight. Which normally in the past that's where the terror threat came from and inference these are the same terrorists that would hit. London they have a chance or anywhere else how they're getting there. How they're getting them that the tools. To create such a violence in. In mass numbers. It's really a problem that I think you know especially when you look at that UK leaving the EU and and they are cooperation with Interpol. They need to really get their their game lockdown because Belgium is excessive and it's going everywhere you were here reports now Albanian coast to go in Serbia. These guys are pretty much all over Europe in and there are rocker have we will continue to keep an eye on this situation for your industry. Under Israeli about thirty to. UBE. And 8030530. Start I thirty at 180616. WB yet.