5-19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1 on Weight Loss

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, May 19th

Today the guys talk about various weight loss schemes. What has worked for you?


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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. You know coming from a different world and only being a politician for a short period of time homage to him OK. I present. It. It's truly wonderful to be back in Atlanta. Ed back with my friends at the NRA you are my friends believe me than David Bellamy remember Florida. North Carolina South Carolina. Pennsylvania. Texas. South Dakota and then there's got. Its hourly and Olivia I speak for everyone in this arena. What I say we are all very proud. Indeed it. To be. An American thank you very much less on news radio 930 WP. We just had to make sure we didn't kill anybody famous yesterday. So that that that explains that delay between the intro and well we've mentioned a lot of names on the show after it would just have to make sure that. You know we're not ending the week like we started the week by murdering powers boot which was just a terrible thing to do it and it didn't have to be done I still feel bad about it it's about the ability of and is ready at 930 WBM for those listeners to the show worsening what how does that mean it simply means that it too often we bring up names that have not. Anywhere in the dues at all recently and then right after we bring up these people who are not household names at the current moment. They end up dying. Suddenly so that's what we mean when we. Bring that mr. relevant you're looking awfully fed would lose what. Twenty pounds overnight pretty much it's been. It's been quite. It's a little scary to be with the wind is. For. You know that I'm on that Carol Lin thing ya and I gotta tell you it's it's happening very fast and what they don't tell you when you lose weight. Is you have to pretty much get new wardrobe. That's it that's half the fun to get it published an excellent and that kind of stinks you know you don't want to just. But yet we're down to were 34 cents. Basic training it's been awhile. Do you ever fed you always thought that you haven't yet I never look at you as a fat heavy guys but academically altitude that down. And you'll look marvelous you're all well well thank you. I I mop I don't feel like. I would say but you put some extra weight and you know you turn forty this kind of viewed you do you can't lose it as quickly as you could before. That's that's true but if you heard rush today I thought myself. It was great because. I've listened to rush when he was talking about bill and Hillary Clinton okay so I caught it one of those moments actually at as it. I found myself in the head is in complete agreement with Russia but he would have this whole thing about. Exercise and how exercise is not. What helps you lose weight. And I was saying thank you rush finally somebody else who gets it because how many times guys have you been on a treadmill and you what you make calorie burner you know fifty calories. 55 calories sixty calories that you push you push you push it that you're sweating and you see okay put it that incline I hit twenty more minutes I I just I just burn a 180 calories okay look any Snickers bar or Milky Way bar industry the calorie thing barely 230 calories 320 calories depending on how big it is. The easiest way to lose weight. Is to control what goes into your not to worry about burning it off once it goes end. If you close your golf more than you open you're going to lose weight it's just an immutable law of the universe now the exercising. Arrest is not into exercising. The reason to exercise and I am not a doctor. But the reason I would exercise is because the weight that I have at least I wanted to look relatively firm and relatively. Followed up but as far as losing the weight. I don't know a lot about what you're doing with with Carol them exactly how that works but I've always that hey if you limit yourself to a 1011100. Calories today you are going to lose weight and the and the key is to get weighed every day. To make sure that you are not that popular cheating too much. And of course to limit the amount of alcohol you drink now. I didn't used to drink a lot David it's of working with you become a raging alcoholic and one of June rigorous. Not that not every right I'd say five days a week but we're talking drunk drinking were talking maybe a shot here in that right. I think whiskey actually does have medicinal purposes I can't prove that but to stay with that for a nowadays to drink every cost one glass of red wine is supposedly good for the heart of supposedly what the French paradox how can these people who eats up. She's that smells like your uncles feet. And smoke cigarettes like they're going out of style pocket they've got such a low rate of heart disease compared to Americans and I think they caught the French paradox because they smoke like chimneys they eat she's been nothing but she's but the middle lower incidence of heart disease supposedly because of drinking red wine. The French are are really worried about the the the stadium of the health of their heart because they never have to worry about. Losing their lives in war well I was gonna say them verify they have to stay healthy because it takes it takes and strip to be able to run away from Germany records you gotta. You gotta have your target heart rate at the right level. But but you. You believe gain weight hum. If you lose a match number of what would it be you pull you to do that they are generally sense when when you're talking to you believe it currently you're heavier that you have been in play in the last year. Yeah and and yeah actually designed. What was your will be your match the most weight to lose right post by bounce. Now if you just lost five pounds and it was effortless would you want to just keep going to see if you get back now off the owner has voted no because right. Now what went 85. And I with the lowest I've been. In recent history was I think about 160. And that was very bad winter of 2014. Win the Dominican Republic. I I was down 260. I felt horrible I mean. Great guy just go to Tibet can make it relatively go to the Dominican Republic sure that we will do it every time but no I. I actually looked at that winter ice I had more people saying top Cuba meth problem. Are you doing meth because you've lost all this weight and your pill and you're white and you look parables like up no I have a parasite is something from the Dominican Republic's. If what 85 now I like what ABC news is pretty much an ideal weight for me because you've got to have some weight because you. Yeah it if you lift weights or if you just if you just want to. Feel strong and feels solid one what 8170 but I would lose any more than ten pounds ten pounds and a market look. You know I think the important part when you go on any program is you'd know what you want. Europe's you don't wanna just discover it like get there but I gotta tell it everything you've said. It it's about the discipline. There really is and you know my thing was not only ED after 9 o'clock which is a horrible thing to do. But it's also I I feel ripped off if I go the old me when I would get a stake. I'd let the biggest steak or possibly you know utterly and and you find out that sometimes smaller portions taste better. That that we you can get you know. Out of a five ounce really well cured steak you know with the marvel lean on is as good as today. Twenty ounce prime rib that is garb. Thank you thank you don't win you go to a nice restaurant or even not so much restaurant what you'll polemic is that is being cut of meat. And really six ounces of the way it ounces of play. That's fine six ounces you know what it gives you the taste of state. It allows you to get that awesome protein but you don't leave the table feeling like you but your pants and I think what happens David. By the way how do you guys lose weight or is anybody in weight loss mode right now we know David Bellamy is. 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB and what's the best way for you to lose weight are you somebody who exercises it away are you somebody who just close as your mouth or work astounding you're drinking to get the weight away. But it's I've always liked David that you were so what just morph the this more Vick. When it came to your own body image because I think you thought you looked fatter than you ever looked you never looked upbeat you'd ever look at. You every watch him. Well a very kind but I try to week I die I. Well I appreciated nonetheless you know what would it really comes down to is that you I'm trying to get ready for this thing it's. Took place twelve years ago and so on. I wanna look like I did when I was in the military and yeah because honestly what the news is on forgive me as. Watch a video of being like time which group is like the worst. That you you've gained a little weight maybe your hair wasn't you know where you want it to be awaiting video. Cut off you know me I don't want to beat act so that when this movie and I can't blame I don't wanna be that. Don't throw the guy in the movie just to be like the guy in the background that's the guy in the movie. You're wrong. Yeah. Overlook and kept it hasn't happened. I tell you I. That's the honest I don't wanna be the fact looks like he had his uniform spray painted and you know a good game but why is intimately he worked for TSA. A lot of work review. What it would sell much of you talk about the exercise in the working out. This isn't this particular thing and those are things are frowned upon. Like don't do Carty don't go work out this is. Give your BM guy in capturing your body to burden the things you're body is designed to. You know suggests. You wanna stay away from how the for example salt that goes crazy it's well. But the salt that we take ignored dot com for Brad so it's the bread pasta is the pizzas and the K get rid of those. And and get to a meal that is and water intake if you call to get about 120 ounces of water day. It's funny you mention that because people who drinks see right now David and I'm outlook we should really talk about this publicly but we we have a thing. You know talks studio whose is bigger and I'm afraid that after years of having the biggest at the radio station. David Villa via now surpasses mean by about I would say a third I have this massive thermos the have been using for years this thing. By the way it's so well insulated. And ice cube if I put ice cube in this thermos right now and but today the ice and we'll still be there in the service but your thermos David. All it looks like it holds about a hundred and honestly. Obviously it looks like holds about seventy ounces of water by correctly in the ballpark. Out ballpark coolest of them but the point is I would never drink sixty ounces in one city unless I had a a giant glass to gauge. You know and so drink three of these you're going to go where you don't do you put any flavoring in your router because what we're getting here is if you want to lose weight one of the best things you can do you know where doctors is draped a lot of water note we're actually pop we're not saying soda were saying or water coral fashion water. Yet I mean some people think well I'll just drink to pot of coffee you know below water for the day that doesn't work either and and you know what I find is that when my stomach is full of water I'm not agree number one and number two. When you're you're just constantly aware here. The fact art I'm taking my my vitamins. And you know they did everything is another big thing to a lot of people lactose intolerant but some people realize it. Just a little bit of dairy goes a long way to bind you up your regular years you're going through your maintain that weight. And up like Elvis dot wood 65 pounds of impacted. Placed in his body yeah that's horrible that's you know you when you do it Clinton's. Right you heard these guys are usually it's it's a you'll end up doing a claims without doing declines you know I'm saying you're drinking so much water your eating healthy. That your body is saying you know all that stuff I want an out. So I will tell you that you if it's not designed to be like a dream job. You know the hot sauces lemon juice for five days and starve yourself. It's like that is to say look he's like a normal person which I've never done before I've never I've never had four ounces of meet. And a vegetable I've always wanted to mix and it was starches and pasta Italians. We do. I mean I'd just say no apostate is the most difficult they say it's tough to quit heroin. Posture is I I live I live. For. Just that and having less envelope here that I brought in just for purposes of the show a classic an envelope answered macaroni and yeah. Nobody better when challenged them through it. Not actually. Is that the one food though that you it's impossible it's. Actually appear in Oakmont as far as as far as trying to lose weight or maintain it you can eat anything you want but he can't eat everything you want. Now yesterday for example. I want to of the vending machine I had a Milky Way wide and have a Milky Way I was having a raving and I believe in listening to your body's craving with this guy picture on this character and they were tell it to listen sometimes just grin and. Not so much on the only about a week game but I gotta tell you that there are tight UKG here's the thing once you reprogram your. Your rob you're you're Matt passed and acts what you re program the idea that your body is going to burn fat the proper way in the right things. You're allowed to eat things that you normally wouldn't eat and your bodies that are right. That was just an you know I was just an anomaly let's get back to even the good stuff so you will bring those things once you condition your body did you appears to. I was lazy in for a long time I ate whatever I wanted at whatever you get out of here at 7 o'clock. Right if you don't have dinner prepared when you get home woody gonna do you're gonna. You're gonna you know fart around your house you're gonna get work done even by Italian dinners cooked and prepared. If what Todd. That's you know what is it against how do you like how to maintain a healthy well I think we covered on this subject because you know we've never gone -- often before but. 803 Oda thirty as the numbers started thirtieth the cell phone 180616. WB yet but it's as far as eating. But we don't eat after and you say you've ever eaten like a normal person I don't think I've ever eaten like a normal person at least it's an AT and ships. Now this is this growing issue of overworked but. Here it is the good news. If you have your big meal of the day around noon we that is in noon 1 o'clock which I generally do. Actually I think. Better than having a big meal at 7 o'clock and then you nodding off to sleep watching shameless re runs three hours later. Because this way your bike eat mine might like. Sell it for what did it right so if I purport to show that gives me the energy for the show I get up here I don't want to go home and hopefully. Well I'll do that on the weekend but now. Did the thing I like about this program when your when your shocking your body back to what it's supposed to do the first few days or load days right so it's like 9000 calories and load it okay I'm gonna dress that's low in more ways what what would you walk you eat every hour and you just pounded down as much you can and try to get that 7000. Caller's. They wanna date to. And then you get on the program and you basically. You know telling your body this is this is what you're supposed to do though they're getting back to doing what you're supposed to do stop in the things that are harder to break down. You know eat the things you can break down use for energy and the body take care of itself. You know after twenty miles you don't have to get on the I'm nothing but what the military you know. What are the biggest misconceptions about special forces guys and as an infantryman I looked up to those delta guys they work. We get autographs I just dreamed of being delta force if all I wanted to do was being green beret. And I would look at these guys study I didn't I never found. Eight special operative over a 170. It is almost impossible for those guys to put on weight now that's. The navy's you guys do did you comedy that you're five over six feet tall. I've very few because there is sure what people most of the special forces guys are what 575 pick they're pretty they're actually not large people because there are required to do things that large casket. And they run around they live up there for awhile but the seals different job they do different things you see a little bit bigger guys I'll tell you what those delta guys. They're really not whole key guys but they mullah. We'll still your lunch. Rather what I don't ruin your day out. All right well argue you know the way to lose weight and you know look at I'm sorry but I don't think there's a share their feeling in the world and going to certain large department stores that stay open all my aunts and carry everything under the side usually made in China and you see you know people in their thirties who have no visible signs of injuries or anything like that. That are waffling around or better on one of those carts and each cheek of their Botox is practically hitting the floor and you don't live that way and now something like I was imports get this it's of the working at every day in my life. But you know Jamie from Ken Moore just texted us at 30930. This right here to me is the golden rule and that is she talked about high school she decides nine's the size one right now. As she give all the credit to just removing sugary drinks the sugars that we'd take into our system to how many copies. And the sugar in the sweeteners and all that other stop EEU can't balance your diet when you got that much. Are kind of got to continue we got to continue this because you're a drinkable water I don't know what you've got to market it in your water other than the ass that I put it there when you were looking and the roofing. But in my water I have something that I go to share with you after the break it is by late develop via we're talking about losing weight keeping it off. Because summer supposedly is gonna come which is another topic in and of itself nor are we gonna have a summer 27 team or is ever going to be this is the time what are rule of summer it's going to be Monday through Thursday it is summer and then Friday through Sunday. Is that going to be the summer of 2017 counters and yet we we have one of those I think human 199 need two and 93. During the week it was awesome. The tour that did during the weekend it was just terrible. Bass. Thank you Phil. Appreciate that can bring up the fat now. You always I have got an email from a very kind person that you've seen him Sams and Aaron the good news that you're losing weight. And I'm at Taylor and I can help you with your clothes that's very content LE. Have at least. Try to get a suit. Say we should get together we should see if we agencies is let's seat. If you're sewing machine can write that check that your mouth already can answer yours machine can trajectory about thirty wrote. Is that we got to get in touch now he's actually great to have more later. An affair about our envelop me the most important. They're very kind so well now it is it is great that you are that you're losing weight and at this all started actually because we will show weight loss but we don't want to be bored so that. Lit up today and starts talking about. Why he does exercise if you want to lose that I am like you are so spot on rush. Because the summer of 2010 days were good it is and ultimately immediately able for old thirty start at 310616. WBE and one of the things that I got to share with you the summer of 2010 it was a brick bats. For multiple reasons it separately to sucked big time. Long story short I was walking late today at the river each and every day I was sleeping 23. Hours a night you know much weight I lost David walk ten miles today at a very rapid clip you know how many pounds lost zero. Not one with single pop. That I lose you know why because there wasn't sleep enough and I did not cut down on the food I was eating. And Limbaugh properly way to you'll lose weight. Right doctor Rush Limbaugh I don't know if it broke into little more on aggregate I think it was but I but a let's move on from horrible human being but anyway long story short is. I wasn't sleeping enough so it. I couldn't walk and fifty miles a day in my body would held on to the weight because. It's like dude you're in crisis mode don't don't lose weight don't lose weight don't lose weight so that I chill and relax and just start drink at all as water. And I just kind of moderately watch what I'm eating in the Powell's full flew eight. I went to the Dominican Republic and I saw my kidneys it was amazing you know you know that's the. That's a proposal with food poisoning is is it is a wonder if that is the that's God's way to humble you it wasn't you know wasn't just poisoning do I usually would debt but I. Read the stories of you know when they built the Panama can fall and then the story and then. When we were in Iraq we had similar. Stomach issues. And there was there were times it rocked porridge you you would be a firefight and you know. Do we and other metabolic function simultaneously because of the fact your stomach was upset Ernie Els. And that I was amazed by is how people die from different. People die from these things like. It's a dehydration and it exactly and but you don't think you know we're so spoiled that would you have an upset stomach you go to the certainly the doctor will stop it or you'll. Go to across over the Calgary gets something. But when you're in a position where you can't hold anything down. And you're living in Third World country or something and you could imagine that is the great equalizer doesn't matter so you leave the confines of western medicine men your on your own float on a boat. Didn't cable and mail delivered your bathroom. And now we're here. But nobody wants to lose I was where it that way going to the Dominican Republicans. I had the upper. Everything and I learned one thing if you're if you're sick to your stomach you're gonna sneeze don't try to hold industries that's all it's you don't try to hold embassies to sneeze it's a lot better than the outcome. Nazis. I think there's lots of sex appeals but that's just that's just reality but anyway I was under sixty pounds and do think we even knew each other but I look at pictures of myself I looked ghastly look like Keith Richards when he was doing every drug demand to horrible terrible. So somewhere between there. And one which 180 is pretty ideal way once every 5180. And 85 pounds over which is not that I can do that weekend no problem. But to have the key is the water and out of your putting the flavoring underwater a lot of people can drink a lot of water because they say I don't like the taste of water. There are naturally you can take you lend a freshly grow lemon or orange squeeze it into your water and it will give view. It will give you more flavor that whole can of your favorite pop is gonna give you you can sort of people take ginger. Misses are just like ginger apple cider vinegar that she lives of the stuff. You know that it's for me was that it's just the the cold beverages hard registering if you are in the mood furcal so sometimes. You know the room temperature water is easier. To drink more and something that's bicycle and I shouldn't say this because it's our series up like this it always makes it harder for me to wegmans but. They've got these drink packets coldly real lemon and they have like real lemon packets and there's I think there's a great news out of this world it's it's chemical free and it gives you enough flavors that it doesn't feel like you're just drinking plain old jockey water but that water thing is so important American hundred announces date for years in Europe and what did yeah you know. You don't think it's possible to do but again it's something that it just becomes happy you find yourself and vitamins are huge too when you cut the area you still gotta keep up your vitamin. You gotta keep up all these things you need and if you tired to be twelve as a good way to. Booster actually turning to the B twelve I just started to be twelve this week and I think something called pro camp. Which is a supplement. I mean some people just stinging them. Protect the noise that's what I think that was simply a pulse with I think that was ten tricked up there for a different idea but with different results but. It's supposedly is the fountain of youth. There is actually some science to back it up I've seen other studies that say it's hocus pocus but all I know is that when I take the pretend that they don't take the vitamin supplements have you noticed that your nails are growing faster than ever in your hair grows faster than ever you know that's what I haven't noticed but yeah he's got a point there. The casino now you're looking now get your emails are gonna grow ridiculously fast now. Let's let's get some call it isn't true or false that is it easier is it easier to. Is it easier for guys to lose weight the women every woman I've ever announces you have it easy being a guy for a woman especially after forty it's almost impossible to lose weight. I don't know if that's true let's go to you let's go to mark him out Lancaster on WB yeah mark. You lose that way you may give maintaining well well what's Kona. While 2014. Summer 2014. Where it myself but I was. It starts are I wanna lose some way I 85 pounds over next eight months hall whoa. Yeah there was no surgery there's no. They would own every gallery. And I or Eric Eric I'd like that but I app. On line at three. And every ounce of will put. Is that the one that I told you what which happened you can go ahead and India because I think it's a wanna talked about on the year. No it's not my fitness pal it's it's the other one that's for for. I forgot what it is and you know I forget what it is because you get so used to eating better that after awhile it becomes a habit you don't need. Absolutely and the big thing for me was actually measuring who I was and I was in realizing when you eat like a couple of rights for for instance. You're reading more than a couple of right yep their signature doubt that a lot of it was measurement. And just content gallery in nick sugary it in the record to are all sure Colorado mighty are dotted ball not all sugar but all sugary drinks out of my diet. Except for one couple caught. Some people need that cup of coffee you know some people needed to get them going in more ways than one. There's also a product I mean there's people in the coffee can actually help you. To depend on depending on which week it is one week coffee mr. carcinogen that grilling I'll next week it's incredibly healthy yeah. But no mark congratulations on doing that would discipline I mean you see these people having these belt and surgeries in and whatever it's called. Just breaks my heart to know that someone would have to go through a serious surgery. You know if that's I mean but they're saving their lives to do it but at the same time to lose eighty pounds with discipline and I mean it's speaks lines and who. Let it go I don't affiliate they do that kind of surgery on anybody you've got to show your dedication I think for a year before they even considered doing the banding surgery but it's a shame that it has to come to that for a lot of people because I'm convinced that you can lose. I'm not a doctor do this under doctors who rouge but you can lose a lot of weight yourself by just using some common sense and drinking a lot of water is is one of the smartest things you can do your body needs water it craves water and most of us mind that for just told me most of us are actually operating at a tremendous deficit. Two of the water we're adrift in the well you you talk kidneys. The apology and that's you know the salt and Ahman. As we talk about Kagan Michelle Obama made a whole thing about kids read too much are they doing this news that. You know when we look at our food stamps that we look at the things that we do for people the the object was that people can't afford quality food. Here's an opportunity did to get quality food and the government's dime. And yet the most inexpensive foods. Are what the worst foods forthrightly go to McDonald's for a dollar. And you're you're giving yourself a heart attack at age 54 in fairness to McDonald's and any other fast food place David some some fast food places had. Meals that are actually caloric Lee and and in terms of energy not that bad for example the Egbert my office is not a bad food at all and also there's no such thing as a bad who just a bad you don't win these double anytime you just don't have one every Beck no it's true but but it would you have people that I'm low incomes that are you know spending a dollar and McDonald's for dinner or lunch practiced and everything else that's where becomes a problem on things that you know when you go out and you start. Load your your rod. You wanna save money at the grocery store and you cut corners. Inexpensive food tends to have more sugar and salt and and it it's just that's an unfortunate part of our society that the things it. That are delicious that we lob are really bad force but also cheaper. So yeah it does cost money to go on by fresh fruits and vegetables and that thing that the the amount of prop you up to do. To make sure you have those meals ready for you it takes a little bit of work to do that it and that's. Always the most convenient thing in the world used to cook for three days straight 803. All right thirty start at 3180616. WB EM trying to think of the name of that program used to recommend to people because it works so well for me. And like I said Daily Mail. Now about a mile mile stuff Richard Simmons it's I'll I'll I'll figure it out it's. It's immaterial because the point is the letter which. Gimmicky used to get you to recognize -- lose it thank you lose it dot com thank you sit audience remembers this stuff better and I do. Lose it dot com is what got me through the first two weeks and by the way the first week I did lose it dot com I lost ten or fifteen pounds. And they say that we shouldn't lose weight that fast but it just goes to show up crappy I was. And that I eventually you know leveled out once every five wanted in this that's my ideal. That's ideal weight but I think what you're gonna find too is what you lose the weight you're gonna see your basic training body come back and you're gonna wanna work out or because what you can actually see the muscles under the skin it gives you impetus to want to work out so don't go anywhere you know three or thirty stock at 3180616. WB and those of you losing weight those of you who have lost weight those of you who are keeping weight off but etc. How are you doing it the importance of hydration we've got all dudes on the line. Now. I know that we have a lot of gay listeners but it's supposed to be the women that are all of the we're supposed to have this just more for body image and they look in the mirror in these 110 pound women see this 400 pound woman looking back. And its interest in the guys that I'll soon to be more concerned about looking. Dapper and not svelte but you know it ended about looking good than ever before. Let's go to. Frank in Orchard Park WB Ian. Go ahead you're on. Actually I I do program in neutral most luck doctor Tom. From East Aurora. You're. Right now. Locked overnight. Jed. Yeah. The keys to it is anything we're talking about ringing a bell because like one of the things that David firefighting and comedy here is. We are being you gotta make sure that you not eating too much which also got to make sure that you're drinking enough water because it helps you lose weight and plus if your stomach is filled with water you're not gonna want a bag of chips. Trick create true or leader. I don't know what leaders are owed a Qaeda leaders of the whole metric system thing got you. Yet there are two big battle. With those. Abate. I took a week we ended up getting into the water coolers at least one and then you know five dollars a bottle water whatever ideal. I mean they're big huge thing we we were. Coffee black the double doubles a triple triples. I'll watch your diet in the Politburo. There exercise during the program they don't recommend it. But it definitely guy admitted. I'll be cheap and outlook. That was the toughest part for me when they demanded no more exercise frank. If I was like you when he would not seat. And we have to exercise that they often comes at a demands I drop and give him seven governor George what the because it's like you know when when you what is the one thing frank after ninety pounds that you have that you did not want to go. I walk out here you thought it stopped. Rap energy self esteem. It's who. Looked a lot of hope for. It's incredible really. Socialists like you don't. Through that process it's a pain in the neck Hampshire to buy new clothes and you don't dress a certain differently because you're closed off pitcher anymore but it does. It's part of a club. Just an emotional make over your different person people look at you notice it purely haven't seen probably years like frank are you healthy what's wrong with the U. And you did at the right way to discipline but that's self esteem is everything. After I got more safe frank it's great we're talking about that losing weight obviously neither of us are doctors but David is doing his Cairo than planned. And I can tell a big difference already and him I've done. The the this other thing it's on line it's it's it's a free it it's a free thing it's a free app but the bottom line is you just watch what you eat. And it's a lot easier and and the whole reason we're doing the show today is on the Rush Limbaugh says. It's a lot easier to not take in that the 300 calories in a candy bar that it is superb 300 calories on a treadmill. And it just makes a lot of sense that 300 calorie mark a treadmill how long it's taken it then in the 45 minutes opening at what you do on the treadmill. Meanwhile that decision not to have the candy bar in the vending machine that takes you a quarter of a second to say. I'll have a drink some water instead I'm using a freshly squeezed lemon in my water David do anything that you're using underwater just plain water and not make sure this'll count ten is up with other things mean so we can hear you need solved. You Jerusalem water you know one can also. In a tournament thirty starlet 3180616. WB and buy hourly and Olivia. Apparently we've got Richard Simmons and it.