5-19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2 on Weight Loss

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, May 19th

The guys start to take calls on different ways to lose weight.


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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Don't let truck goes double wrapped up their lead. It art she malware program. On the line and Kelly yeah how. When I'm driving I get to choose a radio station. Wait you are driving will listen to your radio state. This is the DJ 3000. It plays CDs automatically. And it is three distinct varieties of inane chatter. How about that weather out there. And David Bellamy then at least gritty eat don't praise the machine its hourly and Olivia. Looks like those clouds in congress did it again. What a bunch of well. But the the housing keep up with the news like that on news radio 930 W. All right it is. And and yeah I did miss a doctor's appointment today because I had two saved eight doc but. So in the village it was bill there is she just stood there is a lady who helped me to do assume walked over. And I told again I think the dock is hurt and wait for animal control and then this other lady came over this in the waiting parking lot by Hampton and and this lady came over probably in her twenties she looked like she could be part east immediately maybe Indian American Indian big east Indian jets of piercings and she threw up that hairdresser I've. And I figured that she probably works at a hair salon I just added a diskette that that feeling. And it if you are that lady annually and you're listening I'd send us an email Tom and David at WBBM dot com Tom and David WB and that issues kind of to make it difficult to. Camera animal control because I think what happens is somebody that adopt yesterday on main street in Williams bill and I think the doc I saw was it's me who's probably deeply depressed because they paid they mate for life. At a vegetarian so sometimes appealing and appropriate. But a lot of people they just really enjoyed the story. Of the dock being saved them all the buck is okay. And I have but email Barbara Haney for obvious BC ABC if Amber's animal control ever gotten in touch with her about the dock. I'm glad to see you've done a one media and docs because we've gone studio you step on the dock. Quite obvious that. A couple of that I say why it doesn't mean though he's got to believe it. So between the giant out of their reputation thank you of the Denver might attest guys that are there not. We got a giant dog get a canal side and we have the wounded duck and it. Don't look as Rodney doctor Rodney Dangerfield by the way. OK if you remember Ginsberg how he was the king of the wounded duck over the hill course correct these programs and over and meant that three computers Hulu for now loans at spurs and Elvis for gobble never turn green and and we would like him when he was angry. Let's get this in court losing weight but we've also it also got a story who are related some point about the ultra open Donald Trump. Is in trouble again with the media because something said about James told me. You know meanwhile Harry Truman will always be a Democrat I can because he told it like what is he would want people that want Europe and he swore a lot and Merle Miller wrote beauty blogs have big eyes for writing a book about. Harry Truman and he was salty and he didn't take golf and he wasn't afraid of the media but when Donald Trump does it is suddenly the end of the world. Suppose we should probably quickly tell the story now people. To do each of us keep our let's keep our guys have argued that the thing is once we get going on that in we're gonna just be we're what we're gonna eat where strategy if we talk about that. Let's get back to the calls you've had here he's right he's right we don't wanna chases squirrel but we did just chase that's out of school about a possibly Richard Hendrix. I Rosemary it's not a lot of Europe WB and now David is on this. Called back Cairo then. I've simply just I mean I can lose five pounds by the end of the week and abuses by a Rose Marie WB yen notes at David. This misses her as a very energetic. Our road barrier at hello hi how Mario still walk wherever you go with a all right rose Marino we're great. I want to tell you. I lost eighty pounds. And I started out. Was different right started out with sugar busters and then I went to act and and then I went to the curb diet. And when to Weight Watchers eventually. Wound up with basically the Mediterranean diet and what I get. It I walked every day. And I started and it took me forty excitement. To one in my. And then nine months I was walking in my field and 45 man. So. What are the great though the Mediterranean diet had to do with devaluing your currency. Without first talking like. Olives olives hard I don't grape leaves us back your walking more at a quicker pace and you're able to do it and then maintained even things well how much to be a stroke or eating. I thought eighty pounds but what I want to say as it is for people that are happy you may not want to join a gym right away. It it. Probably. More beneficial. You start walking because you're so happy. And when you go to lift the weight into the bending and stretching your house and then popping your comfortable and I think it's by a lot of people fail. Well he got you know what. I don't know what to assure you listen to but somewhere 2010 bit I was walking ten miles a day I didn't lose a single Powell not. One the single count it all came down to not what I was burning off but what I was putting into my mouth dignity. Right but. If you lose the weight you need to tell not and that when you can't wait. No rules for tele when you first when you started this this yucky so eighty pounds to your starting at six week too into it. There have been some times we felt like wow I mean battlefields ago I mean that it's a lifestyle change. And even though you're slowly increasing the ability to do were more you gain muscle endurance and strength and eating better. There were some tough times and and and how did you how did you continue mission through that. You get tested yet to be mentally ready for all of the it is and it is so like that change and you will feel so much better as time goes by. Let's wait and you your bare doesn't hurt your knees don't hurt absolutely you feel better. You know to release of the door and you look fatter. Wrote hurry it's also is it not it's not much what the scale says it's how your clothes feel and how you feel nobody can believe I weigh a 185 pounds a usually some people say maybe a 160. But it's how your clothes feel and it's also like your your muscle matters. I agree. And that's why I started for me that worked for me I'm Erica with the walking. After I lost about thirty pounds I hit the gym and I was doing the weight. Are the dieting and it's very important to approaching at every meal the Croat gains hold you and is better for your muscle. It gives it actually know rover that's I hope that's inspiring did to people because you know. When you look at people some people like I'm I'm I'm at the age where it's just not worth it or people are like you know on 300 pounds in. You know what's what's the point of losing eighty pounds when so much more to go if she's doing its slow and steady that public. David how many of us at how many of you know people who lost 100 or more pounds. They lose all this weight than. Day stop doing what they were doing and Sutley. They are back up to 300 pounds and in every you can literally. I don't know what the answer is on the guys and is it taking a daily picture of yourself a daily self it yourself so you can see that. Oh my god all this work or put him to lose all this weight and now back to the woman was started. But that's toppers Marie. And it's tough it's a lifestyle change in your gonna have bump in the road which is yet to get right get into it. And you don't hear and you don't wait the next day it you got off of that. Your diet your lifestyle change. You don't wait till tomorrow use started the next meal because you can start yourself and one day. Well I had a very. Dinner. Start with practice if you went out for pizza in the afternoon and yet many diapers you take it easy and your dinner and you just. Lol. Well look if people who work in radio. You know what everybody who works well our most people work at radio are ridiculously obese. It's because what is a buffalo radio mic meeting all about pizza and wings will be served. The that they liked about it best is really personally it's the salad the cubs are the salary. Of course are also trigger on this show to a drug counselor and. One other thing I did. I prepped my food a scanning errors. I tip my letter that couldn't see any Jericho that the cucumbers that tomato. And I feel that. It was as Ron Paul selling the hold freeze dried ice cream and kept. Now you know what ask I don't I don't think most of the people listening at the time to do that time is our biggest enemy lately agreed. I. Well good for you Rose Marie great to hear from you. I. We've got to act Karen and we've gotten Neil coming up on WB yeah are you losing weight how did you lose weight how did you keep it off what is what is the secret what was the secret to you I think the secret is to. You know what it's it's that are working out to lose weight. What did you work out by walking past the vending machine that's the first step in losing weight and you can just gorge so many calories but building machine. At least I get the hundred calorie little chip ex here is accurate of a cell phone I get thousands of the day but here's Kara and a WB and hello. Yeah. I. Am in year oh. I know you may be. Hard. And everything and it may eat. What do you what do you anybody that is at the plate when you go out guys try to hook up with you and what are we talking about here. Just. Eleven years. I've been a right born out and I locked my way and yeah because I say I'm program and I eat. I keep my held accountable every week. You don't care and that's a great point that no has brought up before you and I appreciate you saying it. It's not so much losing the weight you lose eighty pounds you lose every time pot but what happens after. You don't time your talking about the program the apple battle goes away are you able to maintain it. They cared sounds like she found a program is now part of her life. Oh yeah here. It. Doing well yeah why don't try and do you know week I'm hearing that. Don't drag you off the wagon and all I'm going. Carrot you're right but if you you can never allow yourself to feel the product and even when I was in weight loss mode if I wanted to eat half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a Friday night I'd do it because I do that the next day I'd be right back on the program. And the worst thing they can lecture in the worst thing you can let yourself happened you would try to lose weight is feel like you're depriving yourself of life isn't any fought. Have some fun. I eat pizza chocolate every single I would wait. What are the trigger too firm I can he won. Now accolade became a can't about it. Right actually saved turns into a form of all bison did you give me. Lazar the gateway drugs to all these dementia the trip is the is the gateway drug. Carol thank you so much. That frees up one line illegal fast today it would get in the 083 on my thirty start at 3180616. WBE and so while we're talking about this because David's on this weight loss program called Cairo with them I heard Limbaugh today who made a great point about working. How to lose weight has never worked for him. And it makes so much of how many times in a treadmill deal looked down after what seems like an eternity and you burned seventy calories and then you look at how many calories are one chocolate bar if you can see how fast weight can just pile on. If the biggest control you've got is your golf. Right now let's go to to not Kelly or Ryan let's go to middle of forest barrel on WBE. And I've never pictured using heavy dude. Actually but 215 pounds. And I got my area cholesterol in my sugar. I think like you who have been exercised or in your diet and pro. Okay are you know garlic and apple cider vinegar seemed to be their big things right now deal so -- what do you do as far as garlic do you are you able slice it so thin that liquefy eyes in the pan like goodfellas. I cook it in every single molecule vampires nightmare. Well look I only date women were part Italian so strongly like garlic that comes with the territory I expect that I want that I need to have a desire. Yeah. Slightly for the prior to one initial. You do. What he showed an and in who had a great time appreciate. Glad glad you did I hope that you had a chance to see bill's a Segway many say where'd. Yeah we were toward Upton or do you Rivera. Went over my career that you were tearing it up with a mini Segway you did watch everything go about it. Actually I must I would. All that was one of the highlights of it I think about the eighth event technically ended at eight I don't think I got all like committed to wait until 835 because we've blast after. Well my way a little harder yeah yeah. Well and yet understood that thank you very very much and great barrier. Always. Garlic David is that come up put on your plan your program. Well first raw garlic it's great that garlic is God's gift normally there there's a lot of weight loss programs it again they they don't allow you to use spice up your food. And this one's exact opposite that like what are you want on within reason of course but. You don't you know when it comes to taste the sacrifice that to stay away from the food daily salary now celery is a great food. But I can't imagine David that putting a little francs or your favorite hot sauce on salary is gonna do any harm actually to me it's kind of like the reason I put lemon water real lemons into Whitewater I want my flight ever. I gotta get a look at the wrong that. And garlic are all well all the way guys what is up with this this infatuation lately with apple cider vinegar people I know are using it as an energy drink they're losing it to lose weight I swear apple cider vinegar is about as big as those little things that kids are playing with now. The finicky kids but now everybody's play with a the spinners yes splitters which of your suspenders and I hear music but there's a different kind of Spinner out there right now which is. Almost as much fun is the spinners were their head it. The deli owner. Yeah. Got a little weird. Al goes a long way and venues take off of a band I think we addressed called. DC PD's. In light of the FCC today. It is don't wanna get an unnecessary. Travel. Now something we're going to be getting into later on the media David we're talking about dieting and how you lost weight and kept offering up his David's doing this Cairo then pairing and I've been fighting weight my entire life on finally at a level that I feel really really good about. Maybe ten pounds or 105 pounds. Is all I really wanna take off but David I. A bit of predicted that once you lose the weight. And you start to see the outline. Of York basic training body come back into shape then you're gonna be hit the gym and you're gonna come in here absolutely ripped by August. Does that that's what happens if you got a good like it if you've got a good basic body that you built when you were younger. It will be revealed as the fat comes off in your gonna want more definition the more you work out and then you're gonna go with me to Mike Taylor and we're gonna get just a nice suits. Finally be respectable. I act and it's all about actually I there's got to cut down on the weights because I I found that. No big group taking questions that that I had become a laid back a little bit and go for definition rather than ball. That sounds like bragging but it really it really isn't just. What you thought of something you wanna keep on going weather by the way the media has the papers about something Donald Trump says today I'd like to remind the Democrat liberal bastards in the media about a Democrat icon Harry Truman. He once called general MacArthur a dumb son of a bitch. I fired him because he wouldn't respect the authority of the president I didn't fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch although he was and then there's more Truman then went on to say most American generals are dumb sons of bitches that was fine with the Democrats the liberal media BP BS basically turn Merle Miller and played speaking at one man performance into a fund raising icon it was okay for a Democrat to talk that way about somebody fired but Donald Trump says James Kobe is and not job and you think the world's gonna come to an end David. You know it one of the things a Harvard study. I just on this article Harvard study has just. Found that the media. Is overwhelmingly. Anti trump with their bias. That's why people at Harvard are Smart nobody else could see them from a mile away but also a direct connection from the study that long periods without food and hunger. Usually show. Also how when you drink a lot of water you to believe the studio to. Yeah there's an image from bias no joke. I mean we're trying to find. I think fox was supporting drop. I have that anymore actually. We've gone through the they'd just wired Bob Beckel a second time he's been fired again. So they brought back fired again but the point if we show host on the side of you've got. Why everyone is talking about this league. Meant whatever the transcript got leaked out the media. Where the president is talking to Russia about call me being a bonehead. Listen duke point that the media have eyes the president. Of the united states personal conversations. In what should be the literally the most secure world and they. On the planet. Is alarming it's disturbing. And every one whose I can hurt you know you want to put the First Amendment protects reporters. When it comes to your son or daughter. Overseas. And they're working with the local national who's giving them intelligence that local national name comes up. Someone targets that guy throws a car bomb in his driveway and killed four American servicemen and women because of of a leak like. That's cricket series. And I'm talent you brat Chelsea Bradley would ever Manning running the streets right now to win. She you know. She posed for bunch of photos yesterday dressed in lipstick in her she's not a jailed twenty years early everyone thinks that Chelsea manager hero. And yet. We have information the president it's his personal conversations. And that we're talking about what he sat. Not about the fact that we are all reading his personal conversations in the Oval Office the world has literally gone race. It has and I'm telling yourself that we've seen this happen several times before in history we saw an eighth in the 1860s with Lincoln. We saw in the 1960s with Kennedy endorsing it now in the two thousands with valve drop a bomb belt dropped a sure as hell don't trust anybody around the planet parade route through Dallas fort Erie times. I thought you lunatic when you said you know he's the fire wanna were armed autonomous the way the government works listen. I'm wrong your right he has to fire every so I don't care if you were nominated by Republican president. Anyone who was not. The new rule on January 21 2017. They obviously have to go this deep state thing is no longer a joke now anybody in the swamp has got to go a half ago I don't think trump is crazy either for the surveillance claims I don't think he's crazy at all I think he's spot on. Let's go to some calls WB Ian talking about losing weight right now but folks again when you hear the media breathlessly say total truth Donald Trump called. -- folks Harry Truman called Douglas MacArthur and American war hero World War II ace of a bitch in the media thanks very Truman walked on water so any African break this this this it's area this put an outrage. This this vapor light that the media the vapors about Donald Trump all concern me Chris Paul ball. He's here where he said that it that would have to begin to right now that bought YouTube is asking somebody basically to prove a negative which you can't do at 3 o'clock today Washington Post story that we just got. Law enforcement investigation into the possible coordination between Russia and Trump's campaign. Has identified. A current White House official. As a significant person of interest. Person of interest. What are you talking about. You are so now this that we now have so much in the White House who we believe is a connection between the collusion between Russia. And the White House you don't need someone in the White House. Isn't that would Russia. That's why I need a curry eager to get to Russia when I'm the president of the stake in the United States and you're accusing. Being inclusion I am worried that the swamp is gonna dream as well or kill Donald Trump as I do mean literally killed Donald Trump I think Donald Trump is it greater risk of assassination than any president since JFK they're going after Rex Tillerson. Well let's let's get to the calls is that by the way don't call the Secret Service that's not a threat and concern about president trump greatly concerned because the swamp will do anything to stay in power I don't trust those people in if I was Donald dropped it on the say this again I've player everyone of those bastards it was part of the part of the swamp before it took profits as many as I can legally buy dinner they'll get walking papers now too late parity call them. The my plan all along wait for Tom to say something all of the remotely connected. That there's there's it's been awhile since have been on the front page of the here's Catherine East Aurora a WB and Catherine hello. My arm I gave it. Quick note and wait not. How like you I was doing parity a lucky lucky locking. Did not lose one pound. I could get somebody here didn't do anything. And that I totally control validates a cutout of a shiver kind of as hard as that was it is that police succeed at losing 53 pounds was about one minute of exercise. And then after I lost out there wait I want activist yeah I started to Langley. And I went I am I had a woman make me address for a couple wedding for my kids and I want secular second tank. She's that I had even a lot more weight. And I said actually as he's about twelve pounds back and I I'd been doing weight. Right back but your car I will bet your clothes fit you better people don't understand that you can gain weight. And you can actually look better and feel better because you've gained muscle. Yes you're Honda that I'm still not where I want I would like it was more weight. I'd like you said it I in my clothes fit me better and people have no idea that it actually put some weight back and they still think I have a great. Well Catherine I often you know I I. Sometimes they get word on Friday nights I often bounce quarters off my own but talks I mean it happened have you trim and you have you been able to firm up areas that were your quote problem areas. I don't. There may come up outlet I don't want to be if his image as troublesome question for this like a a lot of women seem to have issues with beer but to actually we think am I but facts are self that. And they're not. Now I've but that's now one of my problem areas I would rather have a leg Spinner I never gonna have serious side I know that I'm always gonna have six guys. I'm sure they're like you I'm. Only like 51. So it's hired in as much as I try to firm them up they are Japanese Iraqi town by town might can't simply can't expect. But I personally don't see it but I can definitely count how difficult it. Well yeah that I'm like 5 April by Ringo Starr standards at six foot four. The the Italian national basketball team town would be a power forward. And let up not. You don't Kathy weird thing is. Win win all these young people instead Graham there's a whole cottage industry of people who've like take photos of their butts and did it come into grand stars on it. It's weird to me how. You know when when there's a part of you know that everyone wants a big but now they're getting surgery. To butt implant. Slit did you say that some people liked big bucks. I'm making an ally. But by my reported that won't be getting implants for you know. Their body parts I I just read a story where this guy. Got implants to look like he has muscles. Ache everywhere isn't going you've got you've got. I mean you know. What would you would you look at shortly Dwayne the rock Johnson and you're helping your friend moved which you can't lift the couch but you look like here. You know you could bench press Rhode Island but you can't lift the the Ottoman up to OK we'll just talk about that. Where would you get implants to have well no in fact. A big turn off for me is ominous sound totally gay. Breast implant and breast or why do you women do that I do you think that guys look at is boobs. I think they've pulled. Up. Yeah I think women do think that. Yes. But but seriously and you know in the old days I'm sorry but went when people started having these breast implants on us. I'm sorry I don't wanna feel concrete there. Well I thank you receive an animal Barry Manilow. I lose power and I. I don't have any issues if anything I would rather just have they left but not CNET. Well okay that's one thing but but women that can tell it this just more for women who think that you've got to have boobs that stick out the Cleveland I don't. So if you wrote in my wife lost 35 pounds during her pregnancy because she stopped drinking beer for a couple of. Who has ruled the all right well we'll thank you Catherine good luck with your continuing quest. We do have a confession and buy hourly in Bolivia. It. Daniel price you pay. Power they have elevator we need to break news radio 930 WB eat but I will be back to calls it a three ought to at thirty you're losing weight you've lost weight. And hate the the apple cider vinegar craze what's up with that between that ginger. Try going to restore some time they're so. Hourly and Olivia are we gonna take some more calls let's go to Andy in the I don't want to on WB in Andrew and a. Yeah I get a story. David Edwards but we're sure. The manner tuchman shall there were shipped in time eater or two a in my much. Or. Pedestal might under repair little wish it gays and those wondering now. Here shortly part to prison diet. On movement. There are so anyways I can go at that but anyway I turn with that I'm going to be trouble five dollar Fulham. If you'll get in trouble that's. I'm thinking of he has to work and how well it's great he's going to be sorted prison. Did you ever though that that subway think that there there are people that actually went to subway every single day this language in thought that they could lose weight because of subway but really when it comes out through his. Just stop eating whatever you were in instead of subtler. Well you know. Here's another text speak for yourself I'd love big boobs. Here's an NC David tell by hourly he doesn't need to lose weight he needs a asks. Strictly to. What is is that supposed to affect myself esteem. Ignorance at any time you want to get a third degree read my my Twitter messages via huddles up you'll feel wonderful budgets I hit the break your bubble but a pretty much surrounded by electrons about women so yeah that really hurts me as a guy I don't know and twitters as you to mess up. The tournament or keyboard muscles at any time. Could go to Wilmington could have been good point a beater and I'd throw punch all right but what you're Sam's or what. I that I kinda and you write all I have to do was killed and five pound animal week show. I think it's it's it's never too late Enron auditor. Star not really and at the thing is is that you know the the you hear about eighty pounds he pounds. It might be ten pounds in the first time easy that it's fifteen minutes to when he but at the end of the day. I mean we want you around me. You know and and or overweight for too long unless you're a Democrat voter that we'd like to have as many ice cream cones as you possibly can. If if you love seat yes we invite you actually at every day we didn't bite. All right Jacqui thanks callers very nice. 803 Oda thirty. This this farthest exported interest in studying humans like oh yeah. It didn't. Listen when it's positives don't read it when it's literally today it's it's like I hit it just it was even were if it was relevant at this people should look. I think people give traffic updates insult me. It out of me I mean that. Probably written by some guy I was late in his life hey you look like Katie Lang and there's at a traffic. 19 in South Africa.