5-19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3 on Sasquatch

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, May 19th

The guys start to talk about a fake story which says a man was sexually assaulted by The Sasquatch.


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News radio 930 WB EN your father as far as as far as trying to lose weight or maintain weight you can eat anything you want. Have a friend who swears by food combinations here in this now second she's not she's like you know what you can do you need to combinations. And that way you can eat whatever you want. It's just a combination of how you put the food to get there you can eat anything you want. Hourly and then her her examples like what you eat like gum. Stage. And potatoes. Indeed ability. Like on the Enron. And thin skins not the thing. And they'll be back. You can eat anything you want. On news radio 930 W. I hate it are infidelity under his radio led thirty WPE. And I. It's an unbelievable. All right doctor entered earlier that the export. We're just saying the same thing. Caller who's on number protector whose phone number and with 747. We could just said the exact same thing and we won't tell you on the year when we just a bit yup tell us about it anyway it is that eleven minutes that opens after a five news radio 930 WB in Orleans albeit. We have a fund with wit a vodka you're talking about weight. Loss and you know it's impossible to have results Dave some people do for health reasons. But. At some point we got to do we show on dating. And we we do show on what you want and what women want as a felony I think men and women usually all wrong and women. I know some very good friends who were women who have the big boobs but. But now but what I'm saying is. Well the Cortes is this is go somewhere I have another friend who's out. To women who is undergoing who have undergone. Breast reduction surgery. And I'm just I'm just saying it is I think women thing. I think some equipment and then speak to different languages eloquently what. I luckily your brain thinks that debris and the we you're sure like dating because. Yeah. I. It sounded somewhat like him on the other for anybody listening to how the showbiz on. Let the number one thing the number one thing it in any in any relationship were being attractive to the opposite sex it is. Com. Millions. Do you have hold on where's the dollar over the number. Another another number one thing is it is is do you have eight days and personality. You funny. You farm to be around as the other person in the form with their round you. Is the important thing. It and people I think there's there's more people out there people who look in the mirror and there's nothing wrong with them and they focus on the one of the one black kid credit from the teenage years instead of all the good things that they don't talk to people of the opposite sex is gonna chill out and be yourself I guy yeah everything Orchard Park with the day. I got up audio marine. Who goes to bars and he leaves behind a fake AT and withdrawal that says he has like hundreds of thousands of dollars in music out. Did go to let all the time and adds a little bit excuse me you left this behind it is like oh you just throw that. And I. But a developers. I think he had to go to the casino a few months back. Because split when we're at the casino when it actually was paying money out on. We we saw a slick about a purpose slip was left of it. And the the balance was like 3800000. Dollars and it is. It didn't look real delicate paper didn't feel like real ATM paper and I think your body might have been at the casino. Yeah and I know I know that could have been one at the casino because I can it would free spin there anymore which is why it won't go. Well Lou the hot streak ended but at least at least you know I haven't seen at a casino is bigfoot. Well that you know what Bryan Allen the bride for percent this out to us this is pretty funny this is from world news Gately so you know take it for what it's worth. But otherwise known as world net daily yet well number I love these stories in Colorado a hundred claims that he was sexually assaulted. By a soft watch. And here's a 37 year old man who was out as hunting cabin one weekend. And he was checking to see it was damaged during the winter storm mountain. And all of a sudden a large eight foot creature. Eight foot tall punches hurt like hell this is quote I was knocked out after the first blow when I regained consciousness. They guide our days from these fast question Ari torn his pants and his undergarments and he stabbed him in the shoulder with a hunting knife and that made him run away. The guy who is being molested by the eight foot SaaS clutched in his hunting cabins was able to stab a bigfoot which would mean that. If forensics are done properly we should have DNA. Of what bigfoot is correct yes throwing we put upon our FaceBook and Twitter what I. What I love about the photo of the foot. Is that it's next to him and his velcro shoes. And that this foot is like body and close to the toes or you'll notice footwear and I got to look at the picture we put up on FaceBook are we talking about the bigfoot but. Yes the bigfoot it way left footprints but consider I consider it but yes the bigfoot sports. Is. If you look at it it's just way too. It's it's ridiculous to think. My point is I guarantee of the conversation that happened right after the story went public was his children sitting down with a insane. You know dad. Your mom have been separated for a long time and there's nothing wrong with this coming mountains. You know what the united you don't have to make up. That's Oscar watch I've not seen the story but you wanna giving assault teachers put in pace again twittered now and it's obvious and if Maria repression it is it's just it's not refresher. Well it's up there and I can assure you that the guy I'd I think you just invented the story about the guy in the other wondered is it some of the foot he's got the John Bolton is there yet but the foot and having c'mon there's always a bike if you've stepped in play right now your foot would look better. All all I felt all the today. Okay that it where's the other foot. Was this guy hop with a stopwatch op. I think we'll watch this early well there their ability to investigators found some extremely large footprints on the site which they believe are those of the a grass sort. Now first of all. And not get it. When you look at the alleged bigfoot foot. Okay it's a huge foot but said they would have to wait an awful lot of the soil conditions are every and it doesn't look like a very deeply impressed put for a well here's the thing why isn't that if it's an eight foot shop squat you don't mean has a size 47 foot. I mean it's got to be some what proportion Shaquille O'Neal and the size. What 141540. Put these seven it was 73. Whatever 71 he's got a size fourteen foot so an eight foot person. That is literally. I've put this pocket just. I don't get here well the guy's name is mr. Whitaker he says that he was sexually assaulted by a SaaS watch. In Colorado and his hunting cabin the best he can do is stay. Abbott the assailant in the shoulder OK what's the first thing you think of what you think hunting camp. I would think that would be fine thank you I don't. Why couldn't he shot a law Shaq has 22. Men are exactly do you think India Australia more than twenty Tuesday acres. But as far as it's a nice even number at all but I am pretty sure he's got a whole closet full but anyway and no air Jordan but anyway. It's estimated that if you're being assaulted by assess what. Is stepping in the shoulder or the whatever should assess what would it was a shoulder but I would like that. Or shoot it so I can say look I'm the guy who finally solved the mystery there is a big foot there is a SaaS watch now what the DNA comes back from the knife. And public ought to bet it's gonna be disguise. Blood would bet that. Here's my thing if I were to listen I'm all about people that are victims of sexual assault you definitely go for it tells someone it's horrible. Horrible crime and there's nothing funny you don't know that being said if I was sexually assaulted by eight foot shot squad. That story would go to migrate there is no way I'm holding that press conference as you know what. Do you hear me three to seven Molotov hourly but I like to say. A personal note here I was at the timing wise this weekend and and I would you wanna see evidence of the pain of being ripped off. Tell us a policy that the evidence of the pants being ripped off we're. I wanna see at least the preliminary. On the blood that was preliminary. Results of the blood. Your lack. Like Dolan has seen a shop squat it finally comes out and it sexually molest or should I don't argue the first guy. To have you know proof of life with a shot squad and the proof of life. Is the fact that you were sexually assaulted by. The most unlucky guy in the which are which it may be that actually goes for his arrest because the wilder a story this guy's coming up with me as long as this guy is handsome you know pre existing condition of telling tall tales maybe he's to be able well that morning it is often stranger than fiction that morning he did not put on after shape as he's known to do he rubbed his face expand. You're just making that part of right of course I'd I don't know why why yes I squad would. A I don't know you know all of the stories we heard from organ watch and it never was about. We've got to take we've got to take a break and if there's one thing he'd do it it's breaking in to assess watched or not every day we get to talk about a sense watched that we're we're not gonna populate the rest of the show by any means because. I think in the maybe if if this is like eight foot faults got to be genes called. Only got upset at being fired by trump. Politicized to fly to Colorado and just try to take his frustrations out on somebody in this for hunter does happen to be this weekend a mature on the chronology works up with its but it could possibly be plausible and that would be another bombshell announcement for the media and chauvinist asked what this man was wearing. Closed my eyes yeah I mean was he inducing an attack on me you know sometime you was asking for a you know sometimes you're out at the lodge you decide where to cut off jeans. 857 year old man was walking to his hunting cap on Sunday to see if that it suffered any damage during the winter all of a sudden a large gorilla like preacher were dropped from a tree in front of him and punched him in the race it was at least eight foot tall and punches it's punches like at all I was knocked right out at the first blow. Mr. Whitacre was trying to recover from the attack the large humanoid creature began to hear his clothes while letting out terrifying holes when I regained consciousness he already toward my aunt it was tearing through my underwear I stabbed him in the shoulder with my hunting knife and that made him run away they are ready to carry a heavy night when you're not wearing underwear. Maybe it fell out of the clothes that were being torn off but what you see the picture of the footprint looks phony is now that the the alleged Sampson and the story. All the other stories just totally the jump up there could be wrong but you know outlook of some weird things in this world. But that that you have follows are a lot more plausible than bigfoot because you know I can understand statistically billions of stars and billions and billions and you know what life probably exists elsewhere and you know what it probably has visited earth it would surprise me at all if -- aliens eighth grade science project I can wrap my mind logically around what I can't let my era mind around logically is how can there be all of these eight foot tall creatures in the woods of North America and elsewhere and not one person has run a humvee into one. Or not one person has had one you know hit by its Jeep Wrangler or is Land Rover why why what are these things super Smart. It OK to hit my trucks. You know also brings a really good point first off on any current idea. Colonel. What was senators. Steve. Austin yeah that means you've often referenced and another person imagine wanna remind us pot is legal Kyle product. Benefits is it true that is 11 thing there but. Well law and order ash asked to use our squad special victims to what I Don GO very well I. About our did anybody else to stop watching law and order SP EU. With the creepy morgue assistant. Went on a Rampage and killed the corner event Eliot it was a two episode thing that's when law and order SV huge jump the shark with me I never watched and after that episode because it was just it was so bad it was like are you lost me of them so. How how coveted. Integrity idea. Where you could legitimately go home your family and say you know I am a crazy day today I was heartless. Almost sexually assaulted by S squads and everyone's just like that that he'd realize this is the deal. Well I would like to know Morgan top I'd like to know more about this guy's background number one and number two because I do believe that in many cases truth is stranger than fiction. The DNA has got to be. Only. His sorrow turned her down that before in the year. I kind of felt good to do it if you liberated now anyway but. Did DNA will will conclusively tell us the the make up of this creature is actually a set this is actually excited. Well. We're gonna. Wait a minute stops I feel like I've deprived myself you could blow your rivals. The only sort of food poisoning and that's right payless and I'm not I'm not questioning this man's story at all I'm just saying I think he's high. And drug during May have seen it you're a lot of that the please don't deny he was sexually assaulted. They're just saying that it was not a good or bad here however the picture her wearing an. It put guys. I gorilla suit apparently put it this guy has this in this could be one of the most historically significant stories were root out there because with the DNA results come back it will say whether this thing is a human or whether it is some kind of a hybrid of human alien and April. Solidly geno check in on line which. Sure I'm still way it should own this is arch and it's. Our shot. Ignored what is going on a Colorado man I don't know if you guys. At the baseball team in buffalo well I was ordered Tommy UFO abduct these there were Western New York. I don't think you know what those stories always end up with you know the dump. They always had hope that Obama and count. It what is it about aliens and and how big feet and sex stuff out of it and power the ability are the up holders of all the is pure and virtuous in this world coming up president trump photo the word bombshell has come up David. That's another bomb shell trump announced she'll roach or. Via media have has the vapors again we'll tell you over what a news radio 930 WB yeah and so we'll show. It was not just. Atlanta cops dad's. Way of that it should be. So then my wrist watch. That bagels stance lives could never play out this guy's way a bit of treaty while. Now that a while since I've heard this one like about never. Thought oh well and it's about earlier relevant to our FaceBook outage along with a picture of the doc that I tried to say this morning instead of going to the doctor which was supposed to have Duncan's. And a doctor's appointment and otherwise it would have been there earlier and as fate would have let them myself in the drugstore parking lot just before my appointment and at least doctor gee it was very understanding why I couldn't make the appointment today so hopefully the office ways of the missed appointment that he and give me an early next week. But. You know as this time of the year when ducts you know that sometimes they think roads Sheridan drive in mainstream in southwestern. They think it's a river Cruz appeared document the smartest creature of the world and you see a whole bunch of stuff will belong you think it's a river when in fact it's tracked. And I do my best detritus they've got us in trying to cross the road but. I it's it's a sad it could be assessed or it might have a happy and I don't know go to our FaceBook page and check it out. Yeah I do what I can for the betterment of the world and did it much as opposed. David Bell is doing the best weekend for his life because he's losing weight. Andy's on this Kyra slowed program. I'm not here here David here's our little lose five pounds by up by Monday which is really ought to lose a destructive to go to the machine at all. Five pounds magically gone by Monday who would against. James. Bell John coney a typical week I'm not. According to present trial. And the media David they're having they're having connection fits over this but I said that in the media they're gonna use the word bombshell like once every two weeks preferably on a Friday favorite what's up bombshell story today. Well the bombshell is that now while trump was meeting with the Russian ambassador and the foreign minister to Russia. Donald Trump called James called me. And it and said no I think what we're not job and said that now that. James called me is fired. There won't be. You know he won't have as much pressure on him about Russia now. That implies of course that you buy your genes called me specifically because of the Russian investigation. Which doesn't look good for Donald Trump but again I have to remind you. Why are we to give me I mean listen. I know you're not gonna I'm not out of Barack Obama fan never have been probably never will be all right. Any time if the president state is telling us what he thinks about. George Bush would be thinks about his colleagues is political enemies. Not a conversation that the media needs to be putting on the in the newspaper moreover. If this is what you're sending for us to to look at so we can all pile on Donald Trump what are you holding onto that and national security. I mean there are congress you would think that you would have at least the privacy in the Oval Office. That these things wouldn't get out and if you're gonna argue that the Russians leaked it. Doug doesn't that sort of prove to you that Donald Trump isn't in cahoots with the Russians that the Russians are trying to make it look and willful deliberate. Pete a story enough people believe that like the story about the -- watch David it's it's like up it's got to be a parody news site because the same site also has a story about how he's a former circus trainer of circus animals trains squirrels to attack her former boyfriend and how it up a guidance on that killed twelve people thinking they were zombies it's all too so what we have just demonstrated is if you say something enough people will actually believe it because there are going to be people who believe that a guy got sexually assaulted by excess watched it's a parody news site hey. Phil can you play two for me this is Tucker Carlson yesterday and his program had. What I think is one of the best statements of what the moderate left has become this identity politics nonsense. This is what this is what your opinions. The modern left is no longer an ideological movement instead it's an organized movement around identity politics. That's the idea that every American is a member of a subgroup usually racial category. At that point and achieving power is to win spoils for that group. Another word for this is tribalism and is the most divisive possible way to run a country. Because it's not about ideas and based instead on an evil characteristics. Identity politics is inherently unreasonable there's no winning arguments we're even having arguments there's only victory or defeat for the group you belong to. Your game is my loss by definition. In the end it every group finds itself at war with every other group. It is the perfect in version of perfect portion of the American ideal. Out of one mini and it never ends well we know this because it is the story of much of the lap rest of the world and the left has brought it here to America. And that that's so true I mean how how much of what you're seeing right now this is not will want to talk muscle Penske and happening in Europe for. Centuries I mean what when you talk about the French revolution. It was about spreading the these guys there are eating your drinking champagne Indian Turkey every day were starving and their ranch in where pour in let's do something let's let's do what for the little guy. This tribalism you've got right it doesn't matter what the truth is we could find out tomorrow we can look into a crystal ball we could have testimony and years of a study. Listen eight independent prosecutor has to defend and why we have independent prosecutors so what is going to get prosecuted on this it always. Happened to Patrick FitzGerald. And the Scooter Libby nonsense. What are what are you come up. Who out of that reply when you went to four hours who lives. We don't 24 hours and gave the State Department and yet they can continue to go until they find someone that. And that they're gonna do this is. This is going to put it. This is a SaaS watch story this is a story about a woman who taught her squirrels how to attack an ex boyfriend. The folks. Here David this this is the point here that. The the media are so desperate to lynch. Donald Trump. Bet they are throwing. Everything out there to see exactly what sticks and remember for every minute that Donald Trump has to spend defending himself against these false SaaS watch allegations. He is not going to be able to pursue his agenda. And I think we've already established the fact. That the media. Are the media the left and the Republican establishment and the swap will try to they're they're simply trying to lay siege to the trump presidency they're trying to wait him out. They're trying to make sure that nothing gets done and that if he signs an executive order that the swamp doesn't like they'll take it to the ninth circuit and it will go absolutely no work just like I think this I think this investigation David is going to go nowhere because I don't think there's anything bear bear with trump and Russia this is a BS story this is a SaaS watched missing ship found after 100 years of the Bermuda Triangle story that's what this is but if you repeat it enough people believe that. So let's get to the next issue of what the argument is you're implying that the Russians. Got into Hillary's emails gotten the DNC got into John Podesta. Now again. The premise is that a foreign power gave us access to find out that the party. And the candidate were corrupt horrible individuals are so. By revealing the truth they helped Donald Trump went. However exit polls show you. The them the number one reason why people vote for trump had nothing to do with how corrupt Hillary Clinton was it was a new promise. Manufacturing jobs economy. That stuff. Forget all that. Now let's get to the collusion part so now collusion means that the Russian government. Donald Trump into power and now expects Dow dropped to carry the water for the Russian oligarchs and potent. What evidence have you seen that Donald Trump has done. I think there isn't a heavy placate Russia there isn't any because. And I meet this is a major upsets watch story that's all as the anti media David has become world daily news report. Barack Obama whoever once said was Muslim. The argument was this guy is a Muslim. And look what he's doing for radical Islam you can at least connect dots to what unfounded story what is his religion who cares he never said he was Muslim he says to Christian why should we question that. But then you look at the actions why is this guy going out of his way of doing things that. The last eight years of the administration didn't do and everyone in its national security apparatus is telling them are horrible decisions at least. You can see something this error from an un founded. Unsubstantiated. Allegation. This is an unfounded and unsubstantiated allegation with no evidence plural I don't even see probably car is the Michael Flynn. So Michael Flynn took 3000 dollars from Turkey here's the horrible rob about people that are in national security jobs. There were only so many jobs in the United States. And foreign countries love American military people they love our military that the best trained the most best equipped and the most intelligent. Officer corps in the entire world so it's beyond belief that a NATO partner will hire a contractor who has military expired to give them at a but if you look at the ante up to Michael Flynn when he was Withrow. Decided to go against a military operation that the Turkish government an error gone were against to begin with so naturally. One plus one equals communism. One plus one equals. You know I've. Basically where we're sure that. Michael Flynn was working on behalf of the Turkish government will of the military action that the truck administration went width. That Eric on blast what was essentially extending the boundaries of war. And empowering the Kurds to basically go across the border of Turkey. Which is something that we have been very carpal waited. In the past were comfortable in the present we love our Kashmir are friends we love the Kurds in Iraq. But they have done some pretty crazy stuff in Turkey and the Turks aren't too happy with Kashmir are crossing their border. Something that's not. Or Bob. Is Donald Trump just continued a policy that Barack Obama had. But because Michael Flynn who by the way with seed has never seen as an essay. You know never had a position because they they got written twos and the fact that he's connected 300000 dollars is making or Donald Trump change policy it's complete. We need to break now we'll get to calls as well you don't rate on I thirty is the phone ever start on a thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet you know three on I thirty start I thirty and 180616. WB EMI let's get back to the calls this is a bill in Williams will. Bill you are on WB yen by the way what does it feel like to never have received a sexting photograph from Anthony Weiner. All my it's like to I am actually chose I'm not even worse. Let's let your let's go to recruit. A millisecond too far. You know I mean that's for face to news. The American government a lot. I think that's for lenders or say most of us with only slip of quality. Of it we all shields and what army. Is. Okay specifically what is crazy because earlier this week to me David and I that we would predicted that the word bombshell is going to be used the recent once every week or once every two weeks we'll what we'll say once every week once every week probably heading into the weekend you're going to hear about eight bombshell. Donald Trump calls James call me a job well guess what Harry Truman called general MacArthur and just all be not in those words he used the full words back in the 1950s. You can pull back in history and then you know Adam's yeah. Check a look at. Shoot and see her at her hand error an I'm Erin Burt and should activate it. I mean that the language. Alexander Hamilton. You'll soon be replaced then did the ten dollar bill by Barack Obama. Air and let the same thing I'm sure it. You know they're talking about nothing no wonder that some except you know this this pervasive. Abuse. Who and there are OK I actually it's sensationalism that's what's so they virtual circle. Matt took effective. When it's such a warm as such in the pews. Of how the actual or. Do you know it or any true you know. Which are actually. Returned. To. Did you pick you and your phone that is just and intelligent cart or open or is your car open. Welcome all our ability of the ball clears it up please because that's where you really annoyed. Well I do apologize. The that. They're the biggest thing here that tragedies these days just. Don't know these people and there are at school or a magazine meant Alice in state law. Thanks a lot but speaker of the people for the worker and not bow. Okay and remember to honor the seatbelt laws of New York State and a buy hourly ability of U well actually recent subjected to 150 dollar fine we're going to be sending you in the mail. All right all right thank you very much and I believe that's three points on your license and would you accumulate fifteen point two are no longer able to listen to buy hourly and they'll be I think that's how it works or it could be mistaken. Are the OJ in Natwest Amber's to judge David on hold for awhile what's undermined today. That it goes your. I just had them a topic about word choice. Because like when you guys were talking about. Weight loss earlier. Hello we're listening. Yet David it had been about self esteem. In a related to your. Wait for your appearance. I think I'm British said that but what's what's the point. Well either way it. I thought it was David Abbott could be rock no but I'm just saying this innovative self esteem. Is that self esteem. You know. Well it well what I mean I was trying to say is. Would you pay for what you mean and we're gonna get back to after 6 o'clock is I don't know I don't know what you mean I've heard you say you don't. You know what I mean like it I still don't know what you may stick for screeners to replace figure out what he means that we'll get back to go after 6 o'clock. Self esteem I believe we used in the context of weight loss and I believe also used the word just more via which essentially is you can be Adonis you look in the mirror and you see Archie Bunker. You can be the sexiest woman in the world Angelina Jolie and you look in the mirror and you see you don't hold yet you don't see with the rest of the world sees them. Beautiful first. A beautiful person or you can also have the reverse complex which is called. Eagle made here is a behind the microphone for four hours every day and you think God's gift actually hear nothing but in the a correct that it is safe to LA were driven back just putt it just witches in itself the side of megalomania. It is I'll.