5-19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4 on Tribal Mentality

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, May 19th

David Bellavia brings up a clip of a black man who slaps a woman in the face after she repeatedly says the N-word. Which is more egregious? We are trapped into little boxes by the Left. We are now a tribal mentality.


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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I love you David. I've been very good match. All old. Moved. And I can't stop thinking about. Let premise when they see you style this new mole. 92. Our lady put some hot shots when I tell you something right now I don't care for you for the putrid pleasure trawling out. Potentially change the laws would you sleeping on a business my job to help you get factors bench remarks as much. And if I'm going to be doing a holding my nose I'll be doing it with one man than David Bellamy Paula just say when I look in their eyes mr. I get a different methods and we'll leave it about its hourly and ability. But quite impressive. Bordering on spectacular on news radio 930 W. Circulate guys know who is good buffalo cop he just be an article and it it's all over the place and it's a legitimate news story. And these things happen from time to time unfortunately. But this from police one dot com the city of violent at Cincinnati mistakenly put out a proclamation. Honoring a guy who killed a police officer I kid you not. And the way it happened that it look all I can tell you is it clearly was Donald Trump's fault and I think this is clearly in another trump bombshell why Donald Trump should be president. But other story in itself is is true and it's tragic but I I have no doubt that the media will spin it is in some way shape reform. I mean if there was a Republican mayor and I doubt would be in Cincinnati but you can pretty much imagine what would happen. Hillary Clinton. Hillary is is the gift that that won't stop given David now what have you found I'm Hillary's front. Don't go to the phrase it that way but I think Hillary front what have you found. Well we have leaks coming out from the Oval Office where the president states speaking foreign leaders but the leaks coming out of Hillary Clinton's campaign. Is a video of Hillary rehearsing how to avoid a hug from Donald Trump during debate trap say it yet so that it. Its current issue plays little games during the debate you know that it's kind of hard to argue why she lost the election. She's literally rehearsing how to avoid. The hog that Donald Trump made giver. And it is just to me nothing nothing resonates with voters more than Hillary that the person who just loses warmth and love. And and Hershey's refers inaudible Borg Hewitt cut. And the all after the government it all looks like a martial arts things and certainly broken down into the various moves you would do and now David is assured. They can't get it through their minds they just can't get through. There would you be why don't like Hillary Hillary lost the election would you seriously rehearse. Like I let's talk about what to do it. This shows that how every single thing in the Clinton just look at the Clinton family war. Everything is rehearsed nothing is legitimate way of your ability to work really love it dancing at what they thought was sublime privacy that beach. You know there's a good point there Europe and that was so I Syria and corrected but not to think that you have to rehearse audible void. Howell. Two or I'll blog every you've put your hand out so analogy get Bob back in the day. If Miller had to go through that it is if you really want to avoid trial hog at the debate. This is that it actually won election before she could just blocked his arms apart and they kicked it right the Mets and the walked opponent she probably what are election I'm saying and maybe if she stopped rehearsing hugs and thought about maybe I. I don't know campaign in Michigan she would have been president. You're a man and a thought it was its other Russians don't get it that's right. In fact I would bet that I would bet that Liverpool and probably taught Donald Trump how to capture Hillary Clinton avoiding Donald shrub hug. Are you hearing this story about James coney hiding behind the curtains to avoid Donald Trump. If this is this every other way it is this is this is actually making its round this is Sean Spicer Heidi. In the Rose Garden when he was actually doing naval reserve duty is so on May seventeenth there was a story that James told me it was caught on surveillance cameras in the White House. Blowing his nose. On a curtain. Thought that story commitment that it totally different way these surveillance tapes have been turned Allred the attorney general job solutions for determination as to what government property was damaged. No honestly the well if that is a really got it. Know that that's a part of Canada. But but be that the whole idea here though is that a James Coleman allegedly. Tried to hide behind a curtain to avoid interaction with their candidate David it seems to me. If you. The director of the FBI. And we've. FBI. And you hide it behind curtains to avoid the president of the United States. That he said to be the behavior of a job and I don't know. But the the actual story now again we don't know because there's so much stuff out there you know we have no proof that. That does Donald Trump call them an odd job we don't know that any of these things were sad but it's about shelter from the kids and unsettling report from the New York Times. That James told me. Was the ceremony occurred in the blue room of the White House many senior law enforcement were officials were there. Including a Secret Service director. They gathered around mr. call me he six foot eight he's wearing a dark blue suit. And he'd tried to blend into the blue curtains in the back of the room in the hopes mr. trump would not spot him and call him out. I'm sorry but. That's. About the story. I don't think that is making its estimate what the idea was that co only had said to again we're not hearing this from probably we're hearing this from people in the FBI. The cult we did not like being around now he felt uncomfortable he felt Donald Trump was was trying to schmooze him and you know be close in jovial and shake his hand give my hogs and called out to dinner you mean the same James Tobin who testified under oath that Donald Trump didn't try to influence any investigation exact okay batch and go live to judge Donald Trump has this has this reputation of being a charmer. Obviously not working charming man I'm saying with the media it's not ask me just look at the media that is what I don't yet believe. The ideas that he did not he would wanna be around immediately be sucked me wanna go to dinner you wanna be buddies with Donald Trump you want to be the FBI director do his job. And so when trump Solomon in the media. He blew kind of hid behind the curtain to avoid him which is I mean again this as I wanna see a picture. Oh we. There are pictures I'm sure. Well I policy picture and video beat you know I wanna see it. I want to see it because it backs up what trump allegedly said about Kobe being the job that's a pretty much anything I ask you if you're FBI director you don't hide behind the curtain to avoid meeting the president of the united that present a truck lonely guy you've got to be one of the most maltego. We will always be happy to fly their own expense to Washington and have dinner with you will paper whatever we eat. Will have dinner with you. Will be the media for you mr. trump. The worst worst and ask tough questions. Like why do you keep doing stuff that virtue but we're gonna do this stuff the media is is doing which is just totally ridiculous. Now let's let's go back to what you say in west Amherst now Jay hit us with an eight game hit us with your best shot. When I struck that player earlier. That it does he do not very well. OK we do this for a living you guys do this once a year you're entitled to be a little nervous. You. Know while I was trying to make the point is yourself esteem. Is you know your overall Belfour as a human being. Just turn my own Michael often answered him up all your lives in reference to losing weight. I'm not just in reference to what well see means. Well OK so perhaps the term has been pasteurized but the colloquial. Understanding of self esteem is that. Usually people have self esteem issues meaning they do not value themselves as they should be valued at valuing themselves as human being one example of that is a phenomenon known as this more failure were it perfectly wonderful looking person can look in the mirror and see an ogre I keep using that word is more fear it's generally associated with people think you're really really fat within. Make me an item aqueduct and just held. Like after me I'm overweight. So I don't use the word self esteem I call it self image or self image. Yeah I mean. I think we might be split hairs just a little bit because for those who don't know from where this is coming we started off the show talk about how you lost or losing weight how it's working for you David's doing this Cairo's one thing. I did lose it dot com which at least that was freely you're still might be free and basically with me all the that was trade me oh you're way too much for back off on the food and the and the waitress which is port right off. To the point where I've actually lost too much got poisoning so. Now I just would like to company B five and then that that's it I can do that this week and a win myself the right now get back to your mother of a tale which it lost it don't make it on the payment so anyway Jay is all wanted to say self esteem and self image. I know I really enjoy yourself. Like their data as well. Of course that goes Robertson and of course you told all your friends that if you put up a link to our site and your FaceBook page. It. You are a hero sir and a man for the ages and don't worry about stammering the first time out look. I don't know what I'm serious everybody thinks you know you know what it's funny because pop up I'll tell you a little story. I used to ice to smile at guys on stage when they're playing guitar they've won no wrong all night I'd smile and we get them are right. Then I found out -- and sometimes you're on stage it's not that easy to see the fret board sometimes it's not easy to see those little dots sometimes there's a lot of things going and you don't always get the right now and it taught me a whole new lesson about what it's like to these stage performers I respect everybody who goes up on stage and can play and in the making a lot of mistakes and I certainly respect you giving it a second shot after you know maybe stumbling a little bit out of the gate and he's he hung in there you communicate and I applaud you for that you know why because you have. Have good self. Image you have self worth that's important. Well. You don't wanna be too self thank you wanna be all self important you don't wanna be a megalomaniac. That's but but somewhere between megalomania and this more for your there's a happy balance three could be pretty happy with yourself and your life. We get on a quick note for myself before I go I just recently found out that I have been. Well I respect and type two diabetes even though it. And are you under a doctor's care for a are you under a doctor's care for it. Yeah I got my a one seed number down. You know admit tenant. Well you know what that's awesome end to the best thing you can do is make sure you've got a good diabetes Doctor Who stays on top of it and a one C of course that is basically an indication of how you're doing in the longer term as opposed to an hour by hour glucose to. Active like a three month overall. America. Well objective for you would continued success or cut. Thank you got diabetes is a bitch and it's it's what killed my father in anybody's going through a diabetes you've got my idea my thoughts in my prayers and just stay on top of those numbers it's really really important. And we all remember Wilford broom resent. If it is hourly and bill Libya and we started off the show talking about their weight loss and and you get it. And that we actually spent some time I think making a point about the media and how it what we what we did with the whole set swatch store. And I hope you caught it in all the sublime glory we taught you in real time the power of the big loss. And how could you repeat something often enough people believe it is the truth if you have a basic baseline of credibility. And we are and we always were well the work that story it was was utter nonsense but what we did is we showed you that the media. The way they can in seriously mold public opinion the more they talk about Donald Trump be in stupid the more they talk about Donald Trump be evil the more they talk about him being irrational the more people are likely to believe it especially when once a week or once every other week they used the word bombshell to describe something that Donald Trump has supposedly said. And the funny thing is. This is the guy who wanted to drain the swamp. That all these leaks that are supposedly word for word what mr. trump has said all of these leaks prove his point about the swap needed to be directed these are all people closest to double trap and it reminds me of the mr. X character in the movie JFK where mr. X meets with James here Jim Garrison and says he is surrounded by enemies everyone in the at and everyone in the loop knows it but no one knows. No one knows who it is it does have a face but Donald Trump right now is surrounded by enemies if we should go back and pull that mr. extra thing from the movie JFK for which Oliver Stone will probably sue us so let's not do that but it really is a good accounting of tell it Donald Trump I think is in mortal danger every day of his life of me stab in the back. Eight. Look here's the thing though I mean whether or not. Here's the thing if you voted for Donald tribunal which guy. There there's no secret there's no evolution for Donald Trump for people that supported now for such big fat percentage of the population. And as wipe it away what I'm disappointed. Is that the or is there are folks that I used to believe and look I served under Bill Clinton. And if I was in the military and Bill Clinton's need to invade whatever country. I did I would have done it because commander in chief that's what you do your soldier and you do your job. I thought that there were people in our intelligence apparatus that truly thought the same way and it's deeply disturbed row seat partisanship. Show up now there were many many people in the CIA they did not want a Wednesday. There were many people in the DOD that did not wanna go into Iraq. And yet at the end of the day they rallied behind their president said. Well we're or openness all the jet let's go let's go give them hell. I don't understand the life of me how people can put. Their duty to their country. And engine and by the way this is what we know bought presents a New York Times how much is out there are some idiots thumbnail drive that they can give to whoever they wanna get. David we have talked about this for you before the national media even came close to cover this story a couple of hits a couple of Hayes seeds in the 58 the removal marked witnesses in the country we told you there is a civil war in the CIA. Between the patriots who served under let's say the bushes and and some from the Clinton Era. And the people who were the Obama revolutionaries who basically wanted to destroy America as we know it. And beat the peep about a great word by the way that's exactly what they take they consider themselves to being Shea. Is what they contenders. Look at it folks there is a civil war in the CIA I talk we talk about this for years and years and years and Powell Donald Trump is the guy in power Donald Trump is the guy who should have a loyal CIA but he doesn't it he's got people in the CIA who were trying to destroy him ever try to prevent two president trump for a while rolling the Obama legacy and folks it's a civil war civil war civil war man and I'm telling you I'm worried about president trumps safety every day to I think it'll be a Dallas situation. Now but I certainly though that dramatic there are poisons or got a though is given to somebody they evaporate almost immediately and it'll just come up a president trumpet a heart attack and died. You know we won't have a supporter Phil I'm worried about president drops it to every day because of what I know is going up in our intelligence community and the one thing that I think should be great lesson of history amateur through JFK or somebody else don't (%expletive) off your intelligence community and if you have people of questionable loyalty you've got to. Often before we ought view while Chuck Schumer had a point. He said they'll they'll give back kitchen don't don't ever cross those boys get back. We're at daybreak we come back I'd news weather traffic everything you love keep it locked here all day about only about the happiness. Did developed through the middle of the thirty WQB he had. I wish that we could share of the conversations we have off air here. Kevin ignores it is a lot funnier than we are and Phil Kennedy is convinced he is a CIA mole. I used to think it was our curry but I think it's filled cavity now because he's just a little to quiet whatever we start talking obviously I think there has had success no doubt the cavity he's on loan from lightly object made it for me but I'm probably gonna go at Langley got him I think he's the. Overplayed estimates say you know fills a roster guys that we are talking garbage plates and how players you know that's the big thing of the food. And south buffalo has replaced bubbles try to come up with a and it's candidly. It's like we're on the beans hot dogs some. Dungeon dragon dice I don't has publicly serie a sponge. You know whatever it is some Marlborough men dolls. Throw those in there or new ports I would like if it smoke menthol cigarette would you go with your boring and and the man Paul. Which you wanna jump to the Newport or. Or let the smoke once the Arab world. If I'm gonna smoke a cigar I'm sorry but I actually had my first Romeo he quit yet in awhile. And wrote at Battelle how emea I don't Romeo and Juliette it's a Cuban cigar moderate mild and it's become my favorite Cuban cigars with us through my brother and I kept my brother and I were grilling a Memorial Day that I mention what's your 5000 times that my sauce a memorial that was the hit of the entire family in the could not believe what an unbelievable cook I am with this owns my sauce that I made up. Anyway long story short. The Cuban cigars I didn't think we're all that good but I think the other ones I had were counterfeit these were absolutely the real deal. And what makes them so good. You know what they're not. I think part of it is psychological. Actually Cuban cigar I guess about the shot that that's part of it and the other part is I wanted to if it was a cigar Dave. Obama different Dave's apple it's the general on Saturday nights here at WB yet. There are a lot of great cigars made in Tampa in Miami it was a great cigars made in Honduras and Ecuador but the Cuban I think a lot of it honestly is psychological. Now gee you don't inhale that smoke I do sometimes yeah. And is it the wrapping that makes it's a fun. If it's everything it's the blood of tobacco Osaka and remembered that these cigars are all hand made their hand rolled there's an arc to it. I mean you or your Phillies blogs I'm gonna guess they're not hand roll over there that's the thing always shocked me was that Sony. You know Cubans obviously have immigrated to the United States especially under Castro. Why couldn't we grabbed one of those cigar guy's. And have a Cuban cigar remain in Tampa but we we basically do because what what what was happening before relations normalized kind of between the United States and Cuba which by the way I might be the only conservative kind of guy who's happy about that as I could never understand. Why when Russia was kinda this week you go to Moscow when China is content as we go to Beijing but somehow Havana it was evil because it was Communist government in the logical sense to me but. There is a thriving cigar industry in Tampa and eve were city. A Miami a Little Havana we do have some some great Cuban cigar masters in the United States and suddenly I have turned into cigar Dave I'm going to shut up now because the next thing that actually you know that next thing you know I would start drinking on the air. I mean openly. It's by our ability I WB yeah if you like the show benefit if you don't like to show you can always reaches an email. At. Top and David that. At WB dot com. Todd and David at WB EN dot com here's an interesting text hourly and Olivia are they like Simon and Garfunkel. You know what that's actually one of the nicest compliments that you can actually give us and I presume that was the copilot and the fact of the matter is yeah. But except here's the difference between us and Simon and Garfunkel. On this show neither of us are like the ego maniac of the show we are absolutely equal partners. I don't think this is the early show anymore I don't think of it as a meat anymore I think of it as the week you and I think David says to. And because we were friends before we started working together I think that that that adds an element that you just can't be just two people off the streets. Makes a radio together. And you know you also eager to win when I did it ever is on with Sandy Bridge there is a magic there there is a chemistry there because they have a genuine friendship and you can't make that up it's real. It's genuine it's this year and hopefully it's the same thing. With that with the show and thanks thanks for noticing that would please use a government hated each other and well that was the case where I think it was Paulson and it was like you know what I'm doing all the heavy lift in the I don't like all these great songs all our uncles who is hyperbole. They did get together to get the tour a few years back I took my mom we set fifth row. It's one that I took her for throat Paul McCartney to and you know a source for that I my mind is wandering I hope you'll forgive me it was Mother's Day last Sunday which is monthly commitment. As long as I live I'm never going to forget. How awesome it was for me just to be in a position to be able to take my mom's in the dark oracle Paul McCartney basically front and center. All after everything my mom did for me were so over the years and mr. cry if I continue with disparate it'll start with the texting reflects the bigger thing. It was a crisis just Rachel I don't know. Isn't important this is this is the humanity of Tom Bauerle. You're upset because your mom you were able to give your mom something I'm happy. I there's tears of joy tears of joys but they did she look she. Idolize The Beatles. And never thought. Because of her income or because of the fact that she had to raise the kids. On my father was opinions but I'll never get a chance to see this and that she finally yes help what was her response did you say both visible and my mother is emotionally. Like my mother is he rock okay I've never seen my mother's really angry I've never seen her really really happy she is but she's not like she's she's she's not a flat liner. My mom keeps her emotions in check and would tell you. I can tell from her facial expression she had a great time both nights and I did too and there's nobody I would rather have been sitting next to. At that concert. And I mean my kids I can take my kids the record shows but you know she's obviously a little little of the that you just don't hold on you've got what your accident. You know I'm just I'm never gonna forget them and outs in the some special person on special feeling his entrance that's actually a very beautiful thing. Well there does come on now let's get back to implants. Actually have a price for a bigger part of the inheritance mom didn't work yeah well it's a split before always correct. Four ways with it the Israelis that the dysfunction if there isn't pro rated. Well first four of us know would've saved pro rated for the McCarty that it could happen. Now there's a chance there's oh it's it's absolutely about corset I certainly had any decency they kept me he would have been you know. Will usher wing and before actual planet talking about this morbid you know the show kind of took life on its own it doesn't every day did you hear about this woman who used the N word searches and basically. Got slapped by a black man. Right. Could we play a little bit of just the height. I. Okay. A savior. Issue black or no she's a white drunken or she maybe has some mental issue but she was using and were profusely. And the guide me from saying call me again and she gained at least now. Which are asking about this is that what you writes remember the famous Baltimore raven excellent running back respected guy. But then he punched and knocked out his fiancee which by the way football amazing that ultimate fighting maybe has a career. He knocks her. Out and you know it's a professional actually. And it is a big drag her out of bill or the the elevators while professional athlete he's a woman and nobody. But he defended re right because he hit. Do you have the Rihanna. Chris what does brown Chris Brown thank you. Chris Brown Rihanna OJ any guys that you cannot leave actually spit that out that that is for you yes and then you've got tiger. Now but you know you gotta mark Reid and Chris Brown Chris Brown assaulted her every when he needed Chris Brown. And it really mean his career he's now the point is it is the world told us in the politically correct world. There is never an excuse even when she gives you a valid reason is never an excuse to hit one. How Webber in store or even using the and word is not too few excuse bought in this is our story Tom by hourly every one I'm gonna say 80% of the comments I'm reading and this is a viral story. Top line news everywhere. Everyone saying she asked for it. By using the word and so when you have now Tucker is I play into the stereotype but this is the thing. It's Tucker Carlson talked about the tribal mentality of the they create these Petri dishes. Women aren't this. Gay people aren't that you can't you when you once you and I identified as something that's in a box. That's who you are and that's what you want and the word is absolutely re elected he can't say you can't. Black nor should you do what your finding that people on the left are safe you can slap a woman. If she calls you will that you can't. Just. What she calls you you don't hit a woman he slapped her silly I mean I'm sorry about sort first of all what we you and I differ. On the inward because we you'd think it's like really hypocritical that black people can use it and a white person if a white person uses it it's the end. Up I don't I think the final word is a word unto itself it's even more radioactive than the C were used for women. And a white person in my opinion a white person should never or even if you are biracial I don't care if it. It if you are. Identifies black which you've got skid that is like high yellow told you don't use that word it is a special word in our society because of the pain that hatred the murder that went on associated with the anwr it is absolutely radioactive this woman should not have used it that being said what is as old as the son David in terms of chivalry the idea that men do not hit women. I don't care if she picture right in the nuts you do not hit a woman. Unless of course you're doing probably go off and upbeat haven't beaten up by women well or not ever got to get in insult the restaurant. But see here here's the thing my whole take is that when you're talking about the and word you're talking about the societal consequences of saying the N word. What I'm saying is is that when you talked to someone who's about to commit a murder. They're not thinking about societal consequence there in the moment and they're basically saying is this a moral thing to do it. So would you take the standpoint of you don't see the Edward because it's immoral for you to do that because of what it stands for. Actually respect that. Because it actually your your basically saved. I won't do this to my own integrity. I have character and I respect the history and I respect African Americans won't do what I think about it I've used it I mean I've been really honest about that I've used it I excised that from my vocabulary I don't even use the version of it that it was with the the hate it's because I'd just like it is that this respectful and might might generation. It is that the little difference between our ages. Our generation was introduced at its radioactive but this millennial generation you don't mean do you you don't go anywhere near it. But when you see older people when you see people sixties and seventies it did not have that PC you know giant. And shall fall on their head of you can't do that you can't do that. This is absurd to me if you want to get to the bottom of the complete. I'd schizophrenia. Of what America has become it all comes it halts focused on the Edward. The N word and the fact that he wore. These can be used by some people. But not by other people it would be like say I don't show up heroin is legal for homosexuals. But it's not legal for heterosexuals. It would be absurd you couldn't ever stand an important state because of my skin color. I am not allowed to say social things that other. People because they're pigmentation. Cannot sing it's fundamentally un American and quite frankly the more I hear people talk about how radioactive a word is. The more I realized that once they get radio active. Two schools of thought that we got to take a break so of course we can tell you yet I know I know we got a breaking news radio 930 WV yet it's our ability yet so you know the I guess the question is is. What is more socially up. An acceptable using the word or a man striking a woman I think they are equally unacceptable. And the you know the other school of thought on this David and we don't have time to fully explore what we look the way we'd like to is. Are people giving the word too much power. What if we just ignored with that just take away its power like when somebody uses the F word too much you know you to an out of the F word. At the F word properly used to be great communication tool but when people say say say it loses its punch right about what's happening now with the and word is that it and first of all. If you use the N word in your profession and you're gonna lose your job if you're a public figure and use the N word you're going to lose your career. So I'm not. Advocating for any hateful word whether it's against Italian injured Jewish people or gay people or black people. But what I am saying is is that the outrage over the and word is 100%. Manufactured. By people who want to get Chia they want bush should first of all think about this. And the fact that you could have a good heart and be a good person who makes a comment. Who literally you're you're sitting a Lear from a song that has the Edward edit but because you have a different take me your your skin tone. You're racist but and you will be forever known as a racist I think is ridiculous that. Might fall under that might exculpate. If you are not seeing her case. Because he views and yes the guy who was a more. Freedom by President Obama he used at work in this on her racket so but you weigh in on a field on. Ridiculous because you brought this up and we decided not to go on an angle to you're talking about the confederate statues. That are being taken down you know if you read Tom. Mark Twain and you had a character from a book you would be kicked out of school today. You know favorability at Tom buy hourly we love all of you thanks to Kevin ignores that and that Joseph Kennedy VCR it plant in our show. And god bless all of you god bless us everyone. In criminal justice system sexually based defenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an Elite Squad known as the special victims unit. These are their stories. Maybe Colorado a hundred claims that he was sexually assaulted. Bias us watch and. Now the DNA content from the knife and but that's going to be disguise on blood. It I was sexually assaulted by eight with shots watch. That story would go to my grave. The rule of law and order ash as being Yugoslav squad special victims unit.