5/19 SPCA Segment w/Gina Browning


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Gina Browning is with us from the SP CA serving Erie county. This is a rare Friday this is a special Friday this is a Friday where the news hound is a German shepherd that does not happen. Now it doesn't happen and we don't can't German shepherd center shelter often weighed in and and that wade and in the ninety's. We had German shepherds and probably every had a cam. And people a little afraid of them and people would walk out of their way to avoid a German shepherd community. Ten man eleven Tragically Hip and and they started becoming perceived as the hero asks me and ever since then we've rarely receive German shepherds and when we do. You know that's one of the priest very difficult to keep an uncannily environment because their minds are always going. We have to double B Richman time because they can deteriorate. Twice as quickly as some of the other animals. Seat he's an example and get this poor girl our history with her started in December when she was abandoned by her own iron. She was surrendered to the shelter her companion had just passed away so already she was experiencing. And in a sense of anxiety because she was completely managed to the other Don. And she started as we suspected deteriorating in the panels would put her in a Foster home. She can get to the shell chair a couple weeks ago she was adapted out and dean get along with it can't and household which is sometimes we thank happens between dads and can't. She's back now and she's had so many environmental changes. It's time that we can't describe all permanently you know you need a home for our behalf he had because it's talking like SN and German shepherds. Some people feel it's even harder and German shepherds and some of the streets now that safeties and the only don't people find the west Seneca I eyes on windy. Renny yeah away anything you and a girlfriend meet and greets so I'm thinking oh can go too well because if she's pick up for adoption again and we we've got some adorable dog struggle can't. That's a small animals. Up for adoption and good time to check out the SP CA if you're a vet starting this Monday he and mrs. wanna bring a actually this is absolutely she may feeder program that we offer we do this Memorial Day and veterans day it's called that's the pats. It's forecasting current members of the military they can adapt enamel for free. So we encourage him to commit starting money and it ends may 31 and bring it began in November now when you say vets and animals I think to veterinarians at. That's not the case here exhilarated responds with a sentence right we get an amazing response with that's. You know a lot of these adapters we often convert to our Pozen patriots program that I'm telling programs. Feeling opportune veterans. Some of them had just recently returned back home and they're handing. Political trouble adjusting summer suffering various levels of PT SD. And peace are working with their dogs training your dogs it's idling program. And the difference that we've seen in matches the animals than people it's astounding one dangling volunteer program. If people are interest in net they give me Colin the consultant and this weekend you also something's gone too. We've got the part clinic you know we had boxing needed several thousand on over the past few years the panel clinic is happening tomorrow. All of the information see your species act or how did the grand opening go. They don't realize fantastic I was just tying up the air we gave away about 800 pieces of cake before that two hour that was even over. So Latin people came out to enjoy the and then to see the sheltering Atlantic captions to. That's great well in the SB CA can check out the new location over in west Seneca and he hadn't missed out on the grand opening also. Check out C eighty pictures of Sadie your gonna wanna check out. The German shepherd on at news radio 930 up on Twitter and then now available at 11 o'clock today when 300 talent around our rights Gina Browning with the SP CA thanks so much for stopping by every Friday.