930in716 April 14, 2017 - Dyngus Day explaind!

Friday, April 14th

On this Good Friday before Easter, we explain Dyngus Day to the rest of the world!


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Her kids 930. In 716. Think this day it's fast approaching. And now we around here know in the 716. What is what we know the basics maybe. But it's a gray area for so many out around the country. In in this edition we clear things up on being Tuesday. Here's what the official thing is day dot com web sites say it's. Yet there's a website thing is day the annual post Clinton dash it attract tens of thousands to buffalo. To celebrate spring shall polish pride flirt with pussy willows yep. And listen to the best polka bands in the nation. Bernadette pot luck is the biggest day parade coordinator in his with us. And the podcast today to shed some light on this fund tradition Bernadette thanks so much for being here I'm sure you are a busy lady right now. Oh I certainly am and thanks for having me. So cool. Let's walk back in time if you if you will we're adding Tuesday began out of the song get underway. Opt out is actually a whole tradition that the equity 1870. In Holland at the end Atlanta. You would do a celebration. Forty days as that saying it and being very somber. It was a way to let loose and will be were patient with people that you light and just have a car handled time elevating the Angela and cheap. All right so I grew up around here and used to hear about Dingell stay here and there in you know I knew what was that Monday he you know after Easter but. It seems like it's exploded of sorts of late. Well actually we have on it it did start back in 1961 when Jack and Michael and her husband brought the tradition of being eight back from Poland to the western York area that. A sort of unprepared for the children and society and that but it was trying to put strict clean you know close to this society I think I'm. Oh about twelve years my late husband Russell and I had earned that eat up shortly and Marty being as we're talking about due to. Nathalie X band aids to bing is a tradition but they all include something it wanted to have a whole people they wanted to open it after one. And such a word the birth seeding that state raid. And armed the tradition of going to get as opposed to chalk and they'll let's open it by. So explain what happens what what you know what can people expect obviously there's a parade we get into detail on that but it is sold so much more and you know people take the day off for being Tuesday where where does it all begin on Monday. Well it it as. It's been a lot of different places. We do everything at state I get free that your area supermarkets and wegmans cops and the bond market but anyway basically all of those are odd that all new. It's probably about. That you could. The start you're celebrating. Who by the market opened that no angle carpet Christian church opens early. And you can go to a lot of different places for lunch. And I have some from traditional polish loading Easter black food. And then what you can go to the traded five and back and read in the evening is when it I'll explode traps land all the local venue or open the bar admiral adult called. But. And I'll polish music and the dancers come out and they do and Q and actually entertain you. And all these words drink actual they're out in the sorted out so that's really about trying to your your heart I did I tell people. Don't Monday I'll take. Monday a troll known and that pig Tuesday morning it could be your gonna need. Yet sounds like Tuesday would be a better bet. So injury so weird is all of this go down where does this all take place well earned a good thing the bad about it. Play and looked at start of the arms blown into strictly traditional old porn you districts are around the bottling market I think in Corpus Christi out in front of the central terminal. You know that where I'm going to be got a great start and make a giant loop around the brought reached or more area packed them back to memorial on the short he says he Khaleda. Content trade area there. You got your car great future in stand church spot market what you OO park and on and the bears Q but you look at hop on the spot for free. It will take you were in suburban locations to the black rock location to the cheek about the locations you can not not opted out all of eating and tried a lot of different venues you know different fans different strokes you know different then that it's really kind of and I'll write about it are. Or Bernadette pol like she is the parade coordinator for being this day and when we get into some of these traditions you know he said you know some of the traditional drinks etc. What are the drinks that are associated with the with stingiest. Well and everybody know you have a couple Beers on Asia yet and but what is that is any technical polish beer traditional beer comes in all of it at that you have a little just to Kato. Tremendous potatoes and get some traditional polish but I they have you iron down it could it which can be honey recur. That actor legendary short supply that they here we've got her scrutiny crappy. Code is that that one try not only that it is it you. It good it's nice and warm cold day at a completely powered down and it all laid out. All right before we get into some of the food I mean we'll stay and the drink for a moment and it sounds like you've you've taking care of the fact you don't want people driving in they can they can use one of these. It's a cost ya ya Boston red about it. Yeah we have our transportation yuppie you don't happen are we encourage you not to drag on but no drive. Our. So onto the food now I mean I think there are some obvious polish traditional foods but. Telus you know what what one would expect ending his day to added to be eating at one of these celebrations. Well I would it be what everybody would want to try retired and it's about not. And it cannot Eagles are real. Real stapled to help out on your target India achieved or are proud of potato chi town some people are experimenting with how you know and not bother. I ball labor. I that you IKEA yeah. And smoke there are correct Paula I page and then your card you can vehicle won't even some banged probably well the Boris or the public I'm escaping me now the the soup. The ones who between brown went on neenah dot com. Dog's blood soup. A better country what is traditionally they've got but ironically I found out when I was in Poland that in Poland they don't. They don't you the more they don't make it because it was repugnant. You it was something that the president made. Because they didn't have a lot of high and the turtle or when they look at the ducks are whooping actually do use park I'd end. So maybe I don't eat polish through all that often because of the names that duck blood soup I think I would stay away from just because of its name but. I you know what's the lump got what is that. A warm you are unlucky. At it I another and I may be another Michael ravioli or could be but what this does it meet. That even. And then. Perhaps it's like Alec. And other Arab armed with a cock Albert this paragraph here that I'll show you wrap it in a piece of cabin should have a league and they get in the oven and see our record date and Adobe stopped. So so you guys. Are it's a big east they were having some fun with it be you know it is a lot of fun it's a fun tradition and it's a fun event you know for the second half of of Monday and then Monday night. But I think a lot of us remember Anderson Cooper and A giggling thing that he went on and and CNN that one time I mean. Beat people left with a tradition and have we gotten over the Anderson Cooper giggle fest. Well. You know a lot of marketing and we were a little bit and by giggling at game time which I'm sure that you were giggling and not so much the tradition but calmed a bit during a national. I don't know public is about 30 we we did that compound because. We are with you I have a gentlemen I'll be quite ready to it coming I'm single. To be a thing that you read it online you counted on line the polish are here again and he. So there are people are coming from around the country. Because arguing it's over there that don't look at me. So how does stink is they get celebrated elsewhere mean is it it and I I get the impression it's the biggest in buffalo. How about we we completely neglected consider eating at state capital of the world I'd liken it to Mardi Gras in New York. You can't Mardi Gras celebration and all but it's not the same it's going to Arctic aren't a lot. So we're adding we're a little book and Marty we have our celebration after Atlanta. And kids have been real true king estate celebration you would come to box now there are other city to arguing a little copycat version of our right. Have to admit I had seen it online where there are pretty bad debt are trying to do what we do but nobody doesn't like lead. Ari Bernadette I know the parade is close to your heart you're the parade coordinator for being his day. And I you know with with all of this stuff getting under way you know people starting to party and celebrate being Tuesday at noon at that the parade has got to be pretty interest income 5 o'clock is it. Well. Here. But it got it it is interesting. I want to say that we are below unique parade you'll have a car. We are not traditional valuation performed. We don't have marching band and dance group should outlaw gang you know what flag stop. We are very bury bury you on the anyway to answer that. Others think it makes for uniquely have been that you are we have groups with a 150 people that answer we have. Irish people we have Abu Ali electric or you're to be polished not too cute Patrick and enjoyed being at stake believe we have families we have that you're a little ball is gonna be by ending state. Elliott coming and celebrating as part of the right. We have a wedding last year finding it and whole wedding party was in grade. So it is so unique that you really can't you can't appreciate it don't via. Writes a tell me about the prayed it starts at five weird as it does start from and where does a goat to. I'll start sign on that we have a bulletin of the parade. Right corner of Broadway and Clark street. The trade that makes a left onto Broadway goes in front of the bottling market up to show more. And that's actually a very good area you can bring your family got a good area there's a lot of room to spread out a lot of them par. So I know and make a left content so marble all the way down from street unpacked and straight and make another lap. And goes down onto the loyalty and although at a memorial and and at the circle and trying to determine. Kerry so that's why we're on the so this pussy willow explained it. Okay I'm well here the tradition. An armed guard that when you were. Flirting with a member of the tracks are in pink day it was okay. To take what you love and to have the leg of the other individual that you were interest begin with the what you allowed and that's how they knew he had an intra. And I don't know if you're familiar with there but how beaten probably not Bernadette. Hope you're allowed out there. They're the first thing to bug in the spring and AD but what fueled by the post legend. A mother. Odd that the language or move along to members. Of were very high quality talent the river. And a lot of that would crying that you couldn't let her kittens and the nearby and a nearby tree hurt her. We'll put it brought me and stick it branched out in the waters and the cooking up a trophy will clung to the branch of old but it went out and say. So basically bit parent. The Abu the first bug in the spring of our meetings reminiscent of the tricky Dick or want to ensure that the lone tree. Interest thing indeed. Are it's. So how concerned should I be. I am I in this Friday before. Biggest day that sandy beach came in today with an arm full of pussy willow. I. Apparently they're not speed a lot of women that you didn't shoot fitted that you got an all. Everyone I'm glad I got a I. Well listen you have a great time on Monday will be there we will let will be covering this. And Mike bigger manner reporter will be there and it it will be his first Hingis day so archery be kind. Will operate Bernadette public thank you so much for the time and I really unique tradition I think it brings a lot of attention and buffalo and and and like you said some people are flying in for this are driving after. Yeah well thank you chairman enjoy your your fingers stay. Married that is Bernadette pot luck she is the Parikh coordinator for biggest day you want more information just go to thing is day dot com. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.