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Monday, April 17th

In this edition we look into the Facebook murderer in Cleveland, North Korea and another new plan for a new train station in Buffalo.


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It's 93716. First the latest on the FaceBook murderer. Cleveland police searching for the suspect who fatally shot an elderly passer by and gruesome video posted on FaceBook. They see no more victims have been found despite the shooters claimed that he killed over a dozen people. Authorities are urging people is close by is Erie Pennsylvania and here in New York State. Indiana and Michigan to be on the lookout for 37 year old Steve Stevens. They say he should be considered armed and dangerous. Be on the lookout call went out this morning from New York State Police here in the buffalo area from someone you have an hour here. A man identified by police as Steve Stevens gets out of his car and stops an apparent stranger. She's the real world is what happens and totally. I then shooting him point blank with a pistol. The shooter that gets back into his vehicle and homely drives off. He just is chilling the suspect's claim to have killed many others the victim has been identified as 74 year old Robert Godwin senior. His family is in shock. I don't know what I can do. Not real. So far no additional victims have been found Stevens was last seen in a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags wearing a dark blue and gray or black striped polo shirt. He is six foot 1244. Pounds we wanna turn himself then. We'll look. Until we find them. In a statement to ABC news FaceBook says this is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of contact on FaceBook Bryan Burrough ABC news Cleveland. We checked in with reporter Tom Moore at WTA yen down the road in Cleveland. We're you know getting reports that that this kind. He never felt may have been bad splattered out starting in hearing I can't wait between I think when you got up but. But they have not confirmed that point yet the search for these beaten Google. Now. This. The video was originally thought to be FaceBook alive and now we're hearing it's just FaceBook video post that was posted their. Tom what differences that made in the investigation. Because too we know exactly when. This video was taken now that we've realized it wasn't alive. Apparently FaceBook was been able to do our you know checked. Not like at times they have but you know kind of be able to elbow back and you know. Take a look at it you know you know taken apart bit by bit. And figure out I'm white that it was shot apparently earlier in the day but still shot yesterday. What do we know about the crime involving Steve Stevens wanted to do. Argued he basically just. All of a sudden. It got out of that are left up to rabbit debt when he was mr. gatlin just slapping down the street minding his own benefit. And start paying something nonsensical thing here and are out there even abroad girlfriend doesn't I don't know who you're talking about. And next thing you know even still not a done acute problem in the head and it's. I mean I'm and I every time but be that video of this it's very very. Happening what are things. Yes so disturbing to. That's the one confirmed that murdered there were others mentioned in the video have any of those being confirmed yet. Not a single led Cleveland police checked out a bunch of vacant houses they checked up higher part of town not a single thing though. We really don't know yet they're really thirteen others did people. I think that he was just saying that they. When did these two know each other. Stevenson in the Scott went. No they're not in the if not it out yet. So it would appear as if it was a random killing. Is this search still in high gear for Stevens around the Cleveland area or. Have police mostly because of that pain said he's likely somewhere else out of state. No direct keeping an up or they know they have not cut back Cleveland police there are. Uploading multiple cars on the street and they had immediate area another report last night out. Every time somebody a white Ford Fusion and they were telling me not want blood but there are reports that he was. Everywhere here in northeast Ohio. And of course we cannot be absolutely nothing. I mean they haven't given up dirt on your either because you never know recently where he's really would be until they actually bring it up. Now vice president Mike Pence is the latest to leave the US message sending to the government of North Korea on its nuclear weapons ambitions. Visiting the region pence served notice that the era of strategic patience is over. And says the United States wants to see North Korea abandon its reckless path of the development of nuclear weapons. The vice president walking through the demilitarized zone that separates north and South Korea. With his family by his side pence peering across the border into North Korea and sending a warning saying quote the era of strategic patience is over. People of North Korea. Military North Korea should not mistake. The result of the United States of America. You stand with our allies. The alliance between South Korea and the United States. He's ironclad. We will fulfill that alliance for the sake of our people. And the people of South Korea. The visit comes as tension rises while the US pushes for North Korea to abandon its nuclear arsenal. Over the weekend at North Korea attempting to show off its military capabilities. The military parading new missiles in the capital Pyongyang. But hours later a failed to missile launch US officials say the ballistic missile exploded almost immediately after lift off. And now some questioning whether the US could have disrupted the launch through cyber attack. No comment from the White House or proof that's the case with this Boston watched. President trumps national security advisor of lieutenant general HR McMaster told ABC's Martha Raddatz the White House is looking at a range of options. This problems coming to a head and so it's time for us to undertake all actions we can. Short of the military option to try to resolve this peacefully. The White House is eager to use diplomacy to solve this problem and lean heavily on China to help. The vice president saying he hopes China will do is just extraordinary levers to pressure North Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons. Some perspective now with our political strategist Michael Caputo. Well I think we're at and I pointed tension between us and North Korea and he's a long long while I was patient in our career on the the end the current military. Exercises. I was in the military in the in the eighty. It's a top spot in the united we all know there there is no peace treaty between north and South Korea just apartment and and technical beer they'll war in the United States' options really follow and support categories and as they always. Either economic sanctions. Covert action. Diplomatic negotiations or even vote for report looks like. The problem ministries who spoke to figure North Korea's strategy on on proper economic sanctions. They're talking about an oil embargo on global Pam airline. There are probably intercepting cargo ship there and even not punishing Chinese bank. We do business with North Korea so right now it all economic that would and they're rattling with paper. In North Korea failing there are stunning off other built missile threat. Anything can happen. Is there were. Hope that with China and now me BO working a little bit closer. With the US on North Korea that things can change. Well we don't know how far in China is we you know it appears from the president comment and other things were sitting in the media that China behind that. United with the international community against these was rock provocation from North Korea but don't forget. You know we. Deployed Sam missiles and anti missile system. Are in in South Korea like we've done in Guam and Hawaii. After one of the other recent missile tests and China were very upset about that and they're still upset about it yesterday when one of the things they are quite president. And talked about him operator is stirring up the construction of that that there were still months away from having it ready. And Kate terrorism missile strikes on China idol though they may may may be all and then in opulent also. We have to remember another thing. Other recent corruption panel on South Korea where the president had to step out of are going to be prosecuted. And their snap elections being called. And we could see it here and policy of South Korea. It's a left wing democratic united party is elected they have been critical of it saying. Bad missile defense system in their balk call for more peaceful engagement with North Korea so we vitamin C South Korea. Are you a little bit more cozy with North Korea if the elections do via the way we we opened well. What we learned from that failed missile test over the weekend. Well Daria there's Sunday's missile launch the lead to nuclear test IBM launched. There's going to be a global response. Including China maybe not include intern them there but it looks like it's gonna include China. But the north doesn't seem to be quiet and wait beware of a contest tonight medium yet but after the failed launch. Our our yesterday. Or are expected he would create the most sort Carla. Are powerful weapons Brian are get together IT VM on deep that there are ready. If that happened altar girls. You know slowly but surely they're really building up these capabilities to do some serious damage. Well what I was stationed there. We would at night we would come to stop light and Ole opry and everybody would crop they're light on their car. And I I'm marker they still do that could even back in the eighties we expected North Korea to be able to attack. Art South Korea. And any back. And in fact operated you know its goal it was always fired that it scene back in April some kind of error or. We expect very north rewards are primarily now. But if they're if there is successful at it looked to be getting. Right now in the ICBM territory. Are other continent could be in BY could be in danger. On the American. Territory of Guam could be in a bit of an attack on Guam Hawaii or the other but it won't or three. Michael alas they made over a shift in policy for president trump you know in that in the early stages presidency here. Do you see at that point. Why you Donald Trump as a negotiator. I said many times on WB Ian. But if you think now talk to conservatives are going to be just ordered he would bark easily negotiate. Ballot paper example on the Chinese currency manipulation. And betrayed. Aggression you work they're. Our port gives China he's taken off the table right now is China is apparently playing a very important role. And calming him maybe even slowing bird bird bird elements of the nuclear capacity of on North Korea. Our I think Donald Trump the two positions as negotiating Serb. And did he need to set some thumping in the lives of our our side or on the bag burger. Well something like an international a global war is willing on the horizon with North Korea he's at he's he's willing to do that now. What North Korea calls now Albrecht India China. You know wants the area besides that they're not going to be using chemical warfare against their own people we won't see anymore attacked from from Donald Trump. I think that I'll probably good negotiator. The position he takes. Our our earth orbit it is it is cardiology and and to just be a art art starting points on in the Gucci. The campaign for a greater buffalo weighs in today on their plan for new train station in the queen city. Canal side that's out congressman Brian Higgins and many others still fighting hard for the central terminal location. But his teal meant with the campaign talk with us recently. And pulled the wraps from the vision that will be presented for a train station downtown. In the shadows of one Seneca tower where the presentation will be made. Convenience. Cost. Earning. Equal access for everybody. I'll point toward. A downtown interest city station it. Where do you think it shouldn't ultimately can be located. Well Washington street. Utilizing exactly the same platforms that the current exchange street station hands but we would act. Look at essentially scalp of the late so the sunlight and yet the station and then away it visible to someone. Popping out of the station. They get up to watch this street they concede the match around they concede a local bosses which go through there every thing. You can rent a bike it's the air hotels functioning right across the street to it and I use heavy reading across the street people from Rochester and Syracuse and take an excursion trains. And walked to the sabres game a lot to a concert. Obviously the entire downtown population whether you live there work there as excess. To not only of course the intercity train but all the other public transportation. Vehicles through their. When you look at the central terminal though I think a lot of people see this as a make or break moment for it if it's not used as a train station. I mean sure we just say goodbye and forget about it being used for anything else. Well at little Nat and no. Twenty years ago we did a study that concluded it would take because of these. Patients. On eleven million dollars just to demolish. The building any we'd much rather put those. Monies in the restoration of thing right now critically that power had to be restored there are no issues with that. And the disappointing thing is all this talk about. Turning train service there's nothing. You've restored the really urgent things and to repair them that the terminal these. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.