930in716 April 18, 2017 - Facebook Murder and Buffalo train station

Tuesday, April 18th

In this edition we look at the latest in the Facebook murder case and also another focus on the location for a new train station in Buffalo.


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It's 93716. It's on two big stories in this edition in a bit the latest on the dissension that's in the air concerning into train station from buffalo. We should know an answer on that Thursday but first. The story that is captivating this nation the hunt for the so called FaceBook murderer. Steve Stevens remains on the loose so far evading police after committing murder. And posting it to FaceBook. Today on our Twitter feed at news radio 930. You can even see photos of Stevens in Niagara Falls however we don't know when those photos are from. First the latest. They're desperate nationwide manhunt for the man who took and posted video tip FaceBook police say it shows this senseless murder of an elderly man authorities now offering a 50000. Dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect until it's dark here. It was just after 2 PM and Easter Sunday when police were alerted to the shocking video. 37 year old Steve Stevens getting out of his car and walking over to an unsuspecting 74 year old Robert Godwin senior. Stevens coldly explaining to his victim he is about to shoot him because of a woman. Garrido while I was out. Police racing to the scene of the murder but the suspect was gone leaving behind a trail of recent chilling close. Investigators say in one he says he lost everything to gambling or everything. Almost every America in another claiming to have killed more than a dozen people. Jim Sorgi be the lucky join until until. It's. Protection. Authorities say they have not found any other victims. But the urgent manhunt for Stevenson temporarily putting Cleveland universities and hospitals arm locked down and late Sunday word that Stevens is cellphone was pinned at more than a hundred miles away in Erie Pennsylvania officials revealing detectives who spoke to Stevens by phone shortly after the murder took place they try to of course convincing its own self stevens' place of work closed out of concern for its employees safety. He mentored Foster kids at a mental health facility known place record he's brought out to harm or good FaceBook disabling his account after reports of the murder video came in. But that graphic video had already been up for more than two hours the company saying in a statement it was a horrific crime one that has no place on FaceBook. We know we need to do better memory of the man who Stevens who randomly killed. Calling for justice and trying to make sense of their law. So we beyond shocking just feel like our heart is just ripped out of our tests like. If somebody's a brutally murder much like that some unbelievable. We touch base with two reporters covering this bizarre story. First Tom Moore with WT AM radio in Cleveland. There's no no real idea where Stevens he would never ever get well yesterday afternoon. We got that report about. Locked down schools in Philadelphia because of the possibility someone matching his description with these in the area that turned out to be not correct. But yeah I work we're talking about something it is now not a defined state circuits. Nationwide search yeah. Even hear it in Western New York there's a picture and that's going around. Steve Stephens. Apparently in front of DN goat island bridge at Niagara Falls, New York but. He has a niner county sheriff says it looks like it's an older photo but I mean they're got to deal with with laughs of these types of things. And have they given any indication how many leads and tips are coming in especially after that 50000 dollar reward was announced. That's the interesting thing as far as what we've been pulled. There have been a lot of of the tips that have come in only a handful of them have been really. Urea and things like for a that they checked out his ex girlfriend's house yesterday. In the county just south this year did find a number guns there. But that's really want if you lead if. Ryan bureau is also on the ground in Cleveland following the investigation and search for Stevens in a city of Cleveland. Definitely on edge. People are nervous to be out and about says they Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game last night and be in the area in the neighborhood they've got pop are urgent pressure on were people trying to get around to watch the game that your. If they think it into the game and I it would kind of a coached outlet but even though the pacers were playing the cap. And I have one man and how it usually occur that because that the market ignited. Now we get particular on the itself. People are definitely you're this year I talked to one street vendors should she try to keep a back against the wall mr. Redford big target all they lost you would. Shelley tapped out there are so I immediately definitely are wreaking a lot of people actually got Bakley. Does the belief their seemed to be that he's still in the Cleveland area. And that. That the question at the 50000 dollar question to be honest with you that the reward now being offered by the FB IA TF US marshals say in the heart or edit the gentleman Pete even. Like they don't know I is at the question given the evidence they eat in the area or at least she said we don't have any. At if you out of the area we don't have any information on that either so it doesn't. Even though they've got a lot of extra work off as far as location goes they continued to ask for the public tell you you might help you might see a lot of electronic billboards flashing. I eat eat and picture as well as information about his vehicle not only in the Cleveland area but across the country. All obviously all police department across the country are now being put alerts and out there to help Ella award decked out. A lot of residents across the country also are keeping an eye out. Yeah pretty common cargo till right. Yet really as it is like a needle in the haystack I don't quite. Ford Fusion you got back yard got to go out to the people level like Ford Fusion right now in the area are probably getting over pre. I admit it just to check. At this point. Up police don't have any reasonably that your operated of that vehicle but any you know it hasn't been followed anywhere. There have been near port stolen vehicle thinking of that nature that would lead to move onto other vehicle so. As of now they still believe he's attention that we Ford Fusion with separate fact. Who's leading this investigation and no one do we expect to hear from them next. You'll get an update around 930 it looks like at least Rick. FBI heavily altered at 8 PM US Marshal well. And and county and and federal prosecutor involved in the piece you begin to be trucked people aren't which is the possibility obviously this becomes a more national kind of prosecution. Bryan this just posted on FaceBook. After it happened is FaceBook reacting at all. They are. You hear what they said so far they've been they will work better but kind of laid out a timeline for how this all went down on Sunday. And they said first at eight. On the debt now 1109. Pacific I'm good at eight located. Aren't they got. They were hosting by these even. Eight we recorded a thing. I think that you would going to kill someone and then minutes later he uploaded the video here of fatally shooting. The 74 year old man. And it should in any one on U street lied about five minutes after that. You know contracting to decry it want them another ninety minute that. It. I'll and FaceBook still at that point 2.3 minute they look if you break it counter should stay out block the account completely. I'm so all told me it was up there are a couple of hours I think they're gonna do what they can't fix the problem like that for the most part it was just that nobody. All the video ordered it about ninety. Now that train station for buffalo where should it go there seems to be some late dissension in the ranks of those on the committee that will meet Thursday. To render a non binding recommendation that will pave the way for millions in state monies for the train terminal. We begin with congressman Brian Higgins a strong supporter of the central terminal who's calling out those pushing for a so called. Downtown location. Perk involved you know can help I need in the street designed to get people in and out quickly and efficiently. Not buses entry can help garden a couple of patients and restaurants. Not a tree and the water permit for people. That's awesome intrigued and I do think that it takes it. A long time ago and think about potential terminal to distort building in buffalo. It is eligible for federal and state tax credit. Which represents about ten to eleven million dollars for that projects. A wide with a consultant old Mitt any reference to the availability. Until Wednesday tax credit now keep in mind they're calling it don't count. A month ago there were calling it yell shut. But when they got pushed back in the public particularly if people did not want by trying to keep outside. They started calling their. That downtown side of what it actually is that the canal side site under the through way now. But any way you view you look at this it's still you know it's. By virtue effectiveness ear canals. It is it is to communal contact. You mentioned the fix is in you said you agreed with fats. Who is pushing this downtown canal side location visit the state somebody else. That same people who wanted to unit created keep up close water can't. An indication the super negligent given what they couldn't you at upload on or herbal water concrete companies like years. The governor and do almost stepped in and and so we must do better buckle that's why we have a beautiful state park a public water current so he can be ill advised by kids state bureaucrats cure apocalypse. What's gonna happen Thursday when this vote is supposed to take place. Well I think what you see is you know you'll see. It'd be decent got. You know you look at places like Carol Larkin Belcher the great vision of cowards and let them skate. It was nothing. You know it's two years ago now it is saying it bustling Y eighty. Urban and destination for people all local Western New York. And you know these are historic preservation project we think about twenty security architecture buffalo. Including Bob start Peter Laing Jake Schneider have endorsed the central terminal sorry and the architect of the on the boat in concert in important. Historic preservation projects in all of buffalo. Darius Christian council president this City Council David contact at all come out endorsing. Other central terminal so nobody in Albany should care what buffalo decides to put. A new era trek station poor buffalo and another thing to keep in mind and that is I think very very important. Go ahead and culture train depot and bought eco deck and outside in conflict. We that the you know the public. At that access elements are out of a male side. But 65%. Of America. It is accessible from that guy that's why you came out in the pew Amtrak station because you can't access. Chicago or Cleveland. From the Amtrak station that they're proposing Eric you know site and the reason that's important because the hard. The national ha for Amtrak. Is Chicago. So now you kept in nineteen. They can help side cite as they're going to recommend. And appeal. Why wouldn't the cost of maintenance and operation. A two guys have been factored in Q and objective. Sorry review. Be available extra nutrients station. And luck I respect the workable Lotta people but it could check their record. The people that are now advocating for. At a train station because they were again. One of those the congressman references is Tim teal meant he pulled the wraps off a train station site downtown in the shadows of one Seneca tower. And yes says the congressman. Canal side. Our proposals were stationed. At Ron Washington street. The current station is that exchange street and their material only two different things so. The Washington street station would incorrect. Visually with Internet CA. Transit hub. Underneath them through weight directly candidates are looking well actually be able to the new construction. Epic fail district. So they're materially to a different strains and they shouldn't be confused so Washington street is our proposal. Exchange street is the current location. Right Tim. David frantic the common council member for Fillmore. And Brian Higgins said it both to us that the fix is in for the downtown train station do you feel that way. You know. You know I wouldn't really Lou use language like six I would say that reactor that's been established or 200 years. That. The downtown area specifically that area around watching the street has always been the hub of our economy. And our transportation system and it is simply. The easiest most accessible and the cheapest place for those who rely on Koreans did not speak up you know people can get around it a car. Two gold meet. You know transferred to different modes of transportation. He hit it he cheapest most. Sufficient because the people up while. To do with the air because they have always done that there are 200. Here. On the central terminal oh what do you see as the future of that building at there was thousands of people their last night's. A lot of them saying hey you know maybe train station here wouldn't be a bad idea. Well you know got thousands of people their last night. Kind of support. Our argument that the future of this cycle terminal is it's a wonderful. Op facility. To do things like. Apparent that it can accommodate thousands people if people don't understand right now event like in this day. For Halloween parties or I countered special event on the plaza there may attract more people and train service that currently the bottle. And you know the trains are stopped there at Midnight Oil would be stopping aired the night. Here you get people stop in during business hours for. Hours at a time what actually seeking it out for that wonderful experience of visiting the bad. Building that is something you really can build on at vanity at that paper. In rather than running in and out of a train train station that really wolf you automobile. Dependent and the location. And although location is anywhere around the belt line in all of us want is downtown because that's where we have. All of our current transportation. Network. Let me ask you this with a downtown train station this was brought up by congressman Higgins. With the downtown site you can't go west he can't go to Chicago became go to Cleveland is still need to appeal. With the central terminal you don't need to pew anymore. You know yeah that demonstrably false. There was a report issued by Amtrak every one of the committee has access to their work. From I believe that 2002. Amtrak and union TA. In a joint report back clearly demonstrated. How you go west and you know I everyone should know. That a hundred years ago there were 2000 trained and day in and now about how Buffalo's five stations. And no 2003100%. Of them backed up. Well that's not a problem we we did and today by the way it would be to a day. So it's not a problem I don't know why people eat comfort out but it's mostly no problem whatsoever. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.