930in716 April 19, 2017 Aaron Hernandez, Facebook killer and Buffalo train station

Wednesday, April 19th

In this edition we cover the death of Aaron Hernandez, the Facebook killer and the ongoing saga of a new Buffalo train station.


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It's 93716. Several stories to focus on today and will begin with Aaron Hernandez. A shocking story we all woke up to Wednesday. Massachusetts prison officials say the former NFL star Hernandez hanged himself in his cell and has been pronounced dead at a hospital. An official with the Massachusetts department of corrections says Hernandez was found hanged in his cell just after 3 AM Hernandez was 27. We talked about the breaking news with air and deter ski covering this story. The Massachusetts department of corrections to that Aaron Hernandez was found just after 3 o'clock in the morning. Hanging from a bed sheet that he had apparently tied to a cell window he had blocked the door to his cell tried to jam with various items and after correction officers found him hanging they took him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead about an hour later. Aaron what is legal status as of right now what was he serving time for. A murder he had been convict. It did in Colombia and the 2013 shooting of Oden Lloyd who. It was a guy he knew had been dating his fiancee sister was a tricky case because the murder weapon. Had not been bombed and Hernandez argued that. And he had been put a couple of other guys and one of them may have pulled the trigger wasn't exactly clear but the jury wasn't buying it that there was certainly enough circumstantial evidence. The jury to convict him in that killings but he was just acquitted for the double murder in Boston that that that preceded. The other the shooting got the vote and Lloyd. And it was just Friday when the jury returned the verdict after several days of deliberations six days of deliberations forty hours and finding him. Not guilty moving Aaron Hernandez fifty years. But still the 27 year old was serving a life sentence so he was never get. At this all comes as the New England Patriots and a few of the people he played with still on that team I heads of the White House. They're going to be out celebrating their Super Bowl victory at the white house with president trump up a number of patriots players has declined to attend but most will be there. And and did did the trial that double murder trial of Aaron Hernandez started around the time the patriots. Were were getting ready for the Super Bowl and David B irony. If Bill Belichick was just asked about this that the patriots coach he said. It is tragic Aaron Hernandez was a tragic figure to too many so promising he would just signed. A new multi million dollar contract when he was arrested on the initial murder charge in North Attleboro Massachusetts. It's somebody who was never able to escape the demons of his past and in a rather troubled childhood growing up in Connecticut. You know he hasn't played on this team in years but can anything be read. And to this happening today the day the patriots go to the White House. Oh I don't think so I I I can't imagine that he is. You know timing this and any particular way everybody but who's to stay and and and who's to say whether he's even. Following the news does does the patriots. Fairly well abandoned him quickly after his arrest for murder in his conviction in which. Couple. Well visited the owner of the team Bob Kraft testified against him and as the the whole thing just really drove a wedge between the team. And the former player pat and you know does he say he hasn't been associated with the patriots now for number appears. Up to date now on the FaceBook killer story which ended just across the new your reporter in Erie Pennsylvania. Police say it was a McDonald's employee and Erie who recognized the suspect in the killing of a Cleveland retiree. That was posted on FaceBook. Police say and Tuesday Steven Phillips drove up to the McDonald's to place an order. The attendant who took his money recognized him and called 911. A police chase ensued and Stephens shot and killed himself. Just after 11 AM police get a tip from an employee at this McDonald's in Erie Pennsylvania after Stevens pulled up to the drive through the drive through employee that was working at the time recognize that Stephens ordered chicken nuggets and Fries and the employees in that McDonald's tried to stall him basically just told him I was gonna be a minute first prize. Which it wasn't content and sixties didn't want any money back and headed out on a buffalo erupt surveillance footage capturing Stephen's car with police right on his tail of the chase less than two miles. Then cops performing a so called pit maneuver to stop Stephen's car. The trees in the Ford Fusion coming to a stop. At that time statement urges him to take his life. The suspect now dead from gunshot wound to his head after leading authorities on intense manhunt since Easter Sunday. All after he posted this chilling video to FaceBook showing Stevens approaching a 74 year old Robert Godwin. And savagely shooting him. Yeah. Yeah yeah. The 911 calls from bystanders and capturing the panic. Yeah let yeah it was accurate. Yeah. Video was on FaceBook for more than two hours before it was removed we have. A lot of work and we will keep doing all we can. To prevent tragedies like this from happening. OK on to the train station again. The issue comes to a head Thursday in buffalo in the committee deciding that location on a new train station for the city will meet. And vote. There are two factions those who are fervent for a central terminal location and those for a downtown site. Let's revisit it all again beginning with congressman Brian Higgins in the central terminal corner who thinks that downtown site is on the fast track. Well I believe that civilians as everybody else we have a consultant that doesn't take into consideration. Very relevant fact here you can only conclude that the trying to push more direction to be example. You know 26 architects from buffalo who has done the most impressive and important. Historic restoration projects in buffalo endorse. The central terminal one of the reasons is because obviously historic building. Architecturally significant is well. But also there's the availability of federal and state. Historic tax credits that have represents about 11 1000000 dollars in central terminal why wouldn't a consultant. Take it into consideration so that the committee. To fully consider the potential. Of going after federal historic tax credits that jolt historic tax credits. Have rebuilt buffalo. The Richardson complex the Darwin Martin's house to guarantee building. I'm a lot yet hotels have all benefited. From the availability of federal tax credits to move those projects forward why wouldn't consultant. Provide that kind of information. To a group of individuals that have to decide. Where to put this street station let me give you another one. Because. The downtown site the canal site site under the threw away that they're proposing now. Can't access the tracks west. 65%. Of America. Is inaccessible. To Amtrak travelers. From buffalo 65%. So what. They have to do. In order to reach that 65% of America they have to maintain and operate a second train station in to peel. It's your region particularly in check station exists. Why aren't the operational costs. In the capital costs. That if you station. In the analysis. So. If the fix is in the process has been. Deeply flawed because it O mix. Very important information. When you're looking at. Chu in several sites. For a new train station. You mentioned several architects that supported the central terminal based on. The infrastructure based on what you were talking up the tax credits among other factors but there were also several architects. That reportedly were in favor of this exchange street location. It it basically it seems like it's becoming a battle won architects always vs another. No I think architecture one voice. In a lot of voices should be heard. Any public process if it's truly transparent. In the public can participate in it. The reason why the architecture to support the central terminal are relevant here. Is because it's cheaper and people like Peter Flynn like Jake Snyder. Like pop star who has done the most challenging. The most important. In the most impressive. Historic. Preservation projects in buffalo. The other group architects have never heard of any. Buffalo mayor Byron brown took some time to talk about the terminal discussion following a news event Tuesday. Cost is certainly an important factor. There he is not an unlimited amount of money in this community. And there are so many things that we need to do when the community that we want to do in the community. That require federal state. And local funds and in any given year there is never enough money at all of those different levels of government. And the private sector. To do all of the things that we need to do let alone the things that we want to do. Council member David frantic and congressman Brian Hagan said that the fix has been in for since the beginning for the downtown site do you have any response that I. Well it's been an open and transparent process. If the fix. Is going with what the information says if the fix is looking at facts. Then maybe that's still the way they feel but no decision has been made yet. When we meet we will be looking and from all of the information that has been analyzed. By the engineering consultant. And we won't make gate back. Based decision. And we have a seventeen member committee. Information has been cheered with every member of of the committee. Congressman Higgins is a member of the committee appointed by Governor Cuomo and has had staff. Attend every single committee meeting. So I reject those comments absolutely. False on no factual basis to them. Whatsoever you. Should mention recommendations mean the governor of the world this works. Like it's so. Other governor has proven a tremendous interest in buffalo and Western New York. Has delivered significant funds in this community. And is always a person of his word the governor has indicated. You've got a million dollars. To look at this question to study the question significant amount of money has been spent. With the engineering consultant looking at every possibility. And then there is 25 million dollars. In the state budget. For a new train station in the city of buffalo so while it is a recommendation. To the governor. We have followed every element of the process. That the governor has suggested. We have paid attention to it every single detail and I am confident that when we make a recommendation to the governor the governor will follow through. Finally another transportation issue this one not so contentious. Extension of the metro rail to Amherst. There's money in the new York state budget to study just then getting to the next step. The citizens for regional transit meant Tuesday night WB Ian was there I talked with the organization's president Doug funky. Is really an educational meeting today that to a period teeing. Get. New locally preferred alternative realignment of the light rail in the results of their associated. Trends develop. But he. Which looks at economic help calm. The benefits that could accrue from investing. The two things that are gonna present. It regardless of some members in from Rwanda. Who will response from the perspective to town so it's Malia and get those perspectives and what are you room to talk about what we would go. Really. Into that mean we touch and feel that's useful model of extinction. Well we can't touch yet because they don't have built it helps but we've made a lot of progress that resentment is that it may have selected. Locally preferred alternative of alignment of the actual route that that it will take. On that involve a lot of reachable communities ever. I don't London communities all over the place that could give him what's in the the governor has committed to supporting this extension he's providing that it's slightly down from the net that. Starting right now with the environmental that's a couple of years but he. Which is required to move forward. With the governor behind it is more optimism that won't be able to get a federal funding would get to. Build. About the the route will continue a follow up Bailey avenue. And then it turned down an wrote articles boulevard to maple road legal and into the campus. Forget the route after that but it goes through the campus Nichols. Location 99. To be on it they could get tweaked a little bit as as we move forward with the environmental quality. But that general. What happened in. Kentucky. What we have to people would immediately to him hook them. The money we need now from the governor to do next phase metals and has to happen before the next day which is. Engineering designs but he. To get funding all along with the governor that it may happen to think pools and things happen pretty easily. And it federal money to support. 5050. Should. Actually built. An. Estate behind it. More optimistic than ever for. Why is so important from your perspective. Is a lot of reasons. Such as possible look over the country. Cities across the country. All of you and Denver. And Los Angeles fixes it. Out else. While expanding. And in that light rails and two great benefit. In Phoenix Arizona. A lot of huge problem and we're doing anything that happening elsewhere. But if we don't and that's part of it was play. Not just Amber's here or there. Line expansion we've been reporting. Yours into the south and to the the field. Location and this that and. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.