930in716 July 13, 2017 A medical miracle and Michael Caputo talks with Roger Stone

Thursday, July 13th

A medical miracle in Buffalo and Michael Caputo talks with Roger Stone.


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Her kids 930. In 716. Two very different stories on the podcast today. We'll hear from Roger Stone and Michael cook Prudhoe in advance of both of their testimony and Washington on Russia. I don't know it just session we're waiting for. Say what to impeach our president we should fail their version. But first heart warming story out of the buffalo Niagara medical campus several days after coming out of a coma seven year old Qaeda Mitchell. Stated his mother's side playing a video game when some of collide hell's doctors talked about an amazing procedure that saved his life. The Niagara Falls boy was mauled by a Rottweiler is in June that it babysitters home and spent days in a medically induced coma. In the process of saving him the team led by doctor. Medical director of Europe vascular services declining gates vascular institute. Became the first in the nation to put a stent in an artery. At the base of any child's brain. Now Lott makes me nervous I've seen alive in this town I've seen a lot. This one made me nervous to be honest this one I thought if we can not open up these vessels we probably would be looking at a tragedy the blood supply of the brains have come from the virtue role artery. When Kate came in they were both born there are both completely shut down included. And he was surviving between small little channels from the other parts of his brain and in most cases that's fatal so we had to open up at least one. And we were able to drive a wire that's about 141000. Than an inch through a small channel that was last. And rebuild the artery using a special self expanding stance this device is actually designed for use. For and you're isms in an adult brains mannerisms or balloons in the vessel. Nodded off for this. So we sort of took an off the shelf device and use it for somebody that wasn't intended and no pro life saving purpose. He needed to happen you urgently make no mistake about that I would guess other vessels start chip shutting down as soon as. The violent shaking and and and the the vessels from that carriages completely shut down. And this is what we do this is why we get up in the middle of the night there's a lag became a doctor when I see this it just. We just reinvigorate its theory reinvigorate so. God was on our side that day and now I think that's why sitting here. Cadence mom Vicki and Tino emotionally talking with reporters including our. Can I just landed me think you from the bottom my heart of the one of these atmosphere for us in everything matches there. To protect women to save his life. And very blessed that this is where we came. I feel bad if he would've went somewhere else if Hollywood but this team how come. But I lunches. I think you guys about how I have I wish I can give them something that I know there's nothing that adds up to what you guys did for me. Who do crucial. Farm. Very very much indeed and that's it. Thank you very very nice. Yeah but yeah as will the bush stopped by either trapped in a lot yes it. I think he's enjoying it to be honest with you are. We've had pizza dropped off to our house. Xbox games fish birds fish aquarium. Finish. Just anything you possibly think. Clothes. And it's less in new York and great. There it. Yeah. I can't even express really how I feel actually. Just adds to any different emotions all at once. And I couldn't be aware of where it honestly how. A thoughtful people. All right a complete gear shift here 360 degrees on the politics of sort. WB EN contributor and political strategist Michael Caputo is in Washington this week to testify before a committee looking into the Russian meddling. Or connection or collusion delusion. As Michael would call it. Roger Stone will testify next week he talks with Michael here. I looked into the joke I think you're being harassed because who wants. Lived in Russia because you once had a beautiful Russian wife now and ex wife. You're in fact working US government that time spent in Russia. And any entrance to the contrary is just not so subtle the season which aren't. The whole Russians saying we're now is now focused solely on Dionne junior. I consulted with a number of election ownership. On junior's done nothing wrong nothing illegal nothing and frankly we're here in the midst of a cup presidential campaign. As someone who know aren't actually sit there may be information accurate is that and nor. Opponents. In malpractice. Not to hear them. Right right we are I think this is I'll listen I was. Not surprised and you know Don junior better than me but you know he was straight up and authentic in his interview following. I thought he did himself a lot of good army said that he you know in hindsight he'd do things differently but he came at a without a knowledge of of vote at what this are all call was really about and even what was to what was appropriate action and reaction to that kind of an inquiry into campaign environment. But Natalia I was you know I think Mike most of these things this is gonna go past if you wanna go ahead by the way to argue resistance aficionados. If you wanna go ahead and tried to prosecute the son of the president of the United States on a misdemeanor. Campaign finance violation. I dare let me Roger what's the chance of Billy ergonomics of like that stick. Personal you have to dictate something that I changed hands screw with nothing. Of that change in this woman. Well by the label him. Cut. But this is looking more and more like setup there's nothing heels Kirk. Joining anti trump protesters outside buildings. Are there are pictures of her with the Russian ambassador. She's booking more more like government agent who may not it's a little short chipped. To compromise. Dunn junior now. If the Russians or it could hold down from. Some creates leftists would tell you the one that needs him so the whole thing makes very little sense. It is not terribly but it all they have they asking you know for the fatal well the election right Hillary. Billion dollars. Mainstream media ring. New global. Leader in games with their algorithms. You've heard it and they still lost. It just. Ghetto. And Roger litigation is apart there we know that they met on the day after our wheat from the book shattered. Which is been proven to be correct in just about every page. They we know the star of the Clinton Democrats met after today and decided that the Russian collusion delusion. Was going to be either way of tying up Donald Trump and and dark crippling his presidency. A Donald Trump may have Waugh and the president that the election but didn't they win the first year. Well there's certainly. And this certainly good. Is they have one guy has forward. We know some. Some documents it has now been released by the place. That the Obama administration is deeply involved and cards to you know illegal surveillance. Tens of thousands of Americans. This isn't some conspiracy theory from largest owner Alex Jones like we're out. Mission means US vice where we stand. Out somebody knew about. Clapper. Writes Roger. Obama himself. Somebody must do a hard time somebody must be indicted in go way. My question is. What did the president know and waiting no time for him the front agreeing period challenge I totally chat session where we were four. I want to impeach our president we jail there for fifteen years hard time for Barack Obama would be sitting for a crime of this magnitude because Mike. No person. Is about the law. Right right and and Roger isn't the law with this is all about because you know we know they decided to go after the rush inclusion delusion within days of that meeting they founded. A legal a brand spanking new. Newly minted. Legal hold. Activist group a nonprofit. And that group in their first move on the trump administration I say that group I mean they're all Obama administration's senior Obama administration attorneys. They came after you their first action yesterday was to file a lawsuit against the trump campaign and you personally. They're trying to destroy you. While they're trying to undo what they couldn't do it in on Election Day they're trying to do they couldn't do the ballot box and file a completely phony. Baseless. Lawsuit. That accuses me of violating the civil rights and privacy rights some DNC dollars. Because it alleges that. The density emails completely untrue or because of course not true that they can improve with the DNC emails work. And the great news is that the judge to order should put their names former white house counsel's got sent to at least. I'm going for the election might appoint to file disciplinary action it's air or -- I'll get this easily dismissed they don't have a case. My question why any lawyer worth his salt put his name on a piece of crap like. Portly secret it's poorly written it has no evidence whatsoever there's no evidence. Anywhere shows that I knew in advance. About or what Zimbabwe and these hacking of the DNC emails. They were even. Right so. You know look I'm a brawler if you know I wrote good or not you know I'd better get Smart Aqua wing Democrat orders to spark a lot that idea. They can find some new line of work. But isn't this is just a punishment strategy that lawsuit is about as hollow was it comes at a aunt every ad I mean you know as you know our. Do a lot of litigation communication women with lawyers all the time because of this whole. In our house committee hearing I have to grow big before tomorrow. Every lawyer I've talked to rescinded that didn't rule the entire. Case they tried to set up against you in the campaign relies upon basically. Anecdotal evidence in the weeks out of news reports. And that it's got no chance in hell but isn't just the punishment strategy there trying to cost you money. Ian basin but she she must be denied a license putting his name tarnished. I'm gonna be I would be moving her summary judgment or dismissed media. And then ask for sanctions but then things that they were these orders are. At the bar and and ask for disciplinary action also is. Attempt. Black in my name. Head of my testimony which is armed torched force right follow the following yours so. And I struck fellas notes and cards that this lawsuit is not going to undo the election. They just need to get used to the fact that Donald Trump is going to be president the next three years and probably the next you know seven. Let's there is nothing wrong with the pro presidency presidency. That continued to 4% GDP. Can't fix if Donald Trump fixes this economy. And start creating jobs in moving our growth northward Rea Rea we have a bin. Ed Ed Ed any remarkable level of growth since that time our Barack Obama are blue Obama took office but let let's back up the second. This lawsuit against you these lawyers were they worked just bureaucrats they were senior Obama appointees who were deeply embedded and involved in the progressive agenda. We've heard story after story about how Barack Obama and Hillary and others in our of the Soros funded groups. Are working together to form quote unquote the resistance. And that they are going to get bit bay from the beginning we started seeing these stories in November but they're going to attack of the trump. Our presidency the trump businesses that trump family Trump's friends. On all fronts to basically. Try to destroy all of us. It do you think this lawsuit against you is somehow coordinated with a larger effort. To discredit and and and entangle the trop administration. Actually and so can look at the list of lawyers involved a number competent all upside should the international criminal George sore yeah. You remember him you got it beat the living daylights girlfriend in New York City yeah. Wasn't arrested for it wasn't wasn't classic is for like any other citizen would be a the sky is essentially trying to super democracy. To older term the democratically elected government so. Hungary Poland. Romania and other eastern here countries as well as subvert democracy you're United States point if you live anywhere that he. Right and pay people. Advocating the assassination of the progeny is estimated at central high. Jeff Sessions should order federal Marshal. Taken into custody licensed to call it I advocated the murder of Barack Obama tomorrow which I would never do. You know I would be arrested immediately. It's it is so weird double standard where. Hillary Clinton can. High 33000 emails. Try to use them. Bit in NA hammer to corporate server. Talk about Downey junior's three emails with some rush. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.