930in716 July 14, 2017 Sheldon Silver, Michael Caputo and the Buffalo Billion

Friday, July 14th

A look at the latest on Sheldon Silver, Michael Caputo and the Buffalo Billion


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It's 93716. A delay in the buffalo billion trial reaction to the reversal of this Sheldon Silver corruption conviction. And Michael cook food goes to aid in DC. It's going to be a bit of the abuse of power you can check that. I just simple research would reveal that Michael. And whatever context he has had with. Russians. But did not occur at all during the course of the election it is what involvement in the let. Let's begin in Albany a federal appeals court Thursday overturning the 2015 corruption conviction of Sheldon Silver. Once the powerful speaker of the new York state assembly. And now word the trial involving alleged bid rate in with regard to the buffalo billion. May be delayed until sprained. Jimmy veal kind reports for the New York Daily News and is a contributor for WB yen. Well there hasn't been a formal decision made a federal judge Albert being the case which all nine and in all took part. They are written ruling later this month. But now prosecutors speak to me Edgar sitting beat you gotta check. Just splitting up the trial into one focusing on. Lou in the belly and the so called buffalo developer defendant. They were accused of rigging the bid. You'll do you sort city directory repaired and in a separate trial focused on Joseph put cocoa. A former top aide to gov entered horrible. The governor who likened to a broader. Initially clear that they understood the trials so moment. Hooper of the year that is now being pushed back in January perhaps as later marcher equal according to new court filings from prosecutors. Normally federal judge's served torrential prosecutors on the search string and so. Still wait to whatever that formal ruling is but the later this trial goes the worse it is for governor to. Seeking reelection next year he's going to want to have much street as possible. Between the trial in which the possibility of some incriminating statements. Are coming out into November we shall stand for what he says he elections which are. Yeah I trial in the same year of his. Possible reelection and has got to be the worst thing he couldn't be in could want. Yes certainly record and other pretty good potential retrial children over and perhaps you can kill those. There will be a corruption sport the sport and wouldn't you for your purse. Yeah I would imagine that the governor wasn't too excited about its the decision yesterday simply because it brings Sheldon Silver back into the spotlight one. Really I think most New Yorkers have kind of forgotten all about it. That's exactly right we we thought that children's overheads created into the past. He had been ousted as speaker two years ago his successor well he's he's starting to say it is so. Agenda. Find his own way in the loop hole and now back from the footnotes of history columns silver. Ought to be retried and there are legal expert supporters who I spoke with strict set it didn't chip that liked Joseph Bruno. The former senate majority leader shock absorber could could be. Don't start your career crow car premiere of her. Artwork prosecutors look walk on the Supreme Court decision is going to be typical parents could potentially lead to. Not still cheaper. Jimmy how surprising was it. That his conviction was overturned yesterday. It wasn't particularly surprising for people who really know what law. Other McDonnell he what settled in 26 you settlement after so who was convicted. In vote. Latter happened in the last month of what it can and the instructions that the judge in the case our approach and seat to security. We're very clear and they were recorded with a lot of time said that hackers had been yards a special tax. The sort of quote in the quid pro quo bribery scheme and having a crucial XP anything under color of the pretty broad definition of official could. I hope you are in the job. Or could endorse your product or could they are called to hoped you in some way. But. What happened subsequently had that Supreme Court decision which involves former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. It is Supreme Court said you're looking reaching all the other social. And the Supreme Court interpreted the official RE a very narrow definition just related to government functions. Think the appropriating money. Making a decision on the case making a decision on a real important would that narrower definition. Processor that was built there was no surprise rejected because the judge it says something that was very contradictory to what. The Supreme Court could rule even creep Carrara. In leader and when he's sixteen team to Albany for a table discussion on public corruption and he acknowledged then that this ruling could quote muck up. And quote it is convictions of silver and he goes so a little as a possibility and here it is. You have the current US attorney saying I just this has been delayed but. They don't expected to be denied they're looking for retrial any sort of initial timeline for when we should expect that. Though not as of yet and I think that it would depend in part upon are how to party switched course you. Wouldn't Joseph grows so do you keep doesn't aren't his second trial did not start until 2014. There was an interim. Period there where there was a lot of exchanges without evidence Sutter. So I think that there's the possibility that this could drag you know but there's also equally the possibility that the the court. I dead though the fact that we are facing the potential. Three or more major corruption trial. Figures in York's government in an election year is certainly not with the creek. Until political strategist Michael Caputo now. Regular contributor in talker here on WB and his testimony closed. Door testimony before a house committee in Washington the subject of some in depth analysis now. It all stems from the Russian collusion investigation. And what Michael may or may not have known with his connections in Russia. He is represented by attorney Dennis Barco. Frankly I think that having what will be appeared Cortes committee which by the way he's doing voluntarily. That pursuant to Spina. But the request was made bad calls what committee. And intelligence and and I frankly think that. It's going to be a bit of the abuse of power given fact that. I just simple research would reveal that Michael. And whatever I can actually get at with. Russians. But did not occur at all during the course of the election it is what involvement in the election. And frankly I think that it's it's a it's a formal harassment to vote for the businessman who just trying to make. And I mean it's grow with utilizing. Things that he learned when he lived in Russia. One years ago. And the fact that you know he's married Dave Ukrainian woman so I think that what it's gonna happen today is this going to be Michael debunking. Any connection any nexus to. That to this investigation that he could. Ed Ed Ed any attraction to the so he's the debunked the claims that somehow he was involved in. Coordinating. With foreign agents are Russian agents can cause so much. Are you advising him and all the keeping answer short maybe. The opposite of that watch your role a year. Well or to the committee rules he is entitled to counsel. He didn't have also they would arrange for for one ought to be provided for him. And while there's no opportunity to essentially cross examine or to question. Mike I will have the ability to object to their questions. And it certainly LPR and guard looking forward prospect of questions that go beyond the scope of their investigation. For. For that matter. Objecting to question that I think are irrelevant to their investigation. We whoever he is there as private citizen appearing voluntarily. He's that there pursuant to a subpoena which really does change the dynamics of this of this hearing him anyway. Do you know Dennis how many members of congress will be Daryn how long recession might be. And I think that that. In and of itself shows how old are not serious is this. Julius. A quorum according to the rules of this committee. Is it's consisted of two members. One from the the majority side of the welcome. The minority side of the appointed by the ranking member. And each side. At the net stat so there could be anywhere between. 810 people in the boom might pass here on Friday a move to clocked. One in the summertime and in Washington everybody is looking to get out of town. I don't believe I don't suspect that there would be more than two congress people just to form the quorum at the children. Do you expect that after this hearing Michael's role in this investigation will be complete. Don't. Well no I don't because. You know just that you mention them in the lead in the interview that you know the Senate's got. Of their own separate inquiry. So I would but fully anticipate that there will be a at least another round of the data dump. As requested by B of the senate committee so. What should be done because this is really. Of the brain of Michael and again he's he's inconsequential this investigation. But I do think that. That this low and today because then senate committee will want to have similar mission perhaps support. Well this is not public testimony is going on behind closed doors can Michael talk freely after word about the session or not. Well I I think. You know what was Republican I needed you know or treat times saying he hosted. And your radio station three times this week. It's great. Called that too. Contain his public comments that I don't have any intention of doing so but I think we'll have to wait and see in terms of what the committee asked him to do. It's possible that they will last that he met the bolts specific questions but again because he's appearing voluntarily. I think that he's going. Post hearing we're all going the belt makes. Make statements he's going to start this hearing with an opening statement that we your plan. The closing statement as well and certainly we will be providing those statements this press. The conclusion of the hearing. Unconnected. Legal analysis now from our legal men. Paul camp. Well you know it's interesting where he spends so much speculation. As to who has spoken with boom and so on let you know the going to continue to Propecia or trench. We can continue to parole mr. whether or not there was any connection he shot where land with the journal slammed. It's the same thing they're looking. Or any kind of connection cute to some collusion with regard to the election I mean they're gonna continue to do that and and creepy these you know the Republicans and Democrats beat the Republicans. Daily Communist nation shall it's gonna continue. How watcher an impact do these hearings have on Robert Muller's investigation. Well. You know as you ever heard anything etc. haven't heard any. Its investigation. What is people are doing and so obviously they're not collect these transcripts. And he whether or not they ate their investigation but I think the real live orchestra. Is what are what are his people to. Who are they here you. Behind. Euro closed door and will make convene a grand injury. And will they escalate school cherished political stuff which is what it is now to legal and criminal. We talked to crime and terrorism analyst in Washington yesterday who said to us that it could be a year or two before mother's team is done. Does it sound to you like it could be that long. College it's certainly good and it seems to me that you know what we've seen with the Democrats and Republicans fighting. One side is not going to let. Rats were the other side. Because of the election will be coming up it doesn't seem to be archived like it's a long way away outs. Away. And they're gonna key. Keep this going in the super political will all. After Horry. How would you be advising Michael Caputo before he steps up to testify today. Well it's interesting I mean. You would have to know first of all everything that he's got. People he's spoken with over the years and sought. Before he could ever get somebody at that fights and that one up. Of course most damage and spring at which a public PR two point. Is that somebody got to a point where they're being questioned at a lawyer I stuff. Good colts or this amendment privilege that we haven't heard anything like that went for article crude oil but that's one of the league's lawyers have to be side. They're sitting with a client. Looming in the path for us is criminal investigation which is what Muller all. You know you have to be partners and she you know indeed this is what you should do of course they did it via. Political you know up PR disaster. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo all.