930in716 June 12, 2017 AG Sessions testimony, Pulse anniversary and ticks

Monday, June 12th

In today's edition, a look back one year after the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando plus a look ahead at AG Sessions testimony and a bad year for ticks!


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It's 930. In 716. On the podcast. Chicks care typically see wandered to take. That's one everywhere we touch it up finding more and bar. And uninteresting analogy of where we're at in the rushing gate probe in DC it's a lot like when you clean out your garage right. And we're at the stage where you just pull your car out and you're just starting download and now you can start seeing what's in there and what the message is. You might find Iraq in the corner for you might flying cockroaches were and that point in time where they're just now cleaning up the garage but first a year after the worst mass shootings in modern US history. Residents in Florida remembering the 49 patrons who were killed at a gay nightclub with three services. At the Paul's club and a large evening gathering in the heart of downtown Orlando. Governor Rick Scott ordered flags around Florida to be flown at half staff Monday. And at noon church bells throughout Orlando's scheduled the ring 49 times. In buffalo last week the deputy Orlando police chief was here for a Homeland Security gathering. Our gave Tebow at some time with Robert ends well. We immediately went into the building the soonest we could. To pull the critically wounded from the club. We were in the club within seven minutes of the first shot fired. Things colleagues now take from. You didn't know before you're. Then they can happen anywhere. You would think Disney. You would think that you know Universal Studios that unfortunately. We live in a society. In Orlando where there is of huge tourist population. That can happen here. Can happen in buffalo could happen in New York as we've seen in past but it can happen in the rule towns it just takes someone to have that ideology. From. Overseas. The radical. Islamic terrorists thought process that could do something and do harm to our nations so. Don't ever let your guard down because it can happen anywhere. Where what can be done. You gotta stay vigilant you have to you make sure that you know we use the public the public our eyes and ears you know law enforcement can't be. And every location. All the time we rely on you rely on the media we rely on. The citizens of this great nation to see me if something doesn't look right. Pick up the phone call us because it's gonna take those type of phone calls to put an end to this. What worries me. What scares you. That's a great question you know what scares me is the person sitting in their home right now. Looking on a computer and getting these thoughts and and ideologies in their head that they wanna do damage to this great nation. And how do you combat lone guy. That takes you. The apparent a friend. Anybody. It's combat this they give us a call saying hey this doesn't look right. Call your local law enforcement agency and tell them you know John Smith is he's acted a little weird and he's doing certain things that. Has brought my brought it to my attention so those two things that that we need help. Erin to terse key is in Orlando covering the one year mark since the tragedy it was a private memorial right here at the club for survivors and for families of victims and a couple of thousand people. Showed up and it was an extraordinary event. Right around 2 o'clock in the morning when the first shots rang out here one year ago. Omar Mateen opened fire and later told police he dated in the name of crisis. Although why he chose this particular nightclub a haven. For the key community for the Latino community. Was never made clear we know he'd case several different targets but this club is now drenched in color. The drab gray obscured by a rainbow colored wall. We've notes and photos of victims and other tokens of remembrance our emotions still pretty raw when your later. All they are unlike other places where. That have been attacked think the London Bridge or even at that the Boston Marathon finish line seared through these actually. Living monument today in the polls sign is still illuminated. The building is still here no one's been inside but but the scars are still very much visible and for the community it was a real wake up call. Two BP the prominence of its gay community which may not have been as widely acknowledged previously. But also the the shock of 49 mainly young lives. Out on a Saturday night just wanted to have a good time. And we've heard some of the people you've spoken to over the past few days news people who were in that club on obviously something they'll never forgive and you can hear it in their voices right. That did I met one guy his name is Edgar and he was just staring at the club as he dropped off a fresh bouquet of flowers and his lip was quivering as as we talked and as he remembered his. Friends and I said are you thinking of anyone in particular and he said just so many and it it it was a real kinship. Among the patrons of this place and it it happened to be Latino night the night that this club was shot up so. That community was disproportionately. Affected too and to suit. To hear people. Discuss. The lies ahead one guy wanted to be a firefighter another had dreams of you know of go to college he was only 121 and hadn't gone yet and and you just get the sense that there was so much promise. Lost in that club that night what's to become of the nightclub property. It's going to be turned eventually into a memorial and museum it's been a little fraud as to what happens with the actual. Building the owner a woman named Barbara coma. Is still I think trying to sort it out but she's been pretty vocal member of the community she. Began the club. For her brother in memory of her brother died of aids and she just wanted to place where where case could come and feel comfortable. And that's what was so violated here so now it looks as if it's going to be some kind of memorial media museum. But for now it's just like gathering of artifacts and mementos right outside in the parking lot. In a moment a look forward to the testimony anticipated from attorney general sessions in Washington. But first a look back at the fallout from the James Crowley testimony. With George Stephanopoulos. Donna let's of course is one big subject talk about the hearing James Tellme is pretty direct assault. On the president's character Matthew gap how much validity draw. Well you know how many times have we sit here and say wow what a week in politics what do we December unprecedented another one we have it in the course of this. I think treat. Former. That district attorney made a very good point which is is no side to draw conclusions and say well but fundamentally this is about what the facts show where they are don't draw a conclusion that there isn't cart. Obstruction of justice but don't talk conclusion yet that there is obstruction of justice to meet. This is a host of quite as we look at that the scale of this it's a lot like when you clean out your garage right. And we're at the stage where you just pull your car out and you're just very download and now you can start seeing what's in there with a mess is. You might find a rat in a corner for you might flying cockroaches were and that point in time where they're just now cleaning up the garage. And Robert Mueller has a lot of weight on his shoulders because fundamentally commuted the house committees senate committee are gonna do their job that fundamentally is gonna fall on him. And I what I don't get in the course of this is why Donald Trump the president. And people associated with him have gone on the attack of call me which who they have to know is best friends with. Robert Mueller that businesses are really excellent point I don't understand the logic of going after and so aggressively. What did it change the subject it's the subject in Europe and net and then direction that they don't want a gallon what they need to do is change the subject back to their agenda. Look I was eight senior White House official and 2006 when Democrats took control of the congress. They think life is hard now let me just tell you how tough the will be if Republicans lose the house of representatives on the folks in West Point. They needed to get some stuff passed in congress so they have an agenda Toronto on the 2018. Tax cuts innocent that they see here in this is not the beginning of the end it's the end of the beginning. Groundhog Day all over and over again. But oh the interesting things happened the defense of Komi as leaking information. Was not that strong from a pre. And the question becomes wait a minute are we setting a precedent here we saying it's okay for anybody who worked at the FBI to leak their work product but about other places like. And I get I get the idea questioning James coming to some degree the kind of resuming we bring this question you here's what I don't get. Change the me said he leaked this information get a special counsel special counsel is the worst nightmare for Donald Trump he got what he wanted so in the end. Isn't that more dangerous for the president. Well I think this tells you where we are. You know. Not if Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians assume for a moment this heretical idea what if Donald Trump didn't do it would have the campaign didn't do. I think there's proof that Donald Trump in the campaign didn't collude with the Russians they have no campaign. And there was this they should know well and what. Did that it would have I'm proud given travels. This is Richard Nixon didn't commit the Watergate burglar. Right Donald Trump. Get it doesn't matter it's probably fundamentally different I'd investigate all that but in the end what catches president sort catches people. Is not the actual crime or the criminal criminal think it is what happened hey. Everybody that's different I direct the column is now private citizen he's no longer a government employee. Our public servant and in that case but that is when he created these and you're absolutely and and there's I don't think there's any criminality of. Of ham provide and. His side especially the president United States column a nut job. That's all over though there the national newspapers he shared with his contemporary our friend at the lost the Bullock George. People watch the hearing is that this was the Super Bowl I think is just to begin a book kick off. And and a larger game and is direct the call me said in here and I think the most emotional part of hearing. Was that he said this is not about Republicans or Democrats this is about all American democracy being attacked. Attorney general sessions preparing to face former senate colleagues over his role in the controversy around ties between the trump campaign in Russia. It's part of an escalating investigation as you've heard and a possible collusion with the Kremlin or obstruction of justice by president Donald Trump. Sessions scheduled to testify Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. After genes company's stunning Russia testimony think the president is word that I was fired because of the Russian investigation. From the attorney general is now headed for the congressional hot seats. Jeff Sessions is already recused himself from the Russian investigation a couple of his close ties to the trump campaign I should not investigated campaign. Hi Connie has hinted at there are other reasons. We also were aware facts that I can't discuss an open setting. That would make his continued engagement in Russia related investigation problematic. Investigators are looking and then candidate trounced first major foreign policy speech last year. My foreign policy will always put the interests. Of the American people. And American security above all less pass to be first. Russian ambassador Sergey can easily act in the front row. And Jeff Sessions investigators want to know if the two men had any interaction at this event sessions has already come under fire for initially failing to report to other meetings that the ambassador during the campaign. Now in a letter to lawmakers sessions says in light of colonies testimony. It is important that I have an opportunity to address these matters. Now a story that got the attention of pet owners across Western New York dozens of ticks found and just one dog. Doctor colleague Gunter is at the Brighton angered animal clinic where they sought dog was 72. Yes 72 ticks. Typically I see one or 286. That's gone everywhere retouched it's up finding more or. How early are you seeing a really big season with tics. Probably because of our mild winter. I I think it's related to the mild winter but definitely we're doing. At least one hatred day lately. Coming into the trick or treat them after they Patrick. How usual is that case 72 ticks on one dog I mean the odds of finding that many ticks just in one area period have to be extremely rare. Yeah I was shocked and apparently he just went for our one locked in Europe on it and couple days later the owners noted all I've ever seen anything like it took actually four of our staff members about a half an hour rule of law. What happened to a packed with tics. My therapy is concerned currently Lyme Disease that they can. Contract other is that there Ricky and a plasma that they carry a lot of nasty stuff. What do pet owners have to know I mean this dog wasn't romping around in the woods here rolling around you know somewhere way upstate. Just kind of going for a walk all over an Amherst where a lot of people don't really assume that there's going to be ticks. In that number. Just around in a power show what should people watch out for especially this year. I think that any dog who's spending any time outdoors and it's it's just walking around the neighborhood on the should be out exactly into our candidates from their. And just make sure they're checking them after they commit up. It's out of Hollywood left with a flea and tick preventive. Medicine in elected vanish or one of those products that you put up to win date with that kill it a tick on contact. Not on contact most of and the chicks have to fight but there. He'll pretty quickly after that. And is that as of now the best way to prevent your dog because I mean you can't keep your pet cooped up inside the entire summer. Right now we just make sure they have their preventative. Good product out there so. They should be states that aren't you using this product. Same with cats facing them with cats too. Yes we are seeing red about arise iron. Chat and there are some things about to treat cats that while. Is that strange to see them in cancer are you seeing much more than this year to. I am I did I'd seen a small increase but. Assign more on the dogs. Our end with one of these products she. And basically put it on for like three months or something right it's just a onetime application. Let Brett back Gil hill is actually an oral pill once every three months which is. Great. Hasten its pretty easy to keep your dog you know safe so what are some other tips maybe if you're out for a walk you're out in a park. What areas do you want to may be avoid especially this summer. Anywhere with Pollard grasses wooded areas you're going to be more grass. Where they appear any wildlife going your. And should you really pay close attention to their fur they're scanned. When you come back. Usually run ahead in the states we see more of the star Adam attached to Iowa as well lit inside your lap. And then acting like the legs and feet. And if you don't see that tick what behavior in your dog him might. Tipped you off two would that could be an issue. I'm acting part. Maybe now morning TE. The stock was wrecking at the base and trying to get them off. They're pretty visible right. After a couple days once they start getting better let me LD getting lower and I knew him in the first bite that are very very small. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.