930in716 June 13, 2017 What to do about the Perry Projects

Tuesday, June 13th

An in-depth look at the Perry Projects in Buffalo.


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Her kids 930. In 716. Harry projects. Want to do. The only talk. The period neighborhood proceeding in the living room. I don't have any update on a new bill stadium certainly. At some point when. Odds of Q school was to make the decision. That they want to having new stadium. Would love to see it in the city of buffalo congressman Brian Higgins calling for the redevelopment of the commodore Perry neighborhood located right near key banks that are. I'm calling on the buffalo municipal housing authority to issue request for proposals for the redevelopment of twelve buildings. And 172. Completely vacant housing units. That's what the congressman said while in the neighborhood for a press briefing this week. We're calling for the redevelopment of these units a mix of affordable housing and also market rate housing. To bring these properties right back to life. Race is a lot of questions doesn't it what about a stadium on that site something that is often rumored in reference. And the outcry from current Perry residents can't be ignored they say it should remain low income housing and not go affordable or market rate. Numerous voices numerous opinions as we go in depth on the podcast. We begin with the one who started the conversation. Congressman Higgins then. There could demand. Four. Market link in a portable how the quote correctly downtown buffalo. Why. Used university of optimal medical school is going to the often not a medical campus. Women and children's hospital and going into the park and had a medical campus. Period new demand per hour the applicant like you're a community college. And they could provide. They're the affordable rental units war. Young people and the light that while there's been coat pocket that you don't come up not so I would I would reject your comment there that the demand. But there is a lot of talk that that has been the site most people point to and say well there's all this speculation. About a future. Football stadium downtown in buffalo. That's the spot where it makes a lot of sense to go to. The only hawk. The period neighborhood Kurdish state in the living room. In this stadium in a decade now. You really think it's a good idea to allow their site. It continues to deteriorate. Over the next ten years I believe wait I wore. Whether somebody may or may not. One proposed stadium example probably twenty years away from Matt. The fact of the matter is we can move now there's been neglected for decades. People are frustrated the period neighborhoods. Eat better and we should demand there. And I think there is great demand. Who are the safety you quality of life. He's neighborhood. In it's that the Perry area. It is so close proximity to downtown up mom makes it very attractive faculty development. I estimate that there would be if they're between million dollar investment. Those crappy could be put back on the tackle. If you ask anybody that has to understand the structural integrity ability it will tell you do that goes brick building to a fairly fairly well bill. And it is time that we can occasionally proposed property it would create. Very attractive apartment off. Attracted ordinary you know a lot of grief they are bound to be really on her and I think it is very close proxy to downtown buffalo. They can have probably won the market parity residential redevelopment project. In this city alone can't. And the mayor said yesterday that he wants to unveil his own plan for that area it is there a support. I enough support around one idea. For that property. The other most certainly is and we keep in mind Michael Caldwell is there are they're twelve they'll be. Representing 172. Units that are vacant and the building. Our. Are boarded up entirely. What we are asking pool or any of the problem municipal housing authority. If you request for proposal. To redevelop crop property now you could not for profit she could ask any developer you could have a group of developers. Come up with their creative plan for the reused. Of those buildings in their properties could be those properties. Back a mechanical Yankee fan and an active productive. Viable community there has been neglected for twenty years and of course the current residency period of very frustrated. Because they feel as though they've been neglected for decades ago whatever. Activity they actually get our. Is it good things for the redevelopment of property consisting. Rehabilitation of the fifty they'll be. And utilize he comes home plan could be construction. Bad. Additional. Residential component look at it demand for additional commercial development. Brent you you were meant you know it and you just mentioned to those residents asked today very upset about changing this from low income. To affordable I think. Know what my proposal called for is a combination of market rate and affordable policies. Those folks who had every right. To be frustrated because they came from an area. The did not include the areas. Again in the area and speaking out is entirely boarded up. Entirely vacant nobody. And everybody has their right committee dignity. And those people had a lot of frustration about. They're living conditions and the lack of movement. In their property and I understand it didn't and they have every right now good healthy. He would have paid public reaction has completed. But we can do much better optically and we're so close to come come buffalo they think about it to block to block. North of the property. He balked at all terminal. That luxury apartment. The three block north of the island e-book LaMont Murray. Which is a combination. Of apartments in commercial that you could that I was going on in buffalo could. And it is a period unlike any other. And we should be able to successfully create. This twenty acre site twelve buildings in 170. Million. We create attractive downtown apartments. For markedly in hand in hand affordable housing. Mayor brown promising his own plan on the Perry property soon. Mike Bagger and talked with him. Well when I say I am always are working with partners and government worked very closely with congressman Higgins. On a number of different initiatives and we've worked closely. Over the years mention that the city has been. Working on a plan. For buffalo municipal housing as well as the Perry projects. Are for some time now which we will release in the near future. And our plans certainly our takes the concerns of public housing tenants and low income residents into consideration. We do not want to see any displacement. Of the low income residents. While at the same time we are looking to build. Mixed income mixed views diverse communities. Where we have people of different income levels living in close proximity to one another. There has been talks over the last year that new buffalo bills' stadium would be placed an allocation are you then basically saying that. You would rather not see a bill stadium at that spot and read rather help those individuals were living in that area. You know I don't have any update on a new bills stadium certainly. At some point when. The pre schoolers make that decision. That they want to having new stadium would love to see it in the city of buffalo. But my first priority. Is our preserving housing. I'm affordable housing. For a low income residents for public housing tenants. And also in development that we do making sure that there are employment opportunities. For low income residents and public housing tenants so that really is my primary. Focus and the city has been working on a plan. That would enable us. To not only do that. But to increase employment opportunities. For low income residents and public housing tenants in specific in that area that you can share those plans to help them find more we're going to. Release the first phase of our plan in the very near future. Nothing that I would like to comment on right now. But as we release that plan it will certainly be one. That we share with tenants that we work on with public housing tenants that we include low income residents on. And that we also include colleagues in government in reaction to what Higgins has to say and offer now. We begin with councilman Dave fronts it. Well my question is why did they let those buildings fall apart in the first place you all these hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. In any money you know from New York State and you know federal government they're allowed to deteriorate but here they are. And you know and not in those buildings built and then late thirties but it the other buildings are still a lot of good people there. And many of them interestingly enough problems. Enjoy living there. Let's talk but some of the building they are living anarchist collective as well. Well they were making their voices known to him yesterday when when he was there now the congressman also said there's no stadium talk. But there is isn't there. Well I in fact. Sponsored a resolution that was adopted by the common council and ask for the new stadium to be located in the city of buffalo. I remember going to the old rock pile. Seeing Jack cam and OJ's first game in fact. But we don't know where that location will be one of the concerns about a new stadium it weighed down alliance. Would that Perry street areas that you have to think part of South Park closed that off that you would you know. Negatively impact there's like there's like guys there writer's coffee shop. And there are. Or would resort they create cross the street and you have neighbors tavern and business you know they could they could be. Tore down and we want what had happened. But that area kind of makes sense for something and I'll larger scale at this point right. Well. I I think bright he didn't he thinks big night tonight I like the fact that he thinks they get he. Put the conversation backcourt should be weather like this central terminal. That was neglected. And now not neglect because you're not for profit fighting between needed some help and now you have the Perry project you know all about six years ago. The Perry people awful menace or housing authority applied for a huge federal grant that was like I think only about ten cities were picked. Called every choice neighborhood to rebuild that whole complex there's some places down built some new ones. And it never is they did not they were not selected those since then a lot of those bill would have been languishing so they have tried but they did not succeed. The reverend Darius prince and his the president of the buffalo common council his district doesn't include the Perry projects but he knows that area. Well most multifamily. Maternal family of one terminal relived in the period. Then known as clear projects and I know that people there are very passionate and I'm very passionate. A bulb gentrification. Including. All and you are pushing people out of neighborhoods. Where we can develop film and include people. Or what do you think of this plant right and Ben are you in favor of it or not. Logos I remember in favor of it because again the only thing I know about the plan is what went up reading your media. I think that whatever the plan is that people have to be involved. You know when government starts to kind of make decisions about what people think what happened as people become. Anxious and nervous the people who have been paired right now have been anxious and nervous because for. You know the last nineteen years there's been this rumor stage. And our arts yeah. Like he used it to the point where. If it these talks about a stadium a real story here and let people know old and and make some decisions that worked for people and it's not. And I do think that there should be some that the theory housing complex. Because we need affordable housing there should be some affordable housing however item BJ. I'm not involved. In that but it is a concern. But I think that what needs to happen is that it will be some real discussions with folks from BM HA. He some real discussions it is going to be some sort of money you know on the word of federal money come from right now with this administration's. Other about housing complexes. But you know other rumors that I don't think really falls well. In a lot of people are are commenting on that that carry housing complex and wondering. How did it get into the condition that it is in today. And I think that's when you bring on somebody from B a major it and you asked americorps. You know I've heard several things I know that there was some applications. May. Or federal money to combat did not come. Or be near the bottom housing complex that I tell you this the same thing in my district glitter off of Jefferson avenue there is housing complex about say your level and you put up you know these were some of these complexes. It is that was where housing report bitter court conditions. I don't know it's time for and that. Reza electing don't shoot it's as much as. Not that things down and put up something that's more energy efficient but. Built for affordable housing. And so I think that's very important you look Gordon down Jefferson. Or William when you have new units the the fueling of the people is different you don't have the it's a whole different aren't sure it when you give. New housing and housing is. The the current. Error. You know and so I don't have a plan a member of the polls a plan comes out of BM AJ what I am proposing. Something does need to be dumb but it needs to be done with the people in all. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.