930in716 June 14, 2017 Breaking edition on Congressional shooting

Wednesday, June 14th

Initial reaction to the Congressional shooting in Virginia


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Her it's 933716. Breaking edition of the podcasts. Congressional shooting in Virginia police say that she didn't scene at a ball field in Alexandria Virginia is under control in the lone gunman in custody after being shot by police dozens of shots ringing out as Republican lawmakers were practicing for an upcoming game majority whip Steve's the least. Shot in the hip his office says he's undergoing surgery and is in stable condition congressman Jeff Burton in credits the capitol police detail assigned as the least for saving lives. Releases security team what it engaging they were coming from behind the first base dugout where they're their vehicle parked outside that they were gates chairman. When it was all over he was down kind of behind home plate. Three others were also being treated at the hospital including security officers ABC's Kenneth mode is on scene at a park this. Later surrounded it. Pie hole IBM and apartment home. Just processor waited near we have residential street that you. Let across the street where there how it there's another Arctic. To my right here there it day at school playground. Michelle Franzen ABC news a flood of reaction and emotion in the wake of the shooting that FBI and police officials in the Virginia area now say. Is an isolated incident. Senator Jeff flake speaking following the incident he was there. Everybody some elected god and then whom rapid succession after that he had a rifle sometimes and it was a obviously a large gauge rifle and there were people in the field one staffer was shocked out in the field. And he ran with the wounds to the dugout. A lot of us duck dove into the dugout and tried to gives me as we could. But then at that point there was firing behind us from the security detail capitol police. And I started yelling back and are you friendly. Are you fret making sure that that was our guys is we didn't know if there are other shooters had a surrounded and would come into the dugout. So we didn't know whether to run or not but it seems you found out we got a friendly. Behind this then we stayed tried to keep down. I poke my head up at one point saw the shooter behind the backstop. Are behind the fence but he it's still have a line of shot a lot of fire into the dugout firing through the fence well he was he was firing around but he still could have. Fired into the dugout that's why kept everybody down Joseph Barton's boy was here ten year old second Paulson via. We got him into the dugout stuff demanded that under the bed. Angel Markey and Joseph Barton is it's congressman from Texas manager at your coordinated attack well it looks like only one shooter. So I've got to assume you knew what he was doing here and when it was targeting certain members we go along until he was. It was at least tennis scene a lot longer if but it was at least ten minutes to realize that there words I have a police officers armed with you here you do you do ahead at times did we did Steve's polices. And the leadership team he's the whip and Serbia's security detail. There are two of his detailed workshop. One. African American gentleman in this shot in the leg and I believe he's the one that brought shooter down he ran around for quite awhile with only one. Returning fire and then after I got out since I was first out to Steve. And then grabbed another member from Ohio who's a physician came out and we. Plight pressure on the seems Oki yeah you used coherent whole time. But boy he he laid out news he laid out there or at least ten minutes alone feel that we just did we should get to a while there were shots. Right here. And what you're saying. Not that. There was a lot of yelling. To tell the truth some the other members at different angles so they may have heard. And yell something that but I didn't let two security detail I think. The woman was crystal's name was was shot I think pretty early. And she went down and so the other gentlemen Lewis was returning fire female police officer. You know via capitol police officers she's wounded she was taken there was maybe shot. No there was. Oh by the mapped. Was shot in the chest and so he was was taken. I think by ambulance just leave me please. What do you make that it's. Have no idea idea but I got Steve's Lisa's phone and call that's why. I just in order. To wake up here. The news and not know what was going so I think. Senator Jeff flake. Affairs. Chuck flash and Marty photographer was there I think Mo Brooks came in. During that time you see more and more violent I think there were well some staff some members maybe 68 members. In the dugout and like I said there were people hiding behind trees. There's a dog park over there in the I think there always people over there so. I think they were running the other direction it I need to get beaten down that you had security. He was he had yet a lot of the a lot of ammo and I think he he must have been secured behind. The third base dugout for awhile so it was tough to get to it and tactical standpoint. That it seems so initially he was right out in the open Mardy or photographers saw him. Raised the gun the first time rifle. But. He said he thought why in the world is somebody. Burden on me out here at this time. This. I have. Looked like. Forties. Maybe fifty. Quite dark dark hair white. With the blue shirt I think genes. My view of him was just. Quick by the dugout then when I realized he had a line of sight into the dugout with all the members there. Then then we've. We obviously went back down quickly and there were reports of 5200 gunshots obviously that was because capitol police were returning fire. Fifty via an understatement moisture in it. We're now being joined by national audience can you recap. Exactly what you saw. Well we were in and there are weird during batting practice and there are a number of members and staff. Fielding. Steve's police was on second base play second base fielding balls and all of sudden we heard it. Purdue I'm very loud shot that everybody thought that sounds like a gun the gunman was over by the third base dugout. With a clear view of the fields and everybody on it. And then all of a sudden a couple more shots and we do it was and I I just remembered seeing some. Gravel. You know bounce up is as shots were coming near us and so we had we climb into the dugout. And try to. Get our own people engage some people calling 911. It was at least ten minutes. Because we were applying pressure to one of the staffers are shot like. And we have got to spelled out and put that on. We can see Steve's release out of the field he dragged himself after he was shot. From your second base about ten or fifteen yards into the field just via I think the little further away from the gunman he was laying motionless out there. And so I wanted to get to him but there were still shots going overhead from both sides. And so finally when we hear the that the shooter was down. I just ran loaf. Out to Steve and and start putting pressure on the road. And then we've for about ten or fifteen minutes did that until that medics arrived here telling members of congress were here we see at least I think young people about 25. Marty golden. No this is that all Republicans. The game this is tomorrow. So this is a we've been doing this were. I've been in congress for sixteen years this is my sixteenth year doing this what is a tale for those who don't know about this now we have a congressional baseball game it's for charity we raise this year will raise about 650000. Dollars or some underprivileged kids here in DC. So it's. It's one of the longest. Institutions in congress a roll call trophy goes to the winner and a it's it's a great event about 101000 people get out of the game. So it's it's a game for charity we do every year Republicans vs Democrats at that stayed at that stadium and is for your final practice before. That's right that's right games scheduled to play tomorrow but I hope Steve's okay I did call his wife I got this phone and all his life. To make sure that. When she woke up she didn't hear news that. And I don't know that I I've he was certainly going to be okay. Thank you very much. Certainly senator Jeff flake of Arizona. Our own Western New York congressman Chris Collins has been a staunch supporter of the trapped administration and presidency. He talked with Susan and Brian minutes after the initial reports came in. Why I can never get you could never get into the motivation. Of what a crazy person shooting but. You'd have to expect that aspect that our whip was targeted. Number three member of the house GOP leadership team when there were many other members there I would I would suspect the answers yes. So who police were shot in the hip who capitol police we understand were shot. One congressional aide. You know none of them fatally. Heard over fifty shots were fired. But what is your understanding of how this all began and went down nine. Hopefully nobody hurt. That's seriously or no life threatening injuries. What is your understanding of the timeline of events here. Well the congressional are based on game Republicans urged Democrats which is a way to actually apps on in congress and if people that may not agree politically to ever have a conversation and it's it's always occurs is coming up. On Thursday so you know there's the guys that play an arcane. The members say it practiced early in the morning it's well known they do that. So. If somebody. Was targeting someone. You know that that. As part of the problem and schedules there are well known that was he's scheduled baseball practice for the Republicans. You know early in the morning before that they really starts. Here on Capitol Hill and apparently this shooter was was waiting for. Chris we've heard a report that the somebody walked up to the baseball field and an asked we you know with this Republicans or Democrats. To set does that make you furious. It does. I can I can I always try to look for silver lining in any tragedies like that I can only hope. At the Democrats do tone down the rhetoric. That rhetoric has been outraged. The finger pointing the just just the whole. In the anchor in the anger. Directed at Donald Trump is supporters. Really you know some people react to things like that they they get angry as well. You'll fires. I I can only hope maybe there's something here that would say let's hone down the rhetoric we can disagree. Politically but we can be a light. Or order. It's it's gone too far. Maybe this is a wake up call I'm not saying it will be but. It was let's hope we could disagree on a more polite. Conversational. Basis and not do things like you know. What they did it my off a couple weeks ago they edit got. It's it's it's gone too far. Now word is that Alexandria police saying as suspect is in custody Chris are you being told anything members of congress being told anything as far as. Things to watch out for you being told the shelter in place no matter where you are what are you being told. No it isn't it isn't that. If they're shooting it on Capitol Hill they will put up shelter in place until the is that the shooters are identified or learn new neutralize. In this case no I think I'm picking up the news. From some of my staff that. No. Staffers. Might buy one led to this system is very good friends who won this week is so I'm getting some of their. Second hand that are very direct second hand. But I mean it just occurred. There's so there's been no official. Word. Everything appears normal when I came in this morning. Capitol police and whatever that I was driving crew. We're not seeming to be an extra alerts or anything again which is it's very much break. And Chris you know. You're a big supporter of president trump you're the first congressional supporter and of Donald Trump do you feel threatened. Well they did it as a it's a bit of a wakeup call. I like I can tell you the worst news. My white screen action. I think you know our family. Who see something like this happen and you're exactly right on the most is a supporter in Washington. And a yacht of course I'm concerns. But I'm not gonna let my like any differently I mean that's. They're not gonna happen but I I do feel very bare. Their you know my wife now. Her her concerns that rip it up a thousand old. Are things in Washington being put on hold right now any meetings there are things that we're going to happen that aren't anymore. Not that I'm aware of I talked to you guys. I suspect it will be because there's nothing we can do I mean police in the hospital he appears to be in stable condition. And so I suspect things will there be no reason that I know of to cancel meetings or hearings. I got a hearing and fifty but the capital is extraordinarily. Secure. You know this is just outside the capitol grounds where there really is no security other goalies travels with. Capital. Police and a member of our leadership in the Ali asked. 234. Capital we've traveled with him as does the speaker majority leader of the rest of us don't have any action. But the good news is there were capitol police there because he's Lee is our number three. In the leadership team that is. But the more sobering thought is Ted he's out and had baseball practice. It would have been no one to take down the this shooter get him in the past. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.