930in716 June 15, 2017 Wallenda Day!

Thursday, June 15th

Complete wrap-up of the Wallenda stunt in Niagara Falls


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Her kids 930. In 716. It's quite simply will lend a day on the podcast the day here in giro will Linda took Niagara Falls. By her teeth. And hung from a helicopter over the horseshoe falls. Making history. It's burial like strange that she's attach this to way. Just sitting in a hula hoop you know casually. Hanging from this helicopter. It's taking up now now blowing kisses waving to the crowd as they take god off of their group. The Seneca casino. And there she is hanging as you saw noted from that here below the helicopter the helicopter now just passing over Rhode Island in heading out. Coming into position right now over the horseshoe falls looking. Out towards the crowd now she's sitting. And now she's dangling upside down over the horseshoe falls not quite the sight to see. Looking around me everybody's got their phones out there I'd had now. They're taking photos and video of this of. She is now suspended. Whitney and mouthpiece she's hanging by her teeth at this moment she's hanging just I bet little mouthpiece picture amount guy art. But it's formed to figure T it really is nothing. More significant than just that tiny mouth guard that she's hanging from it from Matt who open a Ellicott. Here WV yen was the place to be all morning long with takeoff to landing coverage of the complete stunt. We have complete coverage and photos online at WB EN dot com and also on our FaceBook and Twitter pages as well. We brought you the only wall to wall coverage on the radio and then this extended post event news conference. With the will lend. It's it was absolutely amazing I'll let her talk about it a little bit but to be up there watching her you guys may have been able to see the New York cameras that were over it certain point. She had a huge grin on her face the whole time it kept telling the pilot I have to say thank you to pull or the pilot from camera copter. He is the man there are wins and 90 yes let's hear form. I know because I've been down in the middle of me even even closer to those false those wins are extremely unpredictable. And the fact that he was able to keep that chopper as steady as he was able to you is. Very impressive as I told him while I was up there and she was hanging underneath. But without further ado. Here is the new world record holder. My beautiful wife it and it will end up. Think everybody. Could be back on the ground. Like anything people I respect it means a much smaller because that is way more we indeed and I thought it was going to be. That was the idea. Yes it's my stomach when I did the walk five years ago she is that was nothing who cares. How she notes known never no matter. And it's. Yeah. It was a lot more windy than I expected it to feed but then I kind of had my mind back to. Back hair. I chain all the time and it coming. Down. Mind tired and I start performing with five years old. When I you know looked up and I my husband smiling at me like you got it there you know that's I. And definitely. I. Mean. I remember five years ago when Nicholas cross. The thinking tonight for him to look. At and do it here I ends. Today I know and it is it turnovers. You'd. And I'm so thankful. That opportunity and hopefully we can do something together in five years or maybe I was saying the next generation. Yeah but so I probably want it even a little more time that I had but they're without there was no way to communicate then. And it's not. That close cute. The audience who is cable. I mean that let me now live news seeing people's smile right here in years hopefully inspiring other people's. Yes I hung for I don't know maybe about 152. When he second. The first time. And then I wanted to do little more routine than that I asked hasn't given him one more time. And anything with me and him is for about ten seconds that. I probably would want to spend all of it gone wrong. It was beautiful and an amazing. Here. You know it's funny when my wife just said. I'd put myself back in my backyard the first thing it came to mind to me was. This should be our summertime backyard. That's the dream that's the goal is that this is that we can spend Summers here that they'll be a permanent facility. And it the only entertainment center where people can try to view outrageous things like we UNC setting. Something extremely unique to any where around the world. And for the premiere the first one to be right here in Niagara Falls. That's the vision that the dream. So it should be our our summertime backyard and in the plant would be to you. Or the dream would be to have a permanent. They're basically here where we could perform throughout the summer. For all the tourists it. Continue to cross over to the other side maybe they will have a reason to stay over here more of a reason with families. To stay over here and enjoyed the falls so. That's the goal and that's something that you know my family for seven generations that few hundred years we lived by three words. Never give up. And that's what I used to hopefully inspire people but I have in order inspire people at the truly live by those words. And that's why when I sought permission to get so to walk across Niagara Falls in the first place. When sixteen other wire walkers over the last hundred years have tried the same in all given up I knew I couldn't give up. Because how can I inspire people by the by the words that I proclaim. So. I won't give up I believe that eventually it will happen. Again buried before it took opposite some of the takes a little longer than it should in this region. To make things happen. But I believe that eventually we will have a permanent presence here. In this in this region this as a global attention is huge it's huge for our brand of course and it's huge for Niagara Falls and part of this is I want people understand yes we get paid did you what we do and I don't think any of you guys would do it for anywhere. Near. Then out of the minimal amount of money teammates to do this stuff. I'm and I make. Putts. It is about giving back in a sense to do. Of course we have to cover costs and be be compensated. But it's about bringing the attention of the world to this region and we've proven that twice now. And I think you'll see tomorrow that around the world they'll be a picture of Armenians that helicopter over Niagara Falls and you know it's a ready gone it all of course international we know that span aired live international. And it'll be a huge story tomorrow but in that huge story what is the setting what is the backdrop it is Niagara Falls and again our vision is to bring the attention of the world to this region. Hoping that through that is like worldwide TV commercial which in turn brings people here and puts people in this region. And in his eight incredible return on investment for this county community and of course that's the Seneca nation. We you know I think all of us can say we we want people to be inspired there's something that inspires us some asked yesterday about. The fault what inspires they're able to do stuff you there's something. Intimidating overwhelming. Inviting. I know this words mean but that's just the way that we see it there's something. Beautiful you know I've had the upper seen in my life as well the showcase. Incredible locations. Around scene due to the world it to places where maybe they've ever seen Niagara Falls. And that's really what it's about. There. So hard to describe it goes on in my mind is an artist. Man I love America owns. To be able to do well Nicklaus in nineteen. I Snooki. All of these beautiful place thing. Hopefully it inspires people to come in and and visit the faults it has and it sort of art and a couple of generations back like it's really cool. But I feel like maybe our generation sort of life. Doesn't really common. So hopefully that'll inspire open to families to come in and see how beautiful it is back. As an artist and geared down like it there is like something about it. Something and the magic. Draws you in it kinda dangerous and it's beautiful. In the same way which I I kinda think that that's what do you think when I watched my husband. Lock the fire even need be on anything like two peas or whenever you have to use it deemed. But hopefully there's something in the air it. You and I mean that's the way I. And so that. Remind them that's the reason why I was like yeah I'm gonna do that as well. That makes me. What's going on in my mind when I'm out there performing yeah. Yeah I mean it like I said before it was absolutely beautiful play. There's something about. That feeling comes over I mean hey that's whenever. My my my era. And they get really artsy than. I feel like that where guide. Tells me that this is but I mean she. And now. There's probably a lot of people in world wide eyes. And makes no sense that to me in my heart it's where I feel like. That was what I was created Fuller so I care law in that moments. And even though it flight. You know it's seven minutes maybe made him. Or maybe ten minutes whatever it was. Seems like a second to me. Well aren't that mean there's a reason why there's eight generations. Of doing this sort of thing. My mom's side and doing that in recent them my father's family. There there's nothing. Better there's no greater gift that god. It'd given evening for me to be able to do that I know that a lot of people probably think that. That's why did you nerve wracking but you need that. Where I feel alive and that's where I feel like that before it's is that listening too juicy to sort of get lots of them. Our faith is. Is who we are. You know it's not something that we do it's who we are. We're very blessed to have a personal relationship with the lord and savior Jesus Christ. And we note that he's given us these opportunities we know that he's mean he's beautiful creations. And again it is hard for people understand and am very careful you know we say a prayer before it's not about. Not that god does and the ability but it's not about him magically holding us up there're some equity and do. But it's about. It's about us preparing properly. Ensure that were ready and using the talents that he's given us to bring hopefully bring glory to his name. When I see Niagara Falls I see my savior IC creation aid that is inspiring. So. Again our faith is who we are. It is. It's not something we view it's not we have to church every Sunday it's just we have a personal relationship. You know as you guys know in the world knows when I'm doing these things my wife was listening to you. I think apple probably which is a a praise and worship. Group. There is something we have a relationship that I hope all of you guys do or will one day and everybody that's watching it. That is indescribable. An and part of that is the reassurance. Of whether I get on an airplane in crashes the weather across the street and run over whether. I were to get hurt doing what I view or whether I would die indebted a hundred years old an assurance of where I'm gonna go. And there's a lot of confidence that we can have in. And we choose to use what we do hopefully inspire people. And to bring glory to god. And and again we do we believe that he's given us this platform. And we all have a platform and we just have a very unique platform. And we are blessed beyond belief that all of you guys support what we do. And enjoy the platform that he's given us. What's next well. We are getting ready to go on tour. As you guys it's in the last couple days the Big Apple circus circus that is opening up that we will be headlining on it'll open up in New York City on October 26. We'll be there for. Two and a half months in Lincoln Center where. Our passion it is. I often say you know I was born basically born under the big top and almost six months pregnant with me and still walking wire. There's something special and magical about being under a top. And we have an opportunity tour around this country under big top in 810 days. You know we call it beat top but he is nothing. Short of being a portable theater. And will be headlining in touring around the country with Big Apple circus performing alongside of each other. My wife will be performing Lira which you just saw on however we do it that helicopter into the big top. So be a little bit different capacity as well as performing the seven person Peerman. Me along side of six other family members and very close friends that I consider family will be performing that probably you guys know the history. Back in 1960 team that humid fell on settlement human members were killed almost paralyzed and in February what I always. But I always knew was a possibility became a reality and that happened to me. I was on the wire. Trying to break another world record the eight person pyramid we collapsed in by the grace of god I caught the wires posts to my other family members but four of us. Held at the ground. Actually five felt that the ground and no yes three of its popular five program. And day two of them really sustain very minimal injuries only two broken toes. But three in my family members sustain some serious injuries but I'm happy to say that all of them are doing extremely well. Matter fact all of the moral training already and I believe Miami it was at the top that here man who fell 48 feet. Without a safety device is a ready performing again. So if you don't believe in angels or you don't understand why don't we believe what we believe. That's one of the reasons why. It was truly miraculous that everybody. We'll fully recover from that no one was known was killed no one had in spinal injuries just a lot of broken bones. So that's what's next for wanna Big Apple circus and a torn country and what in my in my you know may be one of the stops will be here in Niagara Falls we can make that happen until we get that permanent. Facility going. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.