930in716 June 16, 2017 Congressional Ball Game and Phil Housley

Friday, June 16th

We get into the Congressional baseball game and the new Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Phil Housley


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It's 930. In 716. It's okay. More on that great memory in just a few minutes I'm Tim linger on the podcast but first we begin. Republicans and Democrats joining in friendly rivalry at their annual congressional baseball game you've no doubt heard about. Many fresh from the penetrating horror of the ball field shooting Rampage at date earlier. All playing in honor of the wounded colleague rep representative Steve school lease. Democrats won in eleven to blow out president trump delivering a pregame message. Thank members of congress their staffs in baseball fans across the country for supporting tonight's congressional baseball game. This game is always an important moment for both parties to copy yet to support share. Build friendships and celebrate our national past. But as you'll note tonight's game has taken on much deeper level. Beyond anything that we would have. By playing tonight you are showing the world. That we will not be intimidated by threats acts of violence or assaults. On our democracy. The game will go wrong. Wanna take a moment to send our thoughts love and programs to congressman Steve's release and his entire span. Steve is our friend he's a patriot and he's a true fight. I know what you all would be playing extra hard tonight and Steve we pray for all of the victims of this terrible crime. We're still recovering including Zach Reebok. And Matt Mike. Both of whom are respected and cherished by so many. We also pray special agents Chris O'Brien. And David belly of the capitol police for their heroic deeds that saved so many lives wanna act a great job they did. And we thank all of the members of the Alexandria fire. Police and risky and Washington we have our disagreements. But we all agreed that we are here to serve this nation we let up. And the people who call at all. That's the source of unity. And more than ever we must embrace so that on this special night. I leave you with three great American words that for generations have torn down barriers built bridges community. And defy those who have sought to pull us apart. Ladies and gentlemen let's play at all. And he fields covered to game. Well he covered this spectacle that it was you know quickly almost no intention of the actual game and it was it was more of you you meant. The pitcher for the Democrats and sort it from me here. But he was even played an amazing game the Republicans pitcher was not really. Ready for prime time. Balls at her natural. Actually hitting the strike zone but you know really care who won. And if you need to accentuate the point went the Democrats have trophy. Pennsylvania. Republic rivers Mike Doyle who's a Republican. Received the trophy from the Democrats. And I'm sorry Democrat Mike Doyle was the manager of the Democrats look these are congressman from Pennsylvania. He gave the trophy Texas Republican Joseph Barton and said we want you to put this Steve's police's office who Susan when you. Have we heard until it's released returns so they still want it back right. I'm probably. You know they were actually they've played they've played. This game now for a 108 years and rarely has have been canceled book. A few times during the great depression and during World War II. And back in nineteen. 58 the house speaker. Said you know this game's getting a little too physical early review the call for absolutely you play for a few years but this is a 108 year tradition and it's gonna continue. Now onto the new head coach of the Buffalo Sabres introduced to sabres nation Thursday. Well more reintroduced. Phil Housley was in studio on WBE yen. Yeah and. That means for you I must get the goosebumps. You know rich Arab what a legend here in buffalo and and hear him call gains and and the way he describes a certain players it's it's it's it's a fantastic way to call a game that like this it really gives me goose bumps. A whirlwind week for you to say the least I mean just Sunday you're behind the bench game six of the Stanley Cup final now you're back here. In buffalo what's that been like for you over the past five days. I'll tell you a couple weeks but I get some sleep and hit it's been it's been an extraordinary. What are roller coaster of emotions for me. And you know being two wins away from the Stanley Cup and then and being announced that being in Buffalo Sabres head coach. In a short period of time and it's it's been exciting for me and my family for sure. Especially my wife how how great was that to give her that the anniversary present as being the head coach but I'm excited and looking forward. To this new challenge. In getting back here in buffalo where I belong. You know I've tried that once to give my wife I say for our anniversary this year I'm gonna get a new job and that'll be your gifts it didn't work out quite the same thing. It's this is all the timing you know it's funny because we were talking about that though last night. Where you know we started really are our life here had two kids that were born here for the four and a it just seems we were so comfortable coming back because of the people hear the passion for the sports teams. And coming back to the Buffalo Sabres. We were reminiscent in sort of a pinch yourself that there that you know my dream came true and she's really excited to get on board and and be a part of it she's just as happy about it took now I understand she's a state senators have right yes she's miss those states that senator in his second term and really proud of her and she runs her own real estate business back in Minnesota that she wants to get back here and and get involved in and certainly she likes her job she likes to make a difference with people and community. So. If she'll be buzzing back and forth but Schilling has sessions for 34 months since she is. Always thought an escrow with me when she get the time but she certainly looks forward which we got a lot of ties and friends here and she's looking forward to getting back and recreating that relationship with friends so can she be seen wearing a sabres Jersey up there in Minnesota or will that are hurt the chances of getting reelected you'd be surprised that she had all the senate there with the natural predators teacher and turn everybody knew about the sabres fan so. He saw the picture on Twitter habit. You know she drew really cares about the people in Minnesota through and where we grew up and in the area that their kids went to school and trying to make a difference and in their community events she's gonna try to do the same here. We talk about diving right in honey you've got the expansion draft and the draft next week you ready for this yeah you know I you know I really like to thirteen not get into the individual personnel that really relate to make a former team there's. You know some pieces of the puzzle we're you know we're trying to work and to make them our team better but certainly. From the starting part of just looking and hurt our club. I'm really excited to work with these players and and and I think they're going to be cited the played the style hockey that we wanna play the yet comes at a quick time you know with the expansion draft coming up and in the draft but it's an exciting time and we got the eighth pick. We're gonna get a really good player so I'm looking forward to that. Now people I think were really excited watching Nashville over the past few months seeing just how did defense so moves all over the ice. You think and I'm bringing a similar system here to buffalo or is it kind of what you see till you have the whole team on the ice. Well we've definitely wanna play that brand hockey I mean how we want our defense been involved in the in the play in in the offensive zone we wanna see that that's how you create off balance and home you know it's gonna take some time. For them to get east in the unions and from what we're looking for as far as there. Our system scoped to I'm excited that one in once they've sort of get what we're trying to trying to teach them they'll be excited to play that type fissile. You realize how starved the fan base is here for our championship and a playoff front. Well I understand that and but you know we've got to build the culture first and and and and and try to teach them the right way to play and a and that's going to be a process that that we wanna be competitive for sure you know we're gonna learn that loyalty of the fans back. And you know. And when it won't be here prudence they were going wanna make the playoffs and and see what happens if I just. I fall back on our season in Nashville in order to 71 in October and we are supposed to be in division leader and in that Stanley Cup contender. And we had to go through a little bit of a building process there and that we had to read. Fall back on that building process things came in place and we were sixteen seeds so anything can happen. And you know. From that point you have to do you have you can't win the Stanley Cup forget in the playoffs in October it's a process leading. Throughout the whole season that you know we we were just try to wanna try to give him if in this that. Where were here you're probably the first sabres coach. Who's openly active. On Twitter. Is that maybe a little message out to the players you know hey watch we say over here I am not I'm out here two or. You better be following me or so you don't get a Powell back from the coach. Life decade in today's world and in the communication part is so important that my kids taught me that they're all on Twitter and it's great to read the news. And from other people and and catch up and and stay current so. If that's just my way through she's she's she's a big social media fan and and I just trying to stand with the times that I think is a good way to communicate to people. Like I like to communicate to our players. While a state buffalo fans were jealous of those support and we saw coming out a national. For that playoff front if you could bring a fraction of that here and it revealed he says they're very passionate and believe me I know firsthand playing here. They're very pro people and they care about their sports teams and we're gonna try to you know get that. Fan base back and try to. Do some special here. Pete Weber is a go to hockey guy for us and he's the play by play guy in Nashville. Where Housley comes to the sabres from. Pete is also buffalo guy and says the treads are gonna miss Housley. I think they're happy for fail. Because there are now as we get headed for this next season literally 31. Head coaching jobs in the National Hockey League so they are very. Precious commodity and they are happy relieved I think that Phil got the job. I know there's a bit of scrambling going on of the predators offices that you will be a possibility. When Phil is allowed to interview for that job so we'll have to see how they are scrambled to fill. The vacancy now created. But I bottom line and I think everybody in the coaching profession is truly happy for feel. Now while what kind of role did Housley had as an assistant coach behind the bench in Nashville. Well basically who's in charge of I think the most significant portion of the team. And that was the defense score and then working on the power play. Now if we you know we'll go back to movies like slap shot there or on the power player right now guys Democrats are new effects but. Working with this defense for a it was a special one and when he arrived here. There was a young man that he had coached to the world gold medal championship. Seth Jones who subsequently got traded to Columbus because of predators. Needed number one cinnamon and got one Ryan Johansson. But he and Islam that same world junior team of course was Jake McKay who's a still with the sabres right now so. He has worked with them he put together he was able to assimilate. Finally putting him with Hamachi is at home as a shutdown pair and then working with Ryan Ellis. Enrollment DOC. The top four were outstanding but really he also got. Very good play out of a guys she'd call the five and six. As he worked with Garrett Weber and he worked with matter of one and yet nick Weber free agent acquisition. Last summer and matter Irwin was given a shot after having spent. Most of the previous season in Providence of the American league for the Boston Bruins only played a couple of NHL games. And yet with the injuries started out last year. Those two of the allegedly fifth and sixth defenseman. Played a huge role in the team's success this year and Pete what do you say about Phil's career and his longevity. There you go. Almost 15100. Games played. That is just miraculous. Okay he didn't go to the Chris Chelios extent of playing until he is 49. And but. We we saw him coming to buffalo is an eight G girl. And that seems so recess until I consider a look at the by Tony's what 53 years old now so a lot of time has passed. He went in that blockbuster trade. 21 update and I was at a ballpark in Denver. When people were reading me the details of the trade. 21 update which resulted in jail our jock coming to buffalo. By his going to Winnipeg. He helped and and maybe sabres fans won't like this necessarily but he helped a rookie named came of salami. That we believe goals or tied for the lead the Eagles Alex regularly when he jets 76. Via a system of more than half of those schools. He is very creative offensively. And if you take a look at him now when he puts on the skates and gets on the ice yes it was a hall of fame career. But you wonder if he could still play maybe ten minutes tonight in the league to this very day. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.