930in716 June 19, 2017 Attack in London, the end of valedictorians and the day the music died at Record Theatre!

Monday, June 19th

A look at the latest violence in London, talk of the end of valedictorians and the end of the music at Record Theatre.


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Her it's 930. In 716. A new week. But it's also the week the music begins to die at record theater. I think it wasn't for vinyl coming back to store probably would have closed crave it like six so in ten years ago. More on that in a bit first we begin in London again. Of vehicle struck pedestrians near a mosque in North London killing one man injuring ten people in what. Police are investigating a suspected terrorism. Police said the 48 year old man who was driving the car has been arrested and taken to a hospital as a precaution. The crash occurred at a time when. The multiethnic neighborhood was crowded with Muslims leaving the Finn's very park mosque after Ramadan prayers. Tom rivers is in London. Twenty minutes past midnight worshippers at the Ginsburg mosque we're. The parting after evening prayers and car comes at speed a man. Run into the crowd there at least ten people known to have been injured to sort of be in serious condition. And additional individual elderly man has passed away. Anecdotally it looks like he was being treated for a heart attack so just minutes before. This man crushed into the people there so yet another another tragic tale 48 year old man. Has been apprehended. And is charged with attempted murder. It didn't take long for police to come around and say they're treating this as if it's terrorism. Yeah they don't comply played their cards close to the vest when anything like this happens so speculative vehicle. Bomb because there's three motives at the humane thing you could be a heart attack or stroke something like that behind the wheel. But certainly you know I haven't covered these now for a a few different circuits appear here and open Manchester that kind of looks like it did more than likely years and yet it didn't take long for the police say we're treating this as a terrorist incident. Tom what is London's mayor saying who is Muslim. He's saying look we're the community have to stick together and do not allow these attacks do divided. And as we saw in the past we had. People have been radicalized it will Islamic people they've radicalized in the London Bridge attack now we apparently have. Any 48 year old white individual going after Muslims and what they don't want is a community divided. And again it's it's it's it's gonna be a hot summer here. And we've got a ways to go. You mention 48 year old white men is there anything else we know about these suspected attacker. No we don't at this stage and an Internet initially. Eyewitnesses said the thought possibly two maybe three individuals got out of the man. At the time in the police now hours later had discounted that they're saying the other certainly checking up that possible lead and they say they felt absolutely nothing. Every crowd in the in the past whenever there's very few incidents gunshot counts have been off. It's a blast it was in a single blast from multiple blast beat people hear different things see different things. In the heat of the moment but would appear to say this single individual at this stage. I know it's really as soon in the aftermath of this attack but given this that the London Bridge attack other things we've seen across Europe. Is there talk now about how to prevent. These attacks dumb by somebody behind the wheel of whether it's a truck or just some other sort of vehicle or maybe large barriers on the streets is. There anything that can be done is stepping talked about. Yeah you know even if you think you could strengthen some key areas certainly the barricades and W camp but barricades upon bear kind Pete barbaric. Greater London area has to go to the suburbs talker twelve million people. And that means you know millions upon millions of cars. That's the way it is you're not gonna change a whole lot. If somebody is determined that certain mindset. Is gonna happen. Our Intel we're learning too that the death hole in last week's terrible high rise fire has risen are you aware that. Yes sadly we had Stuart there couldn't be the police commissioner I'm talking today literally about half hour ago. And he you know we we knew that the figure from Sunday's 58 who could be rising. He said the current number of people don't we'll die or those missing and presumed dead. Is now sitting at 79. And he says that numbers. Clearly Flutie there that may well lie is of course they're dealing with. People that were in Nolan at least relative strength they were known to have relatives in the building. So again they're gonna be working through that building into cricket weeks he says is not gonna happen in days. Weeks maybe even months. As we get down to plugin into it down to the DNA identifying. The remains of many of those victims. We turn to our go to guy and Homeland Security Steve Mick Martan with men die college. He checks in on the suspected terrorist act and how to investigate it. Well. There are a number of factors that that specifically there are no. You know terror it. In in fact we talked book that's a neutral for. I think people are where to jump to a terrorism. Although understandable. And in this case I don't know old. That exactly what they're looking at. I predict we jumped from if that's looking at. Or whether it was terror attack Greek prime. It's certainly in no. You know a degradation and in the situation there. But it also seems to be following along this trend that we've been seeing lately. Using vehicles right. Well yeah that they're duck boat since nine elevenths is. You know. Where terror circle and attack how regard to act in one ever hear is that they will. Be able to turn around every day. I don't they use every day and create weapons. I'm sure everyone thought that the very first moment they're herbal dealt London. Our fire that it was an act of terrorism I start war. It would not. Thankfully. Voted Jewish old thing you might not. Could be uses terror weapon. And that nobody they've let down to our web. Both cars and trucks I mean it's something we've seen right now obviously though London Bridge just a week ago wall over in Germany and going back a couple years now. After these attacks we keep hearing the same thing that there's almost nothing you can do. To prevent something like this will bat. Be looked at say even closer. After this attack that fact that maybe there is something we can do we just have to figure out what it is. Well. Yeah if you were called back to what I knew there were times when federal building. Now work urge aided by. Earl concrete. Blocks and he's in poll. Bench. And after the McGrady. Attack in. Oklahoma City. We realize. That. We needed to protect protection. I saw this week a report from London. We're bridge had establish those concrete all along to walk way. Track being. But after. And it may come to speed up that world that we now Libya is there were ordered that fact book. Accommodation. You know Steve just last week in front of buffalo City Hall they started putting up those. Those giant pollard's which are in giant boulders I think there are over 3000 pounds apiece you know to keep. Any idea prevent any curb attacks in vehicles coming up the curve is this something we're gonna see more of. Well I think clearly gaps. Andy goes back to the right question about seeing me increased you are. And the injured pedestrians. Alms certainly in larger area I'm I've certainly are allegations being made the market in Berlin as we speak. And Libya. You know in front of our City Hall again you know it's unfortunately it since 9/11 this is the world we live it. I'm bringing things around full circle now low we mentioned terrorism it's being investigated as now that's what police in London are saying. We mentioned also a hate crime it's possible that this was a hate crime act. Either way does that affect the investigation. Which of those labels are put on this act. No we just got this and clap many times and to have to come to report the idea. That and it's very little at the very base level terrorism it just remodel activity. Not to minimize it not to. You know make you like let it let. Awful and it has but it. Police stormed the cedar trapped. Me you know much tell people don't have to protect the law the response is almost identical it doesn't matter what he. Was so. Go back full circle to what I said what are they are tracking or whether they're approaching their and the terror. Attack or hate crime really doesn't matter that the police procedural status thing. Now onto a controversy of sorts at a time when valedictorian. Or being presented across western new York and the country. Some school district circuits. Valedictorian. News. One education specialist says don't do away with them modify the formula to determine the high honor. But why mess with that to begin with we talked with former New York State regent Bob Bennett. He's not on board. Well I think it should say my goodness why wouldn't we recognize achievement. I don't understand the rationale calls for eliminating and it just doesn't make any sense to me. Studies have shown recently. Valedictorian may be. Don't do is well when the real world so to speak once school lands as some of the other students so what do you think of those every cynics. Well rationale behind the valedictorian is a grade point average and I think it should stay because it recognizes. Achievement on the other hand I think that you might want to think about adding certain awards sort of the complete person. I would give an award for community service myself because I think that is reflective of experience and also on the extent to which a student was able to take advantage of internships. To get some real world experience so. There's no need to eliminate valedictorian. There. Schools. It's up to them pretty much to recognize different levels of achievement and in sports and other related academic achievement. I just think that the more we can recognize. Achievement among students a better will be for everybody. In the long run. And and class rank. That's pretty important especially when it comes to applying for college right. Well as one of the variables of course and it is important so is the ability to write clearly because most college freshman have. Terrible awakening that you have to write area Tony Paige paper and I shall I never had to do that while you're gonna start Powell is the answer. And so more rating would be a very very good idea and kids they can do that well. Get a second look from college admissions counselors. And but the actual distinction of valedictorian. That's not exactly look step by counts is because it doesn't happen until well laughter students are accepted. Well let's ask this strain is it's really. A program that recognizes student achievement. And it should remain very important. As a goal they you know be right. Saying that he had a sports program and everybody got to throw we were they won or lost it doesn't work. So while some say it's unhealthy competition. You probably play I would say it's healthy competition. Competition is always healthy it's that it absolutely is that's what really started the charters. Oh. And four valedictorian. Is going forward might we see changes in the way they're I guess. Calculated would be the right way to phrase that. Maybe it's not GPA may be its GPA's. Plus something else. Would that be a good idea in your mind keeping the distinction but maybe changing the way it's soc. Then me after the high school of the people who knows students the best. I think that when her at all now. The day the music died record theater as you've no doubt heard his closing a liquidation sale now under way. After the march 10 passing of record theater owner Leonard silver the future was grim for the former buffalo music behemoth. Mike beggar man visited in store with manager. Joseph England ski. Basically when I got on board everything was so gone along in good as far as. They were switch over to CDs. And so that was still good because they're gonna find vinyl now is trading up and going into the CDs and vinyl being pushed out. And now I've Ross aren't as CDs sold businesses don't grade and and all of a sudden death sites they may be behind he sat there and and analysts sudden Internet and streaming started happening. Actually I think even before that have been faxed or trying to get involved with that at my media player first and cut into the high. And an employee took over Internet. So that cut tobacco Lenovo we still hung on and then when the Internet did actually start going with the streaming and downloading. That's where you really came to almost a stance telling you start getting nervous and places all around the country were closing. Now Tower Records and all that or haven't been problems so they now closed. And can you know we just hung on a lot of locations close but a couple of stores can't stand open and I think the only reason it did was 'cause. Mr. silver was so. It's you know it's. And so established that he was able hang on to keep it going. And plus he's so proud of the stores I think Keiko and it just kept it open just as Jesus loved being record store. So we get to the Internet days inn and that's of course is to understand so mcdannold sudden final start coming back. And once final start coming back again they very been very each year and basically that carried us right up to Maria. I think it wasn't for panel coming back to store problem the clothes trying to like six some ten years ago. And now carry our donors past and you know. You just think it name is Stan grant that. What was your relationship like who is Leonard silver and you'll want to give me an idea of what he's like not just as an owner and as a human. Fire. I never really went out or hung out with them my down a personal level we only went to his office for meetings where we discuss water plants and power and move forward. He was very interesting he was whipped day he's right up front it and keep it. He he always knew here talking about he talked him when he talked he told me stories you're wrong is very interstate. And if you're ever in his office he's got pictures of all people he's associated with the Ricky Nelson the evil communal. If you just pointed to a picture on what's this all about you have this story's on soul enters very decisive on evil communal way you would never hear. I always thought someone should get a book written words mr. sober. That I don't think this ever happened. I've always side. Grades things about it system all the stuff he's done and how he's brought. The store to be so made I think he might have been one of the main influences on my big box right in no way because I think most stores up to that record theatre opening just like little tiny stores he made so made I think ever realized that it was on one thing. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.