930in716 June 7, 2017 The Comey Hearing

Wednesday, June 7th

We go in-depth on the Comey hearing and a little about Amazon in WNY!


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Her kids 930. In 716. The only hearing here. Not gonna go up there and just sort of it's paid compared to if you will and then not talk. I'm Tim linger. We'll be live with the hearing on WB ENN streaming on WB EN dot com beginning at 10 AM Thursday. We'll also have a feed live on FaceBook and hours before the old FBI director's testimony on Capitol Hill. Well a new one announced. President trump says he. He's designing cool people nominate to be the next director of the FBI Christopher Wray who served as assistant attorney general in charge of the DOJ's. Criminal division under President Bush since then he's worked in private practice at one point worked under New Jersey governor Chris Christie in a tweet Donald Trump says I will be nominating Christopher a re a man of impeccable credentials to be the new director of the FBI details to follow this of course the day before. The man he fired James coney will be appearing on Capitol Hill to discuss his interactions with the president Donald Trump has said he has decided who will be the next director of the FBI pending confirmation. I'm bright milky this has been a special report from. ABC news so what we'll James called me say how significant. Will it be housing getting ready. Jonathan Karl was at the White House. At a meeting with a Republican leaders the president was asked about James Kobe is highly anticipated test. A source familiar with Colby's thinking tells ABC news. That the former FBI director will directly contradict. What the president wrote in the letter notifying him he was fired. I greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I'm not under investigation. To claim the president has repeated. I said. If it's possible when you let me know. Am lying under investigation should you're not under investigation. But according to our source Colby will dispute that. But the source says call me will also testified that he does not believe the president was obstructing the FBI investigation. When trampled legend he told him. He hoped they would be able to drop the investigation. Into fired national security advisor Michael Flynn still the conversation concerned call me enough. That he documented it in a memo he wrote shortly after as the White House braces for CoBiz testimony. Sources tell ABC news. There is major tension between president trump and his attorney general Jeff Sessions sessions was the first senator do endorsed candidate troll. The first person nominated to a cabinet post after he won but trump was furious when sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation back in March. Sources say more recently trump has again lashed out at the attorney general. Blaming the recusal for many of his current problems. Press Secretary Sean Spicer refused to say if the president still has confidence in his attorney general. I have not had a discussion with CK it's ABS confidence in his attorney general I said I have not had a discussion with them on the question I don't. If I haven't had a discussion with him about a subject I tend not to speak about it. I am told that after the president recently lashed out at the attorney general yet again. Attorney general sessions said that he was more than willing to resign. When we asked the spokesperson for the Department of Justice whether or not in fact he had offered to resign we got simply eight declined to comment. More now with treadmill quay who will cover the hearing Thursday. The enormous interest says the hearing is being broadcast and promoted virtually. Everywhere. Well that's right you're seeing it live coverage from several major. The news organizations including ABC news to be lied on the TV networks during the day. You're also seeing attack ads being run against Kim cult leader to darken Monique proton pump group called the great America alliance they are running attack. Impugning Jim couple weeks on cable news during his testimony I mean it really does give you defence of this sort of media circus very much fraught with politics. All the surroundings and simple questions about James Kobe and what the president told him and can't. You mentioned that simple questions this testimony I mean it's something you've seen before we've seen before but I think a lot of people don't really know what to expect might think it. Bored easily if they are about the you know a few hours of their day to watch this. Well I think it certainly could get a little tedious at times especially considering you know when whenever you deal with the testimony and your worry is binding and mean you are under those people definitely watch what they say however. Jim call me decide that you whatever reason I mean it was him. Actually volunteering himself to the Senate Intelligence Committee at what point he declined to other invitations that's because. People close to coming that he had something to say so he's not gonna go up there and just sort of he didn't hit the few well and then not talk we we do know. In the Senate Intelligence Committee wants to ask him. About you know whether president trump asked him to end the investigation into Michael planet whether Jim Kobe ever told the president he would not under investigation. We've actually heard from sources close to coming they think he's not gonna go so far. As to accuse the president of obstructing justice. But he will say he never told the president he wasn't under investigation and. We are likely to hear him confirmed. What we get those mysterious memo about the president and and general Michael what is. Now if Colleen did say that does say that that the president was trying to impede justice doesn't it raise some questions about why he didn't act more forcefully. In response. Well and that will certainly be a question that he got we we know for a fact that at least one senators planning on asking him if this was such a concern. If you got the impression that the president was was trying to do it you don't lay off Michael Flynn and and later apparently you fumed. Two Jeff Sessions about that that's what the New York Times is reporting that this morning. It is also too big deal why did he dot com the congress in mentioned that at some point that the president was trying to obstruct justice. We now know though that good games coming will likely say he doesn't know with the president was trying to obstruct justice. But he was concerned that seems clear from everyone around him coming that this was concerned he'll have to hear from him exactly why he decided to keep this private. And for the most part so far the president kind of keeping mum on this only saying he wishes them luck. Yeah that's right is that the only department so far from the president on this particular hearing that he wishes and lucky that. Similar things about other people giving testimony about him damaging or not in the past a do you think it's interesting to hear. This morning ABC news has learned that. President company's been furious with Jeff Sessions and all of the attorney general the packets sessions accused himself on the Russia probe because he was a member of Trump's campaign. And it led to a lot of friction between presidential bid and is. Relatively new attorney general at what point forgot about it sessions offered to resign. It says that he did not might be easier on us if Michael had resigned the president didn't take it upon at all perk but we do you know he's been curious because. He thinks that it has just brought a lot of undue scrutiny on him and his campaign south. Over at the White House Karen Travers anticipating the cone rehearing and also listening to all the chatter about the rift reported rift between the president and attorney general sessions. Attorney general Jeff Sessions with an early supporter of Donald I don't have a long history like other people in in the White House but he was the first US senator to give him an endorsement. And now that relationship is strained impacted so tense that sessions at one point recently. Even suggested he could resign. We asked the Justice Department spokesperson specifically. If the attorney general has threatened or offer to resign they declined to comment but this all stems from. Sessions decision back in March to recuse himself from the Russia or investigation anything related to it. The president is still very angry about that he didn't know intelligence moments. Before or sessions was going to announce it publicly. And he blames sessions and that refusal. For the expansion of the probe basically saying if you hadn't stepped down there would be a special counsel it when it turned into this being complicated thing. Now it bad. Risks kind of almost sounds like it's part of a communication breakdown when you mentioned the president not knowing about said the refusal until minutes before. Is the president taking aim at his own staff because of bats that an all or is it just aimed at sessions. Denver for now it seems like it's just aimed at session that I I don't think it's that might grow as you know who didn't tell him and when that certainly heated off and remember the day after that happened. We have this video from outside of the White House into the Oval Office and you could see the president very agitated and we are learning leader that. The president was very upset and lashing out at his aides still about Jeff Sessions but this is something that. He has really dug into and he still upset about it Karen is there concern at the White House about what comic could save him. Certainly as those things that could make the White House very uncomfortable but the president. They say is going to be very busy tomorrow they're certainly trying to pack his schedule with events but his morning as free as of right now. We'll deliver a speech at 1230 and then have a meeting at the White House at 330 which leaves. Plenty of time for him to watch the testimony that begins at 10 AM eastern time that we also reported yesterday that. While there's a lot that can make the White House comfortable. We expect economy will stop short of saying that the president. Interfered with the probe in two of Michael Flynn so he's not gonna accuse the president. As we know right now of obstructing justice. You mentioned the president having time to watch it seems like everybody in Washington is getting ready to watch this were your. Is opening early 10 AM what's going on over there oh Washington fingered calling it the Super Bowl here at the bars are gonna open for that 10 AM hearings starting at 930. One guards couple miles away from Capitol Hill is gonna have specials. Russian vodka FBI themed sandwiches. People are still working but certainly. People I talked to were not fully ensconced in the media or in politics say they're going to be pulling it up online everybody wants to team. Remember continuous live coverage Thursday on WB EN 9:30 AM streaming at WB EN dot com and live on FaceBook. You can text news to 3930. You'll get breaking updates right on your phone will also push out alerts on or after as well if you have battered download it. How about something different now what about Amazon shopping you do that a little bit. Could get even faster locally if the online retail giant opens a fulfillment center in Lancaster. Could be same day shopping. Business first broke the news last week Jim think is covering. Mr. Or approved. Anderson whom only. That there renovations and that's. That's under way to pick up once maybe. So maybe it's all. Late summer early fall but we're talking. What did you think context. But this story yesterday about financial. 15100 jobs that's 2000 jobs in the area. There are a couple of days that's pretty good stuff. It seems like it's moving pretty quickly given that Amazon hasn't said for sure are they waiting on an official announcement so when will we know exactly what Amazon's plans are. It was not a nice gesture is most. Differently and to see they've being that may not be any special thing if it just happened. A zone. To tanker. So who would surprise if there is no official word circus bear. Did elect a lot of fanfare. All what about the impact wasn't just it alone for for Lancaster. Going to answer it thinks. Big old empty warehouse at keeper of eighteen months now. Bring it back to life and again our corner workers voted out of there. There's definitely some spinoffs and sort of nearby restaurant sort ever. You know it's. Very tired talking new job Charlie's. Immediate in regional stuff. Why. Are exactly watts is. Amazon's plans for this warehouse so were hearing fulfillment senator dissent mean it's a place where. I'd differ packages will ship out of will be strictly for packages shipping in the Western New York area can you give us any idea of what fulfillment center means. What it means it is slept well this regional center so. Heck it is bound for customers who bought the murder region towards southern southern here they've delivered to our strategy carry this will be. That's bird distributes. Products you know. Buffalo is where errors out when a city so yourself and it is terribly horizon within 24 hours. So this'll help with that process. More same almost same day. Ordering delivery that's pretty cool. Where that that's our hallmark soupy. You know the term they are waiting weeks for our order you know he ordered everybody and it should Asian air and space Tuesday. Now we know the buildings there you mentioned this fall though I'd typically. Two things move that fast that seems like a lot of times we talk about oh somebody's coming they'll be here in a year a year and a half but this follows pretty quick. Well it was and April's quickly and see this was there were much better. So the internal renovations. Are not in expensive visitor toll from scratch a bit. This part there was little lower. Than you know the effect they confessed her perfect. Where it was or where is the the regional distribution center now for Amazon for for our area. Now 500 jobs seems like lots bawdy and guessing it could be more at the warehouse of that size Amazon though uses a lot of hi tech inside the warehouse where they don't necessarily need a ton of people working there. Correct a lot of it is drivers in support staff. More so than people step in packages. It's this sort of present truth. He internally so much in warehouses that are our automated. Search for a lot of industries. Well this this could really dramatically change the way some western New Yorkers shopped out to thank. It again in the requested earlier. These 500 new jobs 15100 new jobs these financial. Closer gonna as the impacts. How people shop. I don't know. They're warehoused here rule and that what you if they act cheaper to do with courage to. It was an example yesterday with her computer she's closure. Because they lost they'll to Amazon and I'll bode. So I think we kill entrance are there whether regardless where there where we're crossing a street okay. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.