930in716 June 8, 2017 Post Comey Testimony Edition

Thursday, June 8th

The post Comey Testimony edition of the podcast.


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Her kids 930. In 716. RA take two of the podcast today this is the post co only hearing edition there's should be no foes on this whatsoever the Russians. Interfered. In our election during 2016 cycle ousted FBI director James Tommy says he knew of a variety of reasons why attorney general Jeff Sessions involvement in the Russian investigation. Would be problematic. Before sessions recused himself in March. But thome said during his senate testimony the reasons are such that I can't discuss in an open setting. Sentient stepped aside after it was revealed that he had twice spoken with the Russian ambassador during the campaign. But had not disclosed those contacts. Here's a small piece of the two plus hour testimony from Komi. Why he felt the need to document his conversations. With president try. That is subject matter was talking about matters that touch on the FBI's core responsibility and that relate to the president president elect personally. And in the nature of the person. I was honestly concern he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so I thought a really important to document. That combination of things I never experienced before but it led me to believe I got to write it down any generated and very detailed way. You can read complete minute by minute accounts of the Komi testimony see video and also review audio read all the details at WB EN dot com. Reaction from the president it came from his personal attorney mark. Can consulates contrary to numerous. False press accounts leading up to today's hearing. Mr. Coleman has now finally confirm publicly. What he repeatedly told president. Trump privately. That is. That the president what's not under investigation. As part of any probe into Russian interference. The president. He these are combing also admitted that there is no evidence that its single vote changed as a result of any Russian interference. Mr. Coleman's testimony. Also makes clear. That the president never sought to impede the investigation. Into attempted Russian interference. In the 2016. Election. And in fact. According to mr. call me. The president told mr. called me quote. It would be good to find out close quote. In that investigation. If there was quote some satellite associates of his who did something wrong clothes quo. And he. President trump did not exclude anyone from that statement. Consistent with that statement. The president never. In warm or substance. Directed or suggested. That mr. call me stop investigating. Any one. Including. The president never suggested. That mr. Cole quote let Wayne go close quo. As the president publicly stated the next day. He didn't say mr. Koh me quote general Wayne is a good guy he has been through a lot close quo. And also quote. That's how general Wayne is doing close quo. Admiral Rogers testified today. That the president never quote. Directed him to do anything illegal. Immoral. And ethical. Or inappropriate. Close quote and never. Never quote pressured him to do so close quo. Director Coates said the same thing. The president and likewise never pressured mr. Coleman. The president also never hold mr. called me quote. I need loyalty. I expect loyalty close quote. He never saw it in war. And he never said it in substance. Of course the office of the president is entitled to expect loyalty. From those were serving the administration. And from before this president. It from before this president took office to this day it is overwhelmingly. Clear. That there have been. And continue to be those in government. Who are actively attempting. To undermine this administration. With selective. And illegal. Leaks of classified information. And privileged communications. Mr. colony has now admitted that he is one of these lakers. Today mr. Kohl meet admitted. That he unilaterally. And so are they Sicily. May un authorized disclosures. To the press. Up privileged communications with the president. But leaks of this privileged information began no later in March 2017. When friends of mr. Coleman had stated. That he disclosed to then the conversations that he had with the president during their January 27. 2007. Team dinner. In February 14. 2017. White House meeting. Today. Mr. Toomey admitted that he leaked to friends of Hughes. Purported memos of those privileged communications. One of which he testified. Was classified. Mr. called me also testified. That immediately. After he was terminated. He authorized his friends to lead the contents of those memos. To the press in order to in mr. Coleman's words. Quote. Prompt the appointment of the special counsel close quo. Although mr. Koenig testified. That he only leaked memos in response to what we. The public record reveals that the New York Times what's warning from those memos the day before the reference week. Which lies mr. called me excuse for this unauthorized disclosure. A privileged information. And appears to be entirely retaliatory. We will leave it to be appropriate. Authorities to determine. Whether the league should be investigated. Along with all the others that are being investigated. In some. It is now established. That the president was not being investigated. For colluding with or attempting to. Drop any investigation. As the committee pointed out today. These important facts for the country you know are virtually the only facts that have not been leaked during the course of these events. As. Yesterday. The president feels completely vindicated. And is eager to continue moving forward. With his agenda. With the business of this country and with this public cloud removed thank you. Now on to some analysis Kelly listen to this from sandy beach who joined me on FaceBook live following. The meat of the testimony. I'm very dangerous thing. I've noticed it personal senator Warner. I was more prosecutor and Sony trying to gather information. And that disturbed. But then as you filtered through we answered some questions. There are some things are just common sense things. And maybe you interpret differently and call me progressives here to ourselves and I would like that so. That it's something you Lisa and me. Does anybody think they're in this business and he and his business and our if you want something he wouldn't say I want this. He was like so I don't know what he's a definitive declarative. I think Cormier it was. We are banking situation and didn't really get food in the room. Normally don't proper ones because here's what we found out in the first well. A no votes were effective at all in the election okay. It's normal foreign nations to reach out to incoming politicians we're going to be in positions where in my jail. New York Times article was not true but they couldn't call or contact the times because that would that would after corrected. And that was classified information. And how many times the over under he says I could be wrong. That to me it's like somebody taking the stand. And saying well this is Mozilla or are you call I don't recall nobody can never read and approved with the you can recall something. Would you say I could be that tells me one thing you're not sure what agents that. Yeah if yours and these are supposed to be non partisan. Partisan measles are. So so far all the things that we expect optional now. But it depends where you questions for him as he's answering but I don't think he was on the same communication. Page. One of the things that I think I'm noticing them listings that questions be just as much in it's even the end. There are in law. Miramar when did you stop beating your wife that's exactly what was especially unfortunately I was fine but we got them and Shaughnessy whose second in twelve minutes but senator Warner. And that's what this prosecution if this had been any court case. Most of these questions were leaving them leading questions that were designed to get information. There are designed to get you to say. What I want to use and so so far it's been there is no. Parents are watching Twitter here you have the privilege of watching her and restoring. Beginning you know it's funny because I think Tony he's leaving the witness out there let's say you're the witness it's almost like this voice recognition of straight. And here's greens are don't inference that there. And so therefore expect probably audiences the same thing and it's funny because Joseph beamer is back there. His father is texting today you know. Exactly the same thing our audience is texting me. Which is your reaction what was it that's mr. Edgar Edgar. Database or getting out of there and in the same ballpark it's not like you're getting answers Romo universe. There were all based groups. Now Rush Limbaugh weighs in and he's warning any rush to judgment did not get caught up and all this isn't isn't gonna change anything. It's fun to go through dissect it and pick it apart but but don't think any of this is on change that call he's given red meat all sides. In the process now. This guy is doing some amazing things. He's admitting he's a coward. He admitted that he let Loretta lynch. Chained the language. You is in describing. By Hillary investigation. He has admitted. That she pressured him to do that and that he felt firmer pressure. He has admitted to orchestrating. A leak. You know they. The famous memos that told me was sent to head up we've first heard about comics memos. We were told it only had as a general practice throughout all of his years as a lawyer. After being meetings he would memorial lions want to have happen. Who exit blocked. And we were told that he's been doing this quite a while. Which led me to La asked publicly here may have actually some of the memos he wrote after conversations with Obama. Will we learn that he never have to look. Conversations with Obama. And really only one the second one was an Obama called us a good bar I have yet. He was leaving office. In the everytime soccer record that whatever wise but I'm sitting here thinking it's just. Which most of believe. What Obama over a White House Eric Holder here as attorney general then and then Loretta lynch. Call me never never. Was aware what Obama wanted. It's kind of like Lois Lerner everybody was saying they hope they find the smoking gun memo that directed her. To discriminate against Tea Party groups the terrorist you're never gonna find out because one is not needed Obama hires like minded people who know what to do without having to. He told I think home is shaping up to be one of these people. Anyway we later learned that call me only started writing memos after he met try. He thought trump was a liar. And he thought trump wasn't meat purse. Because trump was lying about here lying about the FBI. It's a one and our brave young FBI director do what he called a buddy here is at Columbia school journalism Columbia University. And asked him to Scherer. Is memos this is not sharing an innings. Leaked. Cold Lee leaked his own a monster refer party. And they ended up as stories. And it hooked. His car. He's and it did he admitted that he leaked. Documents. That were news. And in his possession if he wanted them out there and you don't want me equally. He admitted there. Because he wanted a special. Counsel name. He wanted an independent prosecutor he you had somebody to take all at once he had been fired he wanted some idle and it. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.