930in716 June 9, 2017 Comey Day turned Trump Day

Friday, June 9th

We look back at the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey and how Comey Day turned into another Trump Day!


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It's 933716. All right one more time. I'm Tim Wenger the Komi testimony on the podcast those relies. Planes have. Probably very somehow or another turn in the front page yesterday that take away was that it was extraordinary. The top two members of the Senate Intelligence Committee say they believe former FBI director James calmly told the truth under oath Thursday. Republican chairman Richard Burr saying quote I trust James coney. Senator Mark Warner the committee's top Democrat. Also said he believes company. Komi testified that he interpreted Trump's remarks as a directive to shut down the bureau's investigation. Into former national security advisor Mike Flynn. Trump's lawyers said trump made no such suggestion. Let's take a ride down memory lane shall wait David Wright is our driver. In Washington a political spectacle raise your right hand the rare senate committee hearing to rise you know political circles tell must see TV but the truth so help me god. We appreciate it former FBI director James comb and recruit your now under oath. For the first time since he was fired hitting his views on the investigation he led into Russian meddling in the November election. The question looming how did that investigation put him so much at odds with the trump administration. That the president ended up firing them. The administration Ben chose. To defame me and more importantly the FBI by saying that the organization was in disarray. That it was poorly let that be workforce had lost confidence in its leader those relies. Plain and simple. Thome made it clear that as he sees it the president's goal. Was to do you rail the Russian investigation first by pressuring him my comments sensing I could be wrong but my common sense told me what's going on here is. There is looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job and ultimately by firing him. Why do you believe you were fired. So I don't know for sure. I believe the press I think the president is word that I was fired because of the Russian investigation. Something about the way I was conducting at the president felt. Created pressure on and they want to relieve combing detailed his growing unease with the president starting with their first one on one meeting at trump tower during the transition. Afterwards Komi wrote down his account of the meeting on his locked up and as honestly concerned that you might lie about the nature of our meeting and so I thought a really important to document comb he says his interactions with the president got even more awkward from there coming testified the president invited him over for dinner at the White House in an interview with NBC news the president insisted comb he invited himself. I there was a range I think he has for the dinner did you in any way initiate that dinner now. He called he called me at my desk at lunch time and they asked me. Was a free for dinner that night. It was at that dinner the Komi claims trump asked for a pledge of loyalty. Kobe says he deferred promising the president's honesty instead I got very awkward and I've been said. You'll always have honesty from me said honest loyalty and and I exceeded today as a way to end this awkwardness the president later suggested combing had better hope there are no tapes of their conversations. I've seen a tweet about tapes Lordi I hope their tapes comb he was still testifying when trump spoke at a religious conference in Washington. The entrenched interest and show better voices. In Washington. We'll do everything in their power to try and stop us from this righteous cause us to try to stop all of you. President did not conceive and pinch. We know that the truth will prevail. Komi admitted that after his firing. He leaked the contents of his own memos in an effort to ensure that Justice Department would appoint a special counsel I asked a friend of mine. To share the contents of the memo with a reporter. Didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons I asked him to because I thought. That might prompt the appointment of a special counsel the president's own lawyer to call me to task for leaking. We will leave it to be appropriate. Authorities to determine. Whether these leaks should be investigated. Along with all the others that are being investigated passer which seized on a few key moments in Cummings testimony. That he says vindicate his client. Mr. Coleman has now finally confirm publicly. What he repeatedly told president. Truck privately. That is. That the president what's not under investigation. As part of any probe into Russian interference the president may well have discovered the governing in Washington. Is in his straightforward as host in the practice sidelining James combing. Wasn't so simple. As just telling him. You're fired. I'm to some analysis now okay. A couple voices lined up for you. First a familiar one political strategist and WB EN contributor Michael Caputo on this day after called me today. Kobe gate somehow or another turn in the pro India today there's no investigation. Of the our president no obstruction by the president. No nothing was impeded or no collusion and low involved now we know that cold anyway. This turned into a little bit. I'm more to Tinker Bell we know that the director Yahoo! would be. Information. Of various musical bits and one that he didn't even respond. To a question with the just volunteer. Art of whatever takeaways we had yesterday critical. President has all too weird with coldly. And I think the president walked away from yesterday. Are vindicated them. Now. What do you wanna make of this leaked memo in colonies reasoning. Behind it's. Did you have thought in your mind reasons to worry too want to get information. Out into the public. Well I bet that the top one. I think it'll that the call me is that how can we. Political person broker some things are to work over every use who described him a year ago but oh what a difference a year late. This guy sat down and wrote a memo. In at bat and then he quit me. From the very beginning actor as he started having the appropriate. He decided to write memos one green and one reason only to meet them. Are you really have to let that thing again the FBI director would go to meet with the president and then sit in the car and they now know. So that he could weaken them later. Really can't make their start what can I probably wouldn't it. Cold and calculating. And no less political and anybody on Capitol Hill. Can anything happen to him. I don't think so I think. He he's probably care or not where where are. You know you walk away from Ankara and the one thing but it happened to restore his reputation here today and hopefully. You know restored like it's the ride off into the unfair yeah you talk as I'm sure that I don't Wear a big thing we're sort of like. Not. And oh when I heard. I think would take away market today. What went Marco Rubio walked right into admitting. It. You know it will be only saying walk a higher scenario was the fact. The president on what never order any investigation. I thought it was more. What did you make of Komi coming out at the very beginning and saying that the president the administration were liars when talking about the FBI. Well off yeah. Or a bit. Performer art director he would have to inspect all over the top state for prevent it yet there bode well. But not threaten our administration. President Obama administration back on I think we've learned yet what are column it would concern about Obama administration. Interfering in the Clinton investigation. He confirmed he was very concerned about Obama administration are there. And that investigation including direct interference well law attorney general Loretta lynch who wanted to change the name of the FBI apparently. From a Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sort of federal bureau. Of matter. If you're but I want it and not let it work investigation. Our attorney general went to a lot of the. Michael where does this go from here will be more shoes to drop or. I mean the Senate Intelligence Committee is just getting started right. That's true but I don't think any issues dropped yesterday I don't think she was to drop off I think that Bennett and act out our political witch hunt. Are very typical congressional investigators there looking for a political. Win. But Democrats are looking to all the president of morbidly camp and Republicans by the way. Aren't you. I don't think their brand of our of our program trump and a look at new damaged a lot of them bill. So I mean we're gonna need some more our witnesses come through received some more of the principles from Bert are very but come campaign debate perhaps. Well I think he's not yet. And the testimony by our senator Warner beneath pivot away from. Bill was cold. And right into the instructions. I think the Democrats and move on from the collusion delusion and trying on earth in its trying to find other ways are there anger the president. Additional thoughts now from another friend of WB and former New York State attorney general Dennis bako. What's he thinking in the wake of the Komi testimony. My take away was that it was extraordinary. But not for the reasons that this this. Our green was quite leading up to it was extraordinary in my estimation because. He had the former director of the FBI. Admitting that he threw to third party engaged in in weeks two of the media. Because of news. Ostensibly because he was upset over his firing him because he felt. Which is an interesting word. That he felt that president was that being truthful. That means the most extraordinary. Take away. That he directs former director the FBI would get up front of certain committee in front of the nation and essentially admit. You committing a crime. You know lip out today in the news or reading about these young woman out. Florida for the Tennessee contractor who who leaked information. And she's in custody. There's there's no question now McCormick other combing. The leak leak information. That the information basically we don't know because. As your lead in to this interview suggested the committee ballot chased those rebels and that's what exactly what he gave them and we gave it to so to me that's the most extraordinary take this. So right now all we have to go on with these memos is basically the reports and home he's wording call we said that he crafted the memos in a way. Where he would be able to leak him the word of wouldn't hold sensitive information now are you buying that. That's what they saw extraordinary and he he he's he's been suggesting having what but it puts it out of the legalism I mean he's suggesting that you use encrypted in that of the medals in a way bet that he thought would protect them from criminal prosecution. The fact that he that he it did it. This is the most extraordinary thing is that any Natalie who not only did he do it but then he has. He's appeared before this committee under Bo and acknowledges that. I think that that that did that lipstick wait here. At least in terms of the calling. Testimony is continued investigation now it is all about and that's we're not even talking now about. Effective but let's look back crossover effect that he acknowledged that president truck. Was not a target of any so called Russian pro. He acknowledged that. That that a New York Times article in February it they indicated that several members of the administration of the campaign team were under rescues that that was false. And then and it just this as importantly he acknowledges that he was pressured. By the former attorney general to mischaracterize. The court ruled Ellen it I mean it's. Yesterday US the to a if you ask me if I that this position was was politicized. I think there's an eclectic the mirror and out of respect hoping. But I think that the heat perfectly could be clearly yesterday indicated that he is way too political for the position that discrimination or. Ari obstruction of justice hearing a lot about that Democrats they're are all calling for them. But Dennis the legal definition of obstruction of justice and was that met yesterday. It no it was that and and I think that. I I repeat this morning by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and it you know I never necessarily considered part of it would be. Hey you know rape being conservative a thinker and he writes I think importantly. That under the constitution the president has. The power. Two part so the president trumpets they like because they that we will witness interviews over. That he's hardening up when general when he's got a power hard. Dershowitz says and I agree logically that the constitution he then has the power to direct that investigation be shut down. It doesn't make it's the logical that the constitution says that once and investigations concluded who leaked the conviction. That the president to pardon by the way apart doesn't come only if pretty conviction. Let's not forget. Richard Nixon would pardon he was never charged. So the president under the constitution can shut down investigation. That that structure. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.