930in716 May 15, 2017 Search for a new FBI Director and that troubling Trump Tweet!

Monday, May 15th

Looking deeper into the search for a new FBI Director following the firing of James Comey, and some analysis to the Trump Tweet on the suggestion that there may be recordings of his conversations with Comey.


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It's 930. In 716. It's still linger and will hone in on what will consume Washington this week. The search and selection of a new FBI director following the abrupt firing of James Komi by the trump White House last week. Then Friday president trump sending at tweet that lit up DC's suggesting there may be some secret recordings of conversations he and homey may have shared. President trump is getting an awful lot of unsolicited advice about where to turn for a replacement for call meter run the FBI. Several members of congress say they think the appointment should be as nonpolitical. As possible. They say trump shouldn't turn to a person who already holds political office. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says. It's now time to pick somebody who comes from within the ranks of law enforcement. Reaction reaction reaction. First political strategist Steve Roberts. Well it's that this giver of alarm. Particularly the Republican ranks you gotta remember the word cage is a very resident. Word as given the critical world that White House tapes played in the downfall of Richard Nixon during Watergate. Was really went. It was the taping system at the White House was revealed. And congress subpoenaed those tapes. That provided the smoking gun that. Finally did in the Nixon presidency so. That is award with a real history and over the weekend several key Republican so Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Likely of Utah's said. Look if these tapes exist. Congress has a right to hear them and that they will be subpoenaed and you gotta remember it was the subpoenaed he it was the subpoenas of the tapes. Back during Watergate it was a critical moment in the evolution of that story's so. A lot of alarms. Alarm bells not just among Democrats but among Republicans. Do you think there there are tapes. Yes and I do because. Donald Trump as a first of all he himself was who want to use the word tapes. As in clothes questions in quote yes but. There's been a lot of stories saying that he has a long history of taping. Phone calls even back during his basis of businessman so. I'm it would not surprise me. And trump also so kind of person who. I think very aware as most presidents are of their place in history and he probably would like a record of everything he's done and said so. I don't know for sure but everything. Every indication is that probably are some tapes. A lot of people we've talked to this morning and last week said it's just not surprising that this tweet would come out given trumps track record of saying things like this that. Catch the eyes of people eventually. They all kind of this allowed died down do you see that happening here. No I don't think it's gonna die down at all you know Donald Trump. Was very successful as a businessman. Where he controlled everything and he was very successful as a candidate. By appearing to be a reference impulsive. Out of the mainstream out of the ordinary politician an outsider not an insider all of those ideas that are very familiar. But as president you're judged by their very different set of standards and that's very impulses. Which was appealing as the king and the candidate is very destructive and the president. Wall Street Journal poll out this morning says only 39% of Americans. Now if you trump favorably at his base is still very supportive but this kind of behavior where you fire the FBI director kind of that's. Without telling anybody and without having a coherent explanation for why you've done it. This and we have a funny he's seen this even among his even among Republicans think it's. Can we count on this guy do. It is he reliable is he trustworthy all of these questions that have always been there in the background about Donald Trump. Where Barry during the campaign but they they come to the forward to talking about a president who has so much power but. The other thing that compass learning as. And that even as the most powerful person in the world. They were all of these institutions and all these figures. The check and balance him James Conley is FBI director was appointed to attain near term for a reason. Which just try to insulate him from political. Pressures you have federal judges who have repeatedly blocked. Some have trumps initiative is particularly immigration you have. Democrats in congress who have the ability to slow down. And and blocks images initiatives like for instance its proposals to spend money on building the wall with Mexico what he's finding his in the very ironic way. That being headed year old business as a lot easier and a lot more powerful. And being a TV star when you script you're year old power it's a lot easier than being president where all of these institutions to all of these political figures are specifically put in place. To slow things down and hold you accountable. You know who else has a lot to say about the FBI director situation and that tweet. Our own political insider and strategist. Michael Caputo. I'll tell you the one the one tweet about the FBI director bankrolled my toes a bit. It did because there's a certain sacrosanct space between the president and the FBI director. And and you wanna maintain that independence of via the director at the same time. On the whole Specter of tapes are recordings in the White House it has gives people stirred up I don't because I'm a student of politics and and I worked in politics. The president is far back as the technology of how they've been recording their conversations. There meetings. The telephone calls FDR did it are just about every president leading up to a Richard Nixon did it and then when that Richard Nixon got caught in a mixed up in it with a missing tape and stuff. People sort of looking at taping is being a bad thing in fact it's been going on for a long time Reagan started doing it again and some others. So the problem we have with this tweet relief is that. It kind of crosses the line gets a little bit too close to the independence of the FBI director. And talks about something that people find really untenable. So it's pro much it was a bit Fulton. Do you think there are tapes are they taping at the White House I hope that our our hope they are I think that there's so many leaks in the White House right now. Actually they've decreased the walk recently but there happens only weeks since the president was was sworn in on January 20. Of that I think there's a need for a for a record of what's going on there. Com and I also believe that you know even though aren't a director Cormier had had a before this had a pretty strong reputation. I think he's participating in some of this. In over our get Donald Trump stuff that's gone out there I think it's possible if not call me that somebody else. Around him is leaking some of this stuff I don't think you can take Coleman off the table when it comes and who's doing the leaking. Two years artisan there's no way that probably would've done something like this in this political environment. I think orbits are awful let's backtrack before the tweet sued the firing where did the relationship between trumping homely go wrong. I don't think they ever had a good relationship. I remember when when that when the vote the league whether WikiLeaks Thorpe came out about you know just prior to the Democratic National Convention. There was talk about Donald Trump not being even pleased about that. Because he was you know even though it helps the Republicans in and are there I remember being in studio here with some as WikiLeaks they stuff came out I couldn't stop laughing. But at the same time. It's it's really untoward stuff and let's face it WikiLeaks is Russia there is there's no two ways about it and we've always known us. But you know I think that don't it was never really been. Are happy with with call me I think that. As thome came in a mountain in and out of the Torre sixty election it disrupted things in ways that were not always helpful to Donald Trump. But some of some of the disruption to convey to Donald Trump. And I believe that while trump wanted to give him a chance after our he was elected after. He was sworn in it didn't take long for him and everybody else in Washington to think it's high time that he went home. I believe trump really lost faith on it and ponies. Testify testimony before congress not just once but twice. And during this last time you testified. It he pretty much do you think com he's going to testify. I don't candles to a testified yes I think he's going to be asking him thinking well I think he'll testify probably in public as well. I think they're gonna ask a lot of people's tax fraud and I expect that if the congressional investigation both the senate and house. Are going to be considered profound. And and thorough and they're gonna have to bring in everybody including people like only James cone. Hurry we're in studio this morning talking about the trump white house with political strategist Michael put out. And by the way weren't FaceBook live this morning if you wanna watch or it can watch it later. Michael. The FBI director sounds like we may have a new director named this week and possibly. Early to midweek because the president's going around the country later in the week. We did find out later in the week after. That James cone who was fired the Donald Trump was the thinking about this for awhile so I think everybody should understand. A bit in fact if he was thinking about it they were looking at candidates to replace them. So they've had a list for quite some time I think certainly since the president took office. And are I think it's got to be someone that both sides can support I particularly human supporter of our our Mike Rogers who was the head of the intelligence committee. Obama of orbit are left to become a radio talk show host in Michigan and incredibly intelligent former FBI agent military. Veteran but he's what they call political he was elected as a house representatives. Are congressman. And so in ours as somebody who stood for politics even though he supported by these people who believe the Russian conspiracy. Army store political but I think the White House is gonna choose a woman. Our someone either Fran Townsend or Alice Fisher both highly qualified individuals who were on the shortlist they've been talking about. I believe that it will be a woman because if the what if the White House not in a puts forward the first female FBI director the will be making history. Arm and they'll be put into force someone who the left cannot oppose. If they oppose. The the first female FBI director just because it's trumps FBI director. They're gonna fall on their faces political. You mentioned political person possibly being named. A lot of people hoping that trump stays away from anyone who might be regarded as political rank. Right when you say political technically at Washington meet somebody who is stood for and been elected to public office that's what it means that there are people who have been elected to public office. Who would be perfectly acceptable. Yet they are political like I mentioned Tom Rath a representative Rodgers he'd been great. There are some others that would be perfect. But. This is such a highly politicized environment I think they have to go for somebody who's a professional prosecutor. A professional and experienced FBI agent someone from the structure. Arbiter in this regard I think they need to go for a woman on someone who's not an elected to public office and that's why you Fran Townsend and Alice Fisher to the best names up there. I've heard mentioned that Merrick Garland who President Obama nominated for the Supreme Court that he's being considered for this post. What do you think about that and what would it say I am in that Democrats obviously couldn't sing noted that. Well first of its not a serious recommendation came from senator Mike Leon's in a bit it's a name that was floated a Merrick Garland was and where is a cardinal. Confirmed for his his seat on the court. Re unanimously and liberal with broad Republican as well as democratic support he's a strong justice. That's one of the reasons rather put him for Supreme Court to make it very difficult for Republicans to pass Woburn await the election of Donald Trump. But Merrick Garland is not being seriously considered armed he'd be a strong RF BI director but frankly. Our of their better people on that list that don't come with a bag is that he comes with which is entirely political. Finally end on a much more upbeat note and inspiring. In the commencement address to Liberty University graduates Saturday president trump talked a lot about overcoming adversity. And in doing so. Called out someone in the audience we all know about Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly. Recognize a friend. Who is here with us today. Who can serve as an inspiration. To assault. Someone who doesn't know the meaning me. But the word quit real champion. A true true champion. Both on the field. Off the field. He's a hall of fame quarterback. For the Buffalo Bills really good friend of mine an amazing guy Jim Kelly where is Jim easier someplace. Equation standout Jim. Jim you have any idea how much money you'd be making today. They've hit GMOs like tackling a linebacker. David GM to four guys five guys that weighed 320. And it just keeps going down the field who is much more than a quarterback get tremendous heart. And he knew how to win. Jim is tough and he's toughest fight of all. Was that he beat cancer not once but twice. And I saw him and his incredible life. As today. We're a very low moment Jill. Very very low moment and it was amazing the way they fought it didn't look good I would have said it may be. Maybe it's not gonna happen but there was always that hope because of Jim and Jim's heart. But I want to just say it's great to have you here today Jim in these people a big big fans and if you can get a young version of Jim Kelly. You'll be penalized. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo well.